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20 Free Traditional Work Resume Templates With Classic Designs for 2021


Are you getting ready to jump into the workforce? Or perhaps you’re looking to switch careers? Whatever the case may be, you may need a traditional work resume to highlight your experience and education. 

Traditional Resume Template
The premium traditional resume from Envato Elements is sure to make a good impression.

Creating a work resume template might seem daunting. But the good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch. There are plenty of amazing traditional resume templates available online. Download your favorites and use to create your work resume. 

If you're looking for traditional resume templates and traditional cover letter templates, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll explore a selection of free and premium work resume templates.

Where to Find the Best Traditional Work Resume Templates in 2020/2021

Before we get into the free resume templates, keep in mind that you can also buy a premium resume template to save time. When it comes to premium classic resume templates, Envato Elements is one of the best places to start your search. 

Envato Elements is a subscription-based marketplace with a compelling offer. For a single monthly price, you get access to thousands of unlimited-use creative assets. From resume templates to business cards, stock photos, web templates, and more, Envato Elements has it all. 

Resume templates on Envato Elements
Premium work resume templates on Envato Elements

Aside from Envato Elements, you can find hundreds of amazing traditional work resume templates on GraphicRiver. It's part of Envato Market, a suite of marketplaces that caters to various creative needs. On GraphicRiver, buy individual standard resume templates whenever you need them without a long-term commitment

Work resume templates on GraphicRiver
Premium work resume templates on GraphicRiver

Top 5 Traditional Work Resume Templates From Envato Elements And GraphicRiver To Download

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver lead the pack when it comes to best basic work resume templates. Take a look at some of the top classic resume templates we've got available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Work Resume

Work Resume

This traditional resume template has a modern, minimal, and classic design. It's two resume pages neatly organized in two columns. It comes with a matching traditional cover letter template. 

It was designed in Word and InDesign. You’ll also find a set of custom icons to make your resume more visually appealing.  

2. Minimal Classic Resume 

Minimal Classic Resume

This professional resume template is sure to impress any hiring manager with its clean and well-organized design. The template has several different sections that make it easy to organize your information. Edit the resume with Illustrator. It comes with a matching traditional cover letter template.  

3. Traditional Resume 

Traditional Resume

Although this basic work resume template has a black and white design, you can easily edit the resume to match your personal preference. The template has a well-organized grid layout. It even includes a place for your photo. 

Edit the template with Illustrator. A matching traditional cover letter template is included as well.  

4. Traditional Resume Set 

Traditional Resume Set

This work resume set includes a one-page resume, traditional cover letter template, and a reference sheet. The template has a clean and modern yet simple design. Customize it in Photoshop and InDesign and in two sizes: A4 and US letter. 

5. Classic Resume Template 

Classic Resume Template

Check out this clean and classic resume template. It's got an orange color scheme, but you can easily customize it to match your style. 

Edit the template with InDesign. It comes in A4 and US letter size. It also includes a matching traditional cover letter template. 

20 Top Free Traditional Work Resume Template Examples to Download for 2020/2021

Before looking for traditional resume template for free on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always traditional resumes) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Now that you’ve seen the premium standard resume templates, let’s take a look at some of the top free traditional work resume templates that you can download online: 

1. Free Classic Resume Template 

Free Classic Resume Template

This free classic resume template has a simple design that makes it easy to see your skills, education, and relevant experience. The resume has a single page and comes with unique infographic elements and icons.

2. Traditional CV Resume Free Download 

This standard resume template has colored lines and heading that separate each resume section. The template has a single page and can be edited in Word. 

3. Free Traditional Resume Template 

If you want to put your experience front and center, this free resume template makes it easy. It’s a single page resume that can be edited in Word and has a clean design.

4. Classical Free Resume Template 

With this standard resume template, you can write a short description and then share your relevant work experience. The template is easy to edit in Word. 

5. Free Work Experience Resume Template

Free Work Experience Resume Template

Check out this resume template if you want a modern and simple design that catches the eye. The template uses red accents, but you can easily customize the color in Illustrator. 

6. Free Classic Resume Template 

This resume template has a clean design with subtle color accents and elegant fonts. The layout is well organized. Edit the template in Word.

7. Traditional CV Template Free Download 

The free traditional CV template allows you to add a brief description and list your work experience. Edit the template in Word and customize it to match your style. 

8. Basic Free Resume Template With Classic Design 

This free standard resume template uses diamond bullet points. They add visual interest to your resume and make your work experience easier to follow. Edit the template in Word.

