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24 Best (Free) Freelance Proposal Templates to Close New Deals in 2020


Kick-off your proposal creation process with an already professionally designed freelance proposal template. It'll save you time and money.

Client Proposal Template
This modern freelance proposal template is one of the many that you can find on Envato Elements.

Hiring a graphic designer to put together a custom freelance proposal template can be quite costly. Creating one yourself can come across as unprofessional. 

With Envato Elements premium freelance proposal templates, just add your proposal's content to the template and you'll be ready to present. Discover some of the best freelance work proposal templates, free and premium.

Best Freelance Proposal Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you're looking for a massive collection of the best-selling freelance proposal templates on the web, then Envato Elements has you covered.

With just one low monthly cost, you'll have full access to a library of freelance proposal template that'll help you close the deal. Besides gaining full access to this library of templates, you'll also have complete access to all the other creative assets available such as photos, videos, fonts, and many other helpful resources.

Each of the freelance proposal templates in the Envato Elements collection is fully customizable and features contemporary designs for 2020.

Best-Selling Freelance Proposal Templates on Envato Elements
Best-Selling Freelance Proposal Templates on Envato Elements.

New freelance proposal templates are added every week. 

Closing the deal with your potential clients is hard enough. Don’t leave the design of your proposal up to chance. Use an already professionally designed template to kick start your proposal for freelancers. All you need to do is focus on the actual content of the proposal if you use a high-quality template. You'll never have to waste time designing the proposal again.

The templates that come with Elements include a variety of features:

  • images and text placeholders
  • contemporary designs
  • free fonts 
  • A4 & US sized templates

If you need a low cost, high-quality template for your next proposal, then Envato Elements has exactly what you need.

5 Best Freelance Proposal Templates (From Envato Elements & GraphicRiver - For (2020)

Only looking for one freelance proposal template to buy? Don't want a monthly subscription that gives you tens of thousands of creative assets?

GraphicRiver has plenty of freelance proposal templates of similar quality as Envato Element’s templates. They're sure to help you out with your freelance proposal.

Below, I've collected five of the top freelance proposal templates available on Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Proposal - Great as Freelance Marketing Proposal


Proposal is an easy to use and customize a freelance proposal template that features a modern color scheme and spacious page layouts. If you need to deliver a convincing project proposal, this is your go-to template. 

Here's what you can expect from this freelance proposal template:

  • 18-page document
  • A4 international and US letter size
  • layered document
  • grid-based layout

2. Creative Agency Proposal

Creative Agency Proposal

Creative Agency Proposal Sparrow is a powerful freelance proposal template. Use it as a newsletter brochure or as a template to receiving a quote from your clients. The layout gives you plenty of room to showcase high-quality images and includes modern-looking graphics. 

Here are a few other features that you can expect from this template:

  • A4 size with 3mm bleed
  • InDesign template, IDT, IDD and IDML
  • 38 Pages
  • 300DPI

3. Architecture A4 Proposal Brochure Template

Architecture A4 Proposal Brochure Template

Looking to add a fresh new look to your freelance proposal templates? This architecture proposal brochure has an ultra-clean look that can be used for much more than just an architectural proposal template. This proposal for freelancers will work especially well for proposals in all creative industries.

Here are a few key features for this template:

  • 24 pages A4
  • compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC
  • 300 DPI optimized 
  • CMYK- print-ready with bleed

4. Proposal - Includes Portfolio


The Proposal template features a completely customizable template that's easy to add your brands fonts, colors, and style. This template is suitable for creative businesses and can add an elegant and refreshing look to the classic proposal. 

Here are the main features for this freelance proposal template:

  • 32 pages
  • A4 & US size
  • paragraph and text styles included
  • PDFs for preview included

5. Proposal Template

Proposal Template

With this freelance proposal template, you'll get six color templates plus free fonts. The template has a classic proposal feel that'll come across as professional in all industries. Here's what you can expect from Proposal Templates:

  • professionally layered templates
  • A4 & US letter page sizes
  • bonus invoicing template
  • detailed help documentation

On a tight budget, but still need a freelance proposal template? Keep reading a find out how you can get proposal templates for free!

24 Free Freelance Proposal Templates for Download in (2020)

If you're looking for the most professionally designed templates available, then Envato Elements is your number one spot to get these high-quality templates. The templates available on elements have modern designs, are fully featured. They'll perform the best when trying to close the deal with your potential clients.

Before looking for a free proposal for freelancers on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always freelance work proposal templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

But many people are on a budget and just won’t be able to afford these templates at this point. That's why I've collected a list of twenty-four of the best free freelance proposal templates available for you to download and start editing right now:

1. Project Proposal Template

Project Proposal Template

Use this freelance proposal template features a colorful design for creative industries. The download contains an INDD file for InDesign CS6 and an IDML version.

2. Business Consulting Proposal

This is a standard consulting proposal. This template features the bare minimum for a proposal with a simple layout. This proposal template comes in a Microsoft Word file. 

3. Budget Proposal Template

This budget proposal Word template comes with many labeled columns for you to create a budget. There's also and total fields at the bottom of the page to account for your total budget as well as an area to add more text.

4. Marketing Business Proposal

This template also has a basic layout. The freelance marketing proposal has plain text and no graphics. All you need to do is replace the text in the template and your proposal will be ready. 

5. Website Proposal Template

If you're writing a freelance website proposal, then this template will work for you. You'll receive a .docx file with this free download.

6. Research Project Proposal Template

Research Project Proposal Template

This free proposal template features a section that's got shapes with text in the middle of them. This will give your proposal a different look than the start text proposals.  

7. Services Proposal

This free proposal template has a standard layout with blue highlighted text under each section of the template. The business proposal template in Word outlines your business, goal, approach, and much more.

