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25+ Cool Free Background Presentation Templates (PowerPoint & Google Slides 2022)

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Do you need to create a visually appealing looking presentation? Are you worried that you won't be able to create a professional-looking design?

Your slide background can make a difference.

MORIMO - Fashion Powerpoint TemplateMORIMO - Fashion Powerpoint TemplateMORIMO - Fashion Powerpoint Template
Morimo is one of the many high-quality premium presentation templates available on Envato Elements  

Don't waste another second trying to build your presentation from scratch. Use professionally designed Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides templates for your next presentation. 

Using templates for your upcoming presentations reduces the stress of creating the presentation. Start out with an already well-designed presentation. All you've got to do is fill out the slides and make any customizations that you see fit. Your presentation is ready to go! 

Check out all the top-selling premium Microsoft PowerPoint templates and Google Slides templates available on Envato Elements. We also have plenty of premium best-selling presentation templates available on GraphicRiver for you to check out as well.

Best PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation Templates On Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has thousands of the best premium Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides templates available on the web.

For a low monthly cost, access this massive library of templates and bring your presentations to life. Not only can you access all these Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides templates, but you get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources that could be helpful to you.

All the PowerPoint and Google Slides designs in the Envato Elements library are fully customizable, have contemporary designs for 2022, and can be edited to how you see fit.

Best Selling PowerPoint Templates On Envato ElementsBest Selling PowerPoint Templates On Envato ElementsBest Selling PowerPoint Templates On Envato Elements
Premium PowerPoint templates are added weekly. Check out some of the newest designs on Envato Elements.

Using a professionally designed template starts you off with a proven design. And it gives you complete control over the design process. All the images, text, fonts, objects, and color schemes are all editable allowing you to create a completely custom presentation based on a professional design. You won't find this quality and customization available in any free templates available. 

The premium presentation templates are full of features including:

  • high-quality images and icons
  • graphs, charts, and infographics
  • cool slide backgrounds

The premium templates that Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer are some of the best available on the web in 2022. Save yourself time and money by grabbing one of these PowerPoint and Google Slides templates.  

Next, we'll go over five of the best-selling premium Google Slides themes in Envato Elements.

5 Best Top Trending PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation Templates (From Envato Elements - For (2022)

There are many simple Google Slides themes from you to choose from on the Envato Elements. To help you with your search, I've collected five of the best-selling Google Slides minimalist themes on Envato Elements for you to check out: 

1. Yuke PowerPoint Template With Cool Backgrounds 

Yukee Yukee Yukee

First on our list is the best-selling template Yukee. The template features many cool background images for PowerPoint presentations. It's suitable for any kind of business, especially for consultants and pitch decks.

Here's what you can expect in this template: 

  • 42 multipurpose slides
  • clean and simple design
  • PPTX and PPT templates included

Download this template now.

2. Fractions Template With Cool Background

Fractions with Cool BackgroundFractions with Cool BackgroundFractions with Cool Background

The Fractions template has a nice background for personal and business PowerPoint presentations. This design features many well-designed layouts that are sure to impress. This template comes with all the tools you need to create a professional template. 

Here are a few notable features for the Fractions template:

  • 150+ total slides
  • 30 slides for each template
  • section break slides
  • five color variations

3. Dropdown PowerPoint Presentation Template

Dropdown Powerpoint Presentation TemplateDropdown Powerpoint Presentation TemplateDropdown Powerpoint Presentation Template

This is what you can expect to see in this template:

  • 30 Unique Slides each Template
  • 10 PPTX files 
  • 10 PPT files
  • five premade colors 
  • widescreen & standard

Get started on creating a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation now.

4. Clotera: Cool Backgrounds for Google Slides

Clotera Cool Backgrounds for Google SlidesClotera Cool Backgrounds for Google SlidesClotera Cool Backgrounds for Google Slides

Clotera features cool backgrounds for Google Slides. All elements on this template are editable. Whether you want to replace images, change colors, or change fonts, you mold this modern template to your needs.

