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Business Learning Guides

Access the latest business skills and training all in one place. Try one of these comprehensive learning guides to master everything from delivering better presentations to nailing social media for your small business.

Whether you want to start a business or boost your career, you'll find all the business advice and tips you need here. You can even get in-depth software training on apps like Keynote and Google Sheets. Or conquer your fear of public speaking—it really is all here.

  1. Series profiting with business ebooks preview

    Profiting with Business eBooks

    9 Posts
    Ebooks are a fantastic way for freelancers and business owners to demonstrate their expertise. They are excellent lead generators and with a bit of promotion you can generate a good profit. If you're planning to write an ebook, then this series—written by ebook author David Masters—is for you.
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  2. Icon series financial statements

    Fundamentals of Financial Statements

    3 Posts
    Financial statements contain a lot of very useful information about a company, but the format can be confusing and daunting. This series is focused on expanding your business knowledge by giving you the grounding you need to work with financial statements.
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  3. Series previews strategic planning

    Strategic Planning for Your Microbusiness

    10 Posts
    In this series on business planning, our aim is to help you strategically inject energy into your microbusiness. Discover your values, find the story inside your business, unlock your passion, set your vision, and fall in love with your microbusiness. Uncover the core elements that are vital to growth and development.
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  4. Series preview product roadmap

    Productize Your Freelance Services

    4 Posts
    Creating service-based products may make it easier for your freelance business to grow because your revenue will be less tied to the number of hours you can actually work. Take a look at the services you’re offering, and consider whether you could adopt them into products.  This series walks you through how to turn your freelance services into profitable products. Learn how to create product ideas, test your ideas in the marketplace, put together a roadmap to develop your products, track service requests to fulfill orders, and evolve your prodcuts as you progress.  
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  5. Bootstrapping series preview

    Bootstrapping Your Online Business

    3 Posts
    More than ever before, today's entrepreneurs embrace a philosophy that rejects reliance on outside funding and instead focuses on individual initiative and the freedom to succeed. In this three-part series, we look at the concept of bootstrapping in the context of online business and learn why it is so effective.
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