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20 Best Premade PowerPoint PPT Templates (Ready Slide Designs) 2021

Premade PowerPoint slides can be a convenient, cost effective, and fun way to finish your next presentation project. In this article, we'll take a look at some presentation ready templates for PowerPoint. We'll also explore some tips, tricks, and design inspiration to help you make your next presentation perfect.

Simpless - Powerpoint Template
Try a stylish presentation ready PowerPoint presentation for your next demonstration or project.

So, you're looking for premade PowerPoint templates. Where do you start? You might think you've only got two options for presentation ready PowerPoint templates: free downloads or premium content. But the comparison isn't equal.

Get Presentation Ready PowerPoint Templates

Looking at premade PowerPoint templates, free options rarely compare to premium. It's easier to find what you need, the quality tends to be higher, and they often come with documentation, too. So, the choice is clear. Ready made PPT presentation templates are your best choice every time.

The Best Source for Ready Made PowerPoint Presentation Templates (With Unlimited Use)?

If you're looking for presentation ready PowerPoint presentations, free downloads might sound appealing. We're all on a budget, but keep in mind that free downloads aren't usually completely free. 

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Premade PowerPoint templates free to download are often for personal use only or lack features. Plus, finding presentation ready PowerPoint presentations, free to download, is often a big time investment. It's often a lot harder to find exactly what you need. Thankfully, there are some cost effective alternatives.

Laneri – Business PowerPoint Template
Download a premium PowerPoint presentation template on Envato Elements with unlimited downloads.

When you go premium, you're choosing professional quality work for your next presentation. It's easier to find what you're looking for, when you go with premium options, too. One search and you can choose from a gallery of results. This is a huge time saver, as opposed to Internet searching for hours for a free option that might be adaptable for your project. Time is valuable and should be factored into your project's investments.

Thankfully, you can download premium premade PowerPoint templates at a bargain price.

Sound good? Well, you should check out a service like Envato Elements. One low fee gets you access to an entire library of professional, quality content. It includes ready made PPT presentation templatesthousands of them! That means you can download as many premade PowerPoint templates as you want, without limits, and without the price tag adding up. 

envato elements
Get unlimited access to a library of content, including thousands of premade PowerPoint slides, on Envato Elements.

But the deal actually gets sweeter. Envato Elements also includes stock photos, graphics, fonts, audio, and much more. You can even pick up design templates for posters, flyers, and a template for your website! All this professional content is included. Sign up today and download them all with unlimited access—or enjoy the design inspiration. It's a one stop shop for your professional needs, and with unlimited downloads, there's no unexpected pricing.

If you're not looking for a collection of PowerPoint templates (thousands of them!), you can also download premade PowerPoint templates a la carte at GraphicRiver. It's an excellent choice if you're just looking for one or two items.

5 Top Content Ready Templates for PowerPoint From Envato Elements for 2021

Let's take a look at some of the stylish, popular premade PowerPoint templates over on Envato Elements: 

1. Be. Ready PowerPoint Presentation Template

Be. Powerpoint Presentation Template

This stylish PowerPoint template is an excellent choice for showcasing product imagery, process work, and other photography. It's clean and versatile too. Mix and remix this template for a variety of projects and presentations.

2. EPIC Pre Made Presentations PowerPoint Slides

EPIC Powerpoint Template

This professional ready made PPT presentation comes with an awesome 65 different slides to choose from. That's so much to work with. Mix and match these designs to create the perfect presentation.

3. Financial Blog Media Kit | Premade PowerPoint Slides

Financial Blog Media Kit | 10 Pages| PowerPoint

Isn't this an elegant design? This PowerPoint template design takes some inspiration from blogging and newspaper aesthetics. Download it today and fill out the content with your information.

4. Minimal Presentation Ready Templates for PowerPoint

Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template

Here's a clean, elegant design that pushes a minimalist aesthetic. Customize the colors, add your content, and you've got a completed, professional design in a snap. 

5. Blossom Ready Made PPT Presentation Template

Blossom Presentation Template

How about a design with a lighter aesthetic? This PowerPoint design has a soft, pastel look and feel. Remember, these templates are fully customizable. So, if you'd like to try this design in other colors, you've got that option too.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

envato elements
Get unlimited access to thousands of professional assets on Envato Elements. It's an amazing deal for creative professionals.