Here are the features for this Google Slides Theme template. 

  • 150+ total slides
  • 30 Slides for each template
  • five color variations
  • drag & drop picture placeholder

5. Matrix Google Slides Presentation

Matrix Google Slides PresentationMatrix Google Slides PresentationMatrix Google Slides Presentation

The Matrix Google Slide template is one sleek and modern looking template. If your presentation is going to make use of images, then this is the template for you. This template is a bit more on the creative side but will still work well for business presentations. 

All the elements in this template are customizable, so you change them to whatever your project needs. Give your audience a visually appealing Google Slides presentation with this premium template. 

Now let's go over five of the best PowerPoint and Google Slides templates available for sale one at a time on GraphicRiver.

Top Five PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation Templates From GraphicRiver for (2022)

If you only need to buy a PowerPoint or Google Slides template design one at a time, then GraphicRiver has what you need. The templates on GraphicRiver have the same high-quality professional design and come at an affordable price. Here are the top five templates on GraphicRiver:

1. Massive X Presentation Template

Massive X Presentation TemplateMassive X Presentation TemplateMassive X Presentation Template

The Massive X presentation template is just that, massive! It comes with 720+ fully editable slides and 930+ font and vector icons. Expect to find slides that contain infographics, motion fx, about pages, data distribution and much more.

Here's what users are saying about this template:

It is among the greatest available!
- trg45

2. Digitron: Sophisticated Layout


This eye-catching PowerPoint template features 36 slides that are drag and drop editable. If you're trying to wow your audience, then this template is a must-have. The simple but sophisticated layout and shapes used in the slides will help you create a one of a kind presentation.

3. Project Management: Infographics

Project ManagementProject ManagementProject Management

As the name states, this will work great for any type of project management presentation. The template is full of color, has 22 unique slides, and you can easily make customizations through the master slide.  It's built-in with 16:9 Full HD resolution and can be exported in the PPTX file format.

Grab this PowerPoint template today.

4. Mota: With Backgrounds for Google Slides

Mota With Backgrounds for Google SlidesMota With Backgrounds for Google SlidesMota With Backgrounds for Google Slides

Mota has plenty of high-quality slide background images that'll engage your audience. The clean, spacious, and minimalist design works well for presenting just about any type of project.

Here's what you can expect from this template

  • 90+ unique custom slides.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • over 900+ Font icons included.
  • easily editable data-driven charts 
  • effective infographics with creative visualization.

5. Diffen: Unique Slide Backgrounds

Diffen Unique Slide BackgroundsDiffen Unique Slide BackgroundsDiffen Unique Slide Backgrounds

Diffen has it all. Unique slide backgrounds, infographics, charts, layered slides, and much more. This Google Slides theme can help you transform any ordinary looking presentation into an unforgettable presentation.

Here are a few notable features:

  • 80+ unique custom slides
  • over 400 Font icons included
  • device mockups included
  • fast and free support and updates

Now that we've covered some of the best-selling premium templates with cool background slides, let's go over the best free templates available that you can download right now.

25 Top Free PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation Templates With Great Background Designs to Download for 2022

The premium slide background design templates let you use the best designs available for your presentation. This ensures that the user experience is the best it can be. But, if you're on a tight budget and can't afford premium designs but still need to create a professional-looking presentation, there are free background design templates you can download.

Before looking for a free slide background template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always backgrounds for Google Slides or PowerPoint) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Just in case you didn't find what you're looking for above, I've collected a list of twenty of the best free background design templates for you to download below: 

1. Green Pitch Deck

Green Pitch DeckGreen Pitch DeckGreen Pitch Deck

This presentation template features many nature images. Use this type of presentation to share a business model, show financials, or introduce your team. 

2. Finance PowerPoint Template

This is another good template to use for your upcoming business presentation. The main slide background has an image of a finance team and a tower of coins behind them. The template has a simple user interface. 

