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30 Animated Keynote Templates to Make Cool Captivating Presentations in 2020


The success of your presentation is tied to your presentation or slide deck. 

Increase the effectiveness of your presentation by adding the best cool Keynote animations to your presentation. Animations help your visitors remember the information you shared. They also help them engage more with the content.

Animated Keynote Templates from Elements
Shift Up Amazing Keynote Template from Envato Elements.

To make sure your presentation is well-received, you need the right Keynote template. More importantly, you need an animated Keynote template that's got professional animations, slide transitions, and other effects. These will make your presentation more compelling. 

Find amazing Keynote animation templates and Keynote motion graphics for your presentations on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver

Find Awesome Animated Keynote Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

When you need to create amazing Keynote presentations, the first place you should look is Envato Elements. While it may be tempting to start searching for animated Keynote templates for free, they won't give you the best results.

Envato Elements has thousands of amazing Keynote animations. Download as many templates as you want for a low monthly price.  Use them in as many presentations as you want. They're a huge step-up over free animated Keynote templates.

Animated Keynote Templates on Envato Elements
You'll find hundreds of Keynote animated presentation templates on Envato Elements.

With Envato Elements you can also download thousands of other design assets. Choose from fonts, icons, and other graphic elements. Then, use in your presentations to help you present your information.

5 Amazing Keynote Templates From Envato Elements (With Cool Designs for 2020)

Free animated Keynote templates can't compare to Elements' options. Take a look at some of the awesome Keynote templates that you can find on Envato Elements:

1. Business Animate - Awesome Keynote Template

Business Animate - Awesome Keynote Template

The Business Animate Keynote template is perfect for business-oriented presentations and even webinars. The template comes with more than 1000 custom icons paired with amazing animation in Keynote effects and transitions. These will help you introduce different sections of your presentation. 

You'll also find premade slide designs that are easy to edit. Plus, there's a link to the fonts that used in the presentation.

2. Color X-2 - Amazing Keynote Presentation

Color X-2 - Amazing Keynote Presentation

The Color X-2 is a colorful and versatile animated Keynote template. Use it for all kinds of presentations. The template comes with 100 unique slides and is fully animated. It’s also easy to edit as all shapes, colors, and fonts are completely customizable. And the template comes with icons, charts, and other presentation elements.

3. Fast Running -  Sports-Themed Animated Keynote Template

Fast Running -  Sports-Themed Animated Keynote Template

If need a sports-themed presentation, the Fast Running template is a great choice. The template is fully animated and includes more than 170 unique slide designs. 

It also includes image placeholders. Easily add your own photos. You'll find charts, graphs, icons, and other necessary presentation elements.

4. Business Character - Corporate Awesome Keynote Template

Business Character - Corporate Awesome Keynote Template

Try the Business Character Keynote animation template if you’re looking for a business or corporate style template. This awesome, animated Keynote presentation includes four premade color schemes and elegant transitions and animations that bring your presentation to life. You'll also get more than 600 individual slides, custom icons, and seven blur backgrounds.

5. Keynote Presentation - Animated Keynote Template

Keynote Presentation - Animated Keynote Template

The Keynote Presentation template is fully animated and designed in a timeless black and white design. This makes it perfect for any type of presentation. 

It works well to create awesome Keynote presentations for the fashion and beauty industry. But it's versatile enough to be used in corporate presentations as well. On top of awesome animations, this template also includes a grand total of 1000 custom icons and many slides that are easy to edit.

Discover More Top Animated Keynote Templates From Envato Elements (In This Video)

See some of these cool animated Keynote templates in action. We also include more top examples for inspiration. 

Check out some of our best Keynote template designs with animations from Envato Elements in this quick video:

Get Unlimited Access to Digital Assets on Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

If you design often do yourself a favor and subscribe to Envato Elements. It's a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. For a single low monthly fee, you get unlimited access to over 1.3 million (and growing) digital design assets.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements' powerful subscription includes unlimited access and use of graphics, vectors, photos, videos. You'll also get access to all sorts of presentation templates from PowerPoint to Apple Keynote templates featuring amazing animations.

