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25+ Free Movie PowerPoint PPT Templates for Cinematic Presentations 2021


Looking to create a presentation with a movie or cinematic theme? Try starting with a professionally-designed film or movie PowerPoint Template.

movie powerpoint templatemovie powerpoint templatemovie powerpoint template
A premium movie PowerPoint template from Envato Elements

Creating a PowerPoint presentation on a specialist subject can be a challenge, especially if slide design isn't one of your core skills. If you want to get and keep your audience's attention, then creating a professional presentation is your best option. Great design is where you need to start. 

A premium movie PowerPoint template like the ones available on Envato Elements can help you create an exciting presentation. And you won't have to create the design from scratch. You can also find lots of premium movie slide templates and film background PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver.

Find Premium Movie PPT Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

While free templates are very budget-friendly, there are significant advantages to using premium PowerPoint templates with a movie theme for your next presentation. Premium templates are more likely to be well-designed and laid out, and you'll often get quick support from the theme designer if there's an issue. 

If you're looking for the best movie PowerPoint templates for your next presentation, Envato Elements has a great offer you won't want to miss. Download as many cinematic slideshow templates and other design assets as you want, all for one low price

get unlimited movie ppt templates on Envato Elementsget unlimited movie ppt templates on Envato Elementsget unlimited movie ppt templates on Envato Elements

Here's how you find the perfect PowerPoint video template or movie PowerPoint template on Envato Elements. Select Presentation Templates at the side of the on-screen search box. Type movie into the search box. 

You'll find lots of movie PPT templates to choose from. Check out the template previews, then when you find the one you want, click Download. Then you're ready to start customizing. 

Find film background powerpoint templates on Envato ElementsFind film background powerpoint templates on Envato ElementsFind film background powerpoint templates on Envato Elements
Choose from a lot of top quality premium cinematic slideshow templates on Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a good deal, but if you're not ready to commit to a subscription you can still get top premium movie PPT templates one at time. GraphicRiver is your option to buy individual PowerPoint templates one-at-a-time, as you need them.

5 Best Premium Movie Slide Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

Using a premium PowerPoint movie theme will really make your presentation stand out. To help you, we've selected some of the best premium movie PPT themes on Envato Elements: 

1. Series - Movie PowerPoint Presentation Template

Movie PowerPoint Presentaton TemplateMovie PowerPoint Presentaton TemplateMovie PowerPoint Presentaton Template

This cinema PowerPoint template includes 30 creative slides with modern layouts. It provides an attractive way to present your movie-themed presentation. It uses free web fonts and includes vector icons.

2. Film Maker PowerPoint Template

Film Maker PowerPoint TemplateFilm Maker PowerPoint TemplateFilm Maker PowerPoint Template

This movie theme presentation template has a minimalist, clean design that'll suit any cinematic project. It includes 30 slides to help you present all aspects of your movie proposal and uses free fonts.

3. Red Bridge - Cinema PowerPoint Template

Red Bridge Cinema PowerPoint TemplateRed Bridge Cinema PowerPoint TemplateRed Bridge Cinema PowerPoint Template

This film background for PowerPoint includes light and dark themes, with 30 individual slides. Easily present portfolio pieces, infographics, quotes, mockups and more with these well-designed slides. 

4. Film Maker PowerPoint Template 

cinematic slideshow templatecinematic slideshow templatecinematic slideshow template

This film themed template has a minimalist, clean design. It uses free fonts and includes animations and transitions. It includes 30 different slides to help you create an appealing presentation.

5. Feature Film Pitch Deck

Feature Film Pitch DeckFeature Film Pitch DeckFeature Film Pitch Deck

This is a good choice if you're looking for PowerPoint templates with a movie theme. It's got 408 slides in different sizes, with 34 unique designs. It includes a PDF file with links to the images used in the design, so you can quickly create an eye-catching presentation.

25 Top Free Movie PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Download for 2021

You can't beat a premium template if you want a well-designed and easy to customize presentation. But if your budget is tight, you might not have a choice but to look for free video templates for PowerPoint.

