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25 Best Free Aesthetic Background Templates to Use in PowerPoint Presentations 2022

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Looking for some free aesthetic PowerPoint templates? Wondering how can you make an impression with your presentation? Beautifully aesthetic backgrounds can make your PowerPoint presentation really shine.aesthetic powerpoint templates downloadaesthetic powerpoint templates downloadaesthetic powerpoint templates download

This premium aesthetic PowerPoint presentation is available for download on Envato Elements.

In this article, we'll look at some aesthetic PowerPoint presentation designs that are stylish, trendy, and packed with potential. Besides visual inspiration, we'll also look at a list of aesthetic PowerPoint themes free download files to pick up right now.

We all want our presentations to look attractive. When it comes to engaging your audience, there's much more to it than simply solid content. Visual presentation matters. A professional look and feel can help further convince and influence your target audience. Solid content with a poor design can look unprofessional, uninteresting, or even untrustworthy.

Take in the design inspiration as you decide which aesthetic is right for your project—and why aesthetics are so important to consider.

Best Premium PowerPoint Background Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver (With Unlimited Use)

Here's why premium templates are the best value:

  • easier to find what you're looking for
  • often come with documentation
  • tend to have extended licensing for commercial use
aesthetic powerpoint themesaesthetic powerpoint themesaesthetic powerpoint themes
Consider premium PowerPoint aesthetic themes for your next professional project.

But price tag can be an issue—every project has a budget, right? We can all relate to that. We all want to save some money!

Free is everyone's favorite price point, but even free files aren't entirely without cost. For example, searching for the perfect free template is often a considerable time investment.

Then, you'll typically need to budget time for edits. Time is an asset that we need to budget too.

Plus, free templates rarely come with help documentation or support.  Also, free doesn't mean free of copyright or usage restrictions. Check any applicable licensing before you proceed.

If you're looking for a premium product at a budget price, check out Envato Elements. There are thousands of beautiful, professionally designed aesthetic PowerPoint presentation designs. They all include unlimited downloads. Download as many PowerPoint aesthetic themes as you want for one, low price.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Choose from thousands of aesthetically pleasing backgrounds and aesthetic PowerPoint presentation theme designs on Envato Elements.

But you don't just get PowerPoint themes. You also get access to an entire library of stock photos, illustrations, fonts, audio, and much more. It's all included. Download everything you need for your professional projects in one place, for one price. It's super convenient and there's no surprise fees.

This is an awesome choice if you think you might need photos, fonts, and other content for your PowerPoint presentation. There are also business card templates, flyer templates, WordPress templates. So much content to help push your professional brand, and it's all included. It's an amazing resource for creative professionals.

But if you're not looking for unlimited access to an entire library of content, there are other resources. GraphicRiver is an awesome collection of content, created by designers from all over the world. It's an excellent choice if you're just looking to download a few, specific files—one download, one fee. Keep it simple with GraphicRiver.

There's also a large collection of premium, professional PowerPoint aesthetic themes on GraphicRiver.

There's no subscription and no obligation over on GraphicRiver—just a large selection of a wide variety of professional content. It includes a wealth of PowerPoint aesthetic themes, aesthetic backgrounds, infographics, clip art, and more.

Now let's take a look at some aesthetic PowerPoint templates and design tips to help you with your next presentation.

4 Best Premium Aesthetic Background PowerPoint Templates

Before we dig into our list of awesome, free finds let's look at some of the beautiful designs over on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Consider downloading one today or enjoy the design inspiration. Maybe you'll find the right aesthetic for your project or something that'll inspire you:

1. Ojolin Aesthetic PowerPoint Presentation Theme

powerpoint aesthetic themespowerpoint aesthetic themespowerpoint aesthetic themes

A clean, sleek aesthetic can prove to be timeless. There's generous white space here, paired with bold pops of saturated color. It's beautiful, but versatile, and could be adapted for a variety of industries.

2. GRESIK Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates Download

aesthetic powerpoint presentationaesthetic powerpoint presentationaesthetic powerpoint presentation

How about a more earthy color scheme? Check out how this template works with earthy browns, mixed with pops of other colors, photos, and graphics. 

3. Frevanco Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates Download

aesthetic powerpoint presentation themeaesthetic powerpoint presentation themeaesthetic powerpoint presentation theme

Contrast can make for a classy aesthetic, like we see in this stylish theme. Doesn't the yellow stand out? The green is consistent, darker, and helps craft the overall feel of this design.

