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24 Best Free Music Google Slides Themes for 2020 Presentations


Are you a music teacher who wants to give a presentation to make a lesson more fun? Maybe you’re a music executive and need to pitch an idea to investors? Why not use a music Google Slides theme?

This premium music Google Slides theme from Envato Elements is perfect for a music industry executive.

If you're in the music field and you need to make a presentation using a template is the best idea. This article features some of the best premium music Google Slides themed templates.

Creating your own music Google Slides template can be time-consuming and difficult. Using a prebuilt and expertly designed template ensures that you've got a professional-looking template without using up a lot of time.

This article features premium music Google Slides themes from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. It also features some of the best free music themed Google slide templates found online.

Discover the Best Premium Music Google Slides Templates on Envato Elements (2020)

If you create many presentations and will need a lot of templates with different music Google Slides themes, then Envato Elements is the option for you. It's got many templates with a music presentation theme. All templates have been professionally designed and are of high quality.

As an Elements member, you’ll pay a low monthly fee. It'll unlock access to thousands of premium, professional resources that include:

  • professional music presentation themes
  • stock photos and royalty free music
  • graphic templates, fonts, and more.
Envato Elements
Envato Elements has many excellent premium music-themed Google Slides templates. 

If you only need a single music Google Slides theme for a single project, take a look at GraphicRiver. You'll get access to design assets you can buy individually without the commitment of a subscription.

Using a free Google Slides music presentation template won't impress your audience as much as a premium template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

5 Great Premium Musical Google Slides Theme Templates from Envato Elements

Here's a hand-picked list of the best Google Slides music slide templates from Envato Elements:

1. Musicality - a Music Presentation Theme


Musicality has over 150 music slides with a high-quality theme. This template comes with five color schemes that you choose from. Besides the color schemes, this template comes with infographics and illustrations.   

2. Muzik - Music Google Slides Presentation

Muzik - Music Google Slides Presentation

Muzik has a musical Google Slides theme where the slides are completely editable. Here are some key features of this template:

  • over 40 unique slides
  • device mockup
  • comes with icons
  • picture placeholder

Muzik is a professionally designed, high-quality template. Use it for many different purposes.

3. Birama - Music Google Slides Template


Birama is a music Google Slides themed template that's high quality and fully customizable. This template comes with 30 total slides that come in 16:9 format. You also get a picture place holder where you can easily drag and drop an image of your choice into the placeholder to add it to the slide.

4. Music Google Slides Presentation Template

Music Google Slides Presentation Template

This template has a music Google Slides theme. It's got a design that's skillfully made. Here are some of the key features:

  • 30 unique slides
  • use with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • multipurpose design
  • high quality

This template is great for any music themed Google template presentation.

5. Stipendium - Music Google Slide Template

Stipendium - Music Google Slides Template

This music Google Slides theme has a stylish design that can be used for many different purposes. It comes with three different color schemes to customize your template. Stipendium also comes with picture placeholder that makes it easy to add images to your templates.

5 More Great Premium Musical Google Slides Theme Templates

If you just want to download a single premium music Google Slides theme, consider GraphicRiver. It's pay-as-you-go model lets you download themes one at a time.

Music Slideshow Google Slides Themes
Buy high-quality premium music presentation themes one-at-a-time from GraphicRiver.

Here are some of the best musical Google Slides themed templates from GraphicRiver:

1. Soundcore


Soundcore comes with 34 total slides. Easily add images to your slide by dragging and dropping the image of your choice into the placeholder. This template comes with charts, graphs, and device mockups.

2. Musical - Music and Band Google Slides Template


This professionally designed musical Google Slides theme a beautiful modern design. Here are some key features of this template:

  • comes with icons
  • comes with over 100 slides
  • everything is completely editable
  • comes with icons, charts, graphs, and device mockups

This template is a great multipurpose template that can be used for many different purposes.

3. Music Google Slides Presentation Template

Music Google Slides Presentation Template

This template is professionally designed and of high quality. It comes with 30 exclusive slides you can add your information to. The minimal design won't confuse your audience.

4. Rythem – Music Creative Google Slides Presentation Template


Rythem has fun and abstract design that was professionally designed. Here are some key features of this template:

  • 36 total slides
  • comes with a picture place holder
  • the slides are in 16:9 Ratio
  • comes with illustrations, device mockups, and charts

Use this high-quality music presentation theme for many different purposes.

5. Minor - Google Slides Template


Minor comes with 30 unique slides that you can add information onto. This template comes with five color schemes enabling you to customize the template to suit your personal or business style. Easily edit everything in this template.

24 Top Free Music Google Slides Themes to Download for 2020

Before looking for a free music Google Slides theme on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always music slides themes) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

But sometimes your budget is zero. You just can't afford a premium music presentation theme. For those times, here are some of the best music presentation themed Google Slides templates:

1. Music School

Music School Google Slides Theme

Music School is a music presentation theme. This template is editable and comes with 24 slides.

2. Music Composition Workshop

Music composition workshop makes it easy to create a musical slideshow that'll let you make a music-themed presentation. This template comes in 16:9 format.

