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25 Best Free Leadership PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates to Download 2020


As a business leader, it's pretty certain you're going to have to do a leadership PowerPoint presentation. In fact, you'll probably have to present regularly. Since presenting effectively is a must-have leadership skill, it's important to learn how to make your presentations compelling. 

leadership powerpoint template
This eye-catching premium leadership PowerPoint presentation design is from Envato Elements.

One key aspect of that is the visual design of your slides. Of course, not everyone's a whiz at designing presentation slides from scratch, but luckily, you don't have to be. Using PowerPoint templates for a leadership presentation is a good way to make sure that your presentation is professional.

In this guide, I'll share some of the best leadership PowerPoint templates, paid and free, to help you get—and keep—your audience's attention.

Best PowerPoint Templates for Leadership Presentations on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you're looking for leadership PowerPoint presentation templates to help you impress your audience, Envato Elements has a great offer you won't want to miss. Download as many leadership presentation PPT slides as you want, all for one low price.  

Best PowerPoint Templates for Leadership Presentations on Envato Elements With Unlimited Use
You can find plenty of leadership PPTs on Envato Elements, with unlimited access.

Here are some of the benefits of using leadership PPT templates for your presentations. 

First, a professional design can give your presentations that wow factor that makes your audience sit up and take notice. That's precisely the effect you want to achieve when presenting. 

And don't underestimate the impact of the professional design you'll get. It'll help your presentation look coherent. Plus, using professional leadership PowerPoint templates can save you time, which is useful if you've got a lot of presentations to create, or if slide design isn't your favorite task. 

So it's a good idea to check out the leadership PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements. Here's how you find them. 

find leadership powerpoint templates on Envato Elements
Here are just some of the premium leadership PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

Visit Envato Elements and select Presentation Templates next to the search box. Type leadership into the search box. You'll have dozens of leadership PowerPoint templates to choose from. Check out the previews till you find the one you want. 

When you've found a template select it, click Download, and start customizing. I'll share some tips on customizing a leadership PowerPoint presentation later in this guide. 

Envato Elements is a great choice if you're creating leadership PPT presentations regularly. But if you want leadership presentation PPT slides for one-off use, check out the PowerPoint templates for leadership presentations available from GraphicRiver.

5 Great Leadership PowerPoint Templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

To help you get started, here are some attractive leadership PowerPoint presentation templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver: 

1. MOUVE - Elegant PowerPoint Template

Mouve leadership powerpoint presentation

Mouve is a minimalist, professional leadership PPT template that'll help you communicate your points clearly and effectively. It includes 50 different slides as well as icons for customization. Plus, it's easy to edit. 

2. Speaker Up - Google Slides Template

speaker up leadership ppt

Sometimes simple PowerPoint templates for leadership presentations work the best. At other times you want variety. SpeakerUp has three color schemes, 12 variations and 360 different slides in total. This professional theme is easy to edit, and can be used in both Google Slides and PowerPoint. 

3. Balance - PowerPoint Template

powerpoint templates for leadership presentation

If you're looking for examples of PowerPoint presentations on leadership, Balance is a full-featured starting point. Fully editable, and including icons and mockups, this leadership PowerPoint theme included more than 145 slides. 

4. Leadership

 leadership presentation ppt slides

This collection of leadership presentation PPT slides will get your presentation off to a great start. It's easy to change fonts, themes, and colors to customize your presentation just the way you like it. All elements are simple to edit via the drag and drop interface.

5. Dinamika – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

examples of powerpoint presentations on leadership

Dinamika is a colorful leadership PPT template set. It includes 36 slides with customizable and resizeable graphics. This is an excellent choice for a creative presentation with lots of images. 

25 Top Free Leadership PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2020 Presentations

There's no doubt that premium leadership presentation PPT slides offer an advantage in terms of design and flexibility. Plus they save you time because you don't have to worry about fiddly design details. But before you look for free leadership PowerPoint templates on the web, check out Envato Elements' freebies first. You'll get to try out free PowerPoint presentations on leadership while benefiting from premium design. 

Here's how it works:

But if your budget is tight, sometimes free leadership templates for presentations are what you can manage. To help you out, we've found some great leadership PowerPoint templates free to download on the web:

1. Bright Business Presentation

 leadership powerpoint templates free download

This is one of many free leadership PowerPoint templates on the Microsoft Office site. It's got a simple and businesslike design. 

2. Academic Presentation

This is another free leadership PowerPoint template from Microsoft. Though it's got an academic theme, the elegant design will work well in leadership settings.

3. Green Pitch Deck

If you need to make a pitch, this useful theme is another of the leadership PowerPoint templates free to download from Microsoft Office. It's an attractive way to showcase company information. Change the color scheme if necessary.

4. Training Presentation

This leadership PowerPoint template from Microsoft has a simple design and includes 14 slides. This is a good starting point for a leadership training presentation. 

5. Employee Training Presentation

This free leadership PowerPoint theme is suitable if you want to keep your presentation short and sweet. It's got just nine slides, and is set up for delivering training courses.

6. Marshmallow

 free powerpoint presentations on leadership

Looking for some inspiration for free? Presentations on leadership using Behance templates are also an option. Marshmallow has a cool color scheme that's sure to appeal to your audience. 

