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25 Best Keynote Pitch Deck Templates (Business Plan Presentation Designs)

This post is part of a series called How to Make Great Pitch Decks (Startup Presentation Guide).
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When you’re pitching your great business idea, you’ll often be faced with tough competition. You've got to tell the growth story of your company so that you add investors and employees to your company. 

That’s why it’s critical to stand out with an amazing pitch deck presentation.

Starlax Keynote Presentation
Use the best Keynote pitch decks to tell a growth story about your new company.

Pitch decks introduce your business plan to potential investors. Keynote pitch deck templates are the best way for you to succeed. 

By using a pitch deck template like the one above, you can instantly style your ideas with professional designs. They take the hard work out of the creative process. You can find some of the best pitch deck templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Design a Great Pitch Deck (With Apple Keynote Templates From Envato Elements)

Apple's Keynote software is one of the best ways to build out a presentation deck in 2019. It strikes the balance between simplicity and housing the tools that every presenter needs. Keynote is even easier when you start with a pre-built template that includes critical content blocks for the best pitch decks. 

You may think that getting a Keynote pitch deck template free is a good deal. But Keynote pitch decks that are free often lack the professional design quality of premium Keynote templates fro business. That's why I always recommend using Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download service for creatives.

Elements Keynote pitch deck
Envato Elements has all of the Keynote pitch decks you need to launch your company with a bang.

Elements has a deep library of Keynote pitch deck templates. Here are five of my favorite selections that I turn to when launching new company concepts:

1. Epitone - Pitch Deck Keynote Presentation

Epitone Pitch Deck Keynote

Epitone is a colorful business pitch template packed with custom details. Bright, airy styling emphasizes the freshness of your next big idea. Sample any of the built-in slide designs to tell a compelling story about your startup's growth trajectory.

2. Pitch Werk - Elegant Keynote Pitch Deck

Pitch Werk Elegant Keynote

Need a detail-oriented pitch deck? This one is unmatched, fully loaded with sleek slides suited to any business pitch template. You’ll find over 100 unique slides, custom colors, and more. Hands down, Pitch Werk is one of the most popular Keynote pitch decks in the Elements library.

3. Business Pitch Template Deck Keynote

Business Pitch Deck Keynote

Dark, earthy tones lend this Keynote business presentation an air of elegance. It uses bold image placeholders to bring ideas to life.

  • over 100 unique slide designs
  • thousands of custom icons
  • infographics to present data easily

4. Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Pitch Deck Keynote Template

If you’re creating a comprehensive slide deck, turn to this robust business plan Keynote template. You’ll find pre-built slides for project concepts, innovations, systems, and more. Any part of your business plan will be right at home, supported by helpful slide designs.

5. Pitch Deck Keynote Templates

Pitch Deck Keynote Templates

Over 150 unique slide options make this Keynote business pitch template perfect for creatives. The tough design process is left to the pros, but users still have full creative flexibility to make each slide their own.

  • 10 light and dark options to alter the mood of each slide
  • 16:9 aspect ratio to fit modern screens
  • icons and maps to share your global footprint

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome Keynote pitch deck template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, Keynote pitch deck templates, and more—all for one low price

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets. 

That’s right! Download as many Keynote pitch deck templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy unique infographic templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

20 Best Keynote Pitch Deck Templates for 2019 on Envato Market (Buy Them One At a Time) 

Don't need unlimited access? No worries, we've got you covered. With Envato Market, you can pay-as-you-go as you choose Keynote pitch deck template options.

Keynote Pitch Deck Templates on Graphicriver
You can pay-as-you-go to get the latest Keynote pitch deck templates thanks to Envato Market.

The library on Envato Market is so deep that it helps to have some curation. Here are some of my favorite Keynote pitch deck templates that you can choose from:

1. Perfect Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Perfect Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Consider this pitch deck template if you want your presentation to stand out. It uses modern duo-tone image overlays and 10 modern color schemes. You'll also find graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, which can be easily edited and image placeholders that make adding custom images a breeze.

2. Marketing Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Marketing Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Wrapping up our collection of inspiring GraphicRiver Keynote pitch deck templates is this comprehensive template. This template makes excellent use of white space, so your content stands out. You'll also find 222 unique slides and custom vector icons in this Keynote template pitch deck.

3. Guiner Pitch Deck Keynote

Guiner Pitch Deck Keynote

Guiner is a versatile, easy-to-use Keynote business pitch template. It’s useful as a pitch deck, or to simply introduce your firm to any audience.

  • 84 unique slide designs
  • timelines, charts, and animations bring modern style
  • custom icons to invent your own text designs

4. Statum Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Statum Pitch Deck

With bright colors and new layout options, this business pitch template is perfect for the modern startup. Your ideas will benefit from countless inspired design offerings. Show off your locations, mobile apps, performance graphs, and more.

