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20+ Best Free PowerPoint PPT Crime Scene & Forensic Templates 2022

Do you need to create a Forensic PowerPoint quickly? Are you unsure of how to create a professional PowerPoint presentation?

Juridic is one of the many high-quality PowerPoint crime scene templates available on Envato Elements.

Forensic PPT templates have everything you need to create a professional presentation. Premium templates allow you to start your presentation with a stunning-looking design. 

With professional designs you'll only have to focus on adding your content to the template. The creative design work is done for you. Free PowerPoint crime scene templates are another option. But these don't offer all the features that premium templates have. With premium templates you can save both time and money in the long run. 

Check out all the top-selling PowerPoint crime scene templates available on Envato Elements. We've also got the best forensic PPT templates on GraphicRiver. Consider picking one up today or consider them sample nonprofit annual report designs for your inspiration.

Best PowerPoint Crime Scene Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Explore the hundreds of the best PowerPoint crime scene templates on Envato Elements.  For one low monthly fee, download as many criminal PowerPoint templates as you want. You can also download all the other resources available on Envato Elements including:

  • web themes
  • photos
  • presentation templates
  • and more 

All Elements design templates available come ready to use. They feature stylish designs and are fully customizable to help you make the best possible PowerPoint crime scene templates.

Explore PowerPoint Templates

Envato Elements PowerPoint templatesEnvato Elements PowerPoint templatesEnvato Elements PowerPoint templates
Get access to Envato Element's entire library of PowerPoint crime scene templates.

Let's now have a look at some of the best PowerPoint crime scene templates available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

5 PowerPoint Crime Scene Templates on Envato Elements & GraphicRiver (For 2021)

In this next section, we'll cover the top five PowerPoint crime scene templates that you can download right now on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Citizens Law PowerPoint Template

citizens lawcitizens lawcitizens law

This premium PowerPoint crime scene template has a simple and elegant design. It's got a red color scheme and makes great use of icons throughout various slides. The creative use of gradient images gives this template a modern touch. 

Here are a few notable features for this template:

  • 65 unique slides
  • XML files included
  • unlimited color options
  • widescreen 16:9 ratio

2. Law Consultant PowerPoint Template Presentation

law consultantlaw consultantlaw consultant

This forensic PPT template is a must-have if you want to deliver a great presentation. There are plenty of unique slides that can fit your specific crime scene presentation. The subtle design elements help this presentation stand out from the rest. Grab this template today!

  • 30 slides total
  • PPTX and PPT files
  • fully editable
  • HD 16: 9 widescreen

3. Thorfinn Lawyer PowerPoint


This is an elegant and professional-looking PowerPoint crime scene template. There are many slide designs from you to choose from that allow you to tell a story through your presentation. The elements on the different slides are varied so you can create unique and interesting slides. 

Here are the top features for this forensic PPT template:

  • 30+ total slides
  • PPT & PPTX file
  • drag and drop ready
  • fully editable

4. Lawyee - Law PowerPoint Presentation

The blue and beige color scheme gives this PowerPoint crime scene template a professional look. All the slides are fully editable. There are plenty of image and text placeholders for you to add in your presentation's information no matter how big or small your presentation is. 

Here's what you can expect from Lawyee:

  • 40 total slides
  • all graphics are resizable and editable
  • free web fonts used
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio

5. LEGAL - Attourney & Lawyer PowerPoint Template


This is one creative-looking PowerPoint crime scene template. The design features many different abstract image placeholders that'll be engaging to your audience. All the slides allow you to go into great detail in your crime scene presentation.

Here are the notable features for this template:

  • 50 unique slides
  • PDF documentation
  • editable charts
  • vector-based icons

Let's now have a look at some of the best free forensic PPT templates that you can download right now.

20 Top Free Crime Scene & Forensic PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download (2022)

Here's the deal:

This month's free files.This month's free files.This month's free files.

Let's now go over the top free crime scene PPT templates.

1. Elegant Business PowerPoint Templates

This is a basic crime scene template free. It's got a blue abstract background on all the slides.

2. Formal Law & Justice

There are twenty-five different slides in this free PowerPoint template. You can change the colors, text, and photos in the template. 

3. Government Agency PowerPoint Templates

This crime scene templates free has twenty-five master slides. The design has a blue abstract background with a government seal on the front cover. 

