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How to Make Amazing Keynote Presentations With Modern Template Designs 2020

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Read Time: 11 mins

Want to learn how to make the best Keynote presentation? You might think that requires learning graphic design and spending. But what if I told you that it's all about leaning on the work of others?

But don't worry—that doesn't mean that you've got to hire anyone! With the help of pre-built Keynote design templates, you can create presentations like the pros. 

Cool Keynote theme leadoff imageCool Keynote theme leadoff imageCool Keynote theme leadoff image
Keynote templates are a design secret to help you create the best presentations without designing everything from the ground up.

Keynote design templates are the blueprint for great designs. They've got all the placeholders and slide designs that help you learn how to make awesome Keynote presentations.

Stick with this tutorial. You'll learn how to make amazing Keynote presentations. You'll see Keynote designs with unlimited use that help you save time and build a great deck. Plus, sample individual cool Keynote themes that are waiting for your content!

How to Make Amazing Keynote Presentations With the Help of Templates

Here's a secret: if you want to learn how to make amazing Keynote presentations, it helps to leverage the work of others. That means using a Keynote template.

You've probably already seen templates that are built into Apple Keynote. But those designs are flat, overused, and don't help you learn how to make awesome Keynote presentations.

Masmax Keynote designMasmax Keynote designMasmax Keynote design
Keynote design templates like Masmax give you plenty of slide design ideas that make it easy to drop in your content.

If you're wondering how templates help you create great Keynote designs, here are three advantages they provide:

  • They're professionally designed. Not everyone is a graphic designer, and that's okay! When you use Keynote design templates, you can bring professional designs to your content.
  • They're on-trend. It helps engage the audience if your Keynote designs feel modern. Professional designers are always cranking out new Keynote templates with designs that are on-trend.
  • They give you ideas. The best templates are much more than a set of colors and layouts. Instead, they've got pre-built designs that act as a lookbook to spark your inspiration.

Templates maintain the flexibility to create an awesome Keynote presentation. Even though they've got pre-built slides, they're still customizable. 

You might be wondering if it's cost-effective to use a template. After all, everything comes with a price tag. Read on to see budget-friendly templates that help you learn how to make awesome Keynote presentations.

The Best Source for Templates to Make Amazing Keynote Presentations

Everything is a balancing act. You need all the time possible to prepare your speaking points, plus the opportunity to rehearse and build confidence. Reducing the time you spend working in the Keynote app frees up more time for perfecting a presentation.

Of course, part of the balancing act is keeping costs in check. When you want to use cool Keynote themes, you might be concerned about breaking the bank.

Enter Envato Elements. It's the single best source for creatives who give presentations (or build practically any type of project!) to source Keynote design templates

Envato Elements Keynote libraryEnvato Elements Keynote libraryEnvato Elements Keynote library
Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download source to download Keynote design themes to kickstart your presentation.

Best of all, Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download service. One simple subscription gives you unlimited use of Keynote templates. Plus, unlock amazing extras like stock photos and graphics to create cool Keynote themes.

With over 9,000 amazing Keynote templates, it helps to have a guide to the best on Elements. Here are three of our favorites that you can use for your next presentation:

1. Masmax Keynote Template

Masmax Keynote design templatesMasmax Keynote design templatesMasmax Keynote design templates

The best templates give you options. If you want a flexible template that shows you how to make amazing Keynote templates, slide designs spark creative thinking and ideas. With more than 200 slide designs, Masmax is a Keynote template design that's sure to fit any occasion. 

2. Colington Creative Keynote Template

Colington Amazing Keynote designColington Amazing Keynote designColington Amazing Keynote design

Colington is one of those Keynote designs that follows the popularity of minimalism. That means that you can use it to make an awesome Keynote presentation that's on-trend. With the help of the lightweight and airy slide designs, your audience will easily follow the content.

3. Informatics - IT Company Keynote Template

Informatics impressive Keynote templateInformatics impressive Keynote templateInformatics impressive Keynote template

If you're an IT professional, chances are that you know your way around tools like Keynote. But, learning how to make the best Keynote presentation is a learning curve of its own. The best solution is to use a template that fits your field perfectly, like Informatics. It's got 54 slides that are waiting for a few customizations to bring your presentation to life.

See More Keynote Design Templates on GraphicRiver

While Envato Elements is a top choice for pros learning how to make the best Keynote presentation, it isn't the only source for templates.

If you know exactly what you've got in mind for Keynote template designs, then GraphicRiver might be the perfect option for you. It's a deep library of cool Keynote themes, but you can buy single templates. 

GraphicRiver cool Keynote themesGraphicRiver cool Keynote themesGraphicRiver cool Keynote themes
Pay for single Keynote template designs thanks to GraphicRiver.

No matter which source you use for templates, the key is to use one! They give you an advantage as you learn how to make awesome Keynote presentations. Read on to customize a Keynote design template.

How to Make the Best Keynote Presentation (Walk-through)

So far, you've seen a sample of the best templates that you can use to make awesome presentations in Keynote. But you might wonder: how do you take a template and make it your own?

Have no fear. This is a common question. Many presenters think that using Keynote designs in templates lock them into a certain style. Templates are a starting point you can use and customize.

In this section, you'll learn how to make awesome Keynote presentations by customizing three slides. We're going to use the Masmax Keynote template, one of many available via Envato Elements.

Masmax awesome Keynote templateMasmax awesome Keynote templateMasmax awesome Keynote template
In this tutorial, you'll see how to make awesome Keynote presentations with the help of Masmax.

Let's customize three of the many slides included with the template. Each customization takes only three steps.

