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25+ Best Free 3D PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

Do you need to share a message with data? Do you struggle to make the information easier to digest and also keep your audience engaged? 

3D PowerPoint templates can help. They let you turn your boring data into appealing visuals by using 2D or 3D infographics. 

3D and 2D infographics to make data easier to digest
Pencil Infographic for PowerPoint Template, is a premium template that uses 3D and 2D infographics to make data easier to digest

Maybe you've been using 2D infographics in your presentation and want to try out some 3D graphics instead. 3D graphics will take your presentations to a new level.

Create your presentations with a professionally designed pre-built 3D PowerPoint template. All 3D creative elements are taken care of. Just add your content and make minor changes to customize it according to your needs. These 3D pre-built templates will help you grab attention, look professional, and save you loads of design time. 

 In this article, we'll focus on 3D PowerPoint templates and provide some options for your next presentation.  We'll list twenty-five free 3D PowerPoint templates. We'll also check out premium 3D infographic PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and best 3D PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver.

Dive right in and find the best modern 3D PowerPoint template for your needs! 

Top Premium 3D PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (Unlimited Used)

A PowerPoint presentation is a reflection of you and your business. A modern and well-designed presentation creates a great first impression. This is especially true when you're presenting to an audience that's new to your company. 

Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to a whole library of premium creative digital assets, including thousands of 3D PowerPoint templates. It's all yours for a low monthly subscription. 

Choose from thousands of top 3D Infographic PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements
Choose from thousands of top premium 3D Infographic PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements

Many decide to try out free 3D PowerPoint templates for Microsoft and end up being forced to work with what they can find. Most 3D PowerPoint templates found online are background images or 3D models that can't be edited. If you need 3D infographics that you can customize, you'd best go premium. 

By going premium, you're able to get a template that leaves you spoilt for choice every time you need to add a 3D infographic to your presentation. Take your presentations to the next level and also have enough 3D graphics to mix it up every time. 

Download some of the premium best 3D infographic PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Download some of the premium best 3D infographic PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access. 

By signing up for Envato Elements, you get access to digital assets like creative graphic templates, high-quality stock photos, videos, royalty-free music, and so much more. This will come in handy for various marketing or presentation projects. All this for a low monthly subscription fee. 

Having said that, if a pay-per-download model is better for you now, check out the best 3D PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. Download PPT templates or other digital assets one-at-a-time right away without a monthly subscription fee. We'll also look at some 3D PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver later in this article. 

5 Best Premium 3D PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements for 2021

Need to take your presentation to the next level with 3D infographics? Here are five of the best premium 3D PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements:

1. 3D Elements - Download Template PowerPoint 3D Infographics

3D Elements - Download Template PowerPoint 3D Infographics

3D Elements - Download Template PowerPoint 3D Infographics has 35 unique slides with 3D elements and a lot of features. It comes with 11 color variations with a light background and includes an animated slide and transitions. It's ideal for those who want to show data in a simple and interesting way. 

2. Timeline 2.0 - 3D PowerPoint Template

Timeline 20 - 3D PowerPoint Template

This PPT template comes with 50 unique slides and 10 pre-made colors. There's a right mix of 2D and 3D graphics. The 3D graphics are steps and cubes. These graphics are easy to customize and can be done in two clicks. 

3. Funnel Pack - Download Template PowerPoint

Funnel Pack - Download Template PowerPoint

This Funnel Pack template has 26 unique slides and 20 pre-made colors. All the kind of 2D and 3D funnel graphics you would need for a business or sales presentation. Edit the color, text, and size of the shapes in PowerPoint. Photoshop or Illustrator isn't required. 

4. Fifty 3 - PowerPoint Template

Fifty 3 - PowerPoint Template

Fifty 3 - PowerPoint Template is a clean, scalable, colorful, and multipurpose template. It offers 60 creative slides, 30 icon slides, and 50 pre-made colors. Pick from a variety of graphics and start creating your presenting. 

5. Eargo - Infographics PowerPoint Template

Eargo - Infographics PowerPoint Template

Eargo comes with over 250 unique slides and compromises 30 business concepts with amazing vectors. 12 different infographic sections are included:

  • circular
  • process
  • convergent
  • divergent
  • table
  • enclosed
  • linked
  • stairs
  • emphasis
  • tree
  • timeline
  • map 

5 Best Premium 3D PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver for 2021

By now you should have an idea now of what Envato Elements has to offer for a low monthly subscription fee. Though it's got so much to offer, it may not be something that you're looking for at this time. Maybe a flat fee to download a single premium 3D PowerPoint template is what you're after. 

Check out GraphicRiver's collection of 3D infographics ideas. GraphicRiver is part of Envato Market, a pay-per-download model. Select a template, pay a single flat fee, download it, and add your content. It's that simple. 

