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17 Fun Free Google Slides Themes (+Playful Slideshow Design Ideas for 2022)

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Fun Google slide templates turn rookie presenters into confident professionals. They give you the confidence to step out and create a presentation with humor and happiness in 2022.

Funtastic fun Google Slides template introFuntastic fun Google Slides template introFuntastic fun Google Slides template intro
Use premium fun Google Slides themes like The Party to give you fun slideshow ideas.

Who says that presentations can't be fun? With the help of fun Google Slides themes, your presentation won't be forgotten.

Fun slide templates make it easy to create a presentation of your own. Use fun Google Slide templates to bring excitement to your presentation. Learn how in this tutorial.

The Best Source for Unlimited Premium Fun Google Slides Themes

Professionalism matters when you give a presentation. The polish of a presentation goes a long way to building credibility with your audience.

Sure, you can find some free fun Google Slides themes—and you'll see those later in this article. Before opt for a free option, make sure to check out our options for polished and professional templates.

Envato Elements offers you an all-you-can-download library for premium fun Google Slide templates. One subscription grants you unlimited access to everything you need.

Elements Fun Google Slides themesElements Fun Google Slides themesElements Fun Google Slides themes
Use Envato elements to source premium unlimited fun slide templates for Google Slides.

Envato Elements offers so much more than fun Google Slides themes. It also gives you stock photos, illustrations, videos, and more. Those assets round out your presentation with assets that make it shine. Best of all, there's no extra cost!

Later in this tutorial, you'll see another marketplace that offers premium fun Google Slides themes. GraphicRiver's library is just as impressive, but it provides pay-as-you-go options.

5 Top Premium Fun Slide Templates From Envato Elements

You've already seen the power of the Envato Elements. The library for fun Google Slides themes is so deep that it helps to have a guide to the best templates in the library. Here are five of our favorite slideshow themes for 2022: 

1. Ciriio - Colorful & Fun Google Slides Template

Slide show funSlide show funSlide show fun

Looking for a fun and playful Google Slides theme? Ciriio is an excellent choice, filled with bright colors and charming graphics. It includes 12 different PPT files, featuring a set of slides you can use for any project. It’s genuinely one of the best fun slide templates available today!

2. Start On The Party Google Slide Template 

Fun Google Slide templatesFun Google Slide templatesFun Google Slide templates

This set of fun Google Slide templates has everything you’ll need to build a delightful presentation. It is packed with funky imagery and bold splashes of color, Inside, you’ll find features like:

  • five color variations
  • easy drag-and-drop image placeholders
  • slick modern fonts
  • designer-quality color palettes found nowhere else

Free support is available if you need help getting started. Try out Start on the Party instead of free Google Slides themes available online.

3. Leavy - Google Slides Templates

Fun background for Google SlidesFun background for Google SlidesFun background for Google Slides

The bright, airy feel of a beautiful day is captured in this beautiful fun background for Google Slides. It’s incredibly easy to use. It has pre-built placeholders which allow you to quickly add in your content. Over 100 slides are included. They are focused on topics like introductions, portfolios, memories, and much more.

4. Comic - Fun Google Slides Presentation Template

Slideshow ideas for fun templateSlideshow ideas for fun templateSlideshow ideas for fun template

Capture the magic of the movies with Comic, a delightful slide deck great for all ages. With animation-driven imagery throughout, you’ll have:

  • 12 fun slide templates with 30 layouts
  • six custom color themes
  • charts, process diagrams, and mockups
  • resizable image placeholders

Unlike many free Google Slides templates, 4:3 and 16:9 layouts are available to adapt to any screen.

5. Childhood - Playful Google Slides Template

Childhood fun Google Slides templatesChildhood fun Google Slides templatesChildhood fun Google Slides templates

Childhood is a versatile template that helps you interact with audiences of all ages. Engage kids in the classroom, or show off your childcare center, for example. The possibilities are virtually endless, thanks to dozens of colorful custom slides. Imagine the possibilities and bring them to life in seconds!