Envato Elements is an amazing deal for creative professionals. Check out this all-inclusive, cost effective offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and get access to an entire library of professional content, with unlimited use. This means thousands of ready made PPT presentation templates. You also get fonts, stock photos, and much more, all included for one low price.

envato elements unlimited downloads
Browse thousands of files and download as many PowerPoint templates as you need, without limits.

Sounds awesome, right? This means you can download many premade PowerPoint slides, audio files, stock photos, fonts, and even templates for your website, without the price tag adding up. 

Envato Elements is a great deal. But sometimes you might not need access to a large collection of content. For situations where you only want to download one or two designs, check out GraphicRiver. 

15 Trending Premade PowerPoint Templates in 2021

Here's a look at some of the beautiful, trending designs over on GraphicRiver. It's no wonder they're popular! Consider downloading one of these designs today:

1. Korose Premade Ready PowerPoint Presentation

powerpoint template design

This is just a taste of the beautifully designed slides included with this premade PowerPoint template design. Try these elegant layouts with your photos and content to create a professional presentation.

2. Coltern Premade PowerPoint Slides Template

Coltern PowerPoint Template

How about trying out vibrant pops of color? Notice how this template is energetic, but not necessarily cluttered. Try out an aesthetic like this one in your next presentation.

3. Bamex Business Premade PowerPoint Templates

Bamex – Business PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint design features bold blocks of color. Try mixing these colors up with your own branding colors for a geometric look and feel.

4. Bakerina PowerPoint Template

Bakerina Powerpoint Template

Showcase your photos in beautiful shapes and styles in this lovely collection of PowerPoints slides. It's easy to edit, and you can customize the content to fit your design needs.

5. Mallica PowerPoint Template

Mallica Powerpoint Template

Aren't these layouts stylish? Mix and match these slide designs to create the perfect PowerPoint presentation. Love the layouts but not sure on the colors? Mix it up and try a different color scheme. It's yours to edit and customize.

6. Dilon – Business PowerPoint Template

Dilon – Business PowerPoint Template

A darker theme can make for an elegant aesthetic. This one could be a great fit for fashion, finance, and different industries. What color scheme would you try here?

7. Pivot Minimalist PowerPoint Template

Pivot Minimalist PowerPoint Template

Love a clean look but you're also a fan of vibrant color? This PowerPoint theme is the best of both worlds. Try this in a vibrant green or blue. Maybe try it with more than one color! The choice is yours. 

8. Liquid - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Liquid - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Speaking of color, check out this creative PowerPoint template design. There's a lot of playful variety here. Work with this variation or choose one scheme for your presentation.

9. Maurer PowerPoint Template

Maurer Powerpoint Template

If you're looking for a stylish aesthetic, a PowerPoint theme like this one could be perfect for you. It was definitely crafted with designers in mind. Try it for branding, fashion, products, and more. 

10. RetroByte: Technology PowerPoint Template

RetroByte: Technology PowerPoint Template

How about trying out a fun, retro aesthetic? This could be a memorable direction for technology industries. Or push this aesthetic for your professional brand. It's got a lot of creative potential.

11. Qituna - Cat animal PowerPoint Template

Qituna - Cat animal PowerPoint Template

Isn't this a cute design? Of course, you don't have to keep the cats; you could push this design in any direction you like! It just goes to show that there's a premium design out there for every interest and every industry.

12. Callista PowerPoint Template

Callista Powerpoint Template

Here's another take on a stylish, vintage aesthetic. It takes a different retro spin, with muted colors and strategic type. Try this PowerPoint design out with your content today.

13. Versa - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Versa - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

If you're looking for a versatile template, this one is a wonderful choice. The 30 included PowerPoint slide designs are truly multipurpose and could work for a wide variety of presentations.

14. Company Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

Corporate - Company Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

This professional design has a lot of contrast, and it works great for creating interest. There are 42 slides included, so you've got plenty to work with and choose from. Build your presentation with this template today.

15. Akasia - Fashion PowerPoint Template

Akasia - Fashion Powerpoint Template

Love a clean, fashion inspired look? Maybe an aesthetic like this one would be perfect for your next PowerPoint presentation. Give this elegant design a look today.