1. The Custom Image Slide

Custom image slideCustom image slideCustom image slide

One of my favorite things about Masmax is these slick custom image masks. You'll see what appears to be custom shapes that are image transformers. 

On slide 9, you'll see a great example of this with a fun buffalo image. Let's make it our own for an outdoorsy slide with a few adjustments:

  • Add your image. Click on the buffalo image placeholder, then browse to a replacement image. It takes the shape of the custom mask.
  • Update the text. Delete any unused text boxes (as you can see in the screenshot below). Type in the existing placeholders.
  • Use a custom color scheme. Highlight text as needed. Then use the color wheel on the Format panel to choose more complementary colors.
FInished masmax imageFInished masmax imageFInished masmax image

2. The Desktop Mockup

Desktop slide MasmaxDesktop slide MasmaxDesktop slide Masmax

Slide 48 is a fun concept. It can help bring a screenshot to life with the help of an image mockup. You'll see slides like this in many tech and app focused decks. Here are three quick steps to customize it:

  • Go minimal. Delete all the text boxes except the absolute essentials. Click on a text box, then press delete on your keyboard.
  • Add an app screenshot. Grab a screenshot of your app in action, then drag-and-drop it onto the computer screen to add it to the slide.
  • Adjust to your color scheme. Using the Format panel, choose new colors with the color chooser after you highlight text. 
Desktop slide finished in MasmaxDesktop slide finished in MasmaxDesktop slide finished in Masmax

If you need more tools to help you totally customize a Keynote slide layout, pick up a few tips in this tutorial:

3. The Portfolio Slide

Portfolio Slide beforePortfolio Slide beforePortfolio Slide before

Portfolios are found in so many situations. They're commonly thought of as something used by artists. But, they're perfect for any product showcase. They focus on highlighting those projects that are sure to wow.

Whether you're using a portfolio to land a client or impress an interviewer, slide 49 in Masmax is waiting for you. Here are three quick and easy customizations to transform this modern Keynote template:

  • Update the images. The best Keynote design templates include these easy placeholder adders. Click on the icon, then browse to a picture to add to your slide.
  • Remove the subtitles. Less text creates more impact. I've removed the "subtitles" underneath the item name to draw focus to the portfolio image.
  • Update the text. Click in the existing placeholder boxes. Then type over the text to transform the slide with your content.
Finished Cool Keynote slideFinished Cool Keynote slideFinished Cool Keynote slide

You saw that it's easy to transform modern Keynote templates. These three Keynote design adjustments are just the beginning. There are over 200 slides packed into the Masmax Keynote design template. 

To see even more exciting Keynote templates, don't miss out on these articles that showcase the best Keynote design templates:

5 Key Features of Amazing Keynote Slide Designs in 2020

Templates are a significant advantage. But you also need tips to help you master how to make amazing Keynote presentations.

Here five features and design tips that you're sure to benefit from as you learn how to make the best Keynote presentations:

1. Use Infographics

Audiences are tired of text-heavy slides. Learning how to make the best Keynote presentations means adapting to audiences.

Masmax infographic in KeynoteMasmax infographic in KeynoteMasmax infographic in Keynote
Use an infographic in a flat design Keynote template to create a more exciting slide.

Infographics strike a balance between information and visuals by combining the two. The best templates, like the ones you saw in this tutorial, add a better explanation for your content.

Use this tutorial to see Keynote infographics in easy-to-use-templates:

2. Magic Move Between Slides

People often ask, "what are the features that make Keynote unique?" As they're learning how to make awesome Keynote presentations, they want to tap into those tools to give them an edge.

There's one feature I always recommend above all: Magic Move! There's nothing like this feature in other presentation apps, so it's a must-try. It's this perfect hybrid to transition between slides. Read our tutorial below to master the feature quickly.

3. Use Custom Image Masks

As we mentioned in the intro to this piece, using an on-trend design helps you align your audience. One of the significant design trends we're watching in modern Keynote templates is custom image masks that transform simple images into custom shapes.

Masmax custom image masksMasmax custom image masksMasmax custom image masks
Use custom image masks to transform images on your slide totally.

Masmax has a deep selection of these custom image masks. They're fun and add so much to a slide without much work. The most modern Keynote templates typically include them, including many on Envato Elements.

Become a master of working with images in Keynote with the help of our article below:

4. Add More Multimedia

Video and audio are practically expected in modern Keynote designs. So, why not add audio and video clips?

You can use audio as an effective background music in many settings. Music might add a sense of mystique or mood to the presentation. Or, drop in a video to present content in a brand-new format.

Use this tutorial that helps you add audio and video to your next Keynote design:

5. Just Enough Animation

One of my favorite features in Keynote is the easy animation panel. It only takes a few clicks to animate an object. Click on it, then choose Animate on the menu near the upper right corner of the app.

Animate single objectAnimate single objectAnimate single object
Use a single animation to reveal important content.

Less animation creates more impact. Save it for a few critical pieces of content in your cool Keynote theme.

You've already seen some great templates that help you make Keynote presentations. There are so many more, including animation-focused templates. Make sure to check out our article below.

You Just Learned How To Make The Best Keynote Presentation

Thanks for reading this tutorial! By now, you've learned the secret that so many pros use. Learning how to make the best Keynote presentation is so much easier when you start with a template.

Great Keynote designs with unlimited downloads are waiting for you on Envato Elements. Or, grab a single cool Keynote theme on GraphicRiver to start your next presentation rapidly. 

There's no doubt that you're going to amaze your audience! Start with a template and present confidently, and you're sure to be a success. Download your own keynote template design right now and get started!

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