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25 Best Free Patriotic USA PowerPoint Templates PPTs to Download 2021

Feeling patriotic? Well, how about a patriotic PowerPoint template to show your pride in a presentation? That's just what we'll show you in this article.

Intro patriotic PPT template
Premium patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates give

Sure, we'll share options for free patriotic PowerPoint templates in this article. The challenge is that free patriotic PowerPoint templates don't give you the most options.

You'll see that the best way to source premium designs is with unlimited downloads for patriotic PPT templates. We'll also show you a pay-as-you-go option for single downloads with the best patriotic PowerPoint backgrounds.

How to Create Great Presentations With Patriotic PPT Templates in 2021

This tutorial includes free patriotic PowerPoint templates when you've got no budget for a great design. But before we look at free patriotic PowerPoint templates, we want to show you the premium patriotic PPT templates that are far better.

Premium templates give you so many more options, and there are outstanding options for patriotic PowerPoint templates. Best of all, you unlock everything for a single flat rate, thanks to Envato Elements.

elements pride patriotic powerpoint presentation templates
One flat-rate fee gives you unlimited access to download unlimited files, including patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates, on Envato Elements.

Your subscription gives you everything you need, like graphic additions you can use. That means you'll also have editable map of USA PowerPoint graphics, for example. This value is so much greater than free patriotic PowerPoint templates could ever provide.

Not ready for a subscription? That's okay. Buy single patriotic PPT templates from another premium marketplace, Envato Market. That keeps your costs to a minimum but still gives you stunning options for PowerPoint patriotic themes.

Graphicriver patriotic powerpoint presentation templates
Top PowerPoint patriotic themes can be purchased one-at-a-time.

Keep reading for selections of the best patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates from each marketplace.

Top 5 Premium Patriotic USA PowerPoint Templates for 2021 (From Envato Elements and GraphicRiver)

Before we explore free patriotic PowerPoint templates, let’s look at premium options.  Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have the very best premium patriotic PowerPoint templates today.

Keep in mind, these aren’t just patriotic PPT template designs for the USA. You’ll find options for all over the world. Plus, Envato offers thousands of other popular designs. 

Let’s check out five of the top choices:

1. National Choice PowerPoint Template 

Patriotic PowerPoint template

This PowerPoint patriotic theme has a stunning U.S. flag design. It’s a flexible patriotic PowerPoint template that’s easy to adapt to any project. There are 20 master slides built-in, making bulk edits and quick changes possible.

2. USA Maps With Animation 

PowerPoint patriotic theme

Need an editable map of USA PowerPoint with patriotic designs? You’ve found it with this template from GraphicRiver, featuring:

  • editable slides
  • animated designs
  • colorful graphics
  • helpful support files

3. Eagle - Wildlife PowerPoint Template 

Patriotic PPT template

The bald eagle is an unforgettable addition to your PowerPoint patriotic theme. In this deck, they stare front and center. Inside this United States of America PPT template, you’ll find 1,200 total slides with dozens of sleek layouts.

4. 14 Page PowerPoint Presentation 

Patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates

These patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates are sure to please. They feature a marble backdrop and a U.S. flag motif. This one is quick to edit. Check out:

  • custom text
  • image placeholders
  • elegant designs
  • detailed layouts

5. North & South America Maps for PowerPoint 

Patriotic PowerPoint background

This patriotic PowerPoint background is the perfect choice for your American slide deck. It's got over 20 editable maps! Change the maps quickly and add helpful supporting detail. It’s great for travel use, business decks, and more.

15 Top Free Patriotic USA Themed PPT Templates to Download for 2021

We've got one more option to check out before showing you free patriotic PowerPoint templates. Envato offers freebies every month that are top-notch. Try out various premium template files (not always PowerPoint patriotic themes) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Still looking? Have no fear. We've got you covered.

A USA patriotic PowerPoint template can come in many forms. Let’s look at fifteen options from around the web:

1. Independence Day PowerPoint Templates 

Free patriotic PowerPoint templates

Mark July 4th with these free patriotic PowerPoint templates. Four dozen slides work for many purposes.

