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Business Learning Guides

Access the latest business skills and training all in one place. Try one of these comprehensive learning guides to master everything from delivering better presentations to nailing social media for your small business.

Whether you want to start a business or boost your career, you'll find all the business advice and tips you need here. You can even get in-depth software training on apps like Keynote and Google Sheets. Or conquer your fear of public speaking—it really is all here.

  1. Working With CSV Data Files

    3 Posts
    Being able to manage data and move it between apps is a marketable skill. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can save a lot of time, which allows you to make more impact in your workday. In this quick series, you'll learn how to work with CSV files. They are not intimidating and quite easy to use, once you get familiar with them. After learning the basics, then dive into how to use data files in connection with keyword research and managing social media accounts—just two of the high value tasks you can use CSV files for.
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  2. Build a Profitable Authority Blog

    10 Posts
    In this comprehensive ten part series, discover how to launch a blog with impact, staying power, and authority. You'll learn each major component needed to launch your authority blog: discover the best tools, how to create epic content, pull-in an engaged audience, and earn a respectable income.
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  3. Fundamentals of eCommerce

    8 Posts
    Setting up shop online only takes a few minutes, several clicks of the mouse, and a small monthly investment—less than the price of most broadband packages. Do you have an eCommerce idea you're toying with? If so, now is a great time for you to start your eCommerce based business. In this series dig into eCommerce store options, payment gateways, fulfillment packages, the details of how to write effective product descriptions, split testing, and more.
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  4. Creating Landing Pages That Convert

    3 Posts
    Are you about to launch a product on the web? If so, you want the sales to jump. To do that well, you need to learn the core concepts of creating landing pages that convert. In this rapid-fire, three-part series, you'll discover the core knowledge you need to create compelling landing pages. Jump into the fundamentals of how to design effective landing pages, write sales copy like a professional copywriter, and learn how to optimize your landing page to maximize conversions. Master this material and you'll improve your bottom-line.
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  5. Launch and Grow Your Freelance Blog

    9 Posts
    There is a proven method online to raise your freelance profile and that's blogging. Done the right way, you'll bring in more clients than you need. If you're fresh to blogging, or have a blog that isn't getting the attention it deserves, then nows the time to sink your marketing time into this tactic. Find out how to write effective blog posts, design your freelancer blog for conversion, hook client's on your content, and score guest posts on top blogs. You'll discover promotion strategies and methods for earning from your freelance blog as well.
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  6. Running a Networking Event

    3 Posts
    Planning your own networking event can be a great way to make sure that you have the opportunity to meet exactly the sort of people who you want to connect with, as well as to establish your presence in a particular industry. But you have to create a winning event before you can take advantage of those increased connections. In this quick-fire series, learn how to focus your event, make it engaging, draw a crowd, and set it up for recurring success.
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