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25 Easy-to-Use Google Slides Timeline Templates for 2021 Presentations


To show a series of events, a process, or a journey in a visual and engaging way, your best bet is a Google Slides timeline. But high-impact, creative timelines aren't easy for non-designers to create from scratch. Enter Google Slides templates to the rescue!

Google Slides Timeline Template
Google Slides timeline templates like this premium one from Envato Elements make creating timelines fast and easy.

Many Google Slides templates include editable creative timeline slides and charts that can be converted into timelines (more on that later). They not only save you time. They’re also easy to customize. If you know Google Slides or PowerPoint, then you know how to edit these timeline templates in Google Slides.

The best part? Professional designers have done the hard work to make the timelines look jaw-droppingly stunning. They're so much more powerful than free Google Slides timeline templates.

Keep reading and you’ll see the possibilities with our timeline slide examples from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Best Google Slides Timeline Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You’ll find thousands of Google Slides templates with impressive timelines on Envato Elements. Download as many as you want for one low price. Your unlimited downloads also include icons, photos, fonts, and other elements to make your timelines truly exceptional.

Envato Elements Google Slides Timeline Templates
Thousands of premium Google Slides templates on Envato Elements have timeline slides.

Elements illustrates an important value. Sure, you can crawl the web for free timeline templates for Google Slides. But it's easy to see that their options are the best, most cost-effective approach for making a timeline in Google Slides.

The premium Google Slides we’ve curated below all include editable timelines. Use them to visualize:

  • historical events
  • data trends
  • project milestones
  • processes or workflows
  • event schedules
  • rankings

And you can transform some chart templates into timelines as well—giving you virtually unlimited options for creating original timelines.

Your audience will think you’re a graphic designer, or that you hired one, when you present your Google Slides timeline! Skip snooping for free Google Slides timeline templates and use Elements. Ready to explore the possibilities?

5 New Google Slides Timeline Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2021)

You need to create a timeline that’s both gorgeous and informative. You need it fast and without breaking your budget. Look no farther than Envato Elements. You're about to see the best designs that far outpace free timeline templates for Google Slides.

Don't reach for free timeline template Google Slides options yet! Here are the ones we hand-picked out of thousands of Google Slides templates on Envato Elements with timeline templates:

1. Timeline 2.0 for Google Slides

Timeline 20 for Google Slides

Making a timeline in Google Slides is a breeze with this design. This creative timeline template pack is all about timelines. You get 50 unique timeline templates for Google Slides with a choice of 10 different color options. 

2. Starcraft Google Slides Template

Starcraft Google Slides Template

Starcraft offers several timeline templates in a dark background accented with either yellow, teal, or blue—or any other color of your choosing. Each object is animated, giving you the option to bring your Google Slides timeline to life.

This creative timeline template comes in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. You get 50 unique slide layouts in all. It's a design that you just won't find in free Google Slides timeline templates.

3. BusiPro - Clean Google Slides Template

BusiPro - Clean Google Slides Template

If you’re looking for a clean, minimalist design, then BusiPro is the Google Slides template for you! You could use these designs as a business-focused historical timeline template for Google Docs. Out of the 36 unique templates in this pack, you get two timeline templates plus data-driven charts that can be used as timelines.

4. Oxygen Google Slides Presentation

Oxygen Google Slides Presentation

Need a timeline that spans several slides? Then look no farther than the Oxygen Google Slides timeline template. The project timeline template gives you all the space you need, and the splash of yellow is sure to get—and keep—your audience’s attention. Oxygen also gives you hundreds of vector icons and smooth animation.

5. Skyline Google Slides Template

Skyline Google Slides Template

The Skyline timeline template is perfect for presentations related to urban, modern, housing, and business topics. This Google Slides template comes in orange, blue, or red color themes and both standard and HD sizes. You won't find a free timeline template for Google Slides with this type of polish. All slide templates come with built-in animation.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements
You can find hundreds of design assets in premium files on Envato Elements for a low monthly fee.

Envato Elements makes an irresistible offer for timelines on Google Slides:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get unlimited downloads of thousands of graphics and templates for both personal and commercial use. You won't waste any time searching for free Google Slides timeline templates.

Your membership gives you access to everything from website themes and PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides templates, to stock photos, videos and more—all for one low price. And all developed by creative designers from around the world. 

