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25+ Best Quick & Easy Resume Templates to Make Your CV Fast in 2021


Are you short on time and need to have your resume done now? Do you struggle to find quick and easy resume templates that look professional?

Use modern and easy resume templates for your next resume and land your next job.

Easy Resume Template
Resume is one of the many best-selling premium quick resume templates available on Envato Elements.

With professional resume templates, you can focus on the content of the resume. Don't worry about the time consuming process of actually creating the design with easy resume templates. 

The stunning looking designs in high-quality templates will give you the best possible chance of getting hired. Ensure that your resume looks modern and clean by using a quick resume template like the ones featured on Envato Elements. If you just need one stunning looking resume template and won't be needing more, then GraphicRiver has tons of great selections for you to choose from.

Best Quick & Easy Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Discover over five thousand of the best premium resume templates on Envato Elements.  For one low monthly fee, you can download as many easy resume templates as you want. Besides the thousands of resume templates, you can also download as many items as you want from the entire Envato Elements library. There are many different resources that can be of use to you including:

  • web themes
  • photos & videos
  • presentation templates
  • fonts
  • and more 

The templates available on the Elements come ready to edit. Each one contains stylish and contemporary designs that are sure to leave a positive impact on your potential employer.

Best selling Envato Elements Resumes
Best-selling premium Envato Elements quick resume templates

Let's now take a look at some of the top premium templates available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

5 Quick & Easy Resume Templates on Envato Elements & GraphicRiver (For 2020/2021)

To help you with your search for the best easy resume templates for your next job, let's look at some of the best-selling premium templates from Envato Elements & GraphicRiver:

1. Personal Resume

Personal Resume

Personal Resume is a quick resume template that features a modern and elegant design. Expect eye-catching icons, a well-organized layout, and skill bars in this template. Here are a few notable features for this fast resume template:

  • AI, PSD, EPS files included
  • CMYK 300 DPI
  • 21 x 29.7 cm size
  • fully editable & easy to customize

2. Resume - Quick Resume Format

Quick Resume Format

This simple and stylish looking easy resume template comes in InDesign and Word files. The pages on this template are separated into two sections. There's a left hand column and a main body section where sections such as profile and work experience are located.

Here's what to expect from this template:

  • two-page resume
  • cover letter
  • A4 and Us letter size
  • paragraph styles

3. Resume by jiwstudio

Resume by jiwstudio

If you need a contemporary looking resume, then this is a must-have. Skill bars, a modern layout, and great looking color scheme are what comes with this quick resume template. This design will help you get your resume together in no time.

Here are a few more features that you'll find from this template:

  • AI, EPS, & PSD file included
  • easily customizable & editable
  • A4, 297 x 210 mm size
  • print ready

4. Resume by Trendy Path

Clean resume CV

This template is stunning. If you're looking to impress your potential employer, then this is the template to use. Resume by Trendy Path is modern and professional template that's ready to customize right when you download it.

Here a few of the features to expect from this template:

  • many color versions
  • A4 paper size with bleeds
  • quick and easy to customize templates
  • resume and cover letter included
  • PSD & Illustrator files included

5. Resume by Creative Rezwan

Resume by Creative Rezwan

This smooth and sophisticated looking quick resume template can be used for all types of industries. Modern looking fonts, icons, beautiful layouts are what you'll find with this template. Here's what's included with Resume by Creative Rezwan:

  • professional and clean structured files
  • A4 Paper Size With Bleeds
  • free fonts used
  • resume and cover letter included
  • PSD & Illustrator files

Now that we've gone over the best premium easy resume templates, let's go over some of the best free easy resume templates available on the web.

25 Free (Quick to Use) Resume Templates - Download Fast for 2021

Before looking for a free quick and easy resume template, check out the free resources that Envato Elements has to offer:

If you're on a budget, but still need to create a good looking resume (and you couldn't find free easy resumes above), check out this section. We'll go over the 25 top free quick to use resume templates. While these resume templates don't quite have the highest quality designs like the premium templates do, they can still get you up and running with a simple resume:

1. Clean Modern Resume CV PSD Template

Clean Modern Resume CV PSD Template

Use this free quick and easy resume template for graphic designers, photographers, and web designers. The template makes use of graphics, and a light green and black color scheme.

2. Extended CV 

Extended CV is a free easy resume that can be used to apply for academic and research positions. The format of the template includes sections for research, teaching experience, publications, awards, and more.

3. Resume (Urban Theme)

This modern themed resume template allows you to add a photo using Quick Parts. Customize your name, address, objectives, skills, education and experience. Search for Urban Theme to find more matching templates.

4. Bold Infographic Resume

Bold infographic resume

This quick resume includes sections for timelines, graphs, and lists. The template also features a profile image section as well as various icons that are using a gray and red color scheme.

5. Software Engineer Resume 

This template can be used for not only software engineers, but for any other professional job you're applying to. This is a bare bones template that's got all the basic features of a resume.

6. Creative Resume

This free quick and easy resume template is best suited for creative professionals. The template is fully customizable for your particular needs.

7. Nurse Resume Template

Nurse Resume Template

Fill in your contact information, objectives, education, experience and references with this free easy resume. The resume is in plain text and can also be used for other professions than nursing.

8. Resume Template

You can expect a minimal and standard looking resume for this free easy resume template. Customize it to how you see fit and it'll work for any industry. 

