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How to Make Great Technology PowerPoint Presentations Fast (With Templates)

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"Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again.”

This quote is attributed to many (most notably to Graeme Wood.) It's also the perfect way to describe technology. Continually evolving and shaping our modern world, technology is in everything we do. That's why technology presentations can be so important.

Cyberspace technology PowerPointCyberspace technology PowerPointCyberspace technology PowerPoint
Technology PowerPoint slides use modern design elements for forward-thinking presentations.

If you want to learn how to build a PowerPoint about technology, you're in the perfect place. Let's examine the process of creating technology PowerPoint slides using tech PowerPoint templates.

Get ready to see templates for PowerPoint about technology from Envato Elements. Plus, download top-notch technology PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver.

Make a PowerPoint About Technology

Technology is so ubiquitous that it can be hard to nail down an exact definition. I like the description offered by Brittanica, "the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life." Technology brings research to life in useful ways.

Technology is a broad subject. There are so many ways to cover it! Maybe you want to talk about a breakthrough in artificial intelligence or a new programming language that makes coding more accessible.

No matter what part of technology you're covering, a few design principles are universal to creating a captivating technology presentation. Here are three principles you can use for an excellent technology presentation:

  • Talk about trends. Technology is evolving so rapidly that it's easy to lose sight of how paradigms are shifting. Speak about those macro trends, giving day-to-day examples your audience is sure to notice.
  • Paint a portrait of the future. There's nothing that excites an audience more than showing them what they've got to look forward to. Devote slides to also forecasting how technology will continue to evolve.
  • Use images and illustrations. Some ideas are more conceptual. For those ideas, it helps to use pictures and illustrations that give visual meaning to big ideas.

The success of all presentations hinges upon the written content you include. Use this article to learn more about the writing process. Discover a structured set of steps that can help you create great content.

This tutorial will help you create a PowerPoint about technology that follows these principles. Read on to become a master technology presenter.

Create a PowerPoint About Technology With Templates From Envato Elements

Even for the technology-savvy presenter, PowerPoint can take too much time. You can be a master of modern machines, yet find that PowerPoint is a beast of its own!

Create a future-focused presentation with the help of technology PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements. It's a fantastic value thanks to the all-you-can-download subscription license.

Envato Elements PowerPoint about technologyEnvato Elements PowerPoint about technologyEnvato Elements PowerPoint about technology
Use the Envato Elements library to source the best technology PowerPoint templates - with unlimited downloads.

With technology always changing, it makes good sense to use an all-included site like Envato Elements. No matter how much you download, your costs remain flat. 

Elements isn't just for technology PowerPoint templates. There are a million design assets in a ton of categories! Not only does Elements unlock technology PowerPoint templates, but you'll also gain access to:

  • Stock photos, including great images of technology that you can use to fill out your slides professionally.
  • Illustrations and graphics that are ideal for explaining complex concepts visually.
  • Audio tracks and sound effects, perfect for setting the mood with high-tech background music.

Technology PowerPoint slides embody modern design and futuristic ideas. Elements' library is full of technology PowerPoint presentation ideas.

Here are five of the best PowerPoint templates about technology:

1. Cyberspace Technology Presentation Template

Cyberspace PowerPoint about TechnologyCyberspace PowerPoint about TechnologyCyberspace PowerPoint about Technology

Remember, modern design is a must for technology presentations. That makes this technology PPT the perfect choice for your next presentation. With more than 60 unique slides and ten color schemes, you'll never use the same technology PowerPoint slide twice!

2. Samiere Technology PowerPoint Template

Samiere Technology presentationSamiere Technology presentationSamiere Technology presentation

Clean and minimal, Semiere leaves you plenty of room to fill up your technology PowerPoint slides with big ideas. There are more than 30 slide designs, each of them easy to customize. It includes the modern design styles that lend themselves perfectly to technology PowerPoint presentation ideas.

3. Thecnic Technology PowerPoint Template

Thecnic Technology PowerPoint templateThecnic Technology PowerPoint templateThecnic Technology PowerPoint template

The technology slide templates that we've selected for this purpose fit the design principles shared earlier in this piece. In Thecnic's case, the 36 slide designs are loaded with images. They're perfect for technology concepts thanks to easy-to-read slide designs. This eye-catching technology presentation theme has just enough design to complement the content.

4. Dyfo Technology Theme PowerPoint Template

Dyfo PowerPoint about technologyDyfo PowerPoint about technologyDyfo PowerPoint about technology

A stark purple and black color scheme brings the audience's focus to your technology slide designs. Dyfo also includes one of the best bonuses for a tech PowerPoint template: plenty of charts and graphs to show data. Too many presenters flood the audience with data instead of putting it in easy-to-read visual formats.

5. Shift PowerPoint Template

Tech PowerPoint templateTech PowerPoint templateTech PowerPoint template

Technology is always shifting. So, it's only natural that you use a fitting technology slide template that matches the occasion. With the help of the Shift technology PowerPoint template design, you've got plenty of infographics and designs that are perfect for a technology PPT. All the slides are easily editable and adaptable to your personalized tech concept.

These five options scratch the surface of technology PowerPoint templates. The Elements library has so many more beautiful designs, perfect for PowerPoint presentations about technology. Check out our tutorial below to see even more tech PowerPoint templates.