20 Top Google Slides Timeline Templates on GraphicRiver (For 2021)

For even more timeline templates, check out what GraphicRiver has to offer:

Top Google Slides Timeline Templates on GraphicRiver
Find tons of premium creative timeline templates for Google Slides in the GraphicRiver marketplace.

These Google Slides templates come with professionally designed timelines you can customize with your own information. It's another option that shows you the best roadmap Google Slides designs that surpass free Google Slides timeline templates.

You’ll create an impressive timeline faster than you thought possible. Here are some more great Google Slides timeline templates for you to try: 

1. Infographics Pack-3 Google Slides Template

Infographics Google Slides Template

Get the best bang for the buck with this set of three Google Slides templates for the price of one. You get a total of 245 unique slide layouts, each one fully customizable to fit your needs.

This set includes creative timeline templates with 90 pre-built color themes. This means one click is all it takes to change the colors of all shapes, Icons, and fonts. You read that right: one click, and all the slide objects are automatically recolored.

Of course, you can also make your own color themes. This makes it possible to apply an unlimited number of color themes! This infographics pack also includes 5500 vector icons and fast, friendly support.

2. Vivid Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Creative Timeline for Google Slides

Each of the 180 unique slide layouts in Vivid makes use of a grid system. This helps you maintain the professional look of the slides even as you customize them.

The Vivid Google Slides template includes timeline presentation templates in both bright and dark versions. Your audience will stay engaged because this template includes full animation. You also get more than 6500 icons and a detailed help file from the designer.

3. Sketch 2.0 - Google Slide Template

Creative Timeline Template - Sketch

Talk about standing out! The Sketch Google Slide theme distinguishes itself with a high-contrast color scheme and hand-made sketch objects. It's a refreshing change from the color-saturated and digital images of other Google Slide themes. The hand-drawn sketches add warmth and personality that other slide illustrations don't have. All the slides in the Sketch 2.0 Google Slides template come with pre-built animation.

4. Timeline Infographics Google Slides Presentation Template Diagrams

Timeline Infographics Google Slides Presentation Template

Looking for a business timeline template? This huge Google Slides template pack is dedicated to timelines: all 75 unique slides are timeline templates! In total, you get:

  • 1600+ slides
  • 5500+ icons
  • 90 color themes

5. Timeline Google Slides Themes

Tables Plan  Timeline Google Slides Template

Choose from several creative process timelines, a project implementation plan, and an event calendar with editable tables and graphs. This business timeline template pack also includes vector icons, maps, and infographics in HD resolution. The designer also gives free support, so you get the best use out these Google Slides timeline templates.

6. Timeline Google Slides Template

Timeline Google Slides Template

Here's another creative template pack dedicated to timelines. The Timeline Google Slides Template provides 10 creatively designed timeline templates in HD. Choose from the five color schemes, with a light and dark variation for each. The slides in this pack show you just how imaginative you can get with timelines. Check out this YouTube video preview:

7. Annual Report Google Slides Presentation Template

Annual Report 2019 Google Slides Presentation Template

For a modern and professional timeline, you can’t go wrong with the Annual Report Google Slides template. Aside from the timeline templates included many of the infographics out of the 327 unique slides make great foundations for timelines. Also included are outline icons, product mockups, editable maps, and support from the designer.

8. SWOT Analysis - Business Infographic Google Slides

Swot Analysis - Business Infographic Google Slides

Let your information take center stage with the professional design of the SWOT Analysis Google Slides template. It gives you six different business timeline templates for Google Slides with many more infographics and charts to use as timelines. This template pack is sizable with a total of 250 unique slide layouts, updates, and 24/7 support.

9. Strategy Coach Multi-Purpose Google Slides Presentation Template

Strategy Coach Multi-purpose Google Slides Presentation Template

Stylish and professional come together in the Strategy Coach Google Slides template. Your creativity will soar as you use the hand-drawn infographics and timeline templates and select from 50 color themes. What’s more, all the elements were designed in Google Slides, which means you can edit any slide object in Google Slides—no need for Photoshop!

10. Vision - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Vision - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Depth and layers star in the Vision Google Slides Template. With the 1400+ vector icons included, you’ll have all the symbols you need to embellish the timeline templates in Google Slides. Each slide is full HD and retina ready for the sharpest, crispest visuals. Choose from the pre-built color schemes or easily use your own.

