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20+ Free Simple PowerPoint PPT Template Designs to Download for 2022

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Read Time: 23 mins

Do you want to create an exciting, engaging presentation? Try using simple PowerPoint templates for the best possible presentation design.

Simple PowerPoint Presentation templateSimple PowerPoint Presentation templateSimple PowerPoint Presentation template
Simple presentation templates (premium) help your audience focus on the critical points.

It's not easy to give a presentation. We're all competing for the limited attention spans that are always shrinking. 

Most people don't know what to focus on in busy, cluttered presentations. The best way to draw focus is to limit the objects on a slide to the absolute essentials. 

PowerPoint presentations are a great visual aid. But it's distracting when the slides include too much text, photos, and graphics.

The best solution? Keep it simple. And in this article, you'll see the best free simple PPT templates. You'll also see low-cost, highly effective simple PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and simple PowerPoint slides from GraphicRiver.

Download the Best Premium Simple Background for PowerPoint Templates

Later in this article, you'll see free simple PPT templates. For now, let's focus on options that cost a bit more, but give you a significant advantage.

On Envato Elements, you can download an unlimited number of simple background for PowerPoint designs—all for a flat fee. That's a compelling offer that helps you keep your costs low.

Envato Elements unlimited simple PowerPoint templatesEnvato Elements unlimited simple PowerPoint templatesEnvato Elements unlimited simple PowerPoint templates
On Envato Elements, you can download an unlimited number of templates - including premium simple PowerPoint templates - for a flat rate.

When you use a professionally designed simple background for PowerPoint template like those on Elements, you skip ahead to nearly finished presentation. Just add your content specifics and develop a simple PowerPoint presentation rapidly.

Elements isn't the only option. Another outstanding source for simple background for PowerPoint templates is GraphicRiver. It's a pay-as-you-go marketplace that allows you to buy single templates for a low cost.

GraphicRiver Simple PowerPoint templatesGraphicRiver Simple PowerPoint templatesGraphicRiver Simple PowerPoint templates
Use GraphicRiver to source and buy premium single simple PowerPoint templates for a low cost.

GraphicRiver is perfect for the decisive creative who knows exactly the type of simple PPT template to use. 

Top 5 Premium Simple Background for PowerPoint (From Envato Elements - For 2022)

There are many high-quality premium templates available on and Envato Elements. To help you narrow down your search, we've compiled a list of the top five templates that you'll want to download today!

Here are five outstanding simple background for PowerPoint templates from the two leading marketplaces below:

1. Simple PowerPoint

Simple PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsSimple PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsSimple PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements

This template is the perfect example of why premium options offer so much more than free simple PowerPoint templates. The professional design featuring simple PowerPoint backgrounds in dark themes stand out. Each of the 45 slide designs is simple enough to be unforgettable.

2. Cose

Cose is a modern looking simple background for PowerPoint. The design is spacious with elegant fonts. If you need to make a stunning looking presentation, then this is the background PPT simple template for you!
Here are the main features:
  • 30+ awesome slides
  • 100% fully editable & resizable
  • aspect ratio 16:9
  • free web fonts

3. Simple Presentation

Simple PowerPoint slidesSimple PowerPoint slidesSimple PowerPoint slides

The background PPT simple slides in this template feature a crucial advantage: eye-catching animations. It's essential to keep a presentation simple. Animations support that by saving key points for a big reveal. Use this template to create simple PowerPoint slides with a bit of motion.

4. Simplize

simplize PPTsimplize PPTsimplize PPT
Simplize is a great multipurpose presentation business or personal needs. Al the elements in this template are fully editable and make creating a background PPT simple incredibly easy. There's even a gallery and portfolio slide. 
Here are a few notable features for Simplize:
  • 150+ total slides
  • 30 slides for each template
  • section break slides
  • 5 color variations

5. Simple PowerPoint Presentation

Simple PowerPoint SlidesSimple PowerPoint SlidesSimple PowerPoint Slides

The best simple PowerPoint templates are loaded with extras. This one is no exception thanks to the included icon set and drag-and-drop image placeholders. It's another outstanding template with quick animations and clean slide designs.