4. Arrow PowerPoint Aesthetic Themes

aesthetic powerpoint templates downloadaesthetic powerpoint templates downloadaesthetic powerpoint templates download

Grayscale can be such a timeless, classy approach, perfectly adaptable for a wide variety of projects. This is a great fit if you're looking to visually communicate prestige, quality, and elegance.

25 Top Free Aesthetic Background PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2022

Premium aesthetic PowerPoint background templates are easy to work with and come with loads of features. The aesthetic PowerPoint themes above are an excellent example of what premium templates has to offer. 

Envato Elements Free FilesEnvato Elements Free FilesEnvato Elements Free Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

But, if you can't go premium yet because you're on a tight budget, check out Envato's free offerings first. These premium free files could be of use to you. The free files vary monthly, so you never know. A premium aesthetic PowerPoint presentation theme could be up for grabs!

Here's the Envato premium freebie deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 different files (WordPress templates, PPT templates, fonts, photos, videos, and more). Download this month's free premium files by creating a free account and signing in. 
  • Envato Market offers seven different monthly freebies. That means a free file from ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, AudioJungle, VideoHive, PhotoDune, CodeCanyon, or 3DOcean. Sign up and log in to get this month's premium freebie files.

Now, let's look at some free PowerPoint templates aesthetic designs you can download right now. Review any licensing requirements associated with these designs, at the links below—as freeware doesn't mean free of copyright. Enjoy these free aesthetic PowerPoint templates!

1. Abstract PowerPoint Template Design

free aesthetic template powerpointfree aesthetic template powerpointfree aesthetic template powerpoint

This template uses circular shapes in a variety of sizes to create an interesting, abstract design. Customize this free template to meet your design needs. 

2. Geometric Free PowerPoint Templates Aesthetic

Geometry is often a great fit when you're going for an abstract aesthetic. It also tends to have a degree of neutrality, which can make it a flexible design choice. 

3. Free Silver Wave Aesthetic Background PowerPoint Template

A wave, abstract aesthetic is another strong choice if you're looking for a neutral aesthetic. It's suitable for a variety of different scenarios and projects. 

4. Blue Aesthetic PowerPoint Themes Free Download

powerpoint aesthetic backgroundspowerpoint aesthetic backgroundspowerpoint aesthetic backgrounds

Here's another example of geometry in action. Notice how the result is a clean aesthetic. Use this background for a variety of different PowerPoint projects. 

5. Green Stripe Aesthetic Background PowerPoint Template

Prefer to work with a green color scheme? Give this free PowerPoint templates aesthetic a try.

6. Minimalist Aesthetic Free PowerPoint Template

Sometimes, less is more. This free template is a great example of that. Stick to the established aesthetic or use it as a starting point to build upon.

7. Stylish Free PowerPoint Template

Aesthetic powerpoint templateAesthetic powerpoint templateAesthetic powerpoint template

Soft colors and smooth shapes make this aesthetic soothing, welcoming, and stylish. Add your images and content to this free PowerPoint template today.

8. Stylish Portfolio PowerPoint Template

If you're specifically looking to build a portfolio presentation in PowerPoint, check out this free template. Use it as your starting point or check it out for some design inspiration.

9. Watercolor Aesthetic PowerPoint Background Template

There's so many different aesthetics to explore, like this watercolor themed PowerPoint presentation. Your aesthetic choices can say a lot about your professional branding.

10. Aesthetic PowerPoint Template

stylish aesthetic powerpoint templatestylish aesthetic powerpoint templatestylish aesthetic powerpoint template

Here's a clean design that's got the potential to be pushed in a variety of ways. The design itself is clean and minimalist, with plenty of room for photographs.

11. Earthy Foliage Aesthetic PowerPoint Background Theme

Looking for something more earthy? Check out this aesthetic background, with lovely foliage themed illustrations.

12. Sleek Blue Minimalist PowerPoint Template Background

Love a minimalist look? Check out this sleek PowerPoint design. It's a free download with plenty of potential.

13. Colorful Abstract Backgrounds PowerPoint Templates

abstract aesthetic powerpoint templateabstract aesthetic powerpoint templateabstract aesthetic powerpoint template

If you're keen on color, geometry, and abstract shapes, then you'll love this aesthetic PowerPoint presentation theme. Here's a preview of some of the free content included.

14. Shadow Elegant Aesthetic Background PowerPoint Theme

This free PowerPoint theme uses shadows to craft a stylish aesthetic. Try it out with your content to craft an elegant but simple design.