11. Startup - Clean Pitch Deck Google Slide Template

Startup - Clean Pitch Deck Google Slide Template

Startup Clean Pitch Deck Google Slide Template brings a fresh timeline design to presentations. Use this if you want an alternative to the usual arrow timeline template in Google Slides. You get a ton of layout options from the 950+ slides included in this pack. Choose from four color options and power up your timelines with custom animation.

12. Buzz - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Buzz - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Drag and drop your own images into the photo-based creative timeline template for Google Slides included in Buzz. Or use one of the 1400+ icons that are included. Why not add one of the hand-drawn business-related illustrations from the chart and timeline infographic slides? This template gives you the tools to build a creative timeline.

13. BUILD Google Slides Presentation Template

BUILD Google Slides Presentation Template

Create modern timelines on Google Slides with BUILD’s choice of dark or light color schemes (easy to change colors). You also get 120+ professionally designed slides focused on typography and usability. So, you can create much more than timelines. This Google Slides template also includes 250+ vector-based icons you can resize and recolor.

14. Ammay Multipurpose Business Google Slides

Ammay Multipurpose Business Google Slides

The Ammay Google Slides template has 700 unique slides, including several timeline templates. This set also comes with dozens of charts, infographics, and editable maps. All fonts included are free, and you simply drag-and-drop your images into the placeholders to add your own photos.

15. Holds - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Holds - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

From photo slides to charts and timelines, the Holds Google Slides template has it all. The layout combinations come out to over 570 unique slides with 14 color versions. You’ll deliver your presentation confidently with the clean, modern timeline design on these slides.

16. NANO - Google Slides Business Presentation

NANO - Google Slides Business Presentation

Google Slides timeline templates are included in the Nano pack's 100 unique slides. Jazz up your timelines using the 1400+ vector icons that can be resized and recolored without loss of quality. You’ll enjoy customizing the colorful charts and diagrams in the Nano. The creative timeline templates also offer virtually unlimited color options.

17. Investor Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

Investor Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

You’ll find more than the Google Slides timeline templates you need in the Investor Pitch presentation package. This mammoth pack includes:

  • A whopping total of 7200+ slides in all! 
  • Over 3500+ vector icons
  • 18 premade colors in both dark and light versions
  • Templates for both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios

18. Reca Modern Google Slide Presentation Template

Reca Modern Google Slide Presentation Template

The Reca Presentation Google Slides Template includes timelines as well as other types of charts and graphs. If you want a picture-based Google Slides timeline template, you’ll find it in Reca. The editable slides in this package also offer maps, testimonials, iPhone and iPad mockups, and more!

19. Business Proposal Google Slides Template

Timeline Presentation Template - Business Proposal

With the color variations available in the Business Proposal Google Slides template, you get a total of more than 6000 slides. Choose from 20 color themes, each with a dark and light version, to match your branding.

Since this business timeline template is based on master slides, the changes you make on the master slides are applied to all the slides. Use the 4000+ fully editable icons that are included to add visual interest and convey your ideas with fewer words.

This template also gives you the option of using either the 16:9 size for a high-definition screen presentation, or A4 size for printing.

20. Archie Creative Google Slide

Google Slides Diagrams - Timeline

Archie's clean and modern design puts the emphasis on your ideas. It delivers 300 unique slide layouts, which include timelines, infographics, and other editable charts. You've got a choice of dark and bright theme colors to convey a different ambiance or to simply add variety to your presentation. Plus, with custom animation for each object, your slides stay dynamic and engaging.

Here's a video preview of the Archie Creative Google Slide template.

How to Quickly Customize Google Slides Timeline Templates

Using a Google Slides timeline template is the perfect way to save time while creating beautiful graphics. When you find the ideal timeline template for your project, use these five quick steps to customize it.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the Timeline 2.0 for Google Slides template from Envato Elements.

Timeline template Google Slides
Build your own stylish timelines with the versatile Timeline 2.0 for Google Slides premium template from Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Timeline Slides

Templates like this include a variety of different timeline layouts. It’s up to you to choose those that work best for your project. To view all slides in the deck, click on the View tab on the menu. 

Timeline template Google Slides step 1
The first step to work with your premium Google Slides timeline template is to switch to View > Grid View and delete any unneeded slides.