2. U.S. Business People Template

Here's a patriotic PPT template free featuring businesspeople with a flag backdrop. It’s an option for U.S. corporate slide decks.  

3. Free Capitol PowerPoint Template 

These free patriotic PowerPoint slides have the U.S. Capitol in the background. Add your own content with PPT’s built-in features.

4. Free Declaration of U.S. Independence PowerPoint Template 

The U.S. flag and bald eagles make up the style of this U.S. PPT template free. Adapt it with PowerPoint’s many built-in slide layouts.

5. Free U.S. PowerPoint Template 

Free patriotic PowerPoint slides

This flexible set of free patriotic PowerPoint templates has a red, white, and blue theme. Text and images can be added to each slide.

6. Free United States Flag PPT Template

Old Glory is the backdrop of this free patriotic PPT template. It’s a basic theme for any U.S.-themed slideshow.

7. Statue of Liberty New York Skyline PowerPoint Templates

The Statue of Liberty is a recognizable symbol of the United States. It makes up the theme of these free patriotic PowerPoint slides. 135 custom icons are also included.

8. USA Veteran Day PowerPoint Templates

Veterans Day is one of the U.S.'s most important holidays. Observe it with this patriotic PowerPoint background. It features a saluting soldier and U.S. flag.

9. Military Navy Ships PowerPoint Templates 

Navy ships star in this group of free patriotic PowerPoint templates. The deck is full of widescreen slides with vector graphics.

10. Free United States PowerPoint Template

America PPT template

Here's another free patriotic PPT template offering with a bald eagle theme. It's got some simple slide layouts you can customize too.

11. Presentation Template Maps: North America 

Free to download, this is an editable map of North America PowerPoint deck. Use it by itself, or as part of a larger presentation.

12. Free Liberty PowerPoint Template

Lady Liberty is the theme of this United States of America PowerPoint presentation. It can work for any patriotic PowerPoint deck. 

13. Free Veterans Day PowerPoint Template 

Blue skies go well with the U.S. flag. That's a concept used in this patriotic PowerPoint template. Although it’s titled Veterans Day, it can be used for many occasions.

14. Antonio Free Presentation Template 

Red, white, and blue shades are included in these free patriotic PowerPoint slides. This one is a more abstract design with customizing left up to you.

15. Patriotic Soldier Saluting PowerPoint Templates

Military patriotic PowerPoint template

A United States of America PPT template like this one has a military theme. Use it for a wide array of topics and themes. 

10 More Free World Themed PPT Templates to Download for 2021

When you think of a patriotic PowerPoint template, the USA might come to mind first. In fact, you can find patriotic PowerPoint theme designs for anywhere in the world! Let’s explore ten of those:

1. Free Flag of Belgium PowerPoint 

Flag patriotic PowerPoint template

The name says it all: these free patriotic PowerPoint slides feature Belgium. Drop in your own layouts and content to complete the effect.

2.  Japanese PowerPoint Templates

This patriotic PowerPoint template features Japanese history and culture. It's got many slide designs for you to use.

3. Red World Map PowerPoint Template

Not only does this editable map of USA PowerPoint show the fifty states, but it also actually covers the globe! Use it to feature any country in your slide deck. 

4. Chinese New Year PowerPoint Templates

These Chinese free patriotic PowerPoint templates can adapt to many topics. It’s left to your imagination and PPT’s default tools.

5. Free Flag of Belize PowerPoint Template

Belize patriotic PowerPoitn background

The flag of Belize illustrates this patriotic PowerPoint template that's free. The background is dark blue and works with any content.

6. Free Colorful World Map Template

Map the whole world in your project with this global map template. With PPT’s features, call out certain countries or regions in your patriotic slide deck. 

7. Free Flag of Mexico PowerPoint Template

This patriotic PowerPoint background shows the flag of Mexico. Add PowerPoint slide layouts, then drop in your own content. 