4. Clean Minimal

This template has a minimal design with yellow as the main color. It's got a 16:9 screen layout and comes with eighty different icons. 

5. Business Glossy PowerPoint Templates

There are three slides included in this crime scene templates free. It's got a blue gradient background on all the slides. 

6. Stylish Law & Justice

There are eighty different icons and a world map in this template. The template is fully editable, and you can delete any slides you don't use. 

7. Drawing Firm PowerPoint Templates

Graphs and icons are included in this template. It's got a black, white, and gray color scheme. 

drawing firmdrawing firmdrawing firm

8. Dark Dynamic Lines

This has a minimalist design with geometric lines and dark background. It's got big titles that are in orange. 

9. 2030 Business Plan PowerPoint Templates

This is a multipurpose design template. There's an image of a bulb on some of the slides.

10. Abstract Dynamic Geometric PowerPoint Templates

This crime scene templates free has an abstract geometric background design. It's got vector graphics that are fully resizable. 

blue abstractblue abstractblue abstract

11. Cooperation Process PowerPoint Templates

This template shows a handshake image and a dark blue gradient background. There are twenty-five slides included. 

12. Abstract Blue Cube PowerPoint Templates

This template has an abstract blue cube background. The template is fully editable with over one hundred different icons. 

13. Lawyer Office PowerPoint Templates

This free legal template for presentation has a justice scale in the master slide. The download size is 2MB.

Lawyer Office Powerpoint TemplatesLawyer Office Powerpoint TemplatesLawyer Office Powerpoint Templates

14. Abstract Polygonal Space PowerPoint Templates

This template contains a polygonal abstract image using lines and points. It comes with forty-eight slides.

15. Work Summary PowerPoint Templates

This crime scene templates free is fully editable. It contains twenty-five slides and is a 2MB download. 

16. Spelman

Spelman features nineteen slides. The slides have image placeholders for you to add in your own images. 

17. 3D Plate PowerPoint Template

This is a free template that contains three-dimensional plate shapes. The download size is only 153KB.

18. MacCarthy

MacCarthy is a retro PowerPoint template. It contains ten slides and can be used in Google Slides. 

19. Balance PowerPoint Template Toolkit

This crime scene templates free contains different vectors and illustrations. The download size is 111KB.

balance powerpointbalance powerpointbalance powerpoint

20. Medeley Business

There are thirty-two slides in this free template. It features a blue and green color scheme with editable charts. 

Looking to get the most out of your PowerPoint crime scene templates? We'll cover a few tips on how you can get great criminal PowerPoint presentations in the next section. 

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Crime Scene & Forensic Presentations in 2022

Now that you've got your PowerPoint crime scene template, it's time to edit it. To help you get the most out of your template, we'll now go over five quick tips: 

1. Use High-Quality Images

If you don't use high-quality images, your presentation will look unprofessional. Make sure you only use the best quality images available. 

2. Keep It Brief

When you're filling out your slides with content, keep it short. Adding too much information to your slides will make your audience lose interest in the presentation. 

3. Limit Animations

Animations in your presentation help add interest. But using too many animations on the elements in your slides can distract your audience.

4. Use Contrasting Colors

It's best to use contrasting colors for your background and text. This will help your text pop out and be easy to read. 

5. Limit Your Slides

Be sure to only include the most important slides. Just because your template has thirty slides, doesn't mean you've got to use all of them.

Looking to take your PowerPoint presentation skills to the next level? In the next section, we'll cover a few resources that you can check out that'll help you become more proficient in PowerPoint. 

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most advanced presentation software on the market. It comes with many features that can help you create stunning presentations. To help you get the most out of the software, check out the articles below.

Download a PowerPoint Crime Scene Template Today!

Everyone can download one of the crime scene templates free available. But many of these free templates offer you basic designs. This won't be the best option for you to present your crime scene presentation. 

As a subscriber to Envato Elements, you get access to millions of professional assets. This includes Microsoft PowerPoint templates. Don't miss out on this opportunity to download a premium PowerPoint crime scene template. Start your crime slides template with a great-looking design.

You can also buy just one PowerPoint crime scene template on GraphicRiver. It works on a pay-per-download model. This allows you to download a single premium criminal PowerPoint template.

Get your premium  PowerPoint crime scene template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver today. Subscribe and download one now!

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