From the dropdown, select Grid View. Select the slides you don’t want, then press Delete on your keyboard. To return to the editing mode, simply click Grid View again.

2. Customize Dates and Text

To add your own dates and custom text, begin by highlighting the contents of any text box. From there, start typing in your own text. 

Timeline template Google Slides step 2
Type over the text placeholders to update your premium Google Slides road map template.

This process lets you quickly customize key details like dates, captions, and more. If you’d like to leave a space blank, click on the text box to select it, then press Delete.

3. Change Font Styles

Once you’ve added dates and captions, you can customize the fonts themselves. Begin by highlighting the block of text that you’d like to change. 

Timeline template Google Slides step 3
Customize your front from the drop-down to choose a typeface in the premium template that matches your style.

On the menu bar, you’ll see an array of buttons and drop-downs near the center. These let you control text options like font style, size, color, position, and more. 

4. Change Timeline Colors

Templates like this typically include a default color palette. But you don’t have to use it. All objects are fully customizable. To change the color of any part of the timeline, click on a given section to select it. 

Timeline step 4
Use the Fill Color drop-down to select new shape colors in the premium timeline template Google Docs file.

Now, click on the Fill Color drop-down on the menu. A color chooser will launch, featuring both standard and custom theme colors. Click on any color square to apply it to your selected object.

5. Add Custom Icons

Timeline 2.0 for Google Slides includes a set of custom icons. These can be found on the last slide in the deck. To use one, click it, then press Ctrl + C on Windows or Cmd + C on Mac to copy. 

Timeline step 5
Round out your premium timeline template for Google Slides by using the included icons.

Browse to the slide where you wish to place the icon. Press Ctrl / Cmd + V to paste. From there, click and drag the icon to reposition it on the slide. Plus, you can change the icon color by using the Fill Color option.

Eager to learn more about building timelines on Google Slides using custom templates? We've got a full tutorial on the subject, perfect for creatives like you.

More Top Templates for Google Slides

You've already seen the best of the best when it comes to Google Slides roadmap templates. Use these historical timeline templates in the Google Docs presentation tool to easily create the best slides.

There are so many more templates on top of timeline templates for Google Slides. We constantly publish round-ups of the best Google Slides designs. These templates can even be used for making a timeline in Google Slides with some creativity. Here are more options:

Types of Timeline Slides And When to Use Them (With Examples)

A timeline shows a sequence or chronology. But there are different types of timelines, and each type has its own nuance. Learn what the different types of timelines are so you can use the one that works best to communicate your message:

1. Linear

A linear timeline is what most people think of when they hear “timeline.” It shows a chronology of events, with definite start- and endpoints. 

Linear Timeline Template - Skyline Template
This linear timeline was made with slide 7 of the premium Skyline Google Slides template.

Use a linear timeline to depict historical events, event agenda, project plans, or workflows.

What's the Difference Between a Gantt Chart and a Timeline?

A Gantt chart is a linear timeline with a specific purpose: project management. It shows a breakdown of activities and the timetable for each. Each activity's timeline is depicted as a horizontal bar chart. Together, they make up a stack of horizontal bars, providing an at-a-glance view of the entire project.

Gantt charts are useful for visually tracking and managing projects. Compare the typical linear timeline above with the Gantt chart below:

Gantt Chart on Google Slides - BusiPro Template
BusiPro (premium) includes this Gantt chart slide template on slide 14.

2. Cyclical

A cyclical timeline also shows a sequence of events but, unlike a linear timeline, it doesn’t have a definite endpoint. It’s useful for visualizing cycles and repeating processes.

Cyclical Timeline - Starcraft Google Slides Template
A cyclical timeline made with slide 30 of the premium Starcraft Google Slides template.

3. Chart Timeline

A chart-type timeline shows both a chronology and how a specific quantity changes over time. It can depict either historical changes that have already taken place, or projected changes expected in the future. 

Chart timelines are often used for financial data and other time-bound statistics.

Chart Timeline - Google Slides Template
To make this creative timeline, we modified the chart on slide 36 of the premium Timeline 2.0 template.

5 Tips on How to Make a Timeline on Google Slides

When using any of the Google Slides timeline templates featured in this post, your timeline already looks great. Here are a few tips to try to take your timeline to the next level:

1. Break Out of the Horizontal Line

Timeline 20 Timeline Template for Google Slides
A timeline doesn't always have to be horizontal as this Google Slides timeline template shows.