Before you look for movie PowerPoint templates on the web, check out the freebies available from Envato Elements. These let you try out a range of templates (not just for movie presentations) at no cost. Here's how it works:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.
  • Or try Envato Market for free. They offer seven handpicked monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

Now, here's a selection of free PowerPoint templates for theatre and movie presentations. 

1. Movie Director PowerPoint Template

This movie PowerPoint template from FPPT.com features a director's chair and clapperboard for that authentic movie feel. It's ideal for any film-themed presentation.

2. Free Movie Background PowerPoint Template

This is a simple movie PPT template with a minimalist design, suitable for a professional presentation by film and movie fans.  

3. Free Cinema PowerPoint Template

free video templates for powerpointfree video templates for powerpointfree video templates for powerpoint

Create an attractive presentation with this movie slide template from FPPT.com. The slides have an attractive, modern design.  

4. Free Theater Curtain PowerPoint Template

The theater curtain style is an attractive feature of this cinematic slideshow template. It works with all versions of PowerPoint and is easy to customize. 

5. Free Filmstrip PowerPoint

Make your whole presentation into a filmstrip with this PowerPoint movie theme. The plain white background will work with any color scheme. 

6. Movies TV PowerPoint Template

free powerpoint templates theatrefree powerpoint templates theatrefree powerpoint templates theatre

This brightly colored template is a great way to create your presentation. The cinematic slideshow template includes a filmstrip, popcorn, drinks and 3D glasses to make your presentation fun.

7. TV Movies PowerPoint Template

Create a colorful presentation with this movie PPT background from Free PPT Backgrounds. The slides are illustrated with movie-related graphics.

8. Movie Making PowerPoint Template

This is a bright and attractive PowerPoint video template. A movie PowerPoint template can help you create an exciting presentation. And you won't have to create the design from scratch. 

9. Film, Movie Making Template

This colorful template includes three slide designs, all with a fresh, modern look. They're ideal for any movie themed presentation you're creating.

10. Cinema Rolls PowerPoint Template

This movie PPT template from Free PPT Backgrounds features an elegant design. The bright background and filmstrip motif are available in three slide designs. 

11. Movie Marketing Campaign

cinema powerpoint templatecinema powerpoint templatecinema powerpoint template

This is an eye-catching movie slide template from SlidesGo. Easy to edit, it includes 24 different slides and more than 1,000 vector icons for quick customization of your presentation. 

12. Movie Background Presentation

This film background PowerPoint theme includes colorful illustrations and icons to help you create a fun presentation. The template set includes 25 slides. 

13. Video Production Proposal

This movie theme presentation template set from SlidesGo includes 25 slides. There are more than 500 icons to make customization easy. As well as PowerPoint, it works with Google Slides.

14. Old Film Strip PowerPoint Template

If you're looking for free PowerPoint templates for theatre and movie presentations, this old film strip slide design will give your slide a retro feel. This is a high-res slide design that works with PowerPoint 2003 onwards. 

15. Movie Night Posters

Planning a movie night with friends? This presentation template is the perfect way to promote it. This is an accessible template.

16. Movie Magazine Covers

This accessible template is a good way to promote movie-themed content. It's available from Microsoft Office.

17. Red Carpet Event Report

movie theme presentationmovie theme presentationmovie theme presentation

This glamorous movie PowerPoint template is great for presenting on award ceremonies and major events. It includes 31 slides with easy to edit graphics.

18. Photo Montage Presentation

As well as a film background PowerPoint theme, make your images stand out with this photo montage template from Microsoft Office. It's easy to edit fonts and colors to make it your own.

19. Filmstrip PowerPoint Template

This ornate cinema PowerPoint template will really make your presentation stand out. The white filmstrip motif on a dark background is very effective.

20.  Black and White Cinema PowerPoint Template

In contrast, this cinema PowerPoint template takes a minimalist approach. The contrast of the black and white color scheme is sure to grab your audience's attention.

21. Free Entertainment & Movie PowerPoint Template

This movie PPT theme works for entertainment, too. It incorporates a filmstrip and musical notes into the design, making it truly versatile. 