Envato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited Keynote animations downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, you might be looking for a single best Keynote presentation template for your next pitch. We've got your back, actually GraphicRiver has your back. 

Buy Apple Keynote templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to thousands of designs). Check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

Find More Awesome Animated Keynote Templates on GraphicRiver (In 2020)

If you’re looking to make a one-time purchase of a Keynote animation template, stop by GraphicRiver. This marketplace has thousands of amazing animated Keynote templates. So, if you don’t want or don’t need access to other design assets with unlimited use, it’s definitely a good choice.

GraphicRiver animated keynote templates
GraphicRiver has tons of high-quality Keynote animation templates.

25 Best Animated Keynote Template Downloads on GraphicRiver (For 2020)

Below, you’ll find 25 amazing examples of animated Keynote presentation templates. Use one of these in your next presentation, pitch or webinar:

1. Multipurpose Infographics Keynote Templates

Multipurpose Infographics Keynote Templates

If you're looking for the most complete and cool Keynote animations bundle, you've found it. 

This template with animations for Keynote includes 1300 infographics ready to customize. Some of its best features are:

  • 1200 Keynote slides
  • 50 color variations 
  • fully animated slides
  • 130 maps with regions
  • fully animated isometric animations
  • free lifetime updates

User WEBHUBUK says:

Excellent pack. The quality is excellent and I look forward to implementing the graphics into my new project.

2. Jogja Minimal Animated Keynote Template

Jogja Minimal Animated Keynote Template

This template with animations for Keynote stands out with its minimal design. The slides feature modern image masking, plenty of white space and nice Keynote effects.

More amazing features include:

  • 750 unique slides
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • all elements are editable 
  • one click color change
  • fully animated slides

3. Animated Slides Bundle for Keynote Presentation

Animated Slides Bundle for Keynote Presentation

Check this complete Keynote animation bundle. This Keynote motion graphics presentation includes six templates in one. Use it for business, marketing, education, social media or any other purpose.

The Keynote effects template features:

  • 400 unique, fully animated slides
  • light and dark versions
  • all objects are fully editable
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

4. Voodoo Keynote Template 

Voodoo Keynote Template

This template with animations for Keynote is a popular one. It's a super complete Keynote motion graphics bundle. It includes:

  • 300+ smooth animated slides
  • 100+ smooth animated infographic slides
  • 50+ vertical slides
  • 50+ device mockups
  • dark and light versions included
  • unlimited colors creator
  • 16×9 HD ratio display
  • all graphic resizable and editable

5. Huge Infographics Bundle For Keynote

Huge Infographics Bundle For Keynote

Check this template with cool Keynote animations. The Huge Infographic Bundle for Keynote is a five-star rated template.

If you constantly make Keynote presentations with data, this is for you. This Keynote motion graphics includes:

  • 2700 animated infographic slides
  • 20+ device mockups 
  • fully editable charts via Excel
  • Photoshop and Illustrator files with infographics
  • free lifetime updates

User  frammento says: 

This one is a really great bundle! There are so many things and the quality of each illustration is amazing. This bundle saves plenty of my time! And thanks for the free updates!

6. Archie - Animated Presentation Keynote Template

Cool Keynote Animations in a template

Archie combines powerful animations for Keynote with hundreds of sleek, versatile slides. There are maps, portfolios, and device mockups, to name a few. Each one is pre-animated, helping you build stunning slides quickly. 

7. Synchrone Multipurpose Keynote Template

Synchrone Multipurpose Keynote Template

Synchrone is a multipurpose business Keynote presentation template. It features minimalist, yet elegant, and professional slides. The template includes 61 main slides and many various editable infographics, color schemes and more. 

8. Epic Keynote Presentation Template

Epic Keynote Presentation Template

Epic Keynote presentation template offers: 

  • 74 unique creative slides
  • light and dark versions
  • drag & drop image placeholders
  • 4000+ vector icons
  • Excel charts
  • editable text
  • vector maps
  • shapes
  • images
  • music
  • and other elements

With a list like that you won't want to miss this template.