3. Music App Pitch Deck

This template has a music presentation theme with neon colors. The bright colors are sure to catch people’s attention.

4. Music Festival

Music Festival

Use Music Festival for a marketing plan presentation or as a musically themed slideshow. This template comes with an easily readable font.

5. Futuristic Music Agency

Futuristic Music Agency has a modern musical Google Slides theme. This template is entirely editable.

6. Dance Day

Dance Day has a dancer in the music Google Slides theme. The theme is mostly black and white, with little pops of purple.

7. Music Google Slides Theme

This template has a fun and colorful design that'll catch the attention of the audience. This template comes with an about me slide.

8. Drum Band Music Google Slides Themes

Drum Band Music Google Slides Themes

Look at the drum theme. It’s great for anyone wanting to get the music theme across. This template comes with infographic slides.

9. Metallic Chrome Equipment Google Slides Themes

This template has an old-fashioned silver microphone theme. This template is great if you're talking about singers or retro bands,

10. Music Slides Theme

This template has a girl listening to music on her phone with headphones on the title page. Use this template for a presentation with any genre of music as the topic.

11. Sound Editing Google Slides Theme

This musical Google Slides theme is great if you’re going to be talking about how music is made. This template features music editing equipment.

12. Vinyl Shop

Vinyle Shop Google Slides Music Themes

The music slides theme of this template a vinyl. This template has a fun retro theme with retro colors featured.

13. Piano Music Google Slides Themes

This template is great if you'll be discussing piano music as part of your topic. The slides of this template come in 16:9 format.

14. Be Dance

Be Dance is a musical slideshow that features people dancing. This template is suitable for people who are discussing music and dance.

15. Music Presentation Theme

The design of this template is colorful with some colorful illustrations. This template comes with 35 total slides.

16. Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson

This musical Google Slides theme has a red color scheme; every slide is red. This template comes with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint versions.

17. Jazz Festival

Jazz festival has fun illustrations as part of the design. This template is designed for a marketing campaign but could be used for many different music theme purposes.

18. Vintage Music Google Slides Themes

This template has a lovely retro feel. The title slide has a person playing music on a busy street. Vintage Music Google Slides Theme is a multipurpose template that can be used for many different uses.

19. Music Lesson

The design of this template has people learning different instruments on some slides. On the other slides, there are abstract shapes with soft colors.

20. Retro Key

This templates design is bright colorful and features some illustrations. This template would make an impact with the bold theme.

21. Teacher Blessings

Teacher Blessings

The warm theme of this musical slideshow if great for music teachers or music school proposals. This template is entirely editable.

22. Composer Notes

Composer notes feature someone writing sheet music. This template is useful if you're a composer who needs to make a presentation.

23. Audio Tape Musical Google Slides Themes

The design of this template features an audiotape as part of the design. This template download is available for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

24. Cassette Playback Google Slides Themes

The design of this template has one cassette tape different from the other cassette tapes in the background. Use this template for many different purposes.

5 Quick Tips for Better Music Themed Google Slides Slideshow Presentations in 2020

Here are some tips to help you get started on your Google Slide Presentation:

1. Add Background Music

Adding background music can make your presentation more exciting. Think of it as adding a soundtrack to your presentation. Make sure the music isn't too distracting.

If you don’t know how to add music to your presentation don’t worry. There are plenty of articles on Tuts plus that'll help you make your presentation the best.

Envato Elements has many premium music-themed Google Slides.

2. Use Illustrations

Sometimes a picture says what you can’t say easily. Illustrations are a great thing to add to a slide to help explain a complicated topic. Photos can also be used to make your slide more interesting. 

Envato Elements and Graphic River have hundreds of photos and other illustrations that you can use. Learn more tips for Google Slides here:

3. Use the Master Slides Tool

The Master Slides tool comes with Google Slides. This tool lets you change the master slide. Changing the master slide changes every slide in the presentation. 

You can also change individual slide layouts with this tool. This tool will help you quickly customize the template.

Premium templates make creating a music-themed presentation easy.

4. Use Large Fonts

Large fonts make it easier for your audience to read what's on your slide. You want the font to be large enough that even the person in the back of the room can read the text on your slide. An excellent general rule to follow is heading and subheadings 32 pts to 48 pts and for body text 28 pts to 32 pts.

For more presentation guidelines, study the following guide:

5. Use Transitions

Transitions can liven up your presentation and make your presentation more fun. Just be careful not to use too many. Too many animations can confuse your audience. When it comes to things like this, less is more.

Voxo has a fun design and is a premium music-themed Google Slides template

Discover More Top Google Slides Presentation Theme Designs for 2020

If you didn't like any of the premium templates shown in this article here are some articles featuring other premium templates:

Download a Premium Music Google Slides template today!

Premium templates let you start your presentation with an advantage. That advantage can be saving time or having an impressive base to begin with. When using a free template, you don’t get that advantage. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver both have plenty of music-themed Google Slides to choose from. Whether you choose Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, you'll have an impressive base to start with. When using a premium template, you'll surely impress your audience.

Start your template off with a good base by downloading a premium template today!

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