22. Free Film Industry PowerPoint Template

This simple PowerPoint video template features a movie camera and cityscape as the backdrop. It's easy to edit and works with all recent versions of PowerPoint. 

23. Free Cinematography PowerPoint Template

When considering free PowerPoint templates that are theatre or movie themed, this retro design is worth a look. It's got the feel of old film posters and will help you make a presentation that stands out. 

24. Free Academy Awards PowerPoint Template

This is an uncluttered template that leaves plenty of room for your content. You can even use it as a PowerPoint video template and embed your video in a slide. 

25. Free Film Festival PPT

With a film image on a grey background, this is a clean, minimalist design. It's the ideal way to present videos and images. 

How to Customize Your Film PowerPoint Template

After you've chosen your film PPT template, you'll want to customize it. The template we'll use is the Series Movie PowerPoint premium template.

Series PowerPoint TemplateSeries PowerPoint TemplateSeries PowerPoint Template
Series PowerPoint template is a premium movie template from Envato Elements.

We'll be using slide #3. Here's what slide #3 looks like without any edits:

Slide 3 No EditsSlide 3 No EditsSlide 3 No Edits
Here is what the premium movie PowerPoint template looks like without edits.

Let's get started:

1. How to Add an Image

How to Add an ImageHow to Add an ImageHow to Add an Image
How to add image to your presentation

There are two ways to add an image to your PPT film slide:

  1. Go to the image placeholder and click on the Insert Picture from File button in the middle. Next, select the file where your image is located.
  2. The second way to add an image is to click on the Insert tab. On the Insert tab, click on the Insert Picture button. Clicking on the Insert Picture button causes a menu to drop down. Select the location of your image. Then, double click on the image you would like to use.

2. How to Change the Color of an Object

How to Change the Color of the ObjectHow to Change the Color of the ObjectHow to Change the Color of the Object
How to change the color of an object on your slide

To change the color of an object, begin by selecting the object. Once you've selected the object, a Shape Format tab will appear.

On the Shape Format tab, select the Format Pane button. Selecting this button causes a side panel to open. In the side panel, under the Fill section, select the Fill Color button. Select the color that you want from the menu that drops down.

3. How to Add More Text

How to Add More TextHow to Add More TextHow to Add More Text
How to add more text to your slide

It's easy to add new text to your movie PPT slide. On the Insert tab, select the Text Box button. After you've clicked the Text Box button, draw a diagonal line with your mouse where you want the text box to be. 

4. How to Change the Background Color of the Slide

How to Change the Background Color of the SlideHow to Change the Background Color of the SlideHow to Change the Background Color of the Slide
How to change the background color of your slide

If you want to change the background color of your movie PowerPoint template slide, you easily can. To begin, click on the Design tab in the toolbar.

On the Design tab, click the Format Background button. Clicking on this button opens a side panel. On the side, panel click on the Color button. Next, choose the color you want your background to be.

5. How to Change the Font Color

How to Change the Font ColorHow to Change the Font ColorHow to Change the Font Color
How to change font color of the text on your slide

To change the font color, begin by highlighting the text that you want to change the color of. On the Home tab in the toolbar, click on the Font Color button. A menu drops down. Choose the color of the font that you want for your cinema PowerPoint template.

5 Quick Cinematic PowerPoint Slide Tips for Better Movie Presentations

Want to use your free video templates for PowerPoint more effectively? Here are some tips to help you create better movie-themed presentations: 

1. Choose the Right Images 

movie powerpoint templatemovie powerpoint templatemovie powerpoint template
As you can see on this premium template, there are plenty of placeholders for images in the premium PowerPoint movie theme from Envato Elements.

Images are everything when using free video templates for PowerPoint. The right image will make your audience pay attention, so make sure it's relevant to your topic. Then pick an image that's sharp and clear—muddy images don't do your presentation any favors.

2. Keep Slides Simple

Even if you've got a lot of information to convey, resist the temptation to cram text onto your slides. Your audience will find walls of text off putting. Give your words room to breathe and make one main point per slide.

3. Use Color Wisely 

film background powerpointfilm background powerpointfilm background powerpoint
Here's a colorful premium cinematic slideshow template.