5. Proven Strategies Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Proven strategies Pitch Deck Keynote

Present with confidence thanks to Proven Strategies, a top choice among Keynote business plan templates. It’s built with the discerning investor in mind. You’ll be able to present advanced data and complex concepts simply, thanks to carefully crafted slide designs.

6. Investor Pitch Deck Template

Investor Pitch Deck

When selecting a Keynote business deck from GraphicRiver, it really pays to find an extra value offering. This option is the perfect starting point. In a single download, you’ll receive 67,000 total slides, 28 unique color themes, and virtually limitless creative power.

7. Technical Analysis Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Technical Analysis Pitch Deck

When rolling out your business plan to potential investors, always remember: details count. This data-driven Keynote pitch deck template has everything you’ll need to concisely present every last fact. With over 300 slides, it’s easy to find one just right for each point.

8. Extended Core Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Extended Core Pitch Deck

This clean Keynote pitch presentation leaves plenty of room for you to introduce new content. It’s ideal if you want your ideas to speak for themselves.

  • 310+ slide layouts
  • free fonts for easy text customization
  • simple image placeholders throughout

9. Social Toolkit Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Social Toolkit Pitch Deck Keynote Template

If your business plan revolves around social networks, this template is meant for you to introduce yourself to the world. It emphasizes interconnected relationships and the power of people. All this is combined with 75 color palettes and hundreds of custom layouts to fit any situation.

10. Success Indicators Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Success Indicators

Knowledge truly is power, and it can also inspire future investors. Drive home your story of success with this appealing analytical pitch deck for Keynote. Let your record inspire confidence in your future, simply by filling past results into each slide.

11. Creative Process Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Creative Process Pitch Deck

This systematic Keynote pitch deck template turns plans and visions into simple realities. Use it as a roadmap to plot your path of success to potential investors in your next pitch deck.

  • infographics and human avatars for a personal touch
  • process flows drive systems thinking
  • hundreds of fully editable layouts for easy alterations

12. Pitch Deck Keynote

Pitch Deck Keynote

Pitch deck templates like this one can easily support any business plan. This powerful pack contains several hundred unique slides and over a thousand icons. Creative choices are left up to you—after all, who could know your business needs better?

13. Project Planner Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Project Planner

Some business plan pitches are tied to specific projects. Discerning investors will want to see timelines, goals, objectives, and milestones. That’s where project planner Keynote pitch decks like this one come in. Precisely map out your plans and inspire confidence—and investor dollars.

14. Queen Pitch Deck Keynote

Queen Pitch

For flashy and vibrant colors, the Queen business plan Keynote template has you covered. It’s a prime option for creative startups and any fun new idea.

  • over 100 slide themes
  • charts powered by Microsoft Excel
  • master slide layouts for easy bulk edits

15. Brand Benefits Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Brand Benefits

Bold styling is merged with minimalistic design in this branding plan Keynote theme. The key throughout is to emphasize your pitch to customers and investors. And with over 300 slides to choose from, you’ll find all you need to get started right away.

16. Increase System Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Increase System

Another winning pitch deck Keynote, this template boosts investor confidence with a full roundup of your marketing proposition. It's got all the placeholders you’ll need and allows for total customization at every turn.

  • market offering slides to position your firm
  • introductory slides to meet your team
  • infographics to showcase data smoothly

17. Imagine Solutions Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Imagine Solutions Pitch Deck

Wrapping up our collection of inspiring GraphicRiver Keynote pitch deck templates is this all-purpose solution. It uses soft colors and white space to make your content pop off each slide. Whether you’re building an advanced business plan, or a simple intro pitch, this one can work for you with just a few clicks.

18. 3 in 1 Easy Startup Bundle Pitch Deck Keynote Template

3 in 1 Easy Startup Bundle Pitch Deck Keynote Template

The 3 in 1 Easy Startup Bundle template comes with three templates bundled together. Each of the templates can be used to create a modern and attractive pitch deck. You’ll get over 900 slides with plenty of infographic elements, custom icons, and image placeholders for easy editing.

19. Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Pitch Deck Keynote Template

The Pitch Deck Keynote template has a colorful design and includes 400 unique slides. The template comes in widescreen resolution. You'll also get a number of built-in color schemes to make customizing the deck easier. 

20. Pitch Deck Advanced Keynote Template

Pitch Deck Advanced Keynote Template

The Pitch Deck Advanced comes with more than 500 unique slides and premade color schemes that make customizing this template a breeze. You'll also find beautiful and elegant typography that makes the content of your presentation easier to read. 

5 Quick Tips for Better Keynote Pitch Deck

Once you’ve selected your favorite Keynote pitch deck template, it’s time to customize it for your business. There are a few tips that are really helpful to keep in mind as you build your slides. They’ll help you inspire audiences and stay on track.

