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20 Best Free Microsoft Word Business Contract Templates to Download 2022

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Need a legal document, but can't afford to create a custom one with the help of a designer? The best solution might be to lean on contract template Word designs. 

Word contract template intro graphicWord contract template intro graphicWord contract template intro graphic
Here's a premium professionally designed project proposal contract that includes a contract template for Word

Learn how to use the best simple business contract samples to save time. Not only will you see free contract template Word designs, but we'll share useful tips as well.

In this article, we'll feature premium business contract template Microsoft Word downloads (unlimited) that are polished and presentable. You'll also see pay-as-you go downloads with outstanding Microsoft contract templates. Plus, there are some free contract samples for Word if you don't have any budget. 

These documents may not address every legal provision in your area. Always review your proposed contracts with a licensed legal professional.

Top Premium Business Contract Template Microsoft Word Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

Later in this article, you'll see the contract template free Word downloads that brought you to this page. We've got plenty of downloads that help you use contract sample templates at no cost.

But before we do that, there's one thing you should know: there's a much better way to source your Microsoft contract templates. With the help of Envato Elements, you'll get unlimited downloads of the best contract sample Word designs.

Elements contract example WordElements contract example WordElements contract example Word
Download unlimited premium contract sample templates for one flat rate on Envato Elements.

Thanks to Elements, you can source everything you need for a flat rate. That includes not only Microsoft contract templates, but plenty of other graphic elements. Stock photos, graphics, illustrations and more: you name it, Elements has it.

Need a premium simple business contract sample, but aren't ready for a subscription? We've got you covered with GraphicRiver, a pay-as-you-go creative marketplace. Buy single simple business contract samples and start using them. Pay only for what you use.

GraphicRiver contract sample WordGraphicRiver contract sample WordGraphicRiver contract sample Word
With GraphicRiver, you can easily buy single Microsoft contract templates for your next project.

No matter which marketplace you choose remember: business contract template with free Word designs aren't the best value. Spend a bit, get a lot, and use premium contract format Word templates.

5 Top Premium Designs for Microsoft Contract Templates

Let’s look at five of the top premium contract template Word designs available in 2022. These stunning contract example Word designs feature beautiful graphics and compelling styles. Try any of these five Microsoft contract templates out for your next need:

1. MS Word CV Contract Business Card Invite Templates

Contract template WordContract template WordContract template Word

This contract template Word is part of a full pack of business documents. It’s a Microsoft contract template that you can customize easily. It's illustrated with pre-built content placeholders throughout. Rearrange pages, add custom text, and more.

2. Modern Proposal Contract and Invoice

Contract sample templateContract sample templateContract sample template

Need a business contract template Microsoft Word file that’s sure to impress? You’ve found it with this powerful design. With a modern look and feel, this one is lavishly drawn. It contains 12 pages that you can use as a proposal or contract sample Word. Plus, it includes an invoice template to close your next deal.

3. Project Proposal

Business contract template Microsoft WordBusiness contract template Microsoft WordBusiness contract template Microsoft Word

Take any contract example Word to the next level thanks to Project Proposal. Designed by experts, this one helps you outline your contract proposals in style. With ample room for key details, you can try out many examples of contract formats in moments. Plus, it’s print-ready for easy sharing and distribution.

4. Pitch Deck Proposal Contract & Invoice

Contract format WordContract format WordContract format Word

A contract format for Word is a great way to save time while ensuring success. This one is a good choice because of its flexibility. With a few clicks, you can customize the Microsoft contract template found inside. Take the simple business contract sample and drop in your key details. Then print it or convert to a PDF for digital sharing.

5. Proposal Contract & Invoice Template

Microsoft contract templateMicrosoft contract templateMicrosoft contract template

This contract example Word comes in a set of business templates. With sleek graphics and ready-to-use features, it’s a quick way to build an ironclad contract. Pair your contract with a matching invoice, proposal, and timeline form. You won’t find those with a business contract template free Word file!

20 Top Free MS Word Business Contract Template Examples to Download (2022)

Before looking for business contract template free Word designs on the web, check Envato's free offerings first.

Free Files Envato ElementsFree Files Envato ElementsFree Files Envato Elements
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on Envato Market.

Try out various premium template files (not always contract example Word) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Now let's look at our lest of free contract sample templates:

1. Residential Lease Agreement Template

Simple business contract sampleSimple business contract sampleSimple business contract sample

This is a contract template in Word for lease agreements. It’s an option for landlords and tenants seeking a written contract format for Word.

2. Formal Meeting Agenda

Designed as a meeting agenda, you can adapt this file into a contract sample template. The linear format works for both simple and complex contracts.

3. Job Estimate Template

Use this template for a simple business contract sample as you quote pricing. Add lines for signatures and you’ll have a basic contract format for Word that you can use for business.

4. Business Bill of Sale 

This free business contract template Microsoft Word is set up as a bill of sale. It works if you need to specify sales terms, items included, and more.

5. Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Contract example wordContract example wordContract example word

A non-disclosure agreement is a contract often used between employees and employers. This business contract template free Word file lets you make your own versions. Simply add your own text.

6. Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

Here's another bill of sale, focused on the auto industry. It’s one of many examples of contract formats that you may encounter in your business.

7. We Owe Form

Use a Microsoft contract template like the We Owe Form to track amounts owed and costs incurred. It’s a basic layout, but you can insert extra details when needed by using Word’s built-in features.

