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How to Make a Gantt Chart in Google Slides

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If you’re managing a project, visual aids are important. And with Google Slides templates, you can build slides that unite your teams in shared group efforts. We'll learn how to create a Gantt Chart in Google Slides for total alignment.

Intro make a Gantt chartIntro make a Gantt chartIntro make a Gantt chart
Creating a Gantt Chart in Google Slides is easier with the help of templates.

A Gantt chart template is your perfect companion in 2023 and beyond. With a Gantt chart Google Slides template, you can easily make slide designs to wow any audience.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to create a Gantt chart for Google Slides. The process is quick and simple. And it elevates your slide deck into something truly valuable for your stakeholders.

What Is a Gantt Chart?

Before we learn how to make a Gantt chart, there’s an essential question to answer. What is a Gantt chart? And why should you create a Gantt chart with Google Slides? 

Well, a Gantt chart is one of the simplest - and best - project management tools to use in Google Slides. A Gantt chart uses horizontal bars to map out a project’s timeline. Each of these bars represents a task, or a single element that forms part of the larger project. These can be milestones, activities, breakout projects, and more.

Gantt chart templateGantt chart templateGantt chart template
A Gantt chart template lets you share tasks, project milestones, and much more.

The bars in a Google Slides Gantt chart are placed on a timeline. At a glance, it helps viewers map out your entire project.

And it helps illustrate how tasks fit together, and when they occur. A Gantt chart Google Slides is simple, but it’s a powerful way to illustrate how a project really works. 

How to Create a Gantt Chart in Google Slides (Step by Step)

Creating a Gantt chart in Google Slides is easy. Let’s learn how to make a Google Slides Gantt chart in just a few quick steps.

So, why learn how to make a chart in Google Slides? The benefits are many:

  • Ease of use. To make a Gantt chart in Google Slides takes only a few quick steps, thanks to Gantt chart template designs.
  • Collaboration. With its online tools, creating a Gantt chart in Google Slides also allows you to share your designs with the world in moments.
  • Accessible software. Google Slides works online from anywhere. You won’t need special apps to see how to make a Gantt chart from your computer, phone, or tablet.

First, you’ll want to begin with a premium Google Slides Gantt chart template from Envato Elements. With countless designs to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect option for your next project.

How to make a Gantt chartHow to make a Gantt chartHow to make a Gantt chart
Download the premium Gantt Chart Presentation Template from Envato Elements to follow along with our tutorial.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the premium Gantt Chart Presentation Template from Envato Elements. Download it now to follow along! In moments, you’ll know how to make a chart in Google Slides.

1. Select a Gantt Chart Slide

With the Gantt chart template open in Google Slides, consider your options. As you can see, this deck has over two dozen Gantt chart slide layouts built in.

The key here is to really choose one that fits your project the best. For example, let’s imagine a project that you plan to complete within a few months. A daily Gantt chart might be too detailed. But one spanning several years would be too abstract. Try to find a slide that fits your timeline.

Make a Gantt chartMake a Gantt chartMake a Gantt chart
We’ll use slide #8 in the deck to learn how to create a Gantt chart Google Slides.

In this deck, slide #8 is a great example. As you can see, this one features a nine-month timeline for a project. Let’s select this slide and use it to learn how to create a Gantt chart.

2. Customize Text

We’ve selected to create a Gantt chart slide in Google Slides from our Gantt chart template. Now, the first step to take is to customize the text. This really sets the stage for our Gantt chart Google Slides. For example, you’ll want to customize the title for the Gantt chart. Then, we’ll adjust the dates to fit the timeline we’re working in.

Let’s start by renaming the chart to something more descriptive. As you can see, it currently has the generic Gantt Chart Infographic title. But here, let’s customize it. To begin, click into the text box and select the contents inside. Then, keyboard in a new title. In this case, let’s call it Project Launch Milestones. 

How to create a Gantt chartHow to create a Gantt chartHow to create a Gantt chart
Swap out the placeholder text for your own words using a Gantt chart Google Slides template like this.

Below, repeat these steps with the other placeholder text elements. Change David and Steve to represent key leaders on your own team. Then, fill in task descriptions under the Task column. Again, these options are fully under your control. Just click into the existing text boxes and swap in your own words. It really is that easy.

Create a Gantt chartCreate a Gantt chartCreate a Gantt chart
Our Gantt chart Google Slides with custom text and labels added.

Optionally, you can also adjust the project duration. This timeline, by default, spans January through September. But you can always choose a different block of time simply by keying in other unique dates.

