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How to Quickly Customize & Insert a PowerPoint (PPT) Calendar Using Templates

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To focus in on a few key dates or an upcoming schedule, insert a calendar in your PowerPoint. Whether you're leading a project or planning your schedule, a PowerPoint calendar can help.

Microsoft PowerPoint isn't just a presentation tool. In reality, many professionals also use it for simple document designs that could wind up exported as PDF or image files. 

How to Quickly Insert a calendar in PowerPoint with TemplatesHow to Quickly Insert a calendar in PowerPoint with TemplatesHow to Quickly Insert a calendar in PowerPoint with Templates

It helps to learn how to create many different types of files in PowerPoint. Your job might someday limit your software choices to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Drawing a calendar from scratch is time-consuming. So, we need shortcuts to skip ahead in the process.

In this tutorial, you'll learn to insert calendars in your PowerPoint presentations. We'll use a mix of premium templates as well as templates built into Microsoft PowerPoint and advanced custom options. You'll see that both of these make it easy to create calendars in PowerPoint. 

For a peek at some PPT calendar templates you can use for your next calendar, study this article:

Let's learn more!

Using Custom Templates for PowerPoint Calendars 

There aren't many options in Microsoft's built-in template gallery, and they might not be up-to-date for the upcoming year.

That's why I frequently use premium pre-built templates from Envato Elements. If you've not checked out Elements, this incredible all-you-can-download service offers unlimited access to creative assets. That includes more than 1,500 unique all-purpose PowerPoint templates for stunning, easy-to-create slide designs.

Envato Elements Custom PPTX TemplatesEnvato Elements Custom PPTX TemplatesEnvato Elements Custom PPTX Templates
All of these 1500+ PowerPoint templates are available as a part of an Envato Elements subscription.

Here's how I use Elements to get ahead in building a slide deck:

  • Develop a quick outline. Before ever opening PowerPoint, I jot some notes on the structure of the content. This helps me decide how to structure the presentation and supports me in choosing a template.
  • Download a template. Next, I jump straight to Elements to sample several templates and find one that matches the style and content that I've got in mind.
  • Fill in the placeholders. Elements templates include tons of slides and corresponding designs, but that doesn't mean that you've got to use every slide in the starter deck. Instead, fill in the placeholders with the content you developed earlier to save time in building the presentation.

Check out the entire lineup of Elements calendar templates for other options to creatively insert a calendar in PowerPoint. Each templates has a slightly different approach for creating calendars in PowerPoint. 

Another option for inserting a calendar in PowerPoint is to use templates from GraphicRiver. This is a "pay-as-you-go" model for buying templates as you need them

Elements and GraphicRiver have a template for every scenario. Mix and match slide designs from various templates to create any design in PowerPoint. Check out the Best Sellers list for the very best that marketplace has to offer.

Also, check the round-up below for another example of how flexible PowerPoint can be to create presentations, including infographics:

How to Insert a Calendar in Microsoft PowerPoint Using a Premium Template

You don't have to build a calendar from scratch to add key dates to your PowerPoint slides. You can insert a calendar in PowerPoint with just a few clicks thanks to the templates from Envato Elements.

One example of a helpful premium PowerPoint template is the Calendar 2019 PowerPoint template pictured below:

Instead of drawing a calendar from scratch, you can use a template with a calendar slide and merely substitute the details with your own calendar for PowerPoint.

The 2019 calendar template for PowerPoint as over 30 different slide designs that can easily be customized to show key dates.

Let's take a closer look at this calendar. Let's look at some of the key slide options that are included as a part of Calendar 2019, the PowerPoint template that we're customizing in this tutorial. 

1. Add Key Dates in Each Month

In the Calendar 2019 template, slides 20 through 31 are single month calendars with a space to the side for notes. There's a pre-built calendar for each month, each with a different color scheme as well.

PowerPoint Calendar 2019PowerPoint Calendar 2019PowerPoint Calendar 2019
In Calendar 2019, there are slide designs for every month in the style you see above.

You can customize starter slides from Elements templates to use in any presentation. In the slide example above, an accent color was used for the month headline. There's room for a more extended description in the text box at right.

Highlight the dates you want to stand out or add text to the notes area.

When you finish customizing the single month calendar slide, copy and paste the PowerPoint calendar slide into your existing slide deck. Or, use the calendar slide all on its own.

If you've never copied and pasted an entire slide, it's easy. Review the screencast below to see how you can move a slide between presentations and keep the style options intact. 