Find More Technology PowerPoint Templates on GraphicRiver

Need a simple technology PowerPoint template? GraphicRiver might be the perfect source for a PowerPoint about technology. Buy a single template and quickly create a technology PPT.

GraphicRiver Technology PowerPoint templateGraphicRiver Technology PowerPoint templateGraphicRiver Technology PowerPoint template
If you only need a single technology PowerPoint template, then GraphicRiver is a cost-conscious option.

The GraphicRiver library is just as impressive, but you'll pay only for what you use. There are thousands of outstanding PowerPoint templates, each with ready-made slides for remarkable presentations. Buy one, and you're practically ready to present.

How to Make a PowerPoint About Technology

You might be wondering: how can you use a technology PPT to create your presentation? 

Remember, templates are a starting point. The tech PowerPoint templates you source from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver are flexible and waiting for your content. When you open them, you'll see plenty of technology PowerPoint presentation ideas included.

In this section, we'll customize a few technology PowerPoint slides. We're going to work with the Cyberspace Technology presentation templateI've chosen it because its designs are perfect for technology PowerPoint slides thanks to its use of modern principles.

Technology PowerPoint presentation ideasTechnology PowerPoint presentation ideasTechnology PowerPoint presentation ideas
Templates like Cyberspace give you technology PowerPoint presentation ideas you can use for a great showcase.

Let's walk through creating three technology PowerPoint slides. You'll see that technology slide templates are sufficiently flexible to your specific purpose: 

1. The Tech Team Slide

Team Starter slideTeam Starter slideTeam Starter slide
Sometimes, a technology presentation should be about the inventors and creators behind the big idea.

Sometimes, the focus of technology PowerPoint slides should be the people behind the idea. Many technological breakthroughs are the result of fantastic collaboration and hard-working inventors. Why not create a slide to focus on it?

Slide 10 is perfect for focusing on the team behind the tech. Let's customize this people-centric technology slide in three steps:

  1. Update images. Click on the image placeholders and browse to your team's headshots.
  2. Update the text. Each of the text boxes are easy to click inside of and type over with your specifics.
  3. Update the common branding. We'll need to adjust the Slide Master to do this. Read on to find out how.

You might find that you can't select some aspects on the slide, like the logo or the site URL in the corner of the slide. That's because these items are on the Slide Master, the underlying slide design. 

The advantage of the Slide Master is that it controls many slide designs. So, it's easy to update all slides at the same time. Go to the View > Slide Master menu option to adjust the shared design details.

Update Slide MasterUpdate Slide MasterUpdate Slide Master
Use the View > Slide Master menu to adjust common design elements on the Slide Master.

That's it! You've set up an eye-catching slide that gives credit where due. Your team will appreciate it, and your audience will get to know the team.

Technotek final imageTechnotek final imageTechnotek final image
Add your images and update the text elements to create a people-focused slide.

2. The Image-Focused Slide

Image-focused slideImage-focused slideImage-focused slide
Slide 23 has everything you need for an image-focused technology PowerPoint slide.

Every presenter needs a few "general purpose" slides in their toolbelt. That's what slide 23 is perfect for.

Slides like this are perfect because they work for practically any purpose. Any time that you want to focus on an image and balance it with a bit of info, consider using this slide.

Again, a few tweaks can completely transform this slide:

  1. Add your image. Click in the placeholder on the right side. Then browse to a technology-centric image.
  2. Adjust the detail boxes. There are four boxes that you can use to add more detail. Type over the "Option" text and update the icons (more on that below.) Also, I moved all four boxes up to not overlap the images. 
  3. Update text. Type over the main text boxes to complete the slide.

One bonus for this technology PowerPoint template is the included set of icons. In your download, you'll find a separate PowerPoint file that's full of icons. I used one of the icons in this presentation and copied and pasted it into my presentation.

Icons in PowerPointIcons in PowerPointIcons in PowerPoint
Use the included icon_pack.pptx file to grab an icon. Then copy and paste it into your active presentation.

That's it! You've completed an excellent looking technology PowerPoint slide with a soft sales angle.

Finished slide designFinished slide designFinished slide design
Shift the boxes up to not cover your focused image.

3. The Device Mockup Slide

Device Mockup Side with technologyDevice Mockup Side with technologyDevice Mockup Side with technology
Use a device mockup PowerPoint technology slide to show apps in action.

When many people think about technology, they might think of how they use it in their day-to-day life. That includes the smartphone apps that they turn to for convenience and answers.

Slide 34 is the perfect way to show off a new app or mobile website. It's a real-world mockup, and it's easy to add your screenshot. Let's see three steps you can use to craft this slide:

  1. Device mockup. Click the image icon and browse to a screenshot you capture in your app.
  2. Type over text. Type in the text boxes to add your specifics.
  3. Cut down on text. Make sure that your finished slide has fewer text elements to make it easier for your audience to focus.
Finished device slideFinished device slideFinished device slide
A finished device slide shows a mobile app in action.

Design a PowerPoint About Technology Today

Today is the perfect day to start designing your PowerPoint about technology. Delay too long, and your data might be out of date!

When you use technology PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements, you've got a practically unlimited number of options to choose from. Or, create a technology presentation with a single GraphicRiver template. Either way, you'll have plenty of technology PowerPoint presentation ideas at your fingertips.

No matter which technology slide template you choose, remember: the world's waiting to hear about the latest in technology! Download a template. Add your big tech ideas, and you're ready to present.

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