3. Align the Bars

With these cosmetic steps completed, it’s time to really dive in and customize the Gantt chart Google Slides layout itself. Once again, Gantt charts stand out because of the horizontal bars they feature.

Remember, these bars represent individual tasks that form an overall, larger project. And odds are, you’ll want to move them around on your slide layout.

Notice that the bars on this Gantt chart Google Slides have two components. You’ll see a darker shaded section, and a lighter one in some cases.

The lighter shades are meant to represent the part of a task that isn’t fully completed. These can be edited or deleted by clicking and pulling on the edges of the chart bars.

Creating a Gantt chartCreating a Gantt chartCreating a Gantt chart
Make a Gantt chart fit your key milestones by clicking and dragging on the bars.

But to move the full bar, begin by clicking on any part of a task. Then, hold down Shift on your keyboard and click to select the other part of a task bar. Then, you can simply click and drag your cursor to move a task bar into a new position. Remember, you’ll want to align it with the key dates above that represent when the task starts.

To shorten or lengthen a task, hold Shift and click on the right edge. Then, drag your cursor right or left. Right lengthens a task duration, while left shortens a given task.

4. Edit Colors and Styles

You just learned how to create a Gantt chart in Google Slides! As you can see, it’s amazingly easy, thanks to premium Gantt chart template designs. But your design work doesn’t have to be through. In fact, you still have cool customization options for your Gantt chart Google Slides.

Let’s demonstrate by learning how to change the color of a Gantt chart. To do that, click into a section of any of the horizontal Gantt chart Google Slides bars.

Then, navigate to the Google Slides toolbar menu. You’ll find it right above the slide you’re working on. With part of the shape still selected, find the Fill Color button. (It looks like a miniature paint bucket). 

Click Fill Color and explore the available shades. You’ll see them previewed in the thumbnails down below. To change the color of your Google Slides Gantt chart, click on one of these. You’ll see the chosen shade apply.

Gantt chart Google SlidesGantt chart Google SlidesGantt chart Google Slides
Use the Fill Color menu in Google Slides to change up the look and feel of your Gantt chart template.

From here, you can change out other colors on the chart as you wish. Notice that the “in-progress” bars on the right tend to be shaded in lighter hues. You can preserve this by staying with a complementary color family if you wish.

Or you can always mix things up and style your task bars in two completely different ways. This again illustrates the beauty of premium Gantt chart template designs. Creative control is all yours.

In a few moments, you've learned how to make a chart in Google Slides. Gantt charts like this are incredibly easy to build. And they help you track project milestones in creative, easy-to-use ways. They're the visual aid you can't afford to miss out on in 2023 and beyond. Give them a try today!

The Best Source for the Top Gantt Chart Template Designs (With Unlimited Downloads)

Envato Elements is the ultimate source for the very best Gantt chart templates for Google Slides. For a low monthly fee, you’ll enjoy unlimited downloads of these and thousands of other premium Google Slides presentations.

Plus, Elements includes millions of other digital assets. As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy access to fonts, stock photos, and so much more. All of these resources are included in your flat-rate monthly subscription.

Gantt Chart Templates

Google Slides Gantt chartGoogle Slides Gantt chartGoogle Slides Gantt chart
Some of the premium Gantt chart template designs that you’ll enjoy on Envato Elements.

Elements is the ultimate value in 2023 and beyond. When you make a Gantt chart, never forget to turn to Elements. Embracing premium styles delivers incredible benefits to you. Choose a premium Google Slides Gantt chart template and you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy-to-use designs. As you saw in our tutorial example, a Gantt chart template makes chart creation easy. All you've got to do is rearrange the style placeholders and you’re all set.
  • Inspired layouts. These templates are built by creative experts. You’ll benefit from sleek slide arrangements that look their best in front of any audience. 
  • Customization features. While a create a Gantt chart template saves you time, it doesn’t cost you any creative flexibility. You can easily adjust text, colors, designs, and so much more. It just takes a few clicks. 

So, what are you waiting for? Browse the vast Envato Elements library and join today! You’ll enjoy the very best Gantt chart template designs for your 2023 slides.

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You Just Learned the Art of Creating a Gantt Chart in Google Slides

You now know all about creating a Gantt chart in Google Slides. As you can see, it’s an effortless process, thanks to Gantt chart templates. Think of how you can use these new skills in your own work. If you’re sharing project milestones or tracking tasks, Gantt chart Google Slides designs are your best friend.

Take a Google Slides Gantt chart idea like these to heart. Bring them to your own work, and in moments, you’ll be impressing your audience. When you know how to make a Gantt chart in 2023, you’ll truly elevate your Google Slides designs to a higher level. Get started today! 

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