2. Two-Month Calendar View 

Sometimes a single-month view isn't enough. If you need to show dates across two months, the 2019 calendar template for PowerPoint has slides with the view as well. 

2019 PowerPoint2019 PowerPoint2019 PowerPoint
The Calendar 2019 template includes a two-month calendar view.

Slides 2 through 7 are double-month calendar views. Customize these by highlighting certain dates, or a range of dates, in a different color.

When you're done customizing these calendar views, insert the customized calendar slides into your PowerPoint presentation.

3. Key Dates for the Full Year

So far, we've sampled slide designs that show a single month or several months at a time. If you need to zoom out and show an entire year in the presentation, that's possible too. In this case, I'll use slide 1 from Calendar 2019. See the screenshot below for the starting view on that slide.

Calendar  2019Calendar  2019Calendar  2019
A full year calendar view can help your team zoom out and see the entire year all at once with the key dates shown on a single slide.

Imagine using this slide for a full-year view of payroll dates, for example. Again, you can just click on the dates and highlight or bold the dates to bring extra attention to them.

This slide is another excellent example of the flexibility of using pre-built PowerPoint calendar template. Pick up a few of the months, all of the months, or the entire slide and work them into your existing presentation.

That's it! No matter which slides style you chose to insert a calendar into your PowerPoint presentation, using a template is going to save you a lot of time versus designing a PowerPoint calendar from scratch. Thanks to the minimalist design, it's going to fit in with practically any of your PowerPoint presentations.

How to Insert a Calendar in PowerPoint Using a Built-In Template

PowerPoint offers a broad library of templates built right into the app, including calendar slides. There are a few choices for inserting a calendar into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

To get started with the built-in calendar templates, jump over to the File menu and choosNew. You'll see a search box where you can search for a PowerPoint calendar template free through Microsoft. A simple search for "Calendar" shows a couple of options as you can see in the screenshot below.

Office offers several built-in calendar templates that you can use for free right inside the app.

For this example, I'll click on one of the included options to insert the calendar template in Microsoft PowerPoint. Just click on one of the thumbnails to start with the PowerPoint calendar template in your slide deck. A new presentation will open, and you'll see each of the slides appear in your PowerPoint slide deck.

In the Seasonal Calendar example, you'll see one slide for each of the months of the year with corresponding templates. Each day of the year has a text box that can just be updated with details that pertain to each day. Type in those text boxes to add details for each day. Any box that you leave blank in this template won't contain any date-driven information.

In this example, I inserted the seasonal PowerPoint calendar template to pre-build a calendar slide for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Consider using a single PowerPoint file to keep track of all the key dates in your upcoming month. You can even adjust it as many times as you want to always keep your schedule up-to-date. Keep customizing the dates on the example calendar until you've completed your planning.

If the background images don't fit your style, edit the Slide Master to match your preferences. Jump to the View menu and choose Slide Master to modify the master and change the background images. In the example below, I deleted the snowy background scene for a more straightforward slide style.

Calendar Without BackgroundCalendar Without BackgroundCalendar Without Background
Slide masters control shared elements of slides, and you can customize them to remove background scenes like this example.

Jump to the link below to learn more about editing slide masters in this quick screencast:

But, this approach isn't the only way to insert calendars in PowerPoint. We've just scratched the surface on the design options and styles for showing dates is limited if you only use the built-in options. 

Find More PowerPoint Templates

In this tutorial, we tackled adding a calendar to a PowerPoint presentation. With the help of custom PowerPoint templates, it's easy to transform your slide into a date-based agenda.

Check out the roundups below to see even more ideas for using PowerPoint creatively. You'll see that there are templates for practically any purpose so that you can use PowerPoint for so much more than just presentations.

Learn More About PowerPoint

There's no reason to stop learning PowerPoint now! One resource that you can use to keep learning is the Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT. This Tuts+ resource is the best collection of PowerPoint tutorials across the web.

PowerPoint is a great tool that can be used to create a professional PowerPoint. Here are some interesting articles to learn more about PowerPoint:

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Get Started On Your PowerPoint Calendar Now

There are many ways to use a calendar in PowerPoint professionally. You can even use a PowerPoint Calendar for personal use.

Now that you know how to insert a calendar in PowerPoint, why not download a premium PowerPoint calendar template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver today?

Editorial NoteThis post was originally published in [2018]. It's been comprehensively revised to make current, accurate, and up to date by our staff—with special assistance from Sarah Joy.

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