9. Designer Resume CV Design PSD Bundle

The Designer Resume CV Design PSD Bundle has organized layers and three different color options. The education and experience sections are in timeline format.

10. Cool and Colorful Resume CV PSD Template

Cool and Colorful Resume CV PSD Template

This is a colorful fast resume free that'll be well suited for creative professions. You can expect to find skill bars, timelines, and icons in this template.

11. Headshot Resume

Customize fonts and colors with Headshot resume. The top right of the template has a spot for a photo of yourself and the right third of the page gives you space for your contact details. This can work for all types of industries.

12. Home Health Aid Resume

This is a standard resume template that contains an objective, experience, contact details, education, and reference sections. Use this template for home health aide positions as well as many others.

13. Minimalist Resume CV Design PSD

Minimalist Resume CV Design PSD

Included is a quick resume template in the form of a photoshop file. You'll find icons, skill bars, graphics, and a red, yellow, and gray color scheme with this template.

14. Functional Resume

Display your work history, achievements, and skills with this fast resume for free. Education and reference sections are also included. 

15. A4 Size Designer Resume PSD Template

This template is A4 Size and is ready for print in CMYK at 300 dpi. Included is one photoshop file that's got the standard resume sections.

16. Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template

This simple free easy resume has a classic look. It includes all the necessary fields that your employer will want to see. The template features only text.

17. Chronological Resume

Each section in this template allows you to display your information in chronological order. This is a simple plain text quick resume for free.

18. Elementary Resume Template

This is a plain free easy resume template that's got sections for you to add your objective, education, achievements, experience, and references. This comes as a MS Doc file. 

19. Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

You'll receive an InDesign file with this free template. Use this fast resume template  in various industries. It's got a page layout with a few columns.

20. 30+ Customer Service Resumes

This is a collection of 30+ free customer service resumes. Use these free easy resumes to apply for jobs other than customer service positions. The 30+ templates come in MS Doc format.

21. Simple Resume

If you need a simple and plain resume, then download this template. Customize the text however you see fit in this Word document. 

22. 50 College Student Resume Templates

College Resume Templates

All fifty of the easy resume templates are in Microsoft Word format. Many of the documents are just text and a simple layout while a few use colors in the design. 

23. Creative Resume Template

This InDesign file allows you to  swap in fonts and background graphics. The template is free for commercial use and can be opened in CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC.

24. Modern Resume Template

Modern Resume Template comes in A4 / 8.5″ x 11″ size and is free for commercial use. The design is a two column design that's got a light green color scheme.

25. Basic Resume Template

Basic Resume Template

This 100% editable easy resume gives you all the sections you need to apply for a job in various industries. The left hand column features a section for you to add your name and contact details. 

To help you take your resume designs to the next level, we'll now go over a few tips that can help you make your template look even more professional.

5 Quick Resume Design Tips for Professional Results in 2021

The content of your resume is the most important factor of a resume. But you still need to deliver a clean and modern looking design to stand out from the competition. We'll now go over five different tips that can help you boost your resume's design:

1. Color Blocking

Color blocking is a great way to break up the page layout and make the resume look more visually appealing. A great spot to place a solid color shape is at the top of the resume and have your name, photo, and contact details over top of it. This draws the eye to this important information first.

Color Blocking
The premium template uses color blocking in the template to add interest to the design.

2. Use a Highlight Color

For many resumes, using a single color font will work fine and give that classic look. To add a modern touch, include a brighter color on some of your text to really make it pop out of the page. You can also use this brighter color on icons on your easy resume.

Highlight Color Resume
This premium easy resume template features a yellow highlight color.

3. Use More Than One Column

To create a modern look, try adding columns to your design. One contemporary way to set up these columns is to have one column be smaller in width. Use it to contain resume sections that don't need as much text such as your professional skills, languages, and hobbies.

Multiple Columns
This premium template uses columns to break up the page layout into a more visually appealing one.

4. Include Timelines

Timelines add more visual interest to your easy resumes. They help create a better flow and understanding of your work experience and education. Instead of just including dates for your work experience and education, try adding in timeline graphics.

Timeline Graphics
Premium template, Resume by Last40, features timeline graphic for the work experience section.

5. Use Icons

Icons are another great way to take your design to another level. But be careful here. Use icons sparingly in your easy resume. Including too many icons can make your resume look unprofessional. 

Premium template, Clean CV Resume, features the use of icons to spice up the design.

Looking for even more annual report designs that weren't covered in this article? In the next section we'll go over even more best-selling template designs that can help you create stunning looking annual reports.

Discover More Great Resume Template Designs

If you didn’t see a quick and easy resume template that fits your particular needs,  there's no need to worry. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have hundreds of other templates that you can choose from. Explore all the more business professional resume templates in these articles:

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Need help learning how to get the most out of your resume templates. Check our educational material on how to make great resumes in 2021. But first, take a look at this Ultimate Resume Tutorial Guide.

Grab a Quick Resume Template Today!

Using templates for your resume is a huge time saver. You'll be able to get together a professional looking resume quickly and easily. Not only will you get great designs with premium templates, but often you'll get support from the template creators as well if there are any questions or issues.

Download from our massive library of resume templates on Envato Elements for one low cost monthly payment. Also, check out easy resume templates and many other types of presentation templates on GraphicRiver for one-time purchases. Get your template and create a resume that lands you the job today!

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