9. Free Work Experience Resume Template

This is a simple traditional work experience template with a compact design. You can edit the template in Word. There’s even room to include your photo.  

10. Work Experience Resume / Template Free Download

With its black and white design with a pop of gold, this template is easy on the eyes. Customize it in Photoshop. The template has plenty of room to include your work experience. 

11. Free Work Resume Template

This free work resume template has plenty of space to include all your work experience. Edit it with Photoshop. It includes a matching traditional cover letter template. 

12. Free Classic Resume Template 

With checkbox bullets, this basic work resume template makes it easy to focus on your work experience. Edit the template in Word. 

13. Colorful Traditional Work Resume Template  

Colorful Traditional Work Resume Template

This work experience resume template has a colorful design with two columns. List all your relevant work experience. 

Customize the template in Photoshop and Illustrator. It comes in two color versions.

14. Minimal Work Experience Template Free Download 

If you’re looking for a minimal resume, this classic resume template is a good starting point. It's got a brief description along with square bullets to list your work experience. Customize the template in Word. 

15. Chronological Work Resume Template 

This free Word resume template allows you to list your work experience in chronological order. Easily customize the colors and the fonts.

16. Traditional Resume Format Free Download 

Here’s another traditional resume format for Microsoft Word. The template's got a green color scheme. Easily customize it to match your style. 

17. Free Traditional Word Resume 

Free Traditional Word Resume

Here’s an elegant traditional Word resume with a two-column layout. Customize the colors, add your photo, and include your work experience. 

18. Free Corporate Work Experience Resume Template 

This template comes in four different color schemes and features a two-column layout. Include your photo and you can edit the template in Illustrator. 

19. 3-Page Work Experience Resume Template

If you've a lot of work experience to cover, this work experience resume template might come in handy. It's got three pages and includes a cover letter. Customize it in Photoshop.  

20. Free Classic Resume Template

Free Classic Resume Template

Download this traditional resume template for free. It's got a classic design and plenty of room to add your work experience. Customize the template in Photoshop. 

Traditional Resume vs Creative Non-Traditional Resume

If you’re applying for a job, you might be wondering what a traditional resume is. The following list sums up the differences:

  • A traditional resume is a simple document. It lists your employment history, your education, an objective or a profile as well as your contact information. The information is typically laid out in a bullet-list format and organized in a one or two-column layout. 
  • A non-traditional resume typically uses a more creative approach to display the same information. It may not even be a document, but rather a website or a PowerPoint.

Here are some more differences between a traditional resume and a creative, non-traditional resume: 

1. The Use of Infographics

Infographic resume template
Modern premium infographic resume template

A non-traditional resume might include an infographic layout to display your work history, skills, education, and other relevant information. This resume format can work well if you've got gaps in your work history or if you stayed in one position for a long period of time. 

2. Liberal Use of Color Blocks

Another way that a non-traditional resume differs from a traditional one is the liberal and bolder use of color. You’ll often notice that creative resumes use color blocks to accent different sections. This naturally draws the eye toward that particular section.

3. An Extra Portfolio Page

Extra portfolio page
Premium CV Resume Portfolio

Non-traditional resumes sometimes add other elements such as a portfolio page.  The portfolio is useful when you’re applying for a job in a creative industry. Designers, artists, photographers, and writers will typically benefit from a non-traditional resume. 

4. The Use of Illustrations

It’s not uncommon for creative resumes to use custom illustrations, icons, or other design elements. This adds personality to your resume and works well if you’re applying for a position as an artist, designer or illustrator. 

5. Landscape Layout

Finally, non-traditional resumes may sometimes use a landscape layout instead of a portrait layout. This is a good way to make your resume stand out and catch the attention of HR managers. Consider the example below to see how to effectively use a landscape layout in your resume. 

Landscape Resume Layout
Premium template with Landscape Resume Layout

Discover More Top Resume Template Designs for 2021

The above traditional resume examples are great when you need a traditional resume template. But if you’re looking for a different type of resume, check out these articles featuring more top resume template designs for 2021: 

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Creating a professional resume takes more than downloading and customizing a template. Learn more about making professional resumes with the help of these tutorials: 

Create Your Work Resume Quickly With Amazing Classic Resume Templates

Creating your basic work resume can be done quickly when you've got a great resume template to start with. Visit Envato Elements and download as many traditional resume templates as you want as well any other creative assets you need such as business cards or web templates to go with your print resume. 

Or, if you need a resume template to customize and send right now, stop by GraphicRiver and explore hundreds of classic resume templates that you can buy individually. 

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