5 Quick PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2021

Working on your next PowerPoint presentation, but you're not quite sure what slide design is right for you? Check out these helpful tips and tricks for designing the perfect slides:

1. Keep Things Clean and Organized

One of the most important things to remember, when designing your PowerPoint slides is: avoid clutter. The last thing you want is for your viewers to be overwhelmed or lost when they look at your slides. Organization is important, but even organization can't fully combat clutter. 

Leave some space empty in your design. Consider it breathing room. If you've too much content on one slide, make a new slide. It would be better to have two slides that are easily digestible than one overwhelming slide.

Zucca - Aesthetic Powerpoint Template
Remember to keep plenty of breathing room in your PowerPoint presentation. Avoid clutter.

2. Be Strategic With Your Type

The text in your presentation is really important. This is more than what the text says, too. Consider the following points, when adding text to your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Make sure to choose fonts and sizes that are easily legible. It's often a good idea to limit the number of fonts in your presentation. Two or three should typically be the maximum. Too many different fonts can be distracting, rather than consistent.
  • Avoid text that's too small to easily read, especially if some of your audience may be viewing your slides at a distance. 
  • Don't use too much text. If you've got a large block of text, ask yourself if it would be easier to digest across more than one slide. If your content is overwhelming, you risk losing your audience.
  • Choose colors that enhance your work. Avoid colors that make text difficult to read, such as very low contrast or very high saturation.

3. Hierarchy Makes for Stronger Designs

Think of hierarchy like a visual system of importance in your designs. So, for example, it's a great idea to make titles and headlines larger or bolder. It gives them a sense of "leadership" or "the beginning," when you look at the composition. Supplemental text, like the body copy, should visually come after these parts of your composition. So, it makes sense to make them smaller.

Without hierarchy, your layouts may prove to be harder to navigate and less visually cohesive.

Muture - Creative PowerPoint Template
Put emphasis on keywords and places of importance, like titles, in your PowerPoint slide designs.

4. Keep Your Slides on Brand

So, what's your professional brand? Your business might already have a logo and color scheme. If so, make sure to keep these considerations in mind, when designing your PowerPoint slides.

Corrado - Finance Powerpoint Template
Premium premade PowerPoint templates are easy to adapt to your established brand.

Even if you don't have a logo or established branding, you can still keep your slides "on brand". Think about what you aim to convey. Choose fonts, colors, and visuals that'll be cohesive, from slide to slide, so things look uniformed and consistent. Your slides should have some variety, to keep things interesting, but too much variety can be chaotic. Choose anchoring elements, like a consistent use of fonts, to help keep things looking professional and continuous.

5. Color Is Very Communicative

Color can say a lot without any words at all. For example, check out the PowerPoint template design, below. It's super colorful, light, and sunny. This could work well for something like a bakery, photography business, or another venture that would benefit from this vibe. It might not be appropriate for something like a law firm, where we would likely want to convey seriousness instead.

Make sure to choose colors that enhance the message you're trying to convey. If you want a playful aesthetic, work with playful colors. Going for a serious tone? Make sure your colors reflect this.

SUGARY - Creative Business Powerpoint
Color can communicate feelings and ideas. What does this colorful PowerPoint design communicate to you?

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

There's plenty more design inspiration to check out on Envato Tuts+. These collections of PowerPoint templates are sure to spark some creativity. Browse for design inspiration, or download your new favorite template today:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Looking to learn more about PowerPoint or how to make PowerPoint templates of your own? We've got plenty of free tutorials here on Envato Tuts+ to help you out. Check out these tutorials today and start designing:

Find the Premade PowerPoint Templates That Fit Your Presentation Needs Today

So, which PowerPoint design templates are your favorites? What aesthetic best suits your presentation or brand?

Remember, if you're looking for premium content at a bargain price, check out Envato Elements. It's a great fit for professionals, because you can find everything you need in one place, for one price. Download premade PowerPoint slides, fonts, graphics, clip art, stock photos and more with unlimited access. Sign up today!

Or, if you're just looking for one or two files to finish your project, remember to check out GraphicRiver. It's a great resource for professional content, including ready made PPT presentation designs, with the simplicity of single downloads.

Good luck with your next PowerPoint presentation! Why not download a template today and get started with your next design now?

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