3. Abstract Gradients Waves

All the abstract background shapes will make your PowerPoint more interesting. All the cool background images for PowerPoint presentations are included with your free download. It includes a customizable icon family with 135 different icons.

4. Company Meeting PowerPoint Template

Company Meeting PowerPoint TemplateCompany Meeting PowerPoint TemplateCompany Meeting PowerPoint Template

This free template has cool background images for PowerPoint presentations. This presentation is ideal for company meetings and other types of business presentations.

5. House Renovation

Use this template for any real estate presentation as it features icons and images of construction workers and painters. This template has a color theme and will automatically apply color when copied and pasted.

6. Strategy PowerPoint Template

If you need to deliver a presentation that goes over a particular strategy or objective, then this free download is for you. The file size of this free template is only 3 Mb and features an image of a chess game on the main slide background. 

7. Online Shopping

Online ShoppingOnline ShoppingOnline Shopping

The main slide background has a world map with a computer mouse, which is ideal for any eCommerce PowerPoint presentation. There's a drag and drop image placeholder the vector graphics 100% fully editable.

8. Finance Education PowerPoint Template

Use the free Finance Education PowerPoint template for online finance education seminars as well as other economics or finance presentations. The template contains a blue background with a bottom area where you can place your presentation title and subheading.

9. Mobile Control Drone PowerPoint Template

The slide background in this template features a drone. The aspect ratio of the template is 16:9 and all the cool background images for PowerPoint presentations are included.

10. Corporate Headquarters PowerPoint Template

Corporate Headquarters Powerpoint TemplateCorporate Headquarters Powerpoint TemplateCorporate Headquarters Powerpoint Template

This free corporate PowerPoint template has a modern slide background featuring an image of corporate headquarters. The template has a blue color scheme and standard sized fonts.

11. World Map-Business

Expect to find 34 different slides in this business PowerPoint template. World map infographics are present throughout the template and they're all easily editable.

12. Executive Coach PowerPoint Template

The slide background features a high definition image of a man giving a business presentation. It contains a coaching presentation with a chart and a blue background style.

13. Signing a Document Business

Signing a Document BusinessSigning a Document BusinessSigning a Document Business

This free template features 34 creative and simple slides. Expect to find vector shapes, 120 icons, and easy editable data-driven charts.

14. Leadership Concept

This template is based off the master slides. It's got a 16:9 widescreen layout. All the infographics and images are included in the template. Customize each slide to fit your presentation.

15. Executive Coaching PPT

This executive template for PowerPoint with businessmen and a world map slide background is ideal for any type of course or training. All the elements in the template are editable included the color scheme. 

16. City Skyscrapers View

City Skyscrapers ViewCity Skyscrapers ViewCity Skyscrapers View

This template features a contemporary design with more than 34 slides. Included are infographic elements, graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams.

17. Launch Space Rocket

The slide background for this free template includes a rocket ship taking off and a yellow background. This will work well if you need to show your company's success or plans that you're making for a particular project.

18. Academic Presentation

Expect blue-green ribbon accents on the slides in this theme and a cover photo of books in a library. The template is in 16:9 widescreen format and is easily editable.  

19. Museum Company Profile Presentation

Museum Company Profile PresentationMuseum Company Profile PresentationMuseum Company Profile Presentation

The free museum template has a creative slide background of abstract shapes of various colors. This template will help you take a more casual approach to your presentation. 

20. Isometric Proposal Presentation

This free template with an isometric graphic background slide is 100% editable, has 18 different slides, and is available in five different colors. It also includes 1000+ icons and Flaticons.

21. Graphic Design Project Proposal Presentation

This is a free template that's got animated illustrations for design projects. There are 23 custom slides. Use it in either Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.

22. Engineering Project Proposal Presentation

Engineering Project Proposal PresentationEngineering Project Proposal PresentationEngineering Project Proposal Presentation

The slide background features a windy road through nature. There are 26 editable slides and included are graphics and maps.