15. Colorful Geometric Aesthetic Background PowerPoint Template

Here's a playful design that uses a lot of color. If you're looking for a lighthearted aesthetic, you might enjoy this free PowerPoint template file.

16. Granite Free PowerPoint Templates Aesthetic Design

Looking for something black and white or monochrome? Check out this free template. It might be just the aesthetic look and feel you're looking for.

17. Purple Abstract PowerPoint Background

purple abstract powerpoint templatepurple abstract powerpoint templatepurple abstract powerpoint template

This free background template is lively and abstract. Use it as the background for your title in your PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint background aesthetic is very eye catching.

18. Green Angular Abstract Background PowerPoint Theme

Hard angles help build the abstract aesthetic in this free PowerPoint template. Check out the matching companion slides that are included with this free download.

19. Abstract Triangles Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates Free Download

This colorful template uses abstract triangles that resemble leaves to craft a fun and memorable look and feel. Give this aesthetic a try in your next presentation. 

20. Brown and White Abstract Aesthetic PowerPoint Background

There's a lot of contrast here in this free PowerPoint background. Download it today to test it out. 

21. Illustration Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates Free Download

colorful powerpoint templatecolorful powerpoint templatecolorful powerpoint template

Love illustration? This aesthetic PowerPoint presentation was built for virtual classrooms. But it could work for a variety of different design projects. 

22. Green Wave Aesthetic PowerPoint Themes Free Download

Abstraction can be a great aesthetic to try if you want to stay clear of recognizable imagery. You can "say" plenty with things like shape, line, and color. 

23. Pastel Textured Background PowerPoint Theme

Here's another free PowerPoint template with plenty of texture. Check out this free aesthetic theme today. 

24. Chalkboard Background Aesthetic PowerPoint Template

The chalkboard look can prove to be a fun direction for aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. Give this free template a try and a download today, to test it out for your project. 

25. Free Colorful PowerPoint Abstract Aesthetically Pleasing Backgrounds

colorful abstract aesthetic PowerPoint backgroundcolorful abstract aesthetic PowerPoint backgroundcolorful abstract aesthetic PowerPoint background

Check out the soft gradient in this free PowerPoint template. The background makes for a soothing aesthetic. Give this one a download and try out the many included free slides.

How to Customize an Aesthetic PPT Template

So, you've found the perfect PowerPoint aesthetic template. What's next? Let's take a look at some easy ways you can customize your aesthetic PPT template.

In this tutorial, we'll use a premium PowerPoint template. But these concepts would transfer to any aesthetic PowerPoint templates of your choice.

aesthetic powerpoint templateaesthetic powerpoint templateaesthetic powerpoint template
Download this premium aesthetic PPT template on Envato Elements.
Let's get started:

1. Open and Navigate Your Template

Before you open your template, have all the appropriate files ready. For example, this template uses specific, free fonts. Read the included documentation and install any required fonts. Otherwise, your design might not look right! If you don't have fonts installed, PowerPoint will substitute in other fonts.

Be sure to install required fonts.

Here's what this template looks like in PowerPoint. To navigate through the included slides, check out the previews on the left hand side. We can scroll through this side bar and click through the thumbnails to jump to a new slide.

powerpoint tutorialpowerpoint tutorialpowerpoint tutorial

2. Easily Add Images to Placeholders

Most PowerPoint templates will have placeholders of some kind for images. PowerPoint makes it really easy for us to add custom images. 

Navigate to a slide with an image placeholder. Then, click on the image placeholder. Next, PowerPoint will prompt you to open up an image from your computer. Select one, and then PowerPoint conveniently inserts it into the template. Simple, right?

powerpoint imagespowerpoint imagespowerpoint images
Stock photo shown is from Envato Elements.

3. Edit Text in Your PowerPoint Template

Editing text is simple too. Choose any slide you prefer that has placeholder text. Then, simply click on the text to begin editing. The editing process is like that of most word processing software. 

This is likely some of the most extensive edits you'll make in your PowerPoint template. It's a good idea to save frequently, especially if you intend to work in your template over a long period of time. Regularly go to File > Save to save your work.

Save different versions of your work by going to File > Save As.
powerpoint edit textpowerpoint edit textpowerpoint edit text
Stock photo shown is from Envato Elements.

4. Change Your Slide Layout

You can also easily change the layouts themselves. Let's try it in this sample slide layout. 

In this example, we've clicked on the headline text to select it. Take your cursor to the outer perimeter of the content box.

