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15 Really Unique Infographic Templates for PowerPoint You'll Love


Infographics are a great way to bring your presentations to life. They make it easy for your audience to quickly grasp complex data. They reduce the snooze factor, too, making people pay attention to what you're presenting.

But what if you're short on time or design skills, but still want to grab your audience's eyeballs? Using an infographic template in PowerPoint solves both those issues.

Unique Infographic Templates for PowerPoint
The Infographics PowerPoint Presentation is one of many infographic templates you'll find on Envato Elements.

In this guide, I'll share some unique infographic templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver to make your presentations truly stand out.

Best Creative Infographic Design Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Using a template makes it easy for you to create a stunning infographic even if design isn't your strongest skill. Wondering where to get an eye-catching infographic design template?

Envato Elements has a choice of thousands of infographic templates for PowerPoint, and there's a great offer you can get today: download as many templates as you want for a single low price.

Download infographic templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements

Once you've got your content ready, creating an infographic with your template is a pretty speedy process. Plus, with a unique, creative design, you're sure to get more attention from your audience.

5 Unusual Infographic Templates With Professional Designs

No matter what niche you're in, using an infographic template is an excellent way to make complex data simple and visual. Infographics break information into accessible bite-sized chunks, making it easily understandable. These professional infographic templates will help you wow your audience. 

1. Environment Infographic for PowerPoint 

Environment powerpoint graphics

With environmental concerns on many people's minds, it's useful to have an infographic template for PowerPoint that's preset to convey this type of information. These editable PowerPoint infographics cover issues like pollution, deforestation, global warming, water usage and much more. They make it easy to present data on these topics, and you can easily replace the template contents with your own statistics. Predominantly green and white, this template set will suit anyone presenting on educational and scientific topics.

2. STARTUP Infographic PowerPoint 

Startup powerpoint graphics

The Startup PowerPoint infographic set contains 70 unique slides suitable for presenting every aspect of your business. The infographic design templates include slides with photo layouts, maps, diagrams and PowerPoint arrows to help with data visualization in PowerPoint. You can easily customize the layout with master slides and can create your infographics in up to 40 colors.

3. Farms and Livestock Infographic for PowerPoint 

powerpoint graphics for farms and livestock

If farming is your bag, then the Farms and Livestock Infographic template set will help you quickly present data on animals to investors, buyers, and others. These editable PowerPoint slides include customizable PowerPoint graphics for the main types of farm animals plus related products. The bright, cheerful slides are eye-catching, so your audience will definitely pay attention. Full documentation is included with the templates.

4. Maps PowerPoint Infographic Slides 

maps infographic powerpoint

In a global marketplace, the chances are you'll be doing business in countries other than your own. That makes it more likely you'll need to present data on those markets. These PowerPoint slide templates feature 33 maps for several countries and regions including the USA, Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, and Africa. The maps are on a light background, so they really stand out, and are in full HD resolution.

5. VR - PowerPoint Infographics Slides 

VR infographics sample

Presenting on a tech issue? Then these PowerPoint graphics will help. This infographic flowchart and chart set includes 35 slides and 11 different colors. In addition, there are editable vector icons and hand-drawn graphics to give your infographics that custom feel. This set includes animated slides and transitions and is suitable for any high-tech infographic presentations. Full documentation is included.

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To find the right infographic template for PowerPoint, visit Envato Elements, type in your desired search terms, then use the filters on the left of the page to refine your search. Once you've discovered and downloaded the perfect template, customizing is simple.

10 Creative PowerPoint Infographic Templates on GraphicRiver

Envato Elements is the perfect choice if you create infographics often and need unlimited access to templates. But if you've got a one-off project, you can also get individual infographic templates from GraphicRiver. Here are 10 of the best PowerPoint infographic templates to showcase your data.

