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18+ Best PowerPoint Calendar Template PPT Designs (For 2019)


If you've got a presentation or planning meeting and need to discuss the coming year or a schedule of any type, a PowerPoint calendar template is just what you need. You can display the calendar with the planned events for each day, week, or month. You can even print out the PowerPoint calendar or schedule and post it as a reminder of what you've got planned.

Good calendar templates for PowerPoint can be hard to find. Many people use their mobile devices and presenters often assume they don't need to see a PPT calendar slide. Yet a PowerPoint calendar is an effective, visual reminder of your schedule. 

They also make nice handouts for your audience members. You may even wish to print out and display some of these gorgeous PowerPoint calendars in your office or home.

In this article, I'll share some of our top calendar templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Each calendar or schedule PowerPoint template is ready for you to update with your own events and appointments.

Benefits of Using Envato Elements for Your PowerPoint Calendar Templates

When it comes to finding great calendar template designs, or any good template really, don't overlook Envato Elements for the best 2019 PowerPoint calendar template downloads. Envato Elements is a great deal, you can download as many templates as you want—not just PowerPoint calendar template designs—for one low price.

Envato Elements
On Envato Elements you get unlimited access to templates, including PowerPoint Calendar templates.

An Envato Elements subscription includes other resources too such as fonts, WordPress templates, photos, and much more. You'll even get access to our training videos!

PowerPoint calendars on Elements
Top PowerPoint Calendars on Envato Elements.

The premium calendar PPT templates you'll find on Elements are top-notch and ready for you to customize. Whether you want to include a calendar slide PowerPoint or planner schedule slide in your face-to-face presentation or just post it in a slideshow online, these professionally designed templates provide you with the options you need.

All you've got to do is add your info, insert your business photos, edit each slide design, and quickly put together your presentation. This is one subscription you'll find yourself using again and again!

5 Great PowerPoint Calendar Template Designs from Envato Elements

Need some good calendar templates for PowerPoint? Here are some of our best PowerPoint calendar templates on Envato Elements:

1. Calendar 2019 US for PowerPoint

PowerPoint calendar template

This PowerPoint calendar design template includes 20 calendar layouts to help you share your upcoming calendar fast. They work with all versions of PowerPoint and are easy to customize with only a couple of clicks. This retina-ready template set includes a free Google font. 

2. Calendar 2019 for PowerPoint

PowerPoint calendar template

This set of calendar design templates includes 31 unique layouts and works with all versions of PowerPoint. It's the perfect way to create a stunning calendar in PowerPoint and present it to your audience. These designs are retina-ready, and you can customize them in just two clicks, making sharing your calendar a quick process.

For a closer look at this calendar template study:

3. Calendar 2021 for PowerPoint

Calendar 2021 for PowerPoint

Want to plan far ahead? You can showcase your plans with this attractive 2021 PowerPoint calendar design template. This retina-ready PowerPoint calendar design template set includes free fonts. 

This template is easy to edit and print-ready. This simple, eye-catching calendar will make a great addition to any business presentation where you need to talk about dates and schedules. You won't want to miss this one.

4. 2019 Calendar PowerPoint Template

2019 Calendar Powerpoint Template

You'll love this professional template with an easy-to-edit calendar slide. It's a great way to create a calendar in PowerPoint. Edit this PPT calendar template to showcase your own agenda and/or planned events. Graphic bar elements highlight the date(s) with events, making them easy to see. 

This PowerPoint calendar template includes 27 slides. Plus, you'll get documentation to help your template customization go smoothly. You'll save time with this one since all the design work is done for you.

5. Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

If you're looking for a multi-purpose schedule PowerPoint template, look no further than this Gantt Chart PowerPoint template. Not only does the Gantt chart templates you'd expect, but you'll also find several schedule layout templates that are perfect for project planning. Plus, you can choose between ten pre-made color schemes.

14 Great PPT Calendar Template Designs from GraphicRiver

While Envato Elements has a great selection of calendar templates and other resources, we realize that you may just want to download a single template for a one-time use. No problem! GraphicRiver has you covered with their striking professional PPT calendar templates. Here's a selection of professionally-designed calendar layouts and calendar templates for PowerPoint from GraphicRiver:

1. Monthly Planner PowerPoint Presentation Template

Monthly PowerPoint design template

This PowerPoint templates calendar is a great way to visualize personal and team tasks. This set of layouts includes a calendar so you can streamline your planning. There are five color schemes, in dark and light versions. and the templates are easy to edit for a personalized approach to sharing your plans. 

2. Event & Calendar PowerPoint Template

Event PowerPoint template design

This PowerPoint agenda template set provides multiple ways to showcase and visualize your events and tasks. This set of professional design templates includes more than 10 unique calendar slides for PowerPoint, plus editable vector images for easy personalization. It's an excellent choice for highlighting your business plans.

3. Start Up PowerPoint Template

Startup PowerPoint calendar template

Running a startup? Then you'll definitely have lots of plans and milestones to share with investors, early adopters, and others. This PowerPoint calendar template is perfect for that and will help you present your events so you wow your audience. This template set for PowerPoint has multiple ways to present your plans visually. The PowerPoint calendar templates are part of a set of more than 100 unique templates to meet all your business needs.

