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20 Best Free Music Theme PowerPoint Templates + PPT Backgrounds 2020


Are you a business developer of a music business or a music event organizer eager to create a great music presentation in 2020? Maybe you're a music teacher hoping to find a creative way to teach your students? 

If you're in the music industry, need to create a music presentation, and are wondering if a pre-built music PowerPoint template is the way to go, this article is for you! 

Treble - Music PowerPoint Template
Treble - Music PowerPoint Template, a premium template from Envato Elements

Sure, you could create your own music PowerPoint template design. But if you're strapped for time or lack the skills, a pre-built music PowerPoint template is your best friend! 

Create your next music presentation with a professionally designed PowerPoint template. It'll look professional, stand out from the crowd, and save you loads of time.

This article lists the best free to download music PowerPoint presentation templates found online. We've also got premium music PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and music background PowerPoint template designs from GraphicRiver. 

Dive in and find the music background PowerPoint templates that suit your requirements best! 

Discover the Best Premium Music PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (2020)

If you want to work with the best premium music PPT template designs, Envato Element is the best place to start. Take your music presentation to the next level with Envato Element's excellent music PowerPoint presentation template options.

You can find loads of awesome music PPT templates on Envato Elements
You can find loads of awesome music PPT templates on Envato Elements

When you sign up and become an Envato Elements member, you'll pay a low monthly fee. It gives you access to thousands of premium, professional creative digital resources that include: 

  • professional WordPress and PowerPoint templates
  • high-quality stock photos and royalty-free music
  • creative graphic templates, fonts, and more 

Are you still wondering what Envato Elements is all about? Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download powerhouse of creative assets.

Professional music PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Professional music PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

Envato Elements is the best go-to for any professionally pre-built music PowerPoint templates as well as other creative digital assets. You can always use a free PPT music themed template. But, it may not be as impressive, creative, or unique as premium pre-built music PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. 

5 Best Premium Music PPT Templates From Envato Elements for 2020

Here are five of the best premium music PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements: 

1. Playmix - PowerPoint Templates Music Theme

Playmix - PowerPoint Templates Music Theme

Playmix - PowerPoint Templates Music Theme gives you a perfect mix of creative, playful and professional. This unique template comes with 32 clean and modern slides, handcrafted infographics, and pixel-perfect illustrations. It's a suitable template for any music or sound professional who wants to create a presentation that's professional, yet fun. 

2. Diminished - PowerPoint Music Theme

Diminished - PowerPoint Music Theme

Engage new clients, investors, or customers with Diminished - PowerPoint Music Theme. This multipurpose music PowerPoint presentation template has a clean layout that'll help you structure your content well and present it with the best flow possible. Easily change the text content and images according to your needs. 

3. Treble - Music Background PowerPoint Templates

Treble - Music Background PowerPoint Templates

Treble - Music Background PowerPoint Templates comes with 30 minimalistic slides that are sure to impress. Use this music presentation template for all music, studio and recording purposes by a personal or business brand. All graphics are easily resizable and editable. 

4. Playlist - PowerPoint Templates Music Theme

Playlist - PowerPoint Templates Music Theme

Do you need to introduce new artists or bands along with their songs for a concert or festival? Do you need to do this professionally so you can get sponsorship? 

Playlist - PowerPoint Templates Music Theme is a multipurpose music themed PowerPoint template that'll come in handy. Showcase your content in a professional and fun manner while keeping your audience engaged. 

5. MAKROCK - PPT Music Theme

MAKROCK - PowerPoint Background Music Theme

MAKROCK - PPT Music Theme is a 30-slide music template that's got loads to offer. It comes with modern and creative design slides for any music-related business. Make full use of this premium design slides as well as its infographics to work your way through presentations of any scale.  

5 Best Premium Music PPT Templates From GraphicRiver for 2020

If paying a low monthly fee isn't something for you, check out GraphicRiver, which is part of Envato Market. Envato Market offers a pay-per-download model. This model is ideal for someone who needs a one-off premium PowerPoint music themed template. 

Best Selling PPT Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020
Best Selling PPT Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020

Here are five premium and unique PPT music themed templates that you can make your own by paying a single flat fee to download:

1. Music - PowerPoint Music Themed Template

Music - PowerPoint Background Music Themed Template

This is a clean and modern multipurpose music template that'll help you present all your text content and images in a well-organized manner. A premium well-designed template like Music - PowerPoint Music Themed Template is excellent if you need to present pre or post a music event. Impress your stakeholders effortlessly. 