For even more options for simple background for PowerPoint templates, check out the two articles below:

Best 5 Premium Simple Background for PowerPoint on GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver has thousands of beautiful resume templates that you can buy individually. It's part of Envato Market where you can find PowerPoint templates as well as other creative assets such as photos, web templates, video templates, and more.

Envato MarketEnvato MarketEnvato Market
Envato market has high quality PowerPoint template designs that you can buy one at a time.

GraphicRiver allows you to buy best-selling PowerPoint templates individually. As opposed to paying a flat monthly fee. It’s a great way to cut costs if you only need one template.

Let's now go over five different background PPT simple templates that are sure to take your presentations to the next level:  

1. Simpl PowerPoint

Simple PowerPoint DesignsSimple PowerPoint DesignsSimple PowerPoint Designs

Simpl is the perfect example of just how much you can show with text headlines and bold imagery. This template features trendy custom image masks. Use them to transform your photos into custom shapes that are eye-catching. Use these designs for an impactful presentation.

Here are some of the features that you can expect:

  • 200 unique multipurpose slides
  • 93 master slides
  • 20 pre-made color templates
  • 4000 slides in total

2. Themo Gradient Simple Presentation

Simple PowerPoint backgroundsSimple PowerPoint backgroundsSimple PowerPoint backgrounds

The simple PowerPoint backgrounds with beautiful gradients set this template apart. Many of the slides use elegant imagery with colorful overlays to create beautiful, simple slide designs.

Here are a few notable features:

  • master slide option
  • drag & drop image 
  • 4 color templates 
  • font icon library


SIMPLE Powerpoint Presentation - As SIMPLE As I'mSIMPLE Powerpoint Presentation - As SIMPLE As I'mSIMPLE Powerpoint Presentation - As SIMPLE As I'm

SIMPLE was made with infographics, illustrations, and SmartArt to help you tell your story. All the slides and templates come with preset animated slides and transitions. If you need to create a professional PowerPoint in a hurry, then check this one out!

This simple background for PowerPoint has plenty of great features including: 

  • 12 themes color & 2 Background
  • 102 multipurpose slides
  • 2 aspect ratios (16:9) wide screen and (4:3) normal screen
  • PPTX and PPT files


CLING - Simple Presentation Powerpoint TemplateCLING - Simple Presentation Powerpoint TemplateCLING - Simple Presentation Powerpoint Template

You can tell that this template focused on the details of the design. This ultra-polished background PPT simple has a stunning looking modern design. With a blue and black color scheme, you're sure to come across as professional. 

Here are the features that you can expect:

  • 40+ unique slide
  • image placeholders
  • drag and drop Image
  • media placeholders

5. Simple & Modern Business PowerPoint Template

Simple & Modern Business Powerpoint TemplateSimple & Modern Business Powerpoint TemplateSimple & Modern Business Powerpoint Template

This is one massive simple background for PowerPoint. It includes over 2,500+ unique slides. Regardless of what type of presentation you're working on, this template has slides that'll work. For just one low payment, this PowerPoint template is a steal!

Here are a few features:

  • 2500+ well designed slides
  • 12 cool & clean themes
  • easy customizable contents
  • 1000+ vector icons

Now that we've gone over the best premium templates available, let's go over the top free simple background for PowerPoint. 