8. Engineer Project Proposal Template

If you need a template that's straight to the point, then this template will work for you. Use this template for any industry. It's a 2 MB PDF download.

9. Business Proposal Form

Business Proposal Form

This template is a proposal for a freelancer bid that's got a bright orange background and contains two sections. The first section is the submit to section and the second section is for detailing where the work is to be performed.

10. Professional Services Business Plan

This free freelance graphic design proposal template helps you develop your business idea. It contains pre-formatted sections and a step by step guide to help you create a business plan.

11. Major Project Proposal Template

This proposal can help you start a new project or expand on an existing one. You can expect to see a blank area in this template where you can input special notes for your particular project.

12. Sample Project Proposal PDF 

Sample Project Proposal PDF

Standard fonts and formatting are what you'll see with this freelance project proposal sample. Whether you're an artist, web developer, or graphic designer, this template can work for you. 

13. Project Proposal Format

This 9 KB DOC file contains six different roman numeral labeled sections. Columns and tables are also included to create a more detailed proposal. 

14. Business Partnership Proposal

This document lays out the terms of a partnership between two companies. It focuses on a specific partnership that's already been discussed between the two parties. The proposal contains two spots for signatures.

15. Proposal for Fundraising Project

Proposal for Fundraising Project

Use this proposal template for a non-profit fundraising project. It includes sections for project introduction, problems, goals, procedures, timetable, budget, key personnel, evaluation, endorsements, and next steps.

16. Consulting Report Templates

There are over fifty free consulting report templates in this download. These templates contain charts, graphics, and are well-formatted. 

17. Investment Proposal Template

The Investment Proposal Template features a layout with blue borders and headers. There are also spots on the template for full-sized images. 

18. Project Proposal Outline

Project Proposal Outline

This standard template has sections letter labeled sections that can contain any type of text. This is another super simple template that can be used by any type of freelancer.

19. Basic Software Project Proposal

If you're in need of a software type proposal, this will suit your needs. There are bullet points for various sections of this template. 

20. Project Proposal Template

This template comes with a table of contents and has placeholder text that can easily be replaced to fit your specific proposal. Included is an eight page PDF and DOCX file. 

21. Corporate Bifold Brochure

Corporate Bifold Brochure

This freelance work proposal template features a multi-colored design. The back page of the template has a spot for you to include your social media channels and a QR code.

22. Creative Brief Templates

There are four different creative brief templates in this download. These templates contain tables, graphics, and standard formatting. 

23. Corporate Brochure Template

This template comes with an InDesign file that'll work well for annual reports. It features graphics, charts, and has a well colored layout. 

24. Corporate BiFold Brochure PSD Template

Corporate BiFold Brochure PSD Template

This brochure has a creative design. It'll work well for creative agencies, portfolios, graphic design services, and photography businesses. The freelance graphic design proposal template download contains a PSD file. 

Next, let’s look at a few tips that can help you to your proposal templates to the next level!

5 Top Freelance Sales Proposal Tips to Help Close Deals in 2020

Once you've chosen a template, you may need some help creating a freelance marketing proposal. Here are five tips to help you close deals:

1. Keep It Brief

The majority of sales proposals are way too long. Giving your potential client a twenty-page proposal can be overwhelming. Synthesize the key features of your proposal down to as few words as possible. A one to three-page sales proposal will perform the best here. 

2.  Overlay Images and Graphics

Creating a layered layout on your pages is sure to make your proposal stand out. Layering graphics and images give your proposal a more three-dimensional look that can really help you look more professional. Layer images and graphics help drive home your proposal's message. 

Proposal - Overlay Images and Graphics
This premium proposal template features an overlayed image of a businesswoman and overlayed quotation graphics.

3. Include Many Page Layouts

Including many page layouts gives you the opportunity to present your proposal for freelancers in different ways that are more interesting to your potential client. A few layouts that work really well for sale proposals are columned pages and pages that contain tables. 

Proposal - Columned Pages
The Proposal premium template features a column page layout and a table layout to add variety to the proposal. 

4. Keep Your Client's Goals in Mind

The entire sales proposal should be focused on what your potential client's goals are. Talk about how you're going to help them achieve their goals and objectives by hiring you. This will ensure that you're providing your potential client with something that can be of true value.

5. Customize Your Templates

As mentioned, to give yourself the best chance to make a sale, focus on your prospect. this includes customizing what you say in the proposal and also the look and design of the proposal. This means including colors, shapes, and page layouts that your prospect will be suitable for their business. These types of design changes are very powerful for making a subconscious connection between your prospect and your services.

Discover More Top Proposal Template Designs

Still looking for more high-quality freelance proposal template designs? Don’t worry, there are plenty more best-selling templates. Take a look at our other Tuts+ articles. Explore even more modern templates that can assist you in the proposal creation process from the articles below:

Have a professional designed freelance proposal template, but still are unsure of how to get the most of it? Find out how to capitalize on your template in the next section.

Learn More About Making Professional Proposals in 2020

Purchasing a professionally designed proposal template isn't enough to create the best possible proposal. You need to know how to edit and customize the template so it fits your exact proposal. Below are a few articles that are sure to help you out with customizing your template:

Unlock the Power of Professional Freelance Proposal Templates

Creating a freelance proposal template from scratch can be a very difficult task. You'd need design experience to deliver a professional and contemporary proposal that would be received well by your potential clients. 

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer some of the highest quality freelance proposal templates available on the web and are sure to take your proposal for freelancers to the next level

Besides all these high-quality proposal templates, you'll also get access to thousands of other creative assets that can be helpful to you in your upcoming projects. You can find everything from WordPress plugins, graphics, video templates, and much more. 

What are you waiting for? Get started on your freelance proposal with a professionally designed template!

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