Download Premium Single-Use Fun Google Slides Themes from GraphicRiver

Sometimes, it's simpler to lean on single downloads for fun Google Slides themes. Some creatives precisely what they want to use when they start building their presentation.

Fun Google Slides templateFun Google Slides templateFun Google Slides template
Use fun Google Slide templates from GraphicRiver to launch your design on a budget.

In that case, GraphicRiver might be the perfect option for you. The library is just as deep, but you'll pay only for what you choose. Let's look at five of the top premium fun slide templates for 2022 on GraphicRiver.

1. Fan-Ink Brand Google Slide Template

Fun Google Slides themesFun Google Slides themesFun Google Slides themes

Looking for playful and bright fun slideshow ideas? You can’t miss Fan-Ink, a creative Google Slides theme all about the bold use of color. 

Every slide is a virtual breath of fresh air, with 40 designs to choose from. Plus, the template makes presentation-building a breeze, too. With master slides, apply bulk changes in a flash. Not many free Google Slides themes can say that.

2. Wonder - Theme Park Google Slides Template

Wonder slide show funWonder slide show funWonder slide show fun

What better place to have slide show fun than at a theme park? Capture those timeless memories with this template:

  • vividly illustrated and colorful slides
  • widescreen layouts for modern projectors
  • PC and mobile phone mockups
  • helpful documentation

Free fonts are used to craft memorable styling at no extra cost. You'll be able to show off your creative slideshow ideas in style with Wonder.

3. Gradiano - Colorful Google Slides Templates

Fun slide templatesFun slide templatesFun slide templates

Gradiano uses imagery inspired by modern art to deliver a set of fun slide templates. Try it out for a playful and charming presentation. Or, use it in your business to serve up professional styling with a colorful twist. Over 150 slides are included for the benefit of any project.

4. Dreamland - Google Slide Template

Fun slideshow ideasFun slideshow ideasFun slideshow ideas

It’s always tempting to select free fun Google Slides themes. However you will get more value by choosing a premium template like Dreamland. Templates like this offer features no free theme can match. Inside this pack, you’ll discover amazing maps, icons, charts, and more to express your creative slideshow ideas.

5. Virtuo Google Slides 

Virtuo fun Slide templatesVirtuo fun Slide templatesVirtuo fun Slide templates

Finally, Virtuo is another prime choice for fun slide templates. This one embraces the minimalist design style, merging it with bright colors and bold fonts. Choose from:

  • more than 50 custom slides
  • layouts for images, portfolios, and text
  • phone and smartwatch device mockups
  • worldwide maps

Then simply drop in your relevant content, and you’ll be ready to share in moments. It's an easy to use, professional alternative to free Google Slides templates.

17 Fun Free Google Slides Themes

Before looking for a free fun Google Slides template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files at no cost to you with the offer below:

Free Files For ElementsFree Files For ElementsFree Files For Elements
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

If you can't find what you're looking for above, we've spent time search for usable free Google Slides templates. Here are 17 options that work for creating a fun Google Slides presentation:

1. Orches Google Slides

Orches fun Google Slide templatesOrches fun Google Slide templatesOrches fun Google Slide templates

Orches is a basic set of fun free Google Slide templates with a unique color palette. It’s adaptable to both text and image slide layouts. 

2. Raymond Free Business Presentation

Don’t forget, business presentations can still be fun and charming. Use this free Google Slide theme to jumpstart fun slideshow ideas, even at work. It comes with several standard slide layouts that you can customize yourself.

3. Flavius Free Google Slides Theme

Download this free fun background for Google Slides. It has a simple arrangement with abstract and playful styling. The colors are complemented by fun robot characters on most slides.

4. Tybalt Presentation Template

Brushstoke graphics lend Tybalt a hand-drawn appearance. Pair it with the custom content. You can easily add any content thanks to Google Slides’ unique set of apps and tools.

5. Cutelor Free Education Google Slides Theme

Cutelor slideshow ideas for funCutelor slideshow ideas for funCutelor slideshow ideas for fun

If you’re teaching any age group, it pays to make learning fun. This is a brightly designed learning Google Slides theme for education. It comes with 14 widescreen slides.