Best Selling PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020
Best Selling premium PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver for 2021

Here are five modern and unique 3D PowerPoint template idea from GraphicRiver to get you started: 

1.  3D Shapes - Download Template PowerPoint 3D

3D Shapes - Download Template PowerPoint 3D

Immediately get hold of over 50 unique vector shapes that you can use with any presentation. Easily customize these 3D infographic shapes and highlight essential data in your presentation. 

 2. Freedom PowerPoint Template

Freedom PowerPoint Template

This colorful and lively slide designs will impress your audience for sure. It's got the right mix of 2D and 3D elements in these 94 unique slides and 102 icons. The slides are in high resolution of 1920x1080. Add unique 3D graphs, charts, and tables to your presentations effortlessly. 

3. Infographic Pack - Download Template PowerPoint 3D

Infographic Pack - Download Template PowerPoint 3D

500 slides and 6000+ icons! Having ample choices is always great as it allows you to pick the perfect graphic to illustrate a point. It also helps keep your presentations different each time. 

This template comes in dark and bright version, free fonts, and easy to edit content. All objects are vectors.

4. PowerPoint 3D Pyramid Template

PowerPoint 3D Pyramid Template

PowerPoint 3D Pyramid Template is a premium file with professional PowerPoint custom pyramid graphics. It includes various versions of pyramid segments and seven color options. Edit and customize anything: colors, transparency, size, elements, shadows, or even shapes. 

5. The 7 PowerPoint Presentation Template

The 7 PowerPoint Presentation Template

This template comes with over 260 unique slides comprising of 2D and 3D graphics. It's fully animated and is easy to edit. 

It comes with 30 color schemes and light and dark versions included. Get access to 3D graphics and other relevant business-related slides. Create the best possible business presentation.  

25 Free 3D PowerPoint Templates for Download in 2021 (From Around the Web)

After exploring a few premium 3D PowerPoint templates, you can see that they're your best bet. They're also easy to work with, and you'll have loads of options with every template.

But, if you're on a tight budget and can't go premium right now, also check out Envato's free offerings. See whether any of these premium template files could be of use to you, at no cost. Free choices vary, but you never know. A 3D infographic PowerPoint template could be up for grabs.

Here's the Envato freebie deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different and new hand-selected files (videos, fonts, presentations, and so on). Create a free account and sign in to download this month's free premium files now.
  • Or try Envato Market for free. They offer seven handpicked monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

If you can't go premium and what you're looking for isn't a freebie this month, free 3D infographic or free 3D animated PowerPoint templates free to download in 2021 may be your only option. 

Let's look at 25 3D PowerPoint templates free to download in 2021:

1. Arrow Background - 3D PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2021This is a 3D background image that can be used on all slides. Unfortunately, this isn't a complete free 3D animated PowerPoint templates that's free to download in 2021, but rather just a background image. 

2. Finance - Background Template PowerPoint Free 3D. Yet another background 3D template that isn't a free 3D animated PowerPoint templates that's free to download in 2021. Use this background template for any finance related presentation.

3. Org Chart - Free 3D PowerPoint Templates Microsoft. This is an organizational chart with five hollow circles, interlocked and horizontally aligned. 

free 3D PowerPoint templates Microsoft

4. Growing Plants - 3D PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2021. This infographic is designed to look like a growing plant or petals. It also has a theme color applied. 

5. Cycle Diagram - 3d Pie Chart PowerPoint Template Free Download. This is a 2D infographic with a little added element to make it look a bit 3D. It's got horizontal folded banners connected to eight donut pie chart slices.

6. Linked Chain - Template PowerPoint Free 3DA 3D linked chain graphic that can be added to any presentation. 

7. Double Helix DNA - Free 3D PowerPoint Templates Microsoft. Need to explain how DNA works? This 3D graphic may come in handy. It's not exactly a free 3D animated PowerPoint template that's free to download in 2021, but more like a 3D model. 

8. Plants - 3D PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2021. In this 3D lesson plan, you've got everything you need to learn about photosynthesis and how plants make energy.

3D PowerPoint templates free download 2020

9. Virus -  Free 3D PowerPoint Templates Microsoft. This is a 3D lesson plan that's all about what virus is and how it's difference from bacteria. 

10. Car Mesh - 3D Printing PowerPoint Templates Free Downloadcomes with an image of car structure and graphics as the background of slides.

11. Animals -  Template PowerPoint Free 3D. You'll be able to compare the nervous systems of various types of animals thanks to the 3D interactive models.

12. Hubble Telescope - Free 3D PowerPoint Templates Microsoft. This PPT template provides a 3D model of a space telescope so you can tell the whole story visually. 