9. GEO - Creative Geometry Keynote Template

GEO - Creative Geometry Keynote Template

GEO creative geometry Keynote template is a multipurpose geometric template. Use it for any type of presentation:

  • business
  • portfolio
  • corporate 
  • branding
  • advertising
  • minimal
  • design

10. Verzus - Awesome Keynote Template

Verzus - Awesome Keynote Template

The Verzus template is an awesome animated Keynote template. It boasts an impressive number of 300+ individual slides. It also comes with more than 3000 custom icons. 

The template also includes elements such as charts, graphs, maps, and various infographics elements. These are helpful for presenting data in an organized and streamlined fashion.

11. Motagua - Animated Keynote Template

Motagua - Animated Keynote Template

Try the Motagua Keynote template if you’re looking for an elegant and fresh design. This template includes 25000+ total slides, which are organized into categories. So, you can easily find the ones you need. 

The Motagua is a versatile Keynote template that can be used for all kinds of amazing Keynote presentations. The template has a light and a dark version and includes 16 premade color schemes. You'll also get tons of charts, maps, infographics, icons, and other presentation elements.

12. Ever - Amazing Keynote Template

Ever - Amazing Keynote Template

The Ever template has everything you need for a stunning and engaging presentation. When you buy this template, you'll get a grand total of 16000 slides paired with awesome animation effects and unlimited color possibilities. The template was designed in a widescreen aspect ratio.

13. Triangle - Awesome Keynote Template

Triangle - Awesome Keynote Template

The Triangle is an awesome Keynote template that features a creative and unique design. The template includes 60 individual slides. Use it to present information about your company or project. It’s also easy to customize and the template was designed in widescreen format.

14. Business Keynote Template - Awesome Keynote Template

Business Keynote Template - Awesome Keynote Template

The Business Keynote template features a professional design. It's got more than 400 unique individual slides that are organized into different sections. So, you can easily find the ones you need. 

The template includes custom icons and elements such as charts, maps, graphs, tables, and more. It was designed in widescreen and standard 4:3 format.

15. Rework - Animated Keynote Template

Rework - Animated Keynote Template

If you’re a fan of dark color schemes, the Rework Keynote template is a great choice. This template includes tons of custom presentation elements as well as animation effects. You'll find media placeholders. So, you can easily insert your own images and over 50 unique slides.

16. Concept - Animated Keynote Template

Concept - Animated Keynote Template

The Concept is a stunning dark colored Keynote template. It’s perfect for business and corporate presentations. Each slide is subtly animated. Plus, you'll also get tons of presentation elements such as charts, graphs, icons, and more. The slideshow was designed in both widescreen and standard screen formats.

17. Eureka - Minimal Keynote Template

Eureka - Minimal Keynote Template

The Eureka template features a modern and minimal design with beautiful animation effects and slide transitions. The template includes several pre-made color schemes. Plus, you can easily customize fonts and colors. On top of that, Eureka comes with 200 unique slides, hundreds of custom icons, and was designed in 16:9 aspect ratio.

18. Leafe Ecogreen Keynote Template

Leafe Ecogreen Keynote Template

The perfect template for ecology and nature related presentations. The Eco Green Nature Keynote Template has a minimalist, yet elegant, and certainly professional design. The template includes 60 main slides and many various editable infographics, color schemes and more. 

19. Convidance Creative Keynote Template

Convidance Creative Keynote Template

Convidance Creative Keynote Template is a very interesting keynote template and very easy to use. It's suitable for all kinds of business purposes, business, construction or developer needs. Master slides and editable vector elements are features of this template. They'll make your presentation more professional and can amaze your potential business investors.

20. Technical Fully Animated Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Fully Animated Keynote templates

Hundreds of unique slides enable this template to show off countless Keynote animation examples. It’s structured as a pitch deck and has all the slides you’ll need to sell investors on your next big idea.

21. Bundle 2 in 1 Simple Business Keynote Template

Bundle 2 in 1 Simple Business Keynote Template

This Keynote effects template is one of our recently added items. The Simple Business template with animations for Keynote has a minimalist design.

Some other nice features are:

  • 500+ well designed slides
  • 10+ cool and clean themes
  • easy customizable content
  • vector 100% fully editable
  • 1000+ vector icons

22. Notify - Animated & Creative Presentation Template

Notify - Animated  Creative Presentation Template

The Notify Keynote effects template immediately stands out with its unique design. This animations for Keynote template comes in five colors and it's fully animated. 