20+ Free Simple PowerPoint PPT Templates

Before looking for a free simple PPT template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always free simple PPT templates) at no cost to you.
High Quality Free TemplatesHigh Quality Free TemplatesHigh Quality Free Templates
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.
Here's the deal:

The premium options you saw above are certainly fully featured simple PowerPoint templates. But sometimes, your budget must be zero. In that case, turn to the free simple PPT templates that we've rounded up below: 

1. Minimalist Color Presentation

Free Simple PPT templateFree Simple PPT templateFree Simple PPT template

A free simple PPT template like this can be used as a quick starting point for a variety of presentations. Each of the built-in slide layouts includes basic backgrounds and text placeholders. It’s simply a matter of you adding in your content to build a slide deck.

2. Power - Free Minimal PowerPoint Template

Searching for free simple PPT template free download options? Keep in mind these won’t be as robust as premium templates found around the web. But they can be tools to use to create free and simple presentations inside PowerPoint quickly. This one is a good example, with a variety of custom slides for you to use in your free simple PowerPoint template.

3. Business Proposal Free PowerPoint Template

Simple PPT Templates with Free downloadsSimple PPT Templates with Free downloadsSimple PPT Templates with Free downloads

Business proposals are one of many types of presentations that can benefit from free simple PPT template designs in 2022. To succeed, you need slides that complement your messaging and data. In this simple PowerPoint templates free download, slides you’ll find maps, timelines, device mockups, and other layouts.

4. Simple PowerPoint Template with Flowers

For a basic, clean, free simple PPT template design, a floral theme is one place to start. This simple PPT layout offers just that in a free download. A variety of slide designs can be added using PowerPoint’s built-in tools.

5. Free Creation PowerPoint Template

Simple PowerPoint designs like this don’t distract from your content. Instead, they act as a framework for you to build slides of your own. Don’t forget to mix and match design elements like fonts, color themes, and more.

6. Creative Idea Presentation Template

Simple PowerPoint templates with free downloadsSimple PowerPoint templates with free downloadsSimple PowerPoint templates with free downloads

These simple background designs focus on sharing creative ideas. That means it’s up to you to craft dynamic slides suited to your message. The template itself, along with PowerPoint’s editing tools, is ready to do the rest. 

7. Dark Theme Free PowerPoint Template

Dark backdrops add a dramatic look to any PowerPoint presentation designs. More importantly, they’re easier on the eyes and often better suited to larger rooms. In this free simple PPT template, you’ll find plenty of unique slide designs and custom options to help your next presentation flow smoothly. 

8. Modern Blue Presentation

Here's a simple and free no-frills template design for PPT. The Modern Blue Presentation is suited to many types of slide deck. Basic placeholders are included for text and photos. Customize them yourself by adding dynamic content and exploring new fonts and colors. 

9. Wave Green PowerPoint Templates

Simple PowerPoint backgroundsSimple PowerPoint backgroundsSimple PowerPoint backgrounds

The unifying design theme of this simple PPT templates free download pack lies in its name. Wavy green graphics provide splashes of color across every slide included. The lighter backdrop leaves you plenty of room to insert the content of your choosing.

10. Abstract Slide

For business and personal presentations alike, less can be more when it comes to choosing a design. Such is the case with simple PowerPoint templates free download like this one. It offers a rudimentary border without a lot of extra style. That provides creators like you more space to fill with custom content.

11. Tiasy PowerPoint Template

Soft, pastel colors from the natural environment inspire free simple PowerPoint templates like the one featured here. Tiasy includes six color variations, each one a version of earthy tones. Miscellaneous placeholders support these for mockups, photographs, and more.

12. Simple Abstract PowerPoint Templates

Free simple PPT templateFree simple PPT templateFree simple PPT template

Simple PowerPoint slides should include a few elements:

  • bold text
  • clear, concise messages
  • and perhaps an illustration

All that and more can be easily added to the flexible slides in this abstract PPT download. The key is to match your message with the material you show on-screen.

13. Graphic PowerPoint Template

Blue background graphics characterize the design of this free simple PPT presentation. But that can be easily changed with PowerPoint’s built-in color choosers. A selection of slides is included within the free simple PowerPoint template.

14. Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Social media marketing is a leading way for individuals and brands to promote themselves. This free simple PowerPoint design is ready to help, with slides centered around digital marketing. Just add your content.

15. Abstract Red and Black Wavy Background PowerPoint Template

Just as the name suggests, these simple PowerPoint template free download backgrounds feature bold color graphics on every slide. They stand out, even in a large room, and are readily customizable. The download pack includes a cover slide and two internal designs.

16. Vertical Waves PowerPoint Templates

Abstract graphics are useful because of their versatility. This free simple PPT template pack illustrates slides with a vertical wave design. It's designed using master slides. That enables fast bulk edits if you've got a lengthy presentation.

17. Nine Free PowerPoint Template

Simple PowerPoint designs you get for free won’t include hundreds of design choices like their premium counterparts. Instead, you’ll get only a small handful, like the 10 designs found here. But they can be customized with just a few clicks, thanks to PowerPoint’s fast and flexible editing options. 

18. Simple & Unique PowerPoint Template for Presentations

Are you in a hurry to build slides? This basic layout provides a fast, if not fancy, way to help you do it. Your best bet is to use PowerPoint’s slide layout menu to build new layouts to fit your content. 

19. Free Modern PowerPoint Template

Free simple PowerPoint templatesFree simple PowerPoint templatesFree simple PowerPoint templates

Simple PowerPoint presentation examples like those found here style slides in a clean, minimalist fashion. By using a light background, photos and bolder text stand out. This simple PPT delivers 10 slide options that you can edit and rearrange as needed.

20. Hexagon Presentation Light

Another geometric pattern layout is found in this hexagonal design. Basic instructions are included with the download to assist you. Make sure to change out the text, color palette, fonts, and more to make this free simple ppt template your own. 

21. Turn PowerPoint Template

Simple PPT DesignsSimple PPT DesignsSimple PPT Designs

The Turn PowerPoint Template includes an array of slides, 170 in total. The graphics are full HD, which makes the template usable on larger displays. These design elements help you build slide decks of your own.

How to Make a Stunning Looking Simple PPT Presentation

Not that you've got a premium PowerPoint template, it's time to customize it to fit the particular project you're working on. 

Simple PowerPoint TemplateSimple PowerPoint TemplateSimple PowerPoint Template
The tutorial below is based on the premium SImple Presentation template, available through Envato Elements.

For this tutorial, I'll use the premium template, SImple Presentation. SImple is a modern looking template that features a dark theme, free fonts, and is fully editable.  

Once you've got your simple PowerPoint template, it’s time to customize it with your own content and brand it according to your brand guidelines. To customize your simple PPT template, simply follow the steps below. 

Let's have a look at how you can edit the template: 

1. Choose Your Slides

Before you begin editing the various slides in the template, choose the ones to add to your presentation. This will all depend on the project that you're working on.

Go through each slide and delete the ones you won't be using. Simply right click on a slide and click Delete Slide if you aren't going to use it. 

Delete SlideDelete SlideDelete Slide

2. Add Your Content

Next, add all your presentations content by copy and pasting it over. Simply double click the text placeholders to copy and paste over your text.

If you need to move your text around on the slide, you can drag and drop the text. You can also resize it by dragging the corners of the text placeholder.

add contentadd contentadd content

3. Add Images

Images are an integral part of any presentation. The SImple template has image placeholders as well. Just click on the image placeholder and choose the images to add from your computer.

Just like the text, you can resize the images as well. You can do this by dragging the corners of the image. 


4. Refine Your Presentation

It's common to generate new ideas when working with a template. This may inspire you to add new and meaningful slides to your presentation.

If you find new information that you want to add, you can duplicate your existing slides. Right click the slide you want to duplicate and choose the Duplicate Slide option. 

duplicate slidesduplicate slidesduplicate slides

5. Add Transitions

Finally, you're ready to add the finishing touches. Transitions add that extra bit of professional polish. This helps your presentation stand out to your audience in a subtle way.