6. Park Free Presentation Template

Featuring a collection of vivid slide designs, Park is a free set of fun slideshow ideas. Most take a broad focus, so customize them to use at home or work.

7. Punaca Free Google Slides Theme

Punaca features assorted slides in various pastel colors. Use it for a quick introduction, for a photo slideshow, and more. It's a solid choice if you're looking for free Google Slide templates.

8. Liquid - Google Slide Template

Liquid fun background for Google SlidesLiquid fun background for Google SlidesLiquid fun background for Google Slides

Here’s another fun background for Google Slides that takes advantage of every color of the rainbow. It comes with over 30 layouts that you can further customize inside Google Slides.

9. Creative Magic Google Slides Theme

A vital part of a playful Slides presentation is memorable styling. With modern lines and arrows, this deck provides ample space for all your text and photos.

10. Knight Presentation Template

Knight slide show funKnight slide show funKnight slide show fun

Knight is meant as an education slide show for fun, but you can repurpose it to other themes. With a blue background, it’s illustrated with globes, numbers, calculators, and more. Twenty-five slides are included in this free Google Slide template.

11. Educa Free Google Slides Theme

Science and technology presentations should be fun, too. Educa uses that theme and provides 15 supporting slides. Many are focused primarily on text.

12. Kindergarten Free Google Slides, Keynote Theme, and PowerPoint Template

Kids appreciate fun colors. The Kindergarten Google Slides theme provides plenty of fun colors. The background resembles lined writing paper. The borders are accented with an assortment of art supplies.

13. Verges Google Slides Theme

Bright shades are abundant in the Verges theme. The backdrop is of an animated cityscape, with skies ranging from noontime to sunset. Starlit graphics are included too.

14. Jupiter 23 Free Google Slides Template

This unique and fun free Google Slide template uses classic retro shapes. Also included are vector graphics, headlines, and custom animations.

15. Lookbook Google Slide Template

Lookbook fun slideshow ideasLookbook fun slideshow ideasLookbook fun slideshow ideas

Lookbook is a funky set of fun slideshow ideas loaded into a single package. Many slide layouts are included, so it’s up to you to choose those best for your free Google Slide template. Then, add images, custom text, and more.

16. Jachimo Google Slides Theme

Picture the speech bubbles used in many comic books. Then imagine them arranged on a Google Slides template. Jachimo delivers that very effect in ways not found in other free Google Slide templates. It comes with custom text placeholders inside.

17. Iris Presentation Template

Iris uses space-inspired styling paired with standard slide themes. The colors trend heavily towards blue and purple, matching the chosen aesthetic. 

How to Make a Fun Presentation in Google Slides

Now that you've got your fun Google Slides presentation template, you're ready to customize it. Below we've created a short tutorial for you to follow to edit your Google Slides theme. 

For this tutorial, we used the premium template, HIPLAY.

HIPLAY - Playful Google Slides TemplateHIPLAY - Playful Google Slides TemplateHIPLAY - Playful Google Slides Template

This premium non profit resume template is a one page custom document that's A4 size and uses free fonts. Let's get started:

1. Pick Your Slides

Before you can begin editing your presentation, we are going to find the slides we want to use. Not all of the slides in the template will work for our presentation. To delete the ones we don't want, right click the slide and click the delete option.

choosing slideschoosing slideschoosing slides

2. Add in Your Text

Now we'll add in the text for the presentation. All the Google slides templates will have placeholder text. Simply double click the text and paste in your text for each slide. Be sure to have a document open with all your presentation's text to speed up the workflow. 


3. Add Images

Just like the text, there are often image placeholders. To add in your images for each slide, click on the Image icon. Your computer's file browser pops up where you can then select the image that you want for that particular slide. 


4. Change Background Color

Often, you'll want to change the background color for your slides. Or you may even add an image to your background. To do this we'll click the Background option on the top header. A pop up appears where you can choose your background color or image. 

background image and colorbackground image and colorbackground image and color

5. Add Transitions

Transitions help add interest to your presentations. These transitions work especially well for presentations that are more playful and fun. To add in transitions to your slides, go to the Transitions tab on the main header. A right hand menu appears where you can then choose the transition you want to add. 