A pop of color at the right time can focus your audience's attention on a particular point or part of your slide. Use a consistent color scheme to call out the items you want them to notice. 

4. Include Charts

If you're doing a data-rich presentation, use charts, graphs and infographics to make key information stand out. It's much easier for your audience to grasp that way. 

5. Match Your Presentation to Your Audience 

movie ppt templatemovie ppt templatemovie ppt template
This premium movie PPT template will work for a wide range of audiences.

Know your audience so you can create your presentation the right way. You'll have a different length and type of presentation depending on whether you're presenting to new hires or the C-suite. Check out our article on presentation length for more guidance. 

5 Benefits of Using the Best Movie PowerPoint Template in 2021

Are you still unsure about whether to use a premium film PowerPoint template or a free movie PowerPoint template? You might think, what are the benefits of a premium template?

Here are five benefits of using a premium movie PowerPoint template for your next project in 2021:

  1. Save time. When using a premium movie PPT template, you start with an already built presentation. All you need to do is add your information and images.
  2. Professionally designed. When a film PPT template is professionally designed, you end up with a nice clean presentation. Most people can't design a template as well as the professionals.
  3. Prebuilt slides provide an outline. The templates come with slides that already have titles. These prebuilt slides can serve as ideas for your presentation.
  4. Easily customizable. Even though the movie PPT template is prebuilt, you can still customize anything in the template. Premium templates allow you to fully customize the template without sacrificing quality.
  5. The presentation stands out. When you use a premium template, people will notice the professionalism of the presentation. Your presentation stands out because it's unlikely that coworkers have used premium templates.

Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service where you pay a low monthly flat rate price. In the subscription, you get thousands of premium templates for unlimited use.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of presentation templates

When you sign up for Envato Elements, you not only get premium templates but also you get graphics, fonts, images, and more.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ) 

Have you got some PowerPoint questions you need answered before you make your film PowerPoint presentation? Here, we've gathers some common PowerPoint questions and answers:

1. Can I Share PowerPoint Presentations in Zoom?

It's very on-trend to use Zoom for work meetings, and you'll still want to give presentations. You can do both.

To share your movie PowerPoint template through Zoom, start a Zoom meeting. Then click Share Screen. For more details, read this tutorial:

2. Can I Quickly Edit my PowerPoint Template?

There are many reasons why you may want to edit the layout of your template. Editing the layout of your template allows you to have a film PPT presentation template that suits your needs. To learn more about how to edit the layout of your template, study this tutorial for more details:

3. Can I Quiz My Audience in PowerPoint?

Audience interaction is a good way to make your film PowerPoint presentation interesting to the audience. Quizzes are one way to interact with your audience. Quizzes can make your audience remember what you presented, especially if there's a small prize for the winner of the quiz.

To learn how to create an interactive quiz in your presentation, this article has the details:

4. How Do I Make my Slide Designs Interesting?

You want your slide design to be interesting for the audience. A boring slide design can get repetitive for the audience. There are many ways to make your slide design more interesting such as using images, fun font colors, and much more.

Here are even more ideas to make your slide design more interesting:

5. What Fonts Are the Best to Use in My Presentation?

It can be hard to know what font to use in your presentation. You want a font that's fun or interesting, but you don't want it to distract from your main point. So, what fonts are the best to use in your movie PowerPoint template? To discover which fonts are the best, read this article:

Learn More About Microsoft PowerPoint

Want to sharpen your PowerPoint skills even more? Check out the following guides and tutorials: 

Discover More Great PowerPoint Presentation Template Designs for 2021

We've shared some attractive premium and free movie PowerPoint templates in this article. But if you want to have even more options, look at the following articles:

Get a Movie PowerPoint Template Today

Templates help you create presentations quickly without having to have design skills. They're also well supported and easy to customize. Get full-featured and beautifully designed movie PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. Download as many templates as you want for one low price.

Or check out the movie slide templates on GraphicRiver to get a single-use presentation template. There are plenty of PowerPoint movie themes to choose from. Grab yours and start creating your presentation today!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new movie PowerPoint templates with exciting movie PPT designs. 

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