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How to Make Great Pitch Decks (Startup Presentation Guide)

Pitch decks are used to present your fresh business idea to potential investors in person. It's you in front of a roomful of successful business people.

It's not easy. The startup environment is more crowded and competitive than ever. It's on your shoulders to make your new company stand out. 

Pitch deck presentation graphic

Your pitch deck might well be the most important presentation you ever deliver. You need to plan a story that's clear and compelling, design a great pitch deck, and present with impact in a high stress situation.

Before you jump in to the tutorials below, browse through our best PowerPoint pitch deck templates on Envato Elements, or great ppt startup deck designs on GraphicRiver for helpful design resources.

How to Make Great (Startup) Pitch Deck Presentations

In this guide, you'll learn how make a great pitch deck. In these tutorials, learn what slides to include in your deck, how to quickly design great pitch deck, and a ton of tips on how to win over investors with your presentation. 

Pull up a chair. It's time to dig into this helpful material: 

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