4. Calendar 2019 PowerPoint Presentation Template 

Calendar 2019 PowerPoint Presentation Template

This bold calendar design is comprised of 25 unique slides for 2019. Choose between ten professional color schemes. Clients love this template, here's what one of them said:

This calendar is very well done and incredibly useful. I asked the designer for an updated file and she provided it quickly; exactly what I needed! Really impressed with her responsiveness, creativity and attention to detail. Thanks!

So, if you're looking for a PPT calendar, don't overlook this one.

5. We Are Dreamer -MS PowerPoint Template

We are dreamer

This modern, stylish PowerPoint template is chockful of useful elements such as infographics, charts and diagrams, and more. And of course, it also includes a fully editable calendar! Simply add your own details, such as images and text, to finish out your presentation easily and quickly. 

This template design features 126 different slides. Three unique color themes are available. For slide size, choose between standard (4:3) and wide (16:9). This one will make a positive impact on any audience.

6. Infographics Bundle - With PowerPoint Calendar Templates

Business Infographics Bundle

This is bundle includes another set of calendar templates for PowerPoint that feature many different choices. It also includes many other different types of charts, diagrams, and illustrations. These easy-to-edit slide templates would be useful in many different fields, including:

  • marketing 
  • travel industry  
  • startups 
  • global marketing 
  • education 
  • and more!

Leave a memorable impression with your audience with this great template.

7. Gym and Fitness PowerPoint Presentation Template - With PPT Calendar Template

Gym and fitness

This PowerPoint template was created especially for gyms and fitness centers, but it could really be used for any business. You'll find many useful slide designs in this fully customizable PowerPoint template set, including a calendar template and schedule PowerPoint templates

The bold design and colorful design features a light or dark background and is sure to get the audience's attention for any presentation. Choose between five different color schemes. There are also over 1200 useful vector icons as well as infographics.

8. Volume PowerPoint Template With Calendar

Volume PowerPoint Template

If your general business presentation needs to include a monthly calendar, you'll want to look at the Volume PowerPoint. This easy-to-edit PowerPoint template comes with a wide variety of options, including:

  • charts linked to Excel
  • 3 different color themes  
  • 2 different slide sizes (4:3 Standard and16:9 Wide)  
  • screen mockup 
  • infographic elements  
  • And more!

Plus, the unique and stylish design will help your presentation stand out.

9. Spot On - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Spot On presentation template

The Spot-On PowerPoint Presentation Template is another full-featured business template that includes many helpful time related templates, including training schedules and event lists. 

Plus, you'll get an amazing number of choices, such as 26 different color themes and 220 unique slides. And the template includes over 3000 font icons and over 2500 vector icons. One of the most helpful aspects of this template is that it includes fast & free support and free regular updates.

10. Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business proposal

Looking for a business proposal template than can do it all? Do you need to showcase your proposal and display calendars, timelines, and other schedule information? Well, look no further. The Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template has what you need. Not only does this template include PowerPoint calendar templates, you'll also find:

  • more than 166 unique slides  
  • 90 Color themes   
  • infographics & maps  
  • tables & diagrams  
  • free support & updates  
  • And much more!

11. Company Profile PowerPoint Template 

Company Profile PowerPoint  Calendar Template

Here's a modern design professional business presentation with many features including an attractive calendar. This easy-to-use professional PowerPoint template is the perfect way to incorporate an event schedule into your slideshow. Choose between dozens of professionally designed PowerPoint slides. 

There are also multiple theme colors—and it's easy to change theme colors with a single click. This PowerPoint template works well for any slideshow that needs a PowerPoint calendar, including business plans, annual reports, and business proposals.

12. Earth PowerPoint Template

Earth PowerPoint

This gorgeous modern PowerPoint template includes PowerPoint calendar and schedule templates. It's based on free fonts and you can drag and drop your own images into the image placeholders. No wonder clients have good things to say about this one, including:

Great value for money including very quick and effective support
This template is Amazing and their support is Awesome!
I love the easy use to create own presentation. Good job!

13. PitchDeck Solution PowerPoint Presentation Template With Calendar

Pitch Deck Solution with PowerPoint Calendar Template

The Pitch Deck Solution PPT Presentation Template includes a PowerPoint calendar. This template features a clean design that's very easy to use. You'll love the way the multi-purpose slides work for your next project. There are professional slides designs for just about every need. 

Of course, there are timeline and calendar designs. There are also section break slides to help your presentation flow smoothly. There are even slides to showcase a portfolio.

14. 2019 Epic Presentation Template

2018 Epic Presentation Template

This awesome PPT template with many features and a lot of flexibility also includes a 2019 PowerPoint calendar template pack! The 2019 Epic Presentation template features 300 unique slides such as infographics, price table, and more. Plus, there's different color schemes to choose between. 

You can also select designs for five different aspect ratios (16:9, 16:10, 4:3, A4, and letter size), giving you tons of design flexibility. And a help guide is included! 

Choose Between PowerPoint Calendar Layouts Today

You've just previewed some of our best PowerPoint calendar templates created by our professional designers. Whether you're working on a slideshow that'll go over upcoming schedules or dates or just looking for a great PPT calendar to print out and display, you'll find many excellent choices on GraphicRiver or Envato Elements.

 Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new PowerPoint calendar templates with the best, trending designs.

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