Choose the slide that you want to add a transition to and select the Transition top menu tab. A menu appears with all the transitions available. Select the one that you like, and it'll automatically be applied to your slide. 


Next up are a few tips that can help you make your simple PPT template quickly. 

5 Tips to Make Simple PowerPoint Presentations Quickly

Beautiful, simple templates are the perfect starting point for building an excellent presentation. With the help of a few tips and tricks, you can create a simple presentation quickly. Here are five of the best tips that pro presenters use:

1. Write the Presentation Before Opening PowerPoint

Too often, rookie PowerPoint users start creating their presentation by opening the app. It creates a vicious cycle of typing content on slides, re-arranging it, reworking it, and continually spinning your wheels.

The alternative is to write your presentation first—then build it out on PowerPoint slides. There are two steps to composing simple presentations:

  1. writing
  2. slide design

You can still adjust content on the fly. But if you've got most of the work finished, it's helpful to the process.

For more tips on the presentation writing and preparation process, check out this tutorial:

2. Keep It Simple

This article is all about keeping things simple. It's important to remember that simple isn't just a shortcut. It's a design philosophy that helps your audience focus on a few key points instead of flooding them

Here's a radical design tip: finish your presentation, then go to each slide and find one item to delete. This forces you to consider how much content to include on each slide. And it'll leave you with more straightforward, information-dense slides.

Simple PPT PresentationSimple PPT PresentationSimple PPT Presentation
Use premium templates with simple PowerPoint layouts to help your audience focus.

3. Create Reusable Layouts 

Think of a layout as the pre-built set of elements for each slide. Choose a layout, and you'll have every placeholder you need to build your slide rapidly. With the help of layouts, you don't have to re-draw a slide from scratch.

It helps to create custom layouts that you can use repeatedly. Check out the tutorial below:

4. Convert Data to Visuals

Rookie presenters, particularly in the business world, use data-heavy slides that are sure to overwhelm an audience. 

Skip lists of data and use graphics instead. With the help of a few bar charts or graphs, you can tell a data-driven story without flooding your listeners.

Convert data to visuals in simple PPTConvert data to visuals in simple PPTConvert data to visuals in simple PPT
Clean, clear graphs like these on this premium template are much simpler than data-rich tables.

5. Add Animation for Impact

Using animations is tricky when building a simple PowerPoint presentation. Use too many animations, and you're sure to distract your audience from the content itself. But with proper animation use, you can introduce key points in an impactful way.

Check out this tutorial. It'll help you master tasteful animations in Microsoft PowerPoint for your simple presentation:

Top 5 Trends for Background PPT Simple

To deliver a great presentation, you'll need to have design that's contemporary. In this section, we'll help you create this contemporary looking presentation.
Let's go over a few of the top trends for your simple background for PowerPoint:

1. Use White Backgrounds

White backgrounds are like a blank canvas. They allow you to highlight any color and shape that you add to your slides. This makes it the perfect background color for any simple background for PowerPoint.

Leave plenty of white background on your slides to accentuate your elements even more.
Using White BackgroundsUsing White BackgroundsUsing White Backgrounds
The white background on this premium simple PPT template makes the perfect backdrop for your presentation.

2. Use Plenty of Images

Images are always a great way to add interest to your slides. With the use of images and minimal text, you'll have a background PPT simple that'll look professional. Be sure to only include images that align with your talking points. 

3. Use Shades of Blue

Blue is an ideal color to use for simple PowerPoint presentations. You can never go wrong with this color. Blue is a simple yet effective color that represents professionalism. You can use just a single blue color in your color palette or use a few shades of blue.

Use Shades of blueUse Shades of blueUse Shades of blue
The blue accents in the premium template give it a professional edge.

4. Use Infographics

Infographics add a great deal of interest to your slides. Like images, they allow you to add a minimal amount of text to your slides. This lets your imagery do the talking and draw in your audience.