This Keynote motion graphics features nice and smooth animations, vector icons, master slide based and an easy customization process.

23. Norum - Minimal Keynote Template

Norum - Minimal Keynote Template

If you're looking for the newest templates with animations for Keynote, Norum is a nice option.

This Keynote effects template comes with:

  • 7 clean and minimalist themes
  • 315+ unique slides
  • full animation effects
  • easily editable 
  • based on master slides
  • 1000+ vector icons

24.  2 in 1 Animated Mockups + Diagrams Keynote Presentation

 2 in 1 Animated Mockups  Diagrams Keynote Presentation

Mockups in presentations are a huge trend this year. This template with cool Keynote animations is the one for you.

See everything you'll get in your Keynote animations download:

  • 219 animated mockups + 112 animated diagrams
  • 331 unique slides
  • all slides based on placeholders
  • free lifetime updates 
  • light and dark versions included
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

25. Smash Animated Keynote Effects Template

Smash Animated Keynote Effects Template

We close the selection of templates with animations for Keynote with this one. Smash is a new and modern Keynote motion graphics template.

This Keynote animation example will keep your audience's attention thanks to its unique design. It comes with:

  • 9 modern color schemes
  • 100+ unique slides
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • dozens of infographics, tables and diagrams
  • vector maps

How to Quickly Make Animated Keynote Presentations (With Templates)

There are two ways to build animations for Keynote. The first option is to make them from scratch by using a default design. 

A much better way is to choose an animated Keynote template from Envato Elements.  With these templates, animations are built-in, helping you quickly build Keynote slide decks in seconds. Let’s learn how.

For our purposes, let’s use the Color-X 2 Keynote Template that we featured above. Once downloaded, it’s a breeze to create a new animated Keynote presentation in a few quick steps.

1. Add Custom Content

Animations for Keynote

Let’s start on slide 3 in the deck. It’s a series of three circular charts. This is really a great way to visualize data like progress reports, market share insights, and more. To make them work for you, all it takes is swapping out the text for words of your own.

Next, edit the charts themselves to fit with your own data. To do that, click on one, then choose Edit Chart Data. A Numbers window will appear, right inside Keynote. 

Keynote Update Animated Data
Update the data with your info to update the chart.

There, you can easily customize the charts to fit your needs. No matter the type of slide, you’ll find that it’s quick and easy to create slides in Keynote, thanks to templates like this from Elements.

2. Edit Slide Animations

Now that you’ve added content, it’s time to animate it. Thanks again to Elements, you don’t have to do this from scratch. In fact, every slide in this template comes pre-animated. But that doesn’t mean that you’re giving up creative control. 

Click on the Animate button in the upper right corner of your Keynote window. That'll launch the Animate sidebar. It’s truly the nerve center of animations in Keynote. From here change the various dimensions of each animation. For example, this slide features a Twirl effect. 

Keynote motion graphics pre-animated
Choose an animation option from the menu for an eye-catching preset.

Under Duration & Direction, you’re able to rapidly change the timing and movement of the animation. To be sure your changes work as planned, try out the Preview tab in the sidebar. It provides a live look at the animation you’re editing.

3. Change Animation Order

Keynote also offers the ability to change the flow of animations onto the slide. These tools live in the lower half of the Animate sidebar. 

Set animation for Keynote order
Choose an option from the Delivery dropdown to choose if animations appear together or in groups.

Options like Delivery address how animations appear. And for the ultimate control, click Build Order at the bottom. There, click and drag each animation on a slide and drop it into a new position. 

Re-sequence animations for Keynote
Drag-and-drop the items in this list to re-sequence your animations for Keynote.

It’s a smooth and efficient way to re-imagine slides by altering their animated content. As you can see, it’s fast, simple, and easy to build animated Keynote presentations with a template from Envato Elements!

5 Quick Tips for Making Pro Keynote Animations & Slide Transitions

You've seen a selection of cool Keynote animations templates. But don't worry, adding animations to your Keynote presentation isn't difficult. Here are a few Keynote animation and slide transition tips that'll help you make your presentations more engaging.