7. Business Plan Presentation Template

This leadership PPT template is available in an attractive, muted color scheme. It'll give your presentations a professional look. 

8. Corporate Free PowerPoint

SlideSmash also offers templates for free PowerPoint presentations on leadership. This modern design is easy to edit, includes vector graphics, and has 10 slides. 

9. Business Consulting

Business Consulting is a free leadership PowerPoint theme from GraphicBulb. It uses a businesslike blue, white and black color scheme to create attractive slides. 

10. Business Company

This is one of several leadership PowerPoint templates free to download from GraphicBulb. It includes 16 easy to edit slides, and has an understated color scheme. 

11. Investor Pro

free leadership powerpoint

When choosing PowerPoint templates for leadership presentation sometimes it can help to match it to your intended use. This theme is intended for investor presentations. It includes 16 relevant slide designs. 

12. Free Annual Report PowerPoint Template

If you're looking to create an annual report quickly (we've got annual report tips, too), then check out this free leadership PPT template. It includes 16 attractive slides. 

13. ProjectX Free Business PowerPoint Template

Here's another of GraphicBulb's leadership PowerPoint templates that are free to download. ProjectX has a simple, attractive design suitable for many uses. It includes 16 slides.  

14. Free Corporate PowerPoint Template

Looking for more free PowerPoint presentations on leadership? FPPT.com has some corporate themes. This one has a muted color scheme and includes slides relating to common business topics. 

15. Free Corporate Company Presentation Template

Here's another of the free leadership templates from FPPT. The slide set includes templates for quotes, financials and more.

16. Free Business Presentation Template

free leadership templates

This blue-grey presentation template is suitable for a wide range of presentations. It's preset with the basic slides you need and will also work in Google Slides. 

17. Free Go-To-Market Strategy PowerPoint Template

For examples of PowerPoint presentations on leadership, check out this go-to-market template. It gives you an outline of what you need for this kind of presentation. It's free from FPPT.com.

18. Start Up Corporation PowerPoint Template

Launching a startup? Then this is a great template to use for a leadership presentation. It's minimalist yet colorful, and will get attention.

19. Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This pitch deck template has an attractive and unusual design. It's a great example of a PowerPoint presentation on leadership for you to follow.

20. Investor Business PowerPoint Template

This leadership presentation PPT template uses serif fonts to achieve a crisp and formal look. At the same time, the minimalist design keeps it looking modern and attractive.

21. Cute Confetti

leadership qualities ppt free download

If fun is one of your leadership qualities, this PPT download from SlidesCarnival is the way to go. The mixture of confetti and pastel keeps it cheerful.

22. Concentric Blue

This PowerPoint theme has a modern design and blue color scheme. It includes 25 slides, as well as icons and a world map.

23. Medical Illustrated

Here's a different kind of free leadership PPT presentation theme. This one is intended for medical presentations and the slides include relevant illustrations. 

24. Bassett

This is a well-designed theme for your next leadership PowerPoint presentation. It includes a variety of slide designs. Edit it using either PowerPoint or Google Slides. 

25. York

This is a professional theme, perfect for your next leadership presentation. It includes a range of slide designs. Edit it in either PowerPoint or Google Slides.

How to Quickly Make Great Leadership PowerPoint Presentations

Once you've downloaded your free leadership templates, the next step is to customize them to meet your needs. Here are some tips to get you started. I'll be using the premium Hexagon PowerPoint template

hexagon leadership qualities ppt download

Let's get started:

1. Edit Your Slide Title and Subtitles

How to Edit Your Slide Title and Subtitles in PowerPoint

I'm going to use the title slide for this. Open the presentation and go to the title slide. Double-click to select the slide title and replace it with your chosen text. Follow the same procedure to edit subtitles.

2. Add Text to Slides

How to Add Text to Slides to leadership powerpoint template

Use a similar procedure to edit body text. Double-click within a text box to select all the text, then replace it by typing your own. You can also paste in pre-prepared text. 

3. Add or Resize Images

How to Add or Resize Images in a leadership powerpoint presentation

Click the onscreen image placeholder to import an image from your computer. You can also resize any image by grabbing the handles of the image placeholder and dragging them till you get the size you want.

4. Remove Unwanted Elements

How to Remove Unwanted Elements from a leadership powerpoint presentation

On any slide, click to select an image or text box you want to remove. Then use the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it. 

5. Remove Extra Slides

How to Remove Extra Slides from a leadership ppt

At the end of the customization process, there may be a few slides you don't need. Select these in PowerPoint's slide navigator and use the Cut command to remove them.

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We've shared some attractive templates with you, paid and free. To see even more, check out the articles below:

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Create Your Next Leadership PowerPoint Presentation Today

You've seen some appealing PowerPoint templates for leadership presentations, including some free leadership PowerPoint templates. When making your decision about which templates to use, remember that premium templates offer some advantages over free templates on the web. 

Check out the leadership PowerPoint templates available from Envato Elements. You can also try leadership PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver. It offers dozens of leadership presentation PPT slides for you to try. 

Why not create your leadership PowerPoint presentation today? Download your favorite leadership PPT template and get started.

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