• Productivity
    4 Important Personal Habits for a More Productive LifeGood pesonal habits
    This tutorial will walk you through four important personal habits that boost your energy, revive your focus, reduce chaos and stress, and make being productive a natural way of life. Your personal habits greatly affect your productivity, probably more than you think! Read More…
  • Productivity
    How to Do One Thing at a Time—and Stop MultitaskingHipster office preview
    Countless studies show that we are not good at multitasking. We get less done, and we do it less accurately and effectively. So in this tutorial we’ll look at a better way of working. I’ll first go through some of the research on multitasking and productivity, and then I’ll show you how to set up your day to get more done by cutting out the distractions and focusing on one thing at a time. Read More…
  • Careers
    How to Convince Your Boss to Pay for Your Training (With Scripts and Email Template)Money
    So you want to attend a training event but you don't know how to ask your boss. I know how you feel. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to negotiate your request, even if your employer doesn't have a training and development program in place. Read More…
  • Productivity
    Your Productivity Style: Find It and Use It for Better WorkProductivity style
    Some people are goal-driven; others are people-focused. Some people hate details; while others thrive on them. Your "productivity style" is a result of your personality, your preferences, and your strengths and weaknesses. This tutorial will help you understand your productivity style, so that you can customize your environment, schedule, and goals effectively, and find systems and tools that match your style.Read More…
  • Productivity
    How to Build Routines that Keep Your Life and Work On TrackRoutines on track
    Strong routines are the bedrock of a productive lifestyle. This tutorial will help you figure out which routines will be best for increasing your productivity in life and at work. Then we'll look at how to build them, how to start using them regularly, and how to tweak them as needed so they stay relevant and helpful.Read More…
  • Project Management
    Project Management Kickstart: How to Tackle Large ProjectsProject management
    It's every freelancer's dream. It's a large project that pays well and it could keep you busy for months. It sounds good, doesn't it? But do you know how to handle it if it comes your way? This tutorial provides an overview of Traditional project management principles. It also explains how to use project management to work more effectively. Read More…
  • Time Management
    Get More Flow: Sort and Schedule Your Tasks by Creative Energy Level Task energy management
    Like me, you probably chose your line of work because you love it; the need for continual creativity, however, can drag you down. In this tutorial, I'll help you learn how to organize your task list and your schedule according to your creative energy, so you can work inspired instead of stressed. Read More…
  • Freelance
    How to Set Effective Goals for Your Freelance BusinessGoal setting
    This tutorial is aimed at showing you why you need to set clear, effective goals for your freelance business, and how to go about doing so. I’ll start by examining the benefits of setting yourself clear objectives, and then take you through the practical steps of deciding on your priorities, establishing well-defined goals, and tracking your progress.Read More…
  • Productivity
    55 Time-Saving, Productive Workflow Tips for DesignersTime saving tips
    Want to save time on your design work? Yes! Great, then let's dig in. This article is overflowing with time-saving tips that will not only have you working more proficiently, but get you punching above your weight. Learn how to crank up your output, while avoiding burnout and income plateaus, all by working just a little bit smarter as a designer.Read More…
  • Freelance
    Nomadic Designer Toolbox: Tips, Services & HacksPrev
    9-5 is fast becoming an outdated concept and has proven to be counter-productive for many creatives. Freelancers and location-independent designers are seeking for new ways to live, work and travel. The digital nomad movement has been around for some years now but just recently started to get serious traction. As a digital nomad myself I’d like to present my adventurous lifestyle whilst providing you with some tools and further information on getting started with your own adventures.Read More…
  • Marketing
    How to Systematize Your Online MarketingSystematize marketing gears
    When it comes to online marketing, there's so much to do. Posting to Twitter and Facebook every day. Creating brilliant content for your blog. Networking with influencers. Creating a system for your online marketing will help you get clear on what you want from your marketing, and how you can reach your marketing goals. In this tutorial we guide you step by step through systematizing your online marketing.Read More…
  • Management
    How to Decide What to DelegateDelegation
    Feeling overwhelmed at work is a common problem, but it's a particular danger for business owners, who often take on far too much responsibility. In this tutorial, you'll learn the art of delegation: how to decide what to delegate, how to do it effectively, and which tasks you should keep control of yourself.Read More…