1. Familiarize Yourself With Animation Effects

All the Keynote templates on this list come with awesome animation effects. To customize them, first you need to familiarize yourself with different animation effects. Knowing this will allow you to tweak the duration and other settings.

2. Learn to Animate Individual Objects

Keynote makes it easy to animate slides and apply transitions. Plus, you can animate individual objects, like timelines, on each slide. Use the Build In section to access these. Animating individual objects can make your presentation more engaging. It can also prevent your audience from losing interest.

Anuaro - Keynote Template
Anuaro Keynote Template available on Envato Elements.

3. Move Objects Between Slides

For an extra awesome effect, consider moving objects between slides. For this, you'll need to use the Action tool and apply the Move effect on the object you want to move. The object will be duplicated, and you'll need to move to where you want it to end up.

When you’re done, you’ll see a line that links both objects and shows you the path on which the object will move. This effect works really well when you need to showcase a change in the process.

4. Customize Your Toolbar

Keynote templates can save you time when you need to put together a slide deck for your presentation. But if you want to save even more time, then take a few minutes to customize the Keynote toolbar. To do this, simply click on View from the menu bar and choose the Customize toolbar. Now all you've got to do is drag the features you find yourself using frequently and remove those that you don’t use at all.

G100 Keynote Presentation
G100 Keynote Presentation

5. Choose Your Keynote Animations Carefully

Lastly, make sure to choose your animations carefully. Too many animations at once will overwhelm your audience. And they'll make your presentation appear too busy instead of gently transitioning from one slide to the next. 

Avoid using all the possible cool Keynote animations on a single slide. Space them out throughout the presentation. Use transitions between individual slides that introduce different topics or points. Save object animations for a few key slides within each section.

There are many options in Keynote animation templates, but you don't have to use them all at once.

5 Cool Keynote Animation Trends for 2020

You’ve just seen a wide variety of amazing animated Keynote templates. They’re the place to start creating your own cool Keynote animations. 

But to really wow your audience, you've got to embrace the latest styles. Let’s check out five of the top trends for Keynote animation in 2020 now:

1. Animated Infographics

Gone are the days when columns of text would suffice. Infographics are in, but even these visuals can be a bit dull if they simply sit on your slides. 

Instead, turn to animated infographics. They smoothly introduce content piece by piece, helping you keep audiences focused exactly where you want when you want.

animations for Keynote
This Keynote infographics template comes with slides fully animated.

2. Seamless Animation With Magic Move

Magic Move is a stunningly simple, yet beautiful feature unique to Keynote. A combination of animation and transition, Magic Move flawlessly carries objects between slides. The effect is totally cinematic, but you don’t need special skills to use Magic Move to thrill your viewers.

Ready to get started? Learn to use Magic Move in just a few quick steps with our handy overview:

3. Introducing Global Style With Animated Maps

In many ways, geography defines our lives. Now, give it the treatment it deserves by giving maps their own cool Keynote animations.

Zoom into a region or focus on a certain state. Consider using this trending technique to introduce your global team, or even relive your favorite travel memories.

Keynote animation
This animated Keynote from Envato Elements brings geography to life.

4. Bringing Slides to Life With Animated GIFs

GIFs: we often see them on social media. But they can also be right at home on your animated Keynote slides. 

Use GIFs to help prove a point, or to add a dash of humor. They’re incredibly easy to add. Arrange them just like any other image in Keynote. Learn how to add and edit GIFs in Keynote in just 60 seconds, thanks to this full tutorial:

5. Teaching Effectively With Animated Keynote Webinars

As more and more of us adapt to working and learning remotely, webinars can be a critical part of the process. To boost (and maintain) engagement, the use of basic animations is essential. These slick Keynote animations help smoothly segue from concept to concept, keeping you and your audience right on track. 

Cool Keynote animations
Built for teaching, this Keynote template is packed with captivating animated slides.

More Keynote Template Resources for 2020

You've already seen template with cool Keynote animations that you can use to create great presentations. Those templates have Keynote motion graphics that are more advanced and polished than simple ones you might create on your own.

