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25+ Free Animal Presentation Templates (For PowerPoint & Google Slides 2022)

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Read Time: 21 min

Create an unforgettable animal presentation using animal PPT templates. With animal Google Slides themes and animal PPT presentation, it's easy to do.

Intro animal Google Slides themeIntro animal Google Slides themeIntro animal Google Slides theme
Animal themes download options like the ones in this article capture the magic of the animal kingdom. Here's a premium template from Envato Elements.

The animal kingdom is roaring with ideas for your next presentation. That's why so many presenters use it as inspiration while creating animal slides in a presentation.

Animal PPT presentations are great with an environment or conservation theme as well.

We've rounded up the article with animals PowerPoint presentation free downloads that you can use. Even better, you'll also see top animal themes downloads for both apps. You'll see animal Google Slides themes, plus PowerPoint options.

Throughout this article, you'll see presentation templates that work with PowerPoint and Google Slides. Both apps support the PPTX file format so that you can use animal slides in both.

The Best Source for Animal Slides (With Unlimited Downloads)

If you want to create animal slides, it helps to have help. The best way to do that is to use premium animal themes downloads like those from Envato Elements. Instead of free templates, these are polished and professional.

Unlimited PPTX templatesUnlimited PPTX templatesUnlimited PPTX templates
Envato Elements offers unlimited downloads for a flat rate, including premium cool animal backgrounds in templates.

For a single flat rate, you unlock everything. That includes animal slides that work with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

The library is so deep that you'll find farm animals PowerPoint templates, dog PowerPoint templates, and cats PPTs—all for the same rate. These amazing animal PPT template options are ready for animal lovers.

Envato Elements animal Google Slides themeEnvato Elements animal Google Slides themeEnvato Elements animal Google Slides theme
Envato Elements gives you countless premium animal themes download options.

Even better, Envato Elements gives you plenty of other assets that are all included for a flat rate. Use the stock photos, illustrations, and music to round out your beautiful animal slides. You could use the stock photos for cool animal backgrounds, for example.

Later on, you'll see another marketplace for the best animal presentation ideas. GraphicRiver offers the pay-as-you-go animal Google Slides themes. They'll help you create an excellent animal presentation.

5 Top Premium Designs for Animal Slides on Envato Elements

Let's kick off our review of the best premium animal themes download options with five of the top choices on Envato Elements:

1. Animals - PowerPoint Template

Animal slidesAnimal slidesAnimal slides

These animal slides make a great presentation deck. Infographics are included, making data sharing a breeze. Plus, master slide designs are used, letting you make bulk edits in a flash.

2. Animals - Google Slide Template

Animal themes downloadAnimal themes downloadAnimal themes download

A compelling google slides templates animals like this makes it easy to be creative. Download the pack and explore:

  • five color variations with 30 slides
  • detailed illustrations
  • custom graphics
  • drag-and-drop photo placeholders

3. Animalia - Animal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Animal Google Slides themeAnimal Google Slides themeAnimal Google Slides theme

Cool animal backgrounds bring fun styles to your slide deck. Animalia is a prime example, with over thirty slides inside. The widescreen slide layouts look great on any screen and are sure to impress your audience.

4. Wild Animal Care | Google Slides Template

Cool animal backgroundsCool animal backgroundsCool animal backgrounds

Stay in touch with the natural world, thanks to a Google Slides templates animals like this one. Dozens of layouts pair nicely with a rich, dark backdrop. Ample room is reserved for all your favorite animal photos.

5. Anima - Animal Care PowerPoint Template

Farm animals PowerPoint templateFarm animals PowerPoint templateFarm animals PowerPoint template

Need animal presentation ideas for your vet practice or pet-sitting service? Anima is the ideal choice, with plenty of slides with you in mind. Various color and style options help you customize this amazing animals PPT template.

5 Top Premium Templates With Cool Animal Backgrounds from GraphicRiver

Here's a scenario: you need animal PPT templates to download, but you aren't ready to start subscribing to Elements. In that case, we've got just the service for you.

On GraphicRiver, you can buy single animal Google Slides themes. They're low in cost but are highly polished to bring you professionalism at a low price point.

GraphicRiver Animal Google Slides themeGraphicRiver Animal Google Slides themeGraphicRiver Animal Google Slides theme
Buy single templates with premium animal presentation ideas, thanks to GraphicRiver.