You'll notice that your cursor changes to a four pointed arrow. When this is the case, click and drag to reposition your content. You can change your layouts with this method. Try moving the text and the imagery.

powerpoint rearrange itemspowerpoint rearrange itemspowerpoint rearrange items
Stock photo shown is from Envato Elements.

5. Resize Your Content

You can expand these boxes too. For example, let's take the headline and expand the text box. 

There are six white boxes around our selected text box. Click and drag on any of those white boxes to resize this space. The top and bottom ones will expand or contract the box vertically. The side ones will expand or contract the box horizontally. The size ones give you diagonal and flexible resizing.

Why would we want to resize this text box? So we can make the text even bigger!

With the text selected, go to the ribbon at the top of the software (it's where you see options). It's highlighted in the screenshot below. With the text selected, you can do things like change the font and the font size.

powerpoint font sizepowerpoint font sizepowerpoint font size
Stock photo shown is from Envato Elements.

5 Tips for the Perfect PowerPoint Aesthetic & Design Choices

How do you choose or design the perfect aesthetic template? From the PowerPoint background aesthetic to the slides themselves, design can be a tricky task. Take a look at these five design tips to figure out the best aesthetic for your PowerPoint presentation:

1. Consider Your Use of Contrast

Contrast is basically a measurement of light versus dark. For example, check out the premium PowerPoint design template below. The dark gray shapes are very high in contrast against the white background. That's why this "pops" so much. 

Use high contrast between text and background so that your text can be read.

For example, let's say we had light gray text against a white background. The text would be hard to see because they're so similar in value. This would be low contrast. 

You can use contrast to create interesting design choices. But it's also an important part of making sure your content is easy to see. Make color and value choices that make sense for different parts of your design.

aesthetic powerpointaesthetic powerpointaesthetic powerpoint
Download this premium aesthetic PPT template on Envato Elements.

2. Decide on a Single Look and Stick With It!

Consistency is very important. But how do you figure out the perfect look? Here are some ways you can try to get your aesthetic solidified:

  • Create a mood board. This is a collection of content that resonates with your brand. It could be things like colors, photographs, textures, and fonts. This can help you isolate what best suits your presentation.
  • Observe design inspiration. Looking at design templates can be really helpful because they already have an established aesthetic. You can also tweak them, so you can adjust as needed.
  • Remember to follow your branding. Your content should look on brand. So, for example, if you've got a logo include it. Make sure the theming matches it. Content like this would be a great start for a mood board too.

Notice all the things this premium PowerPoint theme has in common. There's consistent fonts and colors. These things help build a solid, continuous aesthetic.

stylish powerpoint designstylish powerpoint designstylish powerpoint design
This stylish premium PowerPoint design template can be downloaded on Envato Elements.

3. One Person's Stylish is Another Person's Snore!

Chances are, you've seen a popular design before that you just didn't like. Why is that? Design can be very subjective, and this is a good thing. But it also means that we've got to be aware of our target audience.

Look at this premium PowerPoint template. This aesthetic is really different from the last example we looked at. So, which design is better?

That answer is going to vary, from person to person because we're all different. This is why it's important to design based on your target audience. You need to know what appeals to them. Then, you can make design choices that'll resonate with them.

aesthetic powerpoint templatesaesthetic powerpoint templatesaesthetic powerpoint templates
You can download premium aesthetic PowerPoint templates like this one on Envato Elements.

4. Mix Things Up and Keep Things Interesting!

It might be tempting to use the same PowerPoint background aesthetic for every slide. Don't do it!

If every slide looks the same, the presentation is likely to get really boring, really fast.  PowerPoint is a visual media, so use that as an advantage. This is a chance to visually communicate your concepts and to create interest.

Position images in different places. Experiment with the placement of key type. 
Consistency is important, but you don't want to be so consistent that things are boring. Instead, pick common elements, like font choices and colors. Then, on other elements, mix things up and have fun with it.
powerpoint aesthetic backgroundspowerpoint aesthetic backgroundspowerpoint aesthetic backgrounds
A premium aesthetic template for PowerPoint, like this one, has plenty of interest. 

5. When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

Often, less proves to be more. It might be tempting to add more "stuff" to your PowerPoints slides. But more content is just that. It's more content. Adding too much content to your slide can make things look really overwhelming. 

Don't add too much content.