There are more Keynote templates than you might think. There's truly a template for every type of presentation. Best of all, many include more cool Keynote animations.

Check out even more excellent Keynote presentation templates with the help of our articles:

Common Keynote Presentation Questions Answered (FAQ)

What goes great with animations for Keynote? Getting your questions answered! Many beginners face similar challenges when they start working with the app, and we're here to help.

Here are five popular questions and answers to pair with your Keynote motion graphics:

1. What's the Best Way to Present Keynote?

There's a great unique feature that you can use to present your Keynote. It takes place online and doesn't need everyone to gather in the same room!

Learn to use that feature, Keynote Live, with our guide. It even works with cool Keynote animations!

2. Does Keynote Support Multimedia?

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed video clip or music to set the tone for a presentation. Luckily, Keynote gives you ample features to work with both.

Here's my favorite part: you can even trim and change those files inside Keynote. That saves you from using an entirely separate app. Explore those features with the link below:

3. Why Should I Use Keynote?

In a word: simplicity. Leonardo da Vinci called it the ultimate sophistication, and it's clearly present in Keynote.

PowerPoint is a great app with plenty of features. But there's something that's just easier about using Keynote. See the advantage of Keynote in action with Alex Spencer's article:

4. Can You Use PowerPoint Presentations in Keynote?

When you're learning a new app, you need help easing the learning curve. There's great news for Keynote users: you can open your PowerPoint presentations with no extra work needed.

Learn to convert a PowerPoint presentation so that you never have to start from scratch. We've got you covered with our tutorial:

5. What Settings Are Important When Creating A Keynote?

When you're working with Keynote motion graphics, there's a setting you shouldn't avoid: the slide dimensions. If you set your Keynote up incorrectly, you run the risk of cutting off content or leaving space unused.

Set the perfect dimensions with the help of our tutorial:

Find the Best Animated Keynote Template Designs in 2020 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are the two best resources for creative content today. These include animated Keynote templates like those we just featured. 

You can easily see the quality of the designs—after all, they’re built by professionals. Are you wondering which site to choose? Let’s explore the key features of each. 

1. Top Advantages of Envato Elements

Elements is the ideal choice if you want to download many templates. For a low monthly rate, you unlock unlimited downloads. That means you can try as many designs as you want before finding one that’s perfect for you. 

Elements also includes a wide variety of other content, including stock photos, graphics, audio, and more. Use those to build presentations by enriching them with content! There are countless amazing animated Keynote templates available on Envato Elements.

Animations for Keynote in Templates
The best Keynote animation examples in unlimited templates from Envato Elements.

2. Top Advantages of GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is perfect if you need a single Keynote effects template for your next project. You pay by download—no monthly fee required. And you receive the same top-notch professional designs that truly make your slides shine. 

If you need an animated Keynote template now, check out some of the offerings available over on GraphicRiver:

GraphicRiver Animated Keynote Templates
GraphicRiver features amazing Keynote motion graphics in pre-built templates.

3. Which Site Is Right for You?

Suppose you’re a creative designer or have to make presentations often. The unlimited-download model from Envato Elements is right for you. With your membership, you’ll have the freedom to try and use as many templates (and other digital assets) as you want. Join Envato Elements today!

Keynote Animations with Unlimited Downloads
Source the best Keynote animations with unlimited downloads from Envato Elements.

But if you just need a template for a project, GraphicRiver is hard to beat. You only pay for what you use, with no membership required. Check out the incredible selection of animated Keynote templates today.

Learn More Animations in Keynote

If you're getting started and feel uncomfortable with Apple Keynote software, we've got a quick video tutorials series explaining how to use Keynote in 60 seconds.

If you're looking to dive deeper, learn more, and master animations in Keynote, check out the ultimate Apple Keynote tutorial guide. Below are some example tutorials to give you a starting point:

Create Amazing Keynote Presentations With An Animated Keynote Template

An animated Keynote presentation is sure to engage your audience and make your presentation more interesting. Find the perfect animated Keynote template on Envato Elements. Or, stop by GraphicRiver and peruse our collection of amazing Keynote presentation designs.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, amazing animation templates for Keynote with the best, high-quality designs.

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