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18+ Free Jeopardy Interactive Game Google Slides Templates to Download 2021


Add some fun to your presentation by including a free jeopardy game or interactive games section to your Google Slides deck. It's a quick way to engage your audience at any stage of your presentation. Don't forget to get little gifts for those who got your questions correct!

Google Slides Jeopardy Template, a premium template on Envato Elements
Google Slides Jeopardy Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

Starting from scratch on a Google jeopardy template isn't an easy task. There are some free interactive or jeopardy game templates found on the internet. It helps if you're on a limited budget and have low expectations. 

If you're looking for only the best, check out the selection of Google jeopardy and games templates on Envato Elements and GrapicRiver's Google Slides game templates. Professionals design these templates. It would be a great addition to your already fantastic presentation deck.

Find the Best Premium Google Slides Interactive or Jeopardy Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (Unlimited Use)

It's time to level up your game by getting your hands on the best jeopardy template for Google Slides. It'll be that secret weapon you've been looking for to create a memorable presentation. Envato Elements is the best place to start this search. 

An Envato Elements subscription unlocks your access to an all-you-can-download powerhouse of creative assets. All for a low monthly fee.

Selection of premium Google Slides jeopardy templates on Envato Elements
Selection of premium Google Slides jeopardy templates on Envato Elements

This invaluable access will positively impact all your creative projects. You'll be able to up your current level effortlessly and also spend lesser time on each project. 

Unlock premium digital assets like: 

  • high-quality stock videos and photos
  • Google Slides, PPT, Keynote, and WordPress templates
  • royalty-free audio and music
  • graphic templates, presets, fonts, and so much more

We'll also explore GraphicRiver's interactive Google Slides game templates in the next section. It runs on a pay-per-download model and has tons of premium interactive Google Slides templates. GraphicRiver is an excellent option for those needing to test out premium before signing up to Envato Elements.  

5 Best Premium Google Slides Jeopardy Templates for 2021 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Here are five premium best jeopardy templates for Google Slides from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. MIDTEST - Education Quiz Google Slides Template

MIDTEST - Education Quiz Google Slides Template

MIDTEST is clean, modern, and easy to edit. It comes with 30 slides, device mockups, and many other valuable features. Use it for any business or education presentation to test knowledge or share ideas. 

2. Quave - Quiz Google Slides Template

Quave - Quiz Google Slides Template

This is a multipurpose Google Slides template with 30 unique slides in HD resolution. All elements of this template are editable and customizable. Quave also has an elegant slide transition. So animations and transitions are one less thing to worry about with this premium template.

3. Google Jeopardy Slides Template

Google Jeopardy Slides Template

Google Jeopardy Slides Template comes with 55 unique slides. It's a simple yet modern layout that's easy to edit. Include your content, customize according to your brand identity, and you're ready to host your next jeopardy or interactive game. It's that easy!

4. Console - Gaming Google Slides Template

Console - Gaming Google Slides Template

Console comes with 40 professionally designed slides that help you explain or make a presentation about an interactive game. All graphics are resizable and editable. Thanks to the image placeholders, all you've got to do is drag and drop your images to customize. 

5. Exsavior - Gaming Google Slides Template

Exsavior - Gaming Google Slide Template

You can't go wrong with a professionally designed template like Exsavior. It's got 50 unique slides, device mockups, a strong focus on typography, vector-based icons, and so much more. Easily edit this template to suit your game presentation. 

18 Top Free Interactive or Jeopardy Game Style Google Slides Templates and Backgrounds to Download for 2021

It's time to look at some free options. Let's start with some premium freebies from Envato. Try out various premium files (not always jeopardy game templates for Google Slides) at zero cost to you.

Here's the offer:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 handpicked files (templates, photos, audio, and more) every month. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files.
  • Or try Envato Market at no cost. Envato Market offers seven unique monthly freebies. Log in with your existing or new account to access this month's giveaway.

Now let's check out 18 interactive and jeopardy Google Slides templates free to download from the web:

1. Interactive Jeopardy Template Free. This template mimics the look of Jeopardy!, which is an American TV show. 

2. Jeopardy Game 5 Free Template is the most popular jeopardy game template found online. It comes with a navy background and white fonts.

3. Trivia - Google Slides Jeopardy Template. Trivia comes with a dark background and contrasting elements. It helps you play Trivial Pursuit at zero cost.

Trivia - Google Slides Jeopardy Template

4. Can You Guess Who It Is? Free Blue Template. This template has a gradient blue and green background. Use this fun template in Edit Mode.

5. Can You Guess Who It Is? Free Cute TemplateThis is a cute template that comes with emojis. The background is gradient pink and yellow with loads of hearts.

6. Jungle Escape Game -  Interactive Game or Jeopardy Game Template Google Slides. Click the dice to roll. Keep going until you reach the end and escape the jungle.

7. Deal or No Deal - Game or Jeopardy Template Free. The goal of this interactive game is simple, pick the case with the "free ride" inside.