1. Strategy - PowerPoint Infographics Slides 

strategy infographic design templates

The Strategy infographic template set helps you seed your PowerPoint with arrows, circles, gears, stars and other shapes to create striking data presentations. There are 11 color variations and 35 slides, making 385 slides in all. Individual charts and icons are easy to edit and offer multiple ways to present both personal and professional data. This easy to use template includes animated slides and transitions.

2. Infographic Survey PowerPoint Template 

survey infographic design templates

The infographic survey PowerPoint template set works for anyone who loves a vintage or retro look for statistical analysis. The slides are set up to make it easy to show chronological data, as well as comparisons of audiences, genders, locations, and more. This set has 24 slides, with catchy animations. For those who want to do more hands-on editing, there are PSD source files within the set.

3. Funnel Infographics PowerPoint Template Diagrams 

funnel data visualization in powerpoint

Funnels are a great way to visualize certain types of marketing and customer data, and this set of PowerPoint diagram templates has dozens of them! With 41 slides, 90 color themes, and 5500 vector icons, it's easy to create a unique infographic. Just drag, drop, move and resize, and you'll quickly be able to customize this template to wow your audience. This template set includes both 4:3 and 16:9 ratio slides, as well as free fonts and icons.

4. E-Commerce Infographic PowerPoint Template 

e-commerce data visualization in powerpoint

This template is helpful for eCommerce presentations, though it'll work for any kind of statistical presentation. The set features 30 different slides, 10 different image backgrounds, as well as all icons and fonts. With smart icons and animations, and well-organized vector layers, this template is easy to customize. It works best with PowerPoint 2007 or above, though it also includes PowerPoint 2003 files. The slide templates cover everything from sales and consumer behavior to mobile shopping, so there's a slide for every eventuality.

5. Swot Analysis - Business Infographic Presentation 

SWOT infographic presentation

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats - every business needs to know what those are and may have to present them to funders and investors. This infographic template set is the ideal way to do that. With a neutral color palette, it includes 250 slides covering timelines and roadmaps, strategy, growth, life cycles, processes, and much, much more. The template set uses free fonts and includes full documentation.

6. Puzzle Infographic PowerPoint Template 

puzzle  infographic presentation

If you want to illustrate how different pieces fit together, this puzzle infographic PowerPoint template is the perfect way to do it. With both light and dark slide backgrounds, the set includes 15 different puzzle visualizations in more than 20 color schemes. Changing colors is a one-click process, and it's easy to edit individual elements to create the perfect infographic presentation.

7. The Data Deck II: Retro PowerPoint Infographics 

retro infographic design templates

The Data Deck II is a handcrafted PowerPoint infographic theme with a retro look and feel. It includes 34 slide templates and 20 color themes, from subdued to vibrant. That makes it easy to select a design that suits your needs or matches your branding. The vintage theme includes retro icons and charts that you can easily copy and paste to make the perfect infographic.

8. Mega Food PowerPoint Infographic Set 

food infographic charts

Whether you're talking about healthy eating or gourmet dining, this huge set of PowerPoint infographic design templates has what you need to create a visually striking presentation. This set of templates is great for doctors, nurses, health professionals and students covering topics like diet, nutrition, meals and related topics like shopping, farming and food and beverages. This set includes 90 slides in a variety of colors with editable vector graphics.

9. Actor PowerPoint Template

infographics sample for actors

This infographic template for PowerPoint works for presenting data about people. It includes placeholders for photographs and spaces where you can include photo descriptions. This template would work well for presenting data on fashion or beauty. The minimalist design is easy to edit and includes vectors, icons, and modern color themes.

10. Bakery PowerPoint Presentations Template

bakery  infographic template powerpoint

You can almost taste this infographic theme, which features attractive images of baked goods and other food items. Suitable for a food-related presentation, this infographic template comes with a wide range of vector icons. It also includes maps, custom animations and free fonts. With more than 70 slides, this template is available in light or dark versions.

Visit GraphicRiver to get one of these infographic design templates or choose from the thousands of other PowerPoint infographic templates available.

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Grab a professional template today and customize it to impress your audience with easy to understand data.

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