Here are five of the best premium options (including farm animals PowerPoint templates) from GraphicRiver:

1. Angsa - Bird Animal Google Slides Template

Animal presentation ideasAnimal presentation ideasAnimal presentation ideas

Angsa, a popular animal slides download, features plenty of birds. It stays within that theme but offers an array of slide layouts for any purpose. You’ll find charts, device mockups, maps, and more. 

2. Kitty - Cat Animal Google Slides Template

Cats PPTCats PPTCats PPT

A cats PPT or Google Slides theme like this brings feline grace to your next presentation. Image placeholders combine with elegant fonts to form a stylish slide deck. Customize every feature, so creative control is in your hands.

3. Dogster Animal PowerPoint Presentation Template Fully Animated

Dogs PowerPoint templateDogs PowerPoint templateDogs PowerPoint template

Don’t bark up the wrong tree and settle for a basic dog PowerPoint template for free. Your best friend deserves the best, and Dogster provides it. It’s colorful and fun, with all the special slides you need built-in.

4. Animals PowerPoint Presentation Template

amazing animals PPTamazing animals PPTamazing animals PPT

A farm animals PPT template should give you plenty of choices. This one does exactly that, with over 1,800 slides! You’ll benefit from over 500 custom icons to help illustrate key points.

5. Bee - Animal & Pet Services Google Slides Template

Bee animal SlidesBee animal SlidesBee animal Slides

Bee is a powerful layout for animal lovers everywhere. Check out:

  • many slide layouts
  • flexible slide designs
  • portfolio showcases
  • website mockups

25 Top Free Animal (Dog, Cat, & More) PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation Templates 2022

Before we look at the no cost PowerPoint templates with free animals in the designs, we've got another option you should check out.

Free Envato Elements TemplatesFree Envato Elements TemplatesFree Envato Elements Templates
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Here's how it works:

When you're building your animal slides, you may simply have no budget for the project. We've found 25 options that you can use, including dog PowerPoint templates for free, cats in PPT files, and more. These can launch you with animal presentation ideas at no cost.

The free PowerPoint templates with free animals linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates have special terms. For example, they may only be available for non-commercial use. Read the terms of use carefully before you download a template.

Here's a curated list of PowerPoint templates for free with animals:

1. Animal Magnetism

PowerPoint templates free animalsPowerPoint templates free animalsPowerPoint templates free animals

This dog PowerPoint template free works with a variety of themes. Apply any built-in PPT slide layout with the app.

2. Presentation for the Animal Shelter

Cool animal backgrounds help bring visitors to your shelter. The animal slides are suitable for that purpose, with slides you can edit yourself.

3. Wolf Presentation Template

This animal Google Slides theme features the wolf. Assorted slide designs are included with the download.

4. Crab Presentation Template

Crab is illustrated with cartoons of pets like dogs, fish, and more. Customize the slides inside PPT or Google Slides, depending on your app of choice.

5. Free Animal Equine PowerPoint Template

Horse animal themes downloadHorse animal themes downloadHorse animal themes download

A PowerPoint templates free animals deck like this one features horses. As you edit, add in your photos and content, or stick to the included designs.

6. Silhouette Brown Bear PowerPoint Templates

An amazing animals PPT needs images to succeed. This deck uses bears to style itself, using them in photos, infographic shapes, and more.

7. Animal Images

Animal Images is a set of wildlife infographics. These are useful in cases where you need to share ideas featuring the animal kingdom.

8. World of Animals

World of Animals has an aquatic theme, with cartoon sea creatures throughout. Apply your layouts with PPT or use the pre-built animal slides inside.

9. Andean Animal PowerPoint Template

Here's an animal PPT template download featuring llamas. Mix and match slide layouts to make the template your own.

10. Animal World PowerPoint Templates

Animal cool animal backgroundsAnimal cool animal backgroundsAnimal cool animal backgrounds

This is a cheerful cartoon animal slideshow PowerPoint download with several types of slides. Much of the animal kingdom is represented across the deck. You’ll see giraffes, squirrels, rabbits, and more.

11. Animal Science PowerPoint Template

A free farm animals PowerPoint template usually includes a set of default PPT slide designs. This is one example, and you can customize your own from there.

12. Red Deer Google Slides Themes

Red Deer features its namesake in a collection of animal slides. You’ll see it used in photos, portfolios, and infographics.

13. Dolphins Slides

These are animal Google Slides theme designs using dolphins in the background. Drop in your content and pair it with the slide backdrops.