8. Free Math Bump Games Template. This is a winter-themed math template. The primary colors are blue and white. 

Free Math Bump Games Template

9. Free Digital Board Game. Students or online classrooms benefit from this template. It's suitable for 21 activities.

10. Two Truths and One Lie - Games or Jeopardy Template Free. This template comes with a dark purple background and highlights. It's got a white text box and black fonts.

11. Do You Remember? - Free Jeopardy Game Template Google Slides. This Google Slides game is like memory, the children's play. You can add images to the white squares.

12. Party Challenge Board - Game or Jeopardy Template Free. This game has 12 titles or challenges. It's a multicolored template. 

13. Bricks & Words - Free Game Template. Guess the word behind the bricks. Tear the wall down to get clues. 

Bricks and Words - Free Game Template

14. True or False - Free Game Template Google Slides. Add up to 15 true or false questions to this template. The first slide is the question. The second is the answer.   

15. Free Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Template. This interactive Google Slides game template also comes in a PowerPoint version. It resembles the TV show.

16. Free Digital Escape Room Planning Template. This template teaches you how to create a digital escape room game. The intention is to recreate the physical escape room digitally. 

17. Would You Rather - Free Snapchat Game TemplateThis is a choose-between-two-options game. The template comes with basic instructions.

18. Free Family Feud - Jeopardy Game Template Google Slides. Answer a question with the five best answers and see how the teams rank.

Free Family Feud Jeopardy Game Template Google Slides

5 Quick Google Slides Game Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2021

Check out five simple tips that'll immediately improve your presentation desk. Follow these tips to make the best of your pre-built template. If you're new to Google Slides, check out this Quick Start Guide

Here are the five quick design tips: 

1. Leave the Designing to the Experts

Many perks come with using a premium pre-built template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. A premium presentation template allows you to:

  • Create a good impression.
  • Save time. 
  • Work around your skill limitations.
  • Get your hands on loads of useful features.
  • Enjoy free support.
Arcades Game Google Slides Template, a professionally designed template from Envato Elements
Arcades Google Slides Game Template, a professionally designed premium template from Envato Elements

Finding that perfect template is crucial. Take your time and browse through all the options available to you before taking your pick. A suitable interactive Google Slides template will minimize your design customization time. 

2. Stay Minimal

Many modern presentation templates from Envato come with minimalistic designs. Once you get your hands on a template, you need to include your content onto the slides while maintaining a minimalistic look.

MIDTEST - Education Quiz Google Slides Template, a minimalistic template on Envato Elements
MIDTEST - Education Quiz Google Slides Template, a minimalistic premium template on Envato Elements

Here are a few ways to maintain a minimalistic approach to your slides: 

  • Don't add more design elements.
  • Keep a lot of white space.
  • Avoid paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points or visuals.
  • Use minimal colors and fonts.

3. Make It Lively With Audio and Video

Use resources available online to your advantage. Add appropriate audio or video to your presentation to keep things fun and engaging. Remember, you don't have to do all the talking or explaining. 

Here's how you can add audio and YouTube videos to any Google Slides presentations:

4. Use Animations and Timed Transitions

Animations and transitions are other vital elements that help bring presentations to life. Create sections on a slide and animate them separately. By using a premium template, you'll have all these animations and transitions taken care of.  

Have a look at this tutorial to learn more about animation and timed transitions for Google Slides:

5. Use High-Quality Visuals

A picture paints a thousand words. A photo or graphic is the main focal point of any slide. So, use strong visuals to drive your point across without having to use text.

Tons of suitable high-quality photos and graphics on Envato Elements
Tons of suitable high-quality premium photos and graphics on Envato Elements

Upon signing up for Envato Elements, you'll be able to enjoy access to tons of high-resolution photos and high-quality graphics. Add a mix of both to your presentation, and watch it take shape. 

Discover More Top Microsoft Google Slides Template Designs

The list below includes multipurpose Google Slides templates designed by experts. Explore them to spark more slideshow ideas. You may even find options that you can use as your Google Slides game templates.

Learn More About Making Great Google Slides Presentations in 2021

Pin the How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) on your browser. This compilation of bite-sized Google Slides how-to tutorials is a handy reference guide. They're especially useful when you get stuck creating a Google Slides presentation.

Here are three tutorials from this guide: 

Get a Premium Google Slides Jeopardy Template Today!

There are loads of premium and free options out there that come in handy when adding a Google Slides game section to a deck. Pick a pre-built template that best suits your needs and helps you create engagement. 

Start by exploring Envato Elements. It's got tons of professional creative assets that you can access with an affordable membership. Easily download the best jeopardy templates for Google Slides and other digital files. It's the best way up the level of all your future projects effortlessly. 

Do you want to download what you need before signing up for a subscription? Drop by GraphicRiver. You'll be able to get your hands on Google Slides game templates that you can try out with a pay-per-download model. 

Get the best interactive or jeopardy template for Google Slides from Envato Elements to start creating like a pro. Subscribe and download now!   

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