2. JazzFest - Music Event PowerPoint Template

JazzFest - Music Event PowerPoint Template

Get your hands of over 60 unique slides and loads of features. JazzFest offers the following features: 

  • 11 Extra Color Scheme in PPTX Ready
  • XML Files (Custom Ms. Office Theme Colors)
  • unlimited Color Options (MS PowerPoint Default Color Schemes)
  • 40+ Master Slide Layouts
  • animated Slides
  • dark and light background option
  • widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
  • handmade infographic
  • fully customizable

3. Rythem - Music Event PowerPoint Template

Rythem - Music Event PowerPoint Template

Rythem comes with 36 slides that help you showcase and pitch your upcoming event in style. Easily drag and drop your images into the placeholders to customize the template to your needs. 

Use the device mockups to show all the platforms you're on and how easy it is for customers to access them on any device. Use these professionally designed slides to help you make your event a success.  

4. Muzix - PPT Template Music

Muzix - PPT Template Music

Muzix comes with more than 50 unique slides that are well designed and guides you to create an effective presentation. This template is ideal for musicians, producers and business developers in record companies that need to present and grow their business. Business sections included are: 

  • about
  • services
  • employees
  • clients
  • portfolio
  • pricing table
  • mockups

5. Chord Music Presentation Template

Chord Music Presentation Template

This premium, minimalist, and elegant template gives you 60 unique slides to work with and helps you achieve some business goals. Included are many various editable infographics and icons. 

Effortlessly turn lengthy facts and figures to easy to digest infographics. Everything you need to create your best possible music presentation is right here.

20 Free PPT Template Music Themed for Download in 2020 (From Around the Web)

Are you on a tight budget? Free music PPT templates available online are also a good choice for those on a budget. Let's look at 20 of the best options in the list below:

1. Music Score - PowerPoint Templates Free Download Music. The title slides come with an image of a violin on a black and brown background. The content slides have a treble clef on them. This template is suitable for any music-related presentation. 

Music Score - PowerPoint Templates Free Download Music

2. Sheet Music Design Slides. Set the stage for your music presentation with this sheet music and conductor's baton music background template. 

3. Vinyl - Free PPT Template MusicThis template comes in green, purple, and orange. Vinyl - Free PPT Template Music is a good option if you're making a presentation for the music or entertainment business.

4. Transparent Notes - Free PowerPoint Background Music ThemeThis template comes with a beautiful blue music background design with music notes and shamrocks images. It's got a delightful feel with its line effects and background-color. 

5. Red Music - PowerPoint Templates Free Download MusicThe template features an abstract music design that looks like speakers and sound equalizer chart. This template better suits presentations involving digital music. 

Red Music PowerPoint Templates

6. Dancing with Disco Music PowerPoint Template. This one's got a retro feel with the background image of a big disco ball, lights, and three people dancing. It also includes travel or holiday like images of a plane and trees. 

7. Music Notes - Free PowerPoint Background Music Theme. Consider this template if you need to present to a younger audience. It's a colorful, lively, and fun free PowerPoint background music themed template. 

8. Music Lesson - Free PPT Template Music. This template is perfect for music teachers who need to present to or teach their classrooms. Music Lesson includes images of people playing different instruments and graphics of instruments. 

9. Music App Pitch Deck Presentation. Feel the vibe of this template! Background colors range from neon tones of green to yellow and blue. The template also includes a handful of infographics to help you organize your data.  

Music App Pitch Deck Presentation

10. Vinyl Shop Plan Presentation. Vinyl is back in popularity. This template helps you present your business plan in a retro-style.

11. Music School Presentation. Here's a template that includes colorful music themed illustrations and wavy background shapes. This template lets you create a youthful and enthusiastic presentation to attract more students to your music school.  

12. Sinatra - PowerPoint Templates Free Download Music. This is another vintage-styled music template. It uses records or vinyl on its slides. Add your text to the covers of these records. 

13. Girl Listening to Music - Free PPT Template Music This is good for presentations about topics related to music. You could even use it for electronic accessories for music. It's a very young and vibrant template. 

Girl Listening to Music - Free PPT Template Music

14. Free PowerPoint Background Music Theme Template. This template comes with an image of a man holding a saxophone. The dark background with gold like wavy lines give it an elegant feel.  

15. Free Music Scores Presentation. This free music template was created with music festivals, events and even music lessons in mind. A simple and multipurpose template. 

16. Blues Music - PowerPoint Templates Free Download Music. This comes with two guitars on the cover slide. There are also suitable internal slide layouts for your presentation.

17. Free DJ Entertainment PowerPoint Template. The template comes with a blue background image of waving hands at a concert. This template is ideal for any DJ, band or event promotion. 