Take a look at this premium aesthetic template design. Notice how it's got a lot of "empty" space.  This breathing room is a good thing. Give your design elements some space. This particular aesthetic is rather minimalist. Balance the space in your design to best suit your branding.

powerpoint aesthetic templatespowerpoint aesthetic templatespowerpoint aesthetic templates
This design template has a minimalist aesthetic. Download this premium PowerPoint template on Envato Elements.

5 Top Aesthetic Background Design Styles and Color Trends for 2022

Are you considering which aesthetic might be right for your PowerPoint presentation? Check out this collection of trends, styles, and design tips. They can help you further narrow down your choice with some added design inspiration. 

1. Use a Pop of Consistent, Bold Color

Color can be a powerful addition to any design, especially if the designer is strategic with its usage. Check out this example premium template below. Notice how the design itself is largely grayscale, but the yellow is added as a signature color.

The yellow in the example is bold and really stands out. It's also used similarly for emphasis and interest, throughout the whole presentation. We begin to associate the yellow not only with the presentation, but also with the brand. In this case, color is used as a strong, unifying element. 

aesthetically pleasing backgroundsaesthetically pleasing backgroundsaesthetically pleasing backgrounds
Stylish aesthetic backgrounds don't have to be busy. Keep it clean and sleek with a single, bold color, like we see in this premium template.

Curious about what color might be best for your presentation or brand? Check out this free tutorial for even more insights.

2. Try Out a Soft, Organic Design Aesthetic

Soft, neutral colors can make for a stylish aesthetic. Check out this premium PowerPoint design template, below. It also mixes up the rectangular nature of the slides with a rounded background. 

When thinking about your aesthetic remember: colors are communicative. For example, does this color scheme look exciting to you?

These softer colors are likely better paired with keywords like soothing, relaxing, and comfortable. For an exciting look, it might be a stronger idea to stick with more saturated colors. 

powerpoint aesthetic themespowerpoint aesthetic themespowerpoint aesthetic themes
Neutral colors can make for aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, like we see in this premium PowerPoint template.

3. Create a Sleek, Stylish, Modern Design With Space and Color

Remember not to pack your designs too tightly. Leave "breathing room" for your content if you'd like to work with saturated, energetic elements like the gradient we see in the premium PowerPoint template below. 

Want to learn more about color combinations and check out some other color schemes for inspiration? Check out this free tutorial:

In the example below, color is used in an interesting way. We've got a rather saturated gradient. It's used throughout the presentation to help establish visual consistency.

Color makes a great repeating element at the bottom of the page. But it also works well for other supplements on other slides too.

Check out this aesthetic. It's some web influence, doesn't it? Notice all the clean, white space.

aesthetic powerpoint presentationaesthetic powerpoint presentationaesthetic powerpoint presentation
This premium PowerPoint presentation employs colorful gradient aesthetic backgrounds throughout the template.

4. Draw Inspiration From Other Media

Just because you're designing for PowerPoint doesn't mean you can only draw inspiration from other PowerPoint slides. Take a look at other media too—like websites, magazines, and more.

For example, check out the stylish aesthetic in this PowerPoint design template, below. Many slides resemble an aesthetic we might associate with a trendy magazine spread. 

aesthetically pleasing backgroundsaesthetically pleasing backgroundsaesthetically pleasing backgrounds
This stylish premium PowerPoint template has a lot of magazine themed influence. It makes for a trendy, modern look.

When looking for inspiration, consider gathering many examples to help narrow down the perfect aesthetic for you. This can be a great way to explore your options before committing to a single aesthetic. 

5. Push for a Professional, Consistent Aesthetic

One of the most important (and timeless) design elements you can embrace in your work is visual consistency. The premium PowerPoint template below is a strong, straight forward example.

Notice how the aesthetic backgrounds here are stylish and fun. You could mix and match these colors with your own brand's color scheme.

The key here is consistency. Notice how all the slides look related because they share this design element in common. It rather works like the way a footer would—cool, right?

aesthetic backgroundsaesthetic backgroundsaesthetic backgrounds
Try aesthetically pleasing backgrounds with repeated visual interest, like in this premium PowerPoint template.

Want to learn more about design principles that can help you push your presentations further? Check out this free introduction to the Principles of Design.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Looking for even more design inspiration? Check out these collections of even more aesthetic PowerPoint presentation theme designs. Download a new theme today or browse for even more PowerPoint theme ideas. 

5 Benefits of Using Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates With Pro Designs (In 2022)

Still not sure what kind of aesthetic PowerPoint templates might be right for you? Free aesthetic PowerPoint templates might be tempting. But the benefits of using a professional template can't be understated.