13. Stairs 3D Printing PowerPoint Templates Free Download. This template offers more options compared to many other free 3D PowerPoint templates out there. 

3D printing PowerPoint templates free download

14. 3D Ring - An Alternative to 3D Pie Chart PowerPoint Template Free Download. Are ring or donut charts the new pie charts? Try out what works for you.

15. House - Free Download Template PowerPoint 3DThis free PPT template demonstrates the capabilities to render a custom 3D house model. 

16. Background 3D Printing PowerPoint Templates Free Download. This 3D cube PowerPoint template comes with a digital graphic sketch background for every slide. 

17. 3D Pie Chart PowerPoint Template Free Download is a suitable PPT template for business reports. 

18. Maze - 3D Cube PowerPoint Templates Free Download is yet another creative 3D background that can come in handy.  

3D cube PowerPoint template

19. Free PowerPoint 3D Pyramid Template. This PowerPoint 3D Pyramid template will come in handy when you're trying to describe the hierarchy of your business or sales trends.

20. Map - 3D Printing PowerPoint Templates Free Download has a snapshot of a 3D map with some houses, trees, and clouds with a blue ocean as a background. 

21. Free Puzzle 3D Cube PowerPoint Template can be used for many business-related presentations. It represents how different parts come together in a business. 

22. Background 3D Pie Chart PowerPoint Template Free Download has a cute 3D pie chart illustration with a bluish-gray background. 

23. Teamwork - Template PowerPoint Free 3D is a free slide design for your business presentations.

template PowerPoint free 3D

24. Corporate - 3D Pie Chart PowerPoint Template Free Download is an illustrated background that's suitable for any corporate or business presentation. 

25. Free Business Raise - 3D Cube PowerPoint Template is a popular business design for PowerPoint backgrounds.

How to Quickly Customize 3D PowerPoint PPT Templates (For 2021 Presentations)

Premium 3D PowerPoint themes are incredibly easy to customize. That’s one of their key advantages, and it helps you build amazing slides quickly. Let’s learn how to customize a 3D PowerPoint in just five quick steps.

Follow along by downloading this stunning premium 3D PowerPoint template from Envato Elements. Or use the steps with a PPT 3D template of your choice.

Elements 3D PowerPoint
Download this premium modern 3D PowerPoint to follow the tutorial.

Let's get started:

1. Add Your Data

Data in a 3D PowerPoint can come in many forms: numbers, words, and more. To start adding it, select any block of text on your slide by highlighting it. 

3D PowerPoint
Customize a premium 3D PowerPoint quickly.

Then, you can simply start typing. This makes any 3D object a tool to help deliver your message.

2. Build Color Contrast

Color is a great way to add contrast and call out individual data points. To apply an effect like this, click on a section of your 3D slide. 

Color 3D PowerPoint
With a premium 3D PowerPoint PPT, adding color contrast is easy.

From the Shape Format menu, choose Shape Fill, then click on a new color. To preserve the 3D effect, click on Gradient and choose from the available options. Click to apply.

3. Remove Unwanted Content

A 3D shapes for PowerPoint free download won't include the variety of a premium template. But keep in mind, you don’t have to use every object on every slide! 

Content 3D PowerPoint
Create clear and concise 3D slides in seconds with a premium PPT.

To remove an unwanted object, click once to select it, then press Delete on your keyboard.

4. Realign Text

Removing objects from a 3D PowerPoint might alter the spacing of your content. To keep things aligned, you can click and drag any object around a slide.

realign 3D PowerPoint
Align content on a premium 3D PowerPoint for beautiful layouts.

PowerPoint will helpfully display grid lines that help you keep objects in line with each other. Explore your options: unwanted changes can be reversed by clicking Edit > Undo.

5. Add Text Effects

Changing text can help your 3D PowerPoint shine. Plus, it’s easy to do. Begin by highlighting some text. Then find the Font section of the Home tab. 

Text 3D PowerPoint
Customized text brings new style to your premium 3D PowerPoint.

There, you’ll see dropdowns for highlights, font styles, and font sizes. Plus, you can change text color, along with text effects like bolds and italics.

5 Tips to Make Great 3D Presentation for 2021

Want to create better 3D Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in 2021? Here are five tips that'll help take your presentations to the next level:

1. Pick a Perfect Template (Edit the Content)

3D Elements V2 a premium professionally designed PowerPoint template on Envato Elements
3D Elements V2, a premium professionally designed PowerPoint template on Envato Elements

The failsafe way of going about creating 3D presentations is to leave the heavy lifting to the experts. With a premium template designed by professional designers, you'll get a head start and save loads of design time. 