1. Introduce the Objective Early

Introduce Objective Early Keynote
Hit your objective early with a slide like this from Pitch Werk to put your best foot forward. 

You might have hundreds of precise data points to share. But if your audience doesn’t know your objective—the driving force behind your business—why would they be inspired to join the journey? Make your objectives clear: early and often.

2. Customize Fonts

Each and every Keynote template will use a variety of fonts. But remember, these are easy to change in Keynote. By altering the design of your text, you can draw attention to words very easily. And don’t forget, Envato Elements offers amazing fonts that you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Illustrate Data

Illustrate Data Keynote Pitch Deck
Illustrate data with Keynote business templates like this to really drive the goal to your market.

Nothing is duller than describing numbers with text. Even simple data benefits from illustration. That’s where infographics come in. Infographics are visual representations of data and ideas. By using them, you can paint pictures with information to inspire and inform audiences.

4. Make Use of the Different Layouts

No matter which pitch deck template for Keynote you decide to use, chances are they'll have different layouts for different slide types. Use this to your advantage to add extra visual appeal to your pitch deck and keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation.

5. Embrace White Space

Make white space your friend. By leaving enough white space around your images, text, and other elements, your presentation will look better and your audience will have an easier time focusing on the message you’re trying to convey. 

Nook Minimal Pitch Keynote Template
Nook Minimal Pitch Keynote Template

How to Make a Great Pitch Deck in Keynote Quickly

Once you've got your Keynote pitch deck, it’s time to customize it with your own content and brand it according to your brand guidelines. To customize your Keynote template, simply follow the steps below. 

For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm using the Pitch Werk Keynote template

Pitch Werk Keynote template

It’s a modern and elegant template with 100+ unique slides that are perfect for any type of presentation.

1. Choose Your Slides

The first tip is to choose the slides you’re going to use. As mentioned earlier, the Pitch Werk template comes with more than 100 slides for you to use. Many of the pitch deck Keynote templates available on Envato Elements offer this wide a variety of choices. 

Chances are you probably won’t use all of those slides so choosing the ones you want to use and deleting the rest will make the rest of the editing process easier. To delete the slides you don’t need, simply right-click on the slide and select Delete.

Choose Your Slides in the Pitch Werk template

2. Enter Your Content

Now that you've got all the slides you plan on using, it’s time to enter your content. All you've got to do is double-click on any text area, select all of the existing demo text by pressing CMD+A, and start typing.

Replacing content in the Pitch Werk template

3. Customize Fonts 

Editing the fonts in Keynote is really easy and you won’t have to do it for each slide and text area individually. Start by clicking any text area on any slide. A window will open in Inspector window where you can change the font and the size of the text. Make any changes that you want and then click the Update button next to the paragraph style you’re updating. This will update the font for that particular paragraph style throughout your entire presentation.

Customizing fonts in the Pitch Werk template

For example, as you can see in the screenshot below, I’ve updated the Title Small 2 on Slide 12 from Montserrat to Lora and clicking the Update button will change it throughout the entire presentation. 

4. Change the Colors

When you’re done customizing fonts, it’s time to spice up your presentation and make it branded by customizing the colors. To change the colors, simply click on a colored element and then choose a different color from the Style tab in the Inspector panel on the right.

Changing the colors of Pitch Werk template

You can choose from built-in colors in Keynote as well as enter your own HEX code using the color picker as I've done on slide 4.

5. Add Your Images

The last step is to add images. The Pitch Werk template makes this easy as it comes with image placeholders. All you've got to do is drag an image from your computer and drop it onto one of the placeholders as I've done on Slide 6.

Adding images to the Pitch Werk template

Learn More About Building Winning Pitch Decks

If you’re looking for more tips on building winning pitch decks, turn to these amazing tutorials. Each one is filled with insights to help you build the best pitch possible:

Download a Free Presentation eBook 

Now that you know where to find business pitch deck template downloads, you're on your way to creating an eye-catching Keynote business presentation that'll wow your investors. Plus, don't forget that you can use the right Keynote business templates to help bolster your organization's brand.

Start with one of the professional Keynote business templates available for purchase on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver to get the best presentation results.

Another way to improve your presentation is to learn more about how to make a good presentation. To do that, you can grab our free eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It's available to download for Free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.

Complete Guide to Presentations

The eBook will help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your Keynote business presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

Build Your Keynote Pitch Deck Today!

If you want your startup to succeed, you must have a successful pitch. A big part of the challenge is solved by using amazing Keynote pitch deck templates from Envato.

You’ll find hundreds of professionally crafted Keynote pitch decks on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Now, it’s your turn to get started. Find a template that fits your pitch deck needs and start building your presentation deck today!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new professional Pitch Deck templates for Keynote with the best, high-quality designs.

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