8. Annual Salary Increase

Contracts can bring good news. In the case of this free contract sample for Word, it outlines an annual salary increase. Change the intervals to any timeframe desired.

9. Free Letter of Intent Template

A letter of intent helps outline the scope of a project in contract form. This free contract format for Word lets you draft your own LOI or contract proposal.

10. Rent Receipt

Business contract template free WordBusiness contract template free WordBusiness contract template free Word

A rental agreement is an important use for contracts. This business contract template for Microsoft Word has that in mind.

11. Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation are common examples of contract formats. Use this contract format for Word to draft your own as you start a new business.

12. All Pages Numbered (Top)

A very basic blank design with page numbers, this file can work as a contract sample template. You’ll add all details and formatting, which preserves creative control. 

13. Corporate Minutes

This design works as a business contract template free Word file. It's a neat, ordered layout similar to many business contracts.

14. Price Quote Request Form

A contract template for Word is an essential part of any price quoting process. Put key details and outcomes in writing with this contract sample Word design.

15. Syllabus Template

Contract sample WordContract sample WordContract sample Word

A syllabus is an academic example of a written contract. Here's a syllabus contract sample template that works in Microsoft Word, free.

16. Election to Cancel Contract

This simple business contract sample communicates the cancellation of any contract. It's done in a clear, concise way.

17. Modern Chronological Resume

Although meant to be a resume, this is also an option for a simple business contract sample. Simply swap out the existing text with your own contract terms.

18. Basic Design Blank Template

Another blank layout, this can become a Microsoft contract template. If you’re unsure about how you want to design your contract and need flexibility, it’s a usable option.

19. Receipt Template

Free for Word, Receipt Template can transform into a contract format for Word in a few clicks. Map out contract terms and more on the basic layout.

20. Ion Design (Blank)

Examples of contract formatsExamples of contract formatsExamples of contract formats

Ion Design allows you to build custom contract sample Word files. Subtle flashes of color add contrasts to the paragraph-form text.

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Contracts in Word for 2022

We’ve looked at free and premium examples of contract formats. These help you build useful contracts in moments. But to ensure success, consider these five quick tips. Each will help you create your own contract sample Word designs today:

1. Keep Plenty of Open Space

When you choose a contract sample template, keep aesthetics in mind. A messy, cluttered layout doesn’t project a professional appearance. 

Letterhead contract template WordLetterhead contract template WordLetterhead contract template Word
Try this premium template to build your own contract sample Word design.

Aim for minimalist, modern designs that feature plenty of open space. This gives your contract text more room to breathe, and helps it stand out.

2. Stay Tidy With Section Breaks

Most examples of contract formats will have specific sections relating to different parts of the contract. You never want to combine random details in a contract.

This is where section and page breaks come in. Easy to add in Word, they help keep document sections aligned. They’re your best friend when you’re working with a contract template Word.

For more, check out our full tutorial on Word section and page breaks:

3. Use Custom Text and Fonts

Arial and Times New Roman may be classic fonts, but they’re falling out of style in 2022. Many new, modern designs with a focus on readability are emerging every day.

Join in by choosing contract format for Word templates featuring unique fonts. You won’t find those in business contract template free Word downloads.

Case study contract sample templateCase study contract sample templateCase study contract sample template
The premium Case Study Template is a fully-featured contract sample template with custom fonts.

Another option is to source your own fonts. As an Envato Elements subscriber, you've got unlimited access to thousands of custom fonts. Check them out today.

4. Add Page Numbers to Stay in Order

As you build your contract template Word design, you need to ensure that pages stay in sequence. Printed copies could become out of order, rendering your contract confusing.

Page numbers are the perfect solution. These ensure pages stay in the correct order. And they’re very easy to add in Microsoft Word. Learn how today:

5. Try Topic-Focused Designs

Choosing a business contract template Microsoft Word design? Aim for a focused layout. That means staying on topic with your  Microsoft contract template.

Brand guidelines contract format WordBrand guidelines contract format WordBrand guidelines contract format Word
Brand Guidelines is a premium contract sample template focused on branding.

With premium designs from Envato Elements, you’re sure to find a topic-focused design. It’s a key part of choosing the perfect contract sample Word template.

Discover More Top Microsoft Word Template Designs

Once you begin to use templates, it's unlikely that you'll ever go back to "design from scratch." You've seen that templates are a major advantage because they've got most of the work done for you. 

Let's check out more articles with great choices for Microsoft Word templates. With a bit of customization, many of these also work as contract format Word templates.

Learn More About Making Great Word Documents in 2022

Microsoft Word really has many features inside of one convenient package. So, you might be wondering how to keep learning the app while you work with Microsoft contract templates.

The best way to keep learning is to check out our other resources for Word. We've got a complete set of tutorials for you inside of Learn How to Use Microsoft Word (Beginner Tutorial Guide.)

Check out more tutorials to level up your skills. These tutorials will also help you navigate contract example Word templates with less work.

Sign For Success With Your Microsoft Contract Templates Now

Ready to create a document? Before you go, it's important to remember that business contract template free Word designs aren't the best value.

While the cost might be zero, the designs and options just won't match the premium options you saw for contract example Word designs. Download a contract format Word file and just fill it in, and you're on your way.

You don't have to be an attorney to use these templates. Jump to one of examples of contract formats and start customizing it to your needs.

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