 Let's now have a look at five fun Google Slides Slideshow ideas.

5 Fun Google Slides Slideshow Ideas to Design Playful Presentations in 2022

Fun Google Slides themes are just the start of creating a jovial presentation. We also have slideshow ideas for fun to help you create a fun presentation of your own. These are focused on content.

Here are five slideshow ideas for fun that are sure to spice up your presentation:

1. Skip the Text

The traditional model for presentations is to load up slides with speaking points and text. 

Creating a fun Google Slides theme is about breaking out of traditions. In your next presentation, consider excluding all text. This different approach shows your audience that you embrace new ideas.

2. Use Bold Color Schemes

Many of the fun slide templates you saw in this presentation use bold color schemes. It's a fun way to add an eye-catching slide to your deck.

Too many presentations use traditional, monochrome color schemes. Those are fine for corporate and traditional purposes, but they aren't the only option. Flashy color schemes show that you're not a presenter that wants to stick to the norm.

Fun tastic color themeFun tastic color themeFun tastic color theme
The premium template Start On The Party template is an excellent example of a colorful presentation that breaks from the normal.

3. Include a Fun Video

You can use YouTube videos to bring some fun to your presentation. 

Who among us hasn't spent hours lost in the rabbit hole of YouTube videos?  Learn to add a YouTube video to Slides with the help of our article below:

4. Include the Audience

It's time to rethink the classic presentation format. It's traditionally been thought of as a presenter speaking directly to the audience. One of our favorite slideshow ideas for fun is to involve the audience in a presentation.

What if we flipped the format? Here are several ways you can do that in your next presentation:

  • Create a poll that includes audience input on an idea or topic.
  • Turn your presentation into a Q&A by asking for opinions. You can do this in an open format so you can tailor your speaking points in real-time. 
  • Start with a critical question at the beginning of your presentation. this keeps your audience engaged throughout the presentation. This might spark a follow-up conversation at the end of the presentation. 

5. Open With a Joke (and an Animated Punchline)

Here's another of our best fun slideshow ideas: start with a joke! Make sure that it's appropriate for the room and relevant to your presentation. That sets the tone that you're going to deliver a fun slideshow.

Make sure to use a Google Slides animation to introduce the punchline. Learn more below:

5 Fun Google Slides Presentation Design Trends for 2022

It's hard to keep up with all the trends found in fun Google Slides themes. Thankfully, I've done that for you. Check out this list of design ideas that the best fun Google Slides themes use. You might even want to apply them to your presentation:

1. Quirky Typography

The best fun Google Slides themes use typography to set the tone. If you want your presentation to look at home in the modern age, find a custom font. Preferably, one that's on the lighter side while still being professional. 

You can find fun, contemporary fonts for your creative slideshow ideas with an Envato Elements subscription.

Rosana Google Slides ThemesRosana Google Slides ThemesRosana Google Slides Themes
Rosana is one of many premium Google Slides slideshow themes from Envato Elements with great typography.

2. Transition Effects

Clicking through slides is part of every presentation. However, not every presentation takes advantage of animations. Adding transition effects makes Google Slides templates more engaging for your audience. Play around with the different options available with your template.

3. Abstract Image Masks

It's the little things that count. This trend is all about finding fun ways to display your photos. Squiggly shapes, half-circles, numbers, and letters all make great options for image masks. The different look they offer makes your photos stand out instantly.

4. Dark Mode Themes

Dark mode isn't just a trend for apps. Fun Google Slides templates are adopting the look too. The cool thing about using this look is that you can still have a bold color scheme. Dark mode actually does a great job of complementing the vibrant colors.

Motife Google Slides TemplatesMotife Google Slides TemplatesMotife Google Slides Templates
Motife, a premium template, uses a dark mode theme that works with its vibrant colors.