8. Public Institution Governance PowerPoint Template

Public institutions are a key part of all nations. This patriotic PowerPoint template features the columns of a building in its style.

9. India Independence PowerPoint Templates 

Presentations about India can use a patriotic PPT template like this one. The orange and green colors of India’s flag create the border of each slide.

10. Free Flag of Germany PowerPoint Template

Germany patriotic PowerPoint template

These free patriotic PowerPoint slides are an option for any presentation about Germany. Drop in PPT layouts and insert content of your own.

How to Quickly Customize Patriotic USA PowerPoint Templates (For 2021 Presentations)

We’ve looked at top PowerPoint patriotic theme designs from around the web. Now, let’s take one of our premium options for PowerPoint patriotic themes from Envato Elements and learn to customize it. It only takes five simple steps!

Want to follow along? Download the premium Eagle patriotic PowerPoint template from Envato Elements today.

United States of America PowerPoint presentation
Follow along with the premium Eagle United States of America PowerPoint presentation.

Let's get started:

1. Pick Out Slides to Edit

A key advantage of a premium PowerPoint patriotic theme is the variety of slides inside. But chances are, you won’t want to use every single one.

Slides patriotic PowerPoint template
Choose from dozens of options in this premium patriotic PowerPoint template.

In PPT, find Slide Sorter on the View tab. From here, you can hold down Shift on your keyboard, then click on the thumbnails of unwanted slides. Press Delete, and you’ll be left with your core patriotic PPT slides. Start editing by clicking Normal on the View tab.

2. Add Text of Your Own

Text is the most obvious way to customize any United States of America PPT template. Start on a slide by selecting any block of text. Then, start typing in your own words. 

Text patriotic PowerPoint theme
Easily add text to a premium PowerPoint patriotic theme.

Simple as that! Of course, you can also customize things like font style and size in the Fonts section of the Home tab.

3. Insert Images

Image placeholders: another winning feature of premium patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates. To use them, drag and drop a photo over your slide. 

Photo Patriotic PPT template
Adding photos is a breeze when you use a patriotic PPT template premium.  

PPT will instantly import it, sized and scaled to fit perfectly. No more import menus!

4. Build Animations

Animations are easy to add and bring new life to any patriotic PowerPoint background. They live on the Animations tab in the app. With an object selected, click there and then on the animation drop-down arrows.

Animated patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates
Animate and bring new life to your premium United States of America PowerPoint presentation.

 A full array of effects will appear. Click one to apply it, and watch it apply to your slide.

5. Change Shape Colors

Patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates like this one come with beautiful custom colors. But you can always change them! With an object selected, click Shape Format > Shape Fill on the menu. 

Colorful patriotic PowerPoint background
Premium patriotic PowerPoint background options like this let you change colors quickly.

From the color-chooser drop-down, you can apply any color that you want. You’ll also see options for Gradient and Picture backgrounds for an even more unique look.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

We've just scratched the surface of PowerPoint designs with the patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates you saw in this tutorial. PowerPoint templates are an incredible tool to save time. You've already seen how easy it is to open a design and add your details.

Sample even more templates besides the patriotic PowerPoint templates you've already seen. Here are three excellent articles with the best PowerPoint templates:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Knowledge is power. Tutorials help you get the most of PowerPoint patriotic themes. We built out a deep set of tutorials, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide,) that'll help you get the most from the app.

Here are three tutorials that are sure to help you out while working with patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates. The techniques even work with free patriotic PowerPoint templates.

Start Using Patriotic PowerPoint Templates for Inspiring Designs Today

You've seen free patriotic PowerPoint templates in this tutorial that you can use to show pride in your nation. But never forget that the small extra expense of a premium template is always worth it. 

Unlimited downloads on Elements gives you plenty of patriotic PPT template options at a low cost. Or opt for a single download choice from Envato Market for a patriotic PowerPoint template.

Share the best of your nation with the help of the patriotic PowerPoint presentation templates you saw in our article. It's all about using these templates to save time and create sharp presentations that are sure to wow any audience.

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