Envato Elements has plenty of infographics that you can check out right now!

5. Create 3D Slides

While this may seem complicated, it's very simple. Creating a three dimensional looking slide adds a nice touch to your presentation.

To create 3D slides, simply layer the elements on your pages on top of each other. This creates a 3D look that's subtle and pleasant to look at.

Try using 3D slide design to enhance your presentation (premium example).
Let's now learn more about using the PowerPoint software. 

5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Presentation Templates with Professional Designs (In 2022)

Are you still not sure if using a simple PowerPoint template is right for you? Are you considering a free simple PPT template? Maybe you want to know the value of buying a premium simple PowerPoint template.

Here are five benefits of using a premium simple PowerPoint template:

  1. You save time. When you use premium simple PowerPoint presentation template, a lot of the work is already done. You just need to add your own information and make any customizations you want.
  2. The finished presentation is the best result. Every premium simple PowerPoint presentation template is made to look stylish and professional. Because every presentation is made by a professional, you get a better result than if you tried to create your own.
  3. Ideas are built-in. A good premium template has every slide labeled. This means the presentation comes with a built-in outline. This premade outline can also give your ideas for your presentation.
  4. You can still customize. Just because you're using a premium simple PowerPoint template doesn’t mean that you can’t customize the template. A good premium template is easily customizable. This means that you can customize your template as much as you want.
  5. The presentation stands out. Most people won’t use a premium template, which means that your professionally designed template will stand out among self-made presentations.

Benefits of Envato Elements (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has hundreds of premium simple PowerPoint templates.Envato Elements has hundreds of premium simple PowerPoint templates.Envato Elements has hundreds of premium simple PowerPoint templates.
Envato Elements has hundreds of premium simple PowerPoint templates.

Envato Elements is a subscriptions service where you get unlimited access to digital elements. For a low flat rate price, you’ll get access to thousands of digital elements. Plus, you’ll have access to PowerPoint templates, stock images, fonts, and more.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you've got PowerPoint questions, that’s okay! Here are some common questions and answers:

1. How Do I Add a Calendar to PowerPoint?

There are premium templates that come with a calendar. If you've got a premium template that you want to use, but it doesn’t have a calendar, you can combine the calendar template with the other premium template. For more information, read this tutorial:

2. Can I Present My Presentation on Google Meet?

Yes, you can! To present your presentation, make sure you've got a Google account and a completed presentation. For more information, read this article: 

3. How Do I Make My Presentation More Interesting?

There are several ways that you can make your PowerPoint more interesting. One method is to include the audience in some way. This can be done through a Q & A session or a poll. 

4. How Do I Make a Decision Tree in My Template?

Add a shape to your slide that can be the middle, then choose a different shape to be the node. The create a line that'll connect the nodes to the middle shape. For a more detailed tutorial, read this article:

5. Can I Make a Table of Contents for My Presentation?

Yes, you can. And if you've got a long presentation, it can be helpful. A table of contents can also be beneficial if you plan to email the presentation or print the presentation out. This lets people know what’s going to be discussed.

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a "best of both worlds" app: easy to get started with, but also includes many powerful features. And the more you know about those features, the more confidently you can work within the app.

On Envato Tuts+, we've built a deep library of tutorials that can build your competence as a presenter. Check out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) Here are three of the best tutorials in that guide to start your learning:

Design a Simple PowerPoint Presentation Today

In this article, you saw free simple PPT templates and premium options that help you build an excellent presentation. With the help of free simple PowerPoint templates, your presentation's message is the focus.

Remember: free simple PowerPoint templates are budget-friendly, but premium alternatives give you more. Download top simple PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements, and the best simple PPTs from GraphicRiver. Browse both marketplaces now for the best simple PPTs.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daniel Strongin and Sarah Joy. Daniel and Sarah are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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