14. Computer Education Concept

An owl forms the design theme of this PowerPoint templates free animals pack. You’ll see 34 slides in the file, built around master layouts to speed up bulk edits.

15. Animal History PowerPoint Template

Retro animal Google Slides themeRetro animal Google Slides themeRetro animal Google Slides theme

These retro-inspired animal slides focus on rhinos with sepia tones. Don’t forget to apply your layout ideas as you build your animal presentation.

16. Animal Doodles Destress Coloring Book

An amazing animals PPT might be a printout that you share with your audience. This deck offers animal coloring pages that can be given away in handout form.

17. Bagot Presentation Template

Bagot is an animal slideshow PowerPoint filled with colorful dinosaurs. It works in presentations for all ages, with design choices left up to you.

18. Cute Kitten Border Design

A cats PPT like Cute Kitten is a lighthearted, animated slideshow PowerPoint pack. It's an option for many topics, letting you change up critical features in a few clicks.

19. Free Dogs PowerPoint Template

Need a dog PowerPoint template free? This one is available now, with slide layouts built around master designs. 

20. Animal Frame Presentation Template

Free farm animals PowerPoint templateFree farm animals PowerPoint templateFree farm animals PowerPoint template

You can border your new animal slides with puppies and other animals using Animal Frame. Three basic slides are included, with 1080p HD resolution for each.

21. Adopt a Dog Presentation Template

Pet adoption is a great way to meet your new best friend. Share the process using animal slides like these. The template leans on default PPT designs, which you can easily customize yourself. Add your photos for the most impact.

22. Colorful Horses

As the name suggests, colorful horses feature here. They’re styled abstractly, making this an artistic option for animal slides of all kinds.

23. Free Flamingo PowerPoint Template

Pink flamingos contrast with dark slide backgrounds in this free animal slide deck. Quickly drop in your content to tailor it to your project.

24. Nature Google Slides Theme

Insects are the star of this animal Google Slides theme. Keep them in focus. Or add your images with the image placeholders throughout. 

25. How Do Animals Perceive the World?

Free animal presentation ideasFree animal presentation ideasFree animal presentation ideas

Giving a lecture about the animal kingdom? This template is built for that purpose, helping you build data-filled animal slides.

How to Customize a Premium PowerPoint Template

Once you’ve found the perfect PowerPoint template for your presentation, you’ll need to customize it. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the premium Animals PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

Animals presentation templateAnimals presentation templateAnimals presentation template
Premium Animals presentation template on Envato Elements
Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Color Variation

color variationcolor variationcolor variation
Choosing the color variation for the premium animal slideshow PowerPoint

Most premium PowerPoint templates come with several different color variations. The first step is to decide which color version you want to use.

2. Decide on Slides to Use

Next, click the View tab and switch to the Slide Sorter view. Now you can choose which slides you want to use in your presentation. Delete any unnecessary slides by holding the CTRL or CMD key and clicking on individual slides. Then, right-click and select Delete Slide.

3. Add Your Content and Images

Replacing content in an animal presentation Replacing content in an animal presentation Replacing content in an animal presentation
Replacing content in a premium presentation with animal slides

Switch back to Normal view and start adding your content and images. To add your content, double-click the text, hold down CTRL + A to highlight all the text. Then enter your information. 

Adding images to the animal presentationAdding images to the animal presentationAdding images to the animal presentation
Adding images to the premium animal PPT template

To add your images, double-click the photo icon and locate the image on your computer. Press Insert. Repeat those steps as many times as you need to replace all the image placeholders.

4. Customize Fonts 

Customizing fonts in a presentation Customizing fonts in a presentation Customizing fonts in a presentation
Customizing fonts in a premium animal PPT template.

To change the fonts in your presentation, double-click and select any text. Then, use the drop-down menu in the Home tab to select a different font.

5. Customize Colors

Customizing colors in your presentation Customizing colors in your presentation Customizing colors in your presentation

To change colors used in the presentation, right-click on a colored shape and select Format Shape. Click on the Fill option, select Solid fill, and choose your preferred color. 

How to Make an Animal Presentation With Google Slides Template

As you can see, there's no shortage of amazing Google Slides templates with an animal theme. Here’s how you can take one of our premium Google Slides templates and customize it to make a standout animal presentation.

For this tutorial, I’ll use the premium Animalia Google Slides template from Envato Elements.