23. Solar Power Project Proposal Presentation

This environmental template includes high-quality graphics that'll help your presentation stand out. All 18 slides are ready for you to edit right after downloading it. 

24. Strategic Decisions PowerPoint Template

The standard-sized font Calibri is used in this template. It's got a slide background with Eurodollars and bills. This template can work well for any finance presentation that you've got coming up.

25. Furniture and Product Design Portfolio Presentation

Furniture and Product Design Portfolio PresentationFurniture and Product Design Portfolio PresentationFurniture and Product Design Portfolio Presentation

Expect 21 different slides with the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. There's a file in the template that includes all the information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used.

Now that we've covered all the best premium and free templates available, let's go over some presentation designing tips that can help you take your presentations to the next level.

5 Quick Tips For Better Presentation Slide and Background Designs in 2022

While using a premium or free template to start your presentation is sure to help you create a more appealing presentation, you still need to know how to use the templates. To make the best presentation you can make, edit the templates further. 

Below are five tips that can help you get the most of any type of any presentation template you download:

1. Align All Your Objects

Having all your objects in line with each other on your slides makes your overall presentation look well put together. This will help give your audience a clearer picture of what you're trying to present. Select all the objects on a slide and choose the Alignment Type option in the Arrange options bar to align all your objects.

2. Keep the Slides Simple

While the premium and free templates have high-quality stunning designs with lots of graphics, images, graphs, and text, it's often best to keep your slides simple. Each slide should be easily digestible by your audience. Avoid overcrowding your slides. When adding elements to your slides make sure they're absolutely necessary.

Norrow - Presentation templateNorrow - Presentation templateNorrow - Presentation template
Norrow, a premium template from Envato Elements, features a very simple design on its slides.

3. Limit Text and Bullet Points

Having line after line of text and bullet point after bullet point will undoubtedly bore your audience. To give more detail per each slide, create a separate document and give this to your audience during the presentation. The slides should just contain short and concise notes to trigger different talking points.

WindWard Presentation TemplateWindWard Presentation TemplateWindWard Presentation Template
The premium WinWard presentation features a modern and clean design with minimal text and bullet points

4. Limit the Fonts Used

Often templates contain slides that have a variety of fonts used. Keep your presentations to three fonts max, one main font and two sub fonts. Including too many fonts will make your presentation seem inconsistent. 

Also, use fonts that can easily be read. If your audience can't read the text on your slides, then your presentation is doomed from the start.

Fortnite - Google Slides TemplateFortnite - Google Slides TemplateFortnite - Google Slides Template
Fortnite, a premium template from Elements, makes use of two easy to read fonts in its professionally crafted template.

5. Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics

Nothing looks more amateur than having low-quality visuals. Only include images and graphics with quality to enhance your presentation. Using high-quality visuals has a subconscious effect on your audience and makes them take your presentation more seriously. 

Discover More Stylish PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates Designs for 2022

The premium Google Slides and PowerPoint templates mentioned in this article are an incredibly valuable resource to you in your upcoming presentations. With all the presentation templates available from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver there's sure to be a template that suits your needs.

By purchasing the low-cost unlimited subscription on Envato Elements, you'll have complete access to a library of all types of cool background images for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides. If you didn't find the perfect template for your business in the ones mentioned in this article, then browse through these other articles containing more high-quality best-selling templates:

Unlock the Power of Professional PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Template Designs

With the use of professionally crafted premium Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint templates with cool slide backgrounds, you're well on your way to creating a memorable presentation.

If you're in need of more than one presentation template and other design assets. Then head on over to Envato Elements and check out all the presentation templates and creative tools available. 

If you only need one presentation template or prefer buying templates individually, we've got you covered. GraphicRiver has nice backgrounds for PowerPoint available for you to buy one at a time

Make the presentation template creation process easy with a high-quality premium Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint template design today.

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