If you want to convert data to visuals with 3D graphics, the most crucial part is to pick the right 3D graphic that matches your data. So, it's worth spending a bit more time on this and browsing through as many pre-built 3D Microsoft PowerPoint templates as you can. Pick the best one for your requirements. Don't settle as it'll affect your final product. 

2. Go for Contrast

Contrast is a critical design principle. Use contrast to not only draw your audience in, but also to guide their focus as you present. This is done by using contrast to create visual hierarchies. Contrast can be created using colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. 

Learn more about the principles of design and how you can use them:  

3. Mix It Up

Black White Project Vol 3 Powerpoint
Black White Project Vol. 3 PowerPoint, a premium template with a mix of images and graphics

Imagine an entire presentation of only bar charts on every slide. Your audience will get bored. 

To fight boredom, present data in a variety of ways. Mix it up between the infographic elements you're using. For example, use pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, funnels, and others. 

A simple rule is: Don't use the same format more than twice in a presentation. Add other non-infographic visual elements like photos, images, or videos to add some variety. Also, your audience won't feel like your presentation is data-heavy.  

4. Use Animations Wisely

If you find yourself with complex infographics with many elements to it, some simple animation could help break it down further. Phase in individual components as you discuss them. Introduce each section of the infographic separately so your audience follows along step by step. 

Learn how to add animation to your 3D PowerPoint template: 

5. Leave Plenty of White Space

Eargo 2 - Infographics PowerPoint Template
Eargo 2 - Infographics PowerPoint Template, is a premium PowerPoint template that uses enough white space

As you use 3D infographics to convert data to more visually appealing graphics, give each item of data its own slide. Cramping two or more complex graphics on a slide makes it messy. Keep your 3D slides clean, minimalistic, and simple. That makes the slides with 3D infographics easier to read and more visually appealing. 

For more tips on how to create 3D infographics, specifically 3D pyramids, study this tutorial:

Discover More Top Infographic Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for 2021

Explore more 2D and 3D infographic PowerPoint template ideas before you make your choice. Here are some best 2021 picks to get you started: 

5 Benefits of Using the Best 3D PowerPoint PPT Templates in 2021

Sure, you’ve heard about the benefits of using premium 3D PowerPoint PPT templates. But you might be wondering about the value offering. Why should you pay for templates?

Let’s explore five key advantages to help you decide:

  • 3D design isn’t easy. Building amazing 3D illustrations isn’t for amateurs. And it’s certainly not something you want to waste time on. Premium 3D PowerPoint templates are made by creative experts with your needs in mind.
  • You’ll save time. By using a 3D PowerPoint template from Envato Elements, you won’t have to build designs from scratch. You can lean on pre-built assets. In essence, all you have to do is drop in your own content onto slides that are already designed.
  • Audiences will be impressed. Expert, premium design stands out. Audiences recognize this. Everyone recognizes free, default layouts. By choosing a premium layout, you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • You’ll find design ideas inside. Layouts designed by creatives can inspire you! You may see different types of content that help you make your key points. You won’t find that in any 3D shapes for PowerPoint free download.
  • You can focus on your message. Time savings free up the headspace needed to deliver a winning message. That’s another key advantage of premium templates. You can focus on your own details, not the mundane drudgery of slide-deck building.

Limitless Use: The Power of Envato Elements

Home 3D PowerPoint
Envato Elements: one subscription, limitless possibilities.

Envato Elements is a powerful service. That’s true for one simple reason: unlimited downloads. That’s right. For a flat monthly rate, you can download and use as many creative assets as you want.

With Elements, you’ll unlock thousands of PowerPoint templates. Plus, you’ll also have stock photos, music, video templates, and much more! It’s all included in your membership. Join today!

Learn More About How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint

We love helping our readers learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. 3D PowerPoint templates are helpful, but so are learning resources to master the app. We've built a learning library called How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) Check it out.

See some of the best tutorials to use with your 3D PowerPoint template:

Grab a Premium 3D PowerPoint Template Today!

An excellent 3D graphic or image can add some much-needed creativeness to presentations. Use 3D infographics to turn complex data into easy to understand visuals and impress your audience. 

Create these 3D presentations quickly by using a pre-built 3D PowerPoint template. It's the smarter choice compared to starting from scratch. To begin, decide between premium and free. 

For premium options, a great place to start is by exploring top 3D infographic PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and download as many as you need. All for a low monthly subscription fee. Prefer a pay-per-download model? Check out GraphicRiver's collection of best 3D PowerPoint templates

As a last resort, you do have free pre-built 3D PPT templates that are better than nothing and can help during this tight budget period. Also, check out our curated list of twenty-five 3D PowerPoint templates, free to download in 2021. 

Get your hands on a premium pre-built 3D PowerPoint template and start creating impressive presentations. Download one right now!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new 3D PowerPoint templates with exciting new designs. 

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