5. Offset Design Elements

Many professional Google Slides templates keep everything neat and orderly. If you want something trendier, you can offset and stack your design elements. This style is like having controlled chaos. Words appear over images, photos are just off-center, yet everything looks in place. It's a neat way to engage an audience in 2022.

Hiplay Fun Google Slides Slideshow ThemesHiplay Fun Google Slides Slideshow ThemesHiplay Fun Google Slides Slideshow Themes
Premium slideshow themes like Hiplay have lots of offset and stacked design elements.

5 Benefits of Using Premium Slide Templates

Free Google Slides themes and templates are always tempting. After all, how much different can they get from premium choices? The truth is a lot. Let's take a look at some key benefits of using a professional template:

  1. You get more customization options. Many free Google Slides themes offer bare-bones features for editing. With a premium template, you can control and customize just about anything. That means making a unique, fun presentation is a lot easier.
  2. The design is well done. Free Google Slides templates usually lack quality. Premium slide templates always offer professional designs. You'll never have to worry about its looks.
  3. You'll save time. Smart Objects and image placeholders are common features in premium slide templates. Just drag, drop, and be done. The process isn't always this simple with free Google Slides themes.
  4. Support is there for you. Many premium designs include documentation and support in case you need help. This makes working on your presentation easier if you're a beginner.
  5. You don't need to have an eye for design. You don't have to be a full-time designer to make your fun slide template look good. Everything is set up for you. Everyone from first time Google Slides users to experts can have an excellent presentation.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Google Slides ThemesGoogle Slides ThemesGoogle Slides Themes
Envato Elements: one flat rate, unlimited use of premium templates

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes a wide selection of great Google Slides themes for a single flat-rate price.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to Google Slides templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Common Google Slides Questions Answered (FAQ)

Google Slides is a great piece of software to use for your presentations. But there are many questions that users have to get answered to get the most out of it. In this section we'll go over the most frequently asked Google Slides questions and answers to them:

1. Can I Use Google Slides When I'm Not Connected to the Internet?

Yes! You can save your progress by selecting the offline option in the Settings section. Follow the steps in the article below to set up offline mode.

2. Do PowerPoint Templates Work in Google Slides?

Of course! You can actually upload .pptx files into Google Slides. This makes it incredibly easy to work between the two platforms. Google Slides converts the file automatically when you load it. 

For more information on this, check out the article below:

3. Are Google Slides Themes Customizable?

Google Slides themes are incredibly flexible. This makes Google Slides an optimal choice for all your presentation needs. 

View the article below for more information on customizing Google Slides themes:

4. Can You Change Themes at Any Time?

Themes can be changed out at any time! Now matter where you are in your presentation, you can change the theme. 

To find out how to change the themes in your Google Slides projects, view the article below:

5. How Do I Change the Color Scheme?

Often you'll need to change the color scheme to fit your particular presentation. Thankfully you can change the color scheme at any time. 

For details on how to do this, read the article below:

Let's have a look at more resources for working with Google Slides

Learn More About Working With Google Slides

Google Slides is a great way to build a presentation. The no-cost web app combined with a great template is a recipe for success. Lean on fun slide templates like the ones in this article to create a fun presentation.

Even better, learning more about the app helps you use it smoothly. Check out our Ultimate Tutorial Guide for Google Slides. Or, learn more about Google Slides with the help of our articles below:

Discover More Great Google Slides Themes With Stylish Designs

Google Slide templates are the shortcut to success. Why not leave the design to the pros? They make it easy for you to create some slide show fun with professional designs.

The list below includes even more fun slide templates that are ready for use. Check them out to spark more slideshow ideas for fun.

Start Working With Fun Google Slides Themes Today

The next time you start to create a presentation, step out of the crowd, and be bold. It takes courage to create a slide show with fun and skip over the typical boring presentation.

Fun Google Slides themes (with unlimited downloads) make it easy to lighten the mood. You can source fun Google Slide templates that already have the layouts and color schemes.

Make fun a way of life by including it in your presentation. With the help of these creative Google Slide templates, you're ready for your next presentation.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Nathan Umoh and Daniel Strongin. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Daniel is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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