Animalia Google Slides templateAnimalia Google Slides templateAnimalia Google Slides template
Animalia Google Slides template (premium template) on Envato Elements which features animal slides
Let's get started:

1. Upload Your Presentation

Uploading a presentation on Google SlidesUploading a presentation on Google SlidesUploading a presentation on Google Slides
Uploading a presentation on your premium Google Slides template with animals 

First, upload the animal presentation template file to Google Slides. To do this, go to Google Slides in your browser and start a new blank presentation. Then, click on File > Open > Upload. Locate the presentation template on your computer and press Open

2. Customize the Title Slide

Customizing the title slide in your presentationCustomizing the title slide in your presentationCustomizing the title slide in your presentation
Customizing the title slide in the premium Google Slides template with animals

To customize the title slide, double-click the title and then press CTRL + A to select all the text. Enter the name of your presentation.

You can also add a background image by clicking on Slide > Edit Theme. This allows you to edit the master slide and replace the background placeholder image. 

3. Add Your Content

Adding contentAdding contentAdding content
Adding content

Once you’ve customized the title slide, it’s time to add your own content. Double-click on any text area and press CTRL+A to select all the placeholder text. Delete it and then enter your own text.

4. Add Your Images

Adding images to the presentation Adding images to the presentation Adding images to the presentation
Adding images to the premium Google Slides template with animals

To add your images, make sure you’ve selected the correct slide and then click Slide > Edit Theme. Click the gray placeholder and select Replace Image. Then upload your own image from your computer or from your Google Drive.

5. Change Colors

Changing colors in the animal presentation Changing colors in the animal presentation Changing colors in the animal presentation
Changing colors in the premium presentation with animal slides.

To change colors, click on a colored shape to select it. Then, choose a new color with the Fill tool in the toolbar.

5 Quick Tips For Better Animal Presentation Slide Designs in 2022

Once you’ve selected your favorite animal slides, it’s time to start customizing them! But before you do, check out these five quick tips to build better slide designs. They’ll save you time and ensure your audience stays engaged.

1. Add Plenty of Images

Let’s face it: pictures are worth a thousand words. Let photos bring your animal presentation ideas to life. 

The animal kingdom is full of beautiful and diverse species that you can use to illustrate your slides. And thanks to premium templates, adding images is as easy as dragging and dropping!

Chamele PowerPoint TemplateChamele PowerPoint TemplateChamele PowerPoint Template
The premium Chamele PowerPoint Template is full of compelling visuals.

2. Use YouTube Videos

Videos are another great way to improve your amazing animals PPT. Adding a YouTube video offers several advantages. Of course, you can show off clips of your favorite animals. But you can also bring in other voices and sources of information to support your message.

Intrigued? Learn how to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint in just 60 seconds:

3. Use a Dark Backdrop for Readability

As you think about your audience, consider the setting. If you’re speaking to a large group, or giving a longer presentation, a dark backdrop is an option to consider. 

These are much easier on the eyes, something viewers will appreciate. Plus, they help bright images stand out.

Buzunismo animal themes downloadBuzunismo animal themes downloadBuzunismo animal themes download
With its dark background, the premium template Buzunismo helps create beautiful contrasts in the built-in animal slides.

4. Keep Objects Neatly Aligned

If you've got many objects on a slide, it’s crucial to keep them aligned. This might mean in relation to each other, the borders of the slide, or both. Otherwise, slides quickly start to look sloppy.

Fortunately, aligning objects only takes a few clicks. We’ve built a full tutorial to show you how to do it fast:

5. Keep Things Moving With Animations

Animations keep your cool animal backgrounds moving. They can serve as transitions between slides, or introductions to new topics. 

Adding them yourself takes time, and it’s easy to go too far. Your best bet is to choose a pre-built animal themes download with animations included. It takes all the time and effort out of animating in PPT or Google Slides.

Animated animal slidesAnimated animal slidesAnimated animal slides
The stylish premium template Zoo Google Slides Template comes with animations and transitions built-in.

Top 5 Trends For Animal Presentation Templates 2022

Let's now go over some top design trends for your animal presentations. Use these trends in your presentations to deliver a contemporary animal PowerPoint project. 

1. Let the Images Tell the Story

When creating an animal presentation, you want your images to take up a large part of the slide. Images are some of the most engaging content that you can use in your presentations. Images of animals are especially interesting to look at. 

The premium animal PPT template has plenty of images.