So, why is using a professional template worth it?

  1. Going pro saves you time. It's a lot easier to find exactly what you're looking for, when you use a premium template. You might not find a perfect fit for your projects if you only stick to free aesthetic PowerPoint templates. 
  2. You don't have to worry about licensing. Just because a download is free doesn't mean it's free of copyright. With a premium template, you can take the guess work out of usage and rights. It's typically covered for commercial use.
  3. There's so much content to work with. Free templates often include a hand full of slide designs at most. Premium templates tend to have very large collections of slide layouts to choose from and customize.
  4. Help documentation is often included. Most premium PowerPoint templates also come with help documentation, to help you jump in and easily get started. Free files often lack this extra support.
  5. Professional work deserves professional quality. Premium templates are almost always higher in quality than free options. They tend to have more options, more slides, more graphics, and more included content too.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
One low fee gets you unlimited access to thousands of premium PowerPoint template designs.

Envato Elements is the perfect deal for the cost savvy professional. For one low price, you get access to thousands of aesthetic PowerPoint templates, in all kinds of different styles. You also get unlimited access to fonts, stock photos, and lot more.

Sign up for Envato Elements today and take advantage of unlimited downloads. It's a one stop destination for professional assets. Download as many PowerPoint presentation templates as you need, without limits.

Common Microsoft PowerPoint Questions (FAQ)

As you work in PowerPoint, questions are likely to come up. This is especially common if you're newer to the software. Check out these answers to common questions for PowerPoint user:

1. I'm a Beginner. Where's a Good Place to Start?

New software might seem intimidating. But PowerPoint is pretty user friendly. One of the best ways to learn is to jump right in. Create a test presentation, and experiment with the tools.

We've got a free tutorial, just for beginners. It's got a written version, and a video version. Use this free resource to help get yourself even more comfortable in Microsoft PowerPoint.

2. Can I Give my Presentation Online Over a Platform Like Zoom?

Yes, you can. In fact, this isn't necessarily exclusive to Zoom. PowerPoint presentations can be shared online with most screen sharing software. But you can also share the presentation itself online. Cool, right?

If you're specifically looking to share your PowerPoint online via Zoom, check out our free walkthrough. It'll help you figure out how to share your PowerPoint in your next Zoom webinar.

3. How Can I Change and Edit Background Graphics in PowerPoint?

Adding images to your PowerPoint is simple. Turn to the Insert Ribbon, at the top of your software. From there, go to Insert and choose an option like Picture from File. This allows you to choose an image from your computer.

But there's a lot more you can do with changing and inserting images in PowerPoint. Want to learn how? Check out this free tutorial. It'll show you all the basics.

4. Should I Add Animations to My PowerPoint Template?

Animations can be a nice addition to your PowerPoint presentation, but make sure not to go overboard. Simple transitions, for example, can be a subtle touch. 

To learn how to add animation to your PowerPoint presentation check out this tutorial. It's got a walkthrough, as well as tips and tricks for adding animations successfully to your slide designs.

5. How Do I Reduce the File Size of My PPT PowerPoint file?

File size can be an issue when it comes to PPT files. One of the ways you can reduce your file size is by compressing your imagery. You can do this by going to Picture Format > Compress Pictures

But there's many other tips and tricks you can try for keeping your file size down. This tutorial can help you meet that goal quickly and easily:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations

Want to learn even more about making PowerPoint presentations? From using the software to building the perfect presentation, there's plenty to learn on Envato Tuts+. Even better, the tutorials are all free, so you can get started right now.

Ready to Start Designing Your Aesthetic PowerPoint Presentation?

What are some of your favorite design approaches when it comes to PowerPoint presentation design? There are plenty of great options and ideas out there. You don't need to stick to expected design solutions.

In fact, mixing things up can make for a more memorable presentation. Just don't forget about your target audience. As you decide what's best for your aesthetic, remember to consider them and what would appeal to them most.

For even more aesthetic PowerPoint presentation theme designs, check out Envato Elements. It's a great way to try out many, premium quality themes for one, low price. Unlimited downloads means you can download PowerPoint templates, fonts, graphics, and more, because it's all included.

Or check out GraphicRiver. It's another wonderful source for aesthetic PowerPoint presentation design, and there's no commitment. Only download what you need.

Good luck with your next PowerPoint presentation! Why not get started today?

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daisy Ein. Daisy is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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