Free DJ Entertainment PowerPoint Template

18. Creative Music Concept Free PowerPoint TemplateThis template is excellent for music classes, business, and commercial presentations. It comprises of 48 slides using six pastel background colors.

19. Music School-Education - Free PPT Music ThemeChange color, size, text, and background style quickly. Customize this simple background to make it your own. 

20. Pianist - Free PPT Music Theme. This template comes in a widescreen and standard size. Download the size you need. 

5 Tips to Make Great Music Presentation for 2020

Are you new to music presentations and not sure how to go about it? Maybe you've done some music presentations, but think you can further improve them? 

Have a look at these five simple tips that'll change the way you approach creating presentations. They'll help take your presentation to the next level. 

If you're looking for the ultimate PowerPoint tutorial, check out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)

1. Start With a PowerPoint Template (And Customize It)

Stream - Music PowerPoint Template
Stream - Music PowerPoint Template is a premium professionally designed music presentation.

Let's face it, time is money. Rather than sending too much time on designing a music template from scratch, why not leave it to the experts? A suitable well-designed premium pre-built allows you to work smart and fast. The best templates come with good layout designs, icons, infographics, and animations that suit your theme. 

A professionally designed template would also include sections that'll spark inspiration and help guide you in the creation process. Add your content, and you're ready to impress.  

2. Give Your Audience a Feel of the Music (With Audio or YouTube Videos)

Your presentation is music linked, so why not use music, audio, or even YouTube music clips to your advantage? Give your audience a sense of your music or genre by inserting music in strategic parts of your presentation. 

You could play music as people arrive, during breaks, a short snippet to intro a new section. You could even add a YouTube instructional video as a primary element of your presentation. When used correctly, it can be a useful tool to lighten up the mood and keep your audience's attention. 

Not sure how to include music, audio, or even YouTube videos in PowerPoint? Check out these tutorials: 

Impress your audience with an engaging visual and auditory presentation. 

3. Fewer Words, More Visuals

Wordy slides are hard to follow and make your presentation dull. Use graphic images, photos, videos, and infographics to help you cut unneeded words. This is yet another reason to choose Envato Elements.

Check out the thousands of music-themed photos. These images come fully licensed for unlimited use. So, you don't have to worry about any usage issues. All you've got to do is pick and choose suitable images and add them to your PowerPoint presentation. 

Get access to loads of music themed stock photos on Envato Elements
Get access to thousands of music themed stock photos on Envato Elements. 

Most premium music templates come with music icons and graphics. But this could be lacking in a free to download music template. Should you find yourself requiring not only stock photos, but also music-themed graphics, you can turn to Envato Elements. Just like the photos from Envato Elements' library, these graphics come fully licensed for unlimited use. 

Original photos and graphics will impress your audience and help hold their attention throughout your presentation. 

4. Leave Plenty of White Space

Diminished - PowerPoint Music Theme
Diminished - PowerPoint Music Theme, uses loads of white space on every slide.

Think minimalist when creating your presentation. Use fewer words, uncluttered visuals and loads of white space. Leave plenty of white space around your text and other elements on every slide. This will make your presentation more visually appealing and easier to following.

5. Use Larger Font Sizes

Make it easy for your audience to follow your presentation from anywhere in the room. If your audiences can't read your slides, chances are they'll be zoning out very soon. They won't be following your presentation. 

A good font size range to follow is: 

  • headings and subheading: between 32pts to 48 pts
  • body text: between 28pts to 32pts

If this music presentation is business-oriented, and you're presenting to potential investors, look at the online guide below. It's a complete guide with dos and don'ts as well as best practices on how to create and present a great presentation:

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates for 2020

Do you need multipurpose PowerPoint templates for other upcoming presentations? Check out some of our best PowerPoint templates for 2020 below: 

Grab a Premium Music PPT Template in PowerPoint Today!

Do you not have the time, the skills or even the interest to build a music presentation from scratch? But the clock is ticking. You've got to get this presentation done before the deadline.

 An excellent place to start is Envato Elements, which has loads of premium pre-built music PPT templates

Should the all-you-can-download for a low monthly fee option not suit your needs now, check out the collection of premium music PowerPoint themes on GraphicRiver and pay-per-download.

We've also shared twenty of the best free PPT template music themed found online. There are decent options for anyone who is low on resources and can't afford to go premium. 

Regardless of which option you choose, a pre-built template helps you choose a look and feel for your presentation from the start. It also guides you along the way, allowing you to build your best possible music presentation. 

Work smart and create your next music PowerPoint presentation like a pro with a premium pre-built template! 

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