2. Use Graphics, Icons, & Skill Bars

Besides having large animal images, graphics, icons, and skill bars will take your presentations to the next level. Use these sparingly though. Not every slide needs to have all three of these elements. Just add them where they're applicable.

3. Use a Green Color Scheme

Green color schemes convey safety, creativity, and nature. These are all great messages to convey when you're delivering an animal presentation. Try using various shades of green in your color scheme to deliver a more dynamic visual. 

Green often represents nature. Consider using a green theme for your animal slides, like in this premium PPT.

4. Use Close Up Images

Close up images of animals will draw the most attention on your animal presentations. The detail in these images are what people expect when they see an animal presentation. Be sure to use high quality images. 

5. Use Different Shaped Images

Most PowerPoint templates use square or rectangular images on their slides. To create a more contemporary animal presentation, use different shaped images on your slides. Circles, Triangles, and half circles work really well.

This premium animal presentation template offers a variety of shapes.

Now let's have a look at more great PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation templates.

Discover More Top PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates Designs for 2022

There's nothing wrong with using designs from other presenters. As you've already seen, animal Google Slides themes (and PowerPoint options) make it easy to use enter the animal kingdom.

We've selected even more templates, many of which can work as animal slides. Check out these three articles with the top templates included. You might also find options to use for animal slides!

5 Benefits of Using Professional Presentation Templates (In 2022)

Are you still unsure whether you should buy a professional animal presentation template? You might be wondering if you should just outsource the work over purchasing an animal PPT template.

Here's a list of five reasons for why you need to pick up a professionally designed presentation template in 2022:

  1. Save money. Professionally designed animal presentation templates cost a fraction of what it would cost to outsource the design work. 
  2. Save time. Whether you're hiring a professional to create a custom template or you're creating one from scratch, you'll have to invest a lot of time. Pre-made professionally designed templates are ready for you to customize and can be edited in hours. 
  3. You can still customize. With an animal presentation template, you don't have to give up customization. All aspects of the template are customizable. 
  4. Generate new ideas. When you've got a professional animal slides design, you can draw inspiration from it. Since everything is fully customizable, you can generate animal presentation ideas and put them in place with ease.
  5. Release your best work. Professional templates are just that, professional. This will help you deliver a stunning looking animal presentation that stands out. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements has a massive library of premium PowerPoint presentations.

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great PPT templates and tons of other creative assets for a single flat-rate price.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Common Presentation Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you're using Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, you may have questions on how these two pieces of software function. We've gathered some of the most common questions people ask about Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides to give you some answers: 

1. Can I Customize Google Slides Templates?

Google Slides can be customized to match your brand colors rather easily. Choose either a built-in theme that are found in Google Slides. 

Or download a professional Google Slides theme from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Then import it into your presentation. Learn more here:

2. Can Google Slides Open Up PPT Files?

Yes, opening a PPT or a PowerPoint file with Google Slides is easy. All you've got to do is go to File > Import and then drag your PowerPoint presentation to the file upload box. Here's a tutorial with more details:

3. Can I Add Video to a PowerPoint Presentation?

PowerPoint makes it easy to enrich your presentation with multimedia content. Learn how in these tutorials:

4. Can I Collaborate With Colleagues in PowerPoint?

Yes, you can! Stop the infinite email file-sharing to keep everyone on track of progress. You can use collaboration in PowerPoint to work with your colleagues in real time. Learn how with this quick tutorial:

5.  How Do I Work With Images in Microsoft PowerPoint

Images are one type of content that can really increase your PowerPoint file size. It's important to work with them carefully so that your PowerPoint doesn't explode in file size.
Pairing this tutorial with what you've already learned helps you master how to reduce PowerPoint file size. You'll see options that show you how to compress PowerPoint file size by modifying images.

Learn More About PowerPoint And Google Slides

Both Google Slides and PowerPoint allow you to make a powerful and attractive presentation. But if you want to take your presentation design and creation skills to another level, we've got you covered. Learn more about making great presentations with PowerPoint and Google Slides in these tutorials:

Design With Animal Slides Starting Today

What does free cost? If you skip using the animal presentation ideas from one of our premium marketplaces, you're sure to spend more time designing your presentation.

Don't forget that the best animal themes downloads are inside of premium templates. Thanks to our marketplaces, you've got options in so many categories in amazing animals PPT files.

Start your next presentation with a roar. Or a bark, chirp, or quack! Use any of the cool animal backgrounds in these templates to set the stage.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron and Daniel Strongin. Brenda and Daniel are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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