Who says a timeline has to be a horizontal line? Try a spiral, a trendline, or another shape that strengthens your message. A bar graph template that depicts a trend over time, for example, can be converted into a timeline.

Investor Pitch Google Slides Deck Template
Some graphs, like this one from the Investor Pitch Google Slides Template,(premium) can easily be turned into a timeline.

2. Make It Scannable.

BusiPro Google Slides Template
A scannable premium timeline template in the BusiPro pack for Google Slides.

Instead of filling your timeline slide with words, replace and support text with icons, illustrations, and even photos.

3. Use Color-Coding to Make the Timeline Easier to Understand

StarCraft Google Slides Template Timeline
You can easily make related items the same color in a creative timeline template like this one from the premium Starcraft Google Slides package.

Data-rich timelines can easily get too busy and confusing. Make yours easier to understand by color-coding or using the same color for related text, icons, arrows, and other elements.

4. Place Your Timeline on a Creative Backdrop

Skyline Google Slides Template
The premium Skyline Google Slides template has a built-in backdrop for its timeline slide. You can also add your own to any timeline template.

The background of your timeline slide doesn’t have to be plain. Why not use a relevant picture? Or enlarge an icon and make it the container of your timeline.

5. Emphasize the Most Important Data

Oxygen Google Slides Timeline Template
A spot of bright color emphasizes the most important part of the slide in this premium Oxygen timeline template for Google Slides.

Timelines tend to carry so much information that it can be difficult to grasp its meaning. Focus attention on the most important parts of the timeline by using a bright color and making them larger.

5 Top Google Slides Timeline Design Trends for 2021

We’ve just explored some of the best timeline Google Slides templates for 2021. To ensure they help you make a winning impression, you need to know the latest trends. Let’s check out five top Google Slides timeline trends for 2021:

1. 3D Graphics

Dull, flat graphics won’t impress 2021 audiences. Your timeline template Google Docs slides need to have 3D styles instead.

Timeline template Google Docs
Zaleka is a stylish premium 3D timeline template Google Docs pack.

Templates like Zaleka are full of studio-quality 3D graphics. They make you look like a Google Slides expert. But all you've got to do is fill in your own content!

2. Animated Designs

Timelines naturally illustrate past and future milestones. Chances are, you might want to talk through these in order, instead of showing them all at once.

The best 2021 timeline Google Slides are animated. That helps you control the pace and flow of your presentation. Plus, they lend a more professional appearance to the deck.

Learn how to build Google Slides animations with our full tutorial:

3. Colorful Contrasts

Your timeline Google Slides need to be easy to read and understand. Plus, they need to look stylish, too! That’s why colorful contrasts are trending for 2021.

Timeline Google Slides
Stunning contrasts feature in this premium timeline Google Slides template.

Premium templates like this are made to be clear and beautiful. You won’t find that level of style with a Google Slides timeline template free.

4. Cool Modern Fonts

Modern fonts help set timeline text above the crowd. Many premium templates include custom fonts. Free timeline template Google Slides designs tend to use basic options.

Whichever template you choose, Google Slides makes it easy to add your own custom fonts. 2021 audiences want to see unique slides. Fonts are a simple and great way to deliver.

Want to add custom fonts to your timeline Google Slides? Here’s how:

5. Retro Styles

Retro graphics are making a comeback. That means they’re a great option for trendy 2021 timeline slides. They’re a far better option than basic color themes.

Stylish timeline template Google Docs
Leo is a great retro-inspired premium timeline Google Slides template for 2021.

As you work, consider beautiful color combinations that your audience will love. Premium templates are ready to help you build stunning timeline slides fast.

Learn More About Timelines

I hope you’re more excited than ever to use a Google Slides timeline template to show:

  • project milestones
  • event series
  • other time-related information

To learn more on using timelines, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a timeline on Google Slides with templates, read the following:

Common Google Slides Questions Answered (FAQ)

Here's what you've learned so far:

  • Timelines are a great way to tell stories by linking events and key points together in order.
  • Free timeline templates for Google Slides exist, but they aren't the best option.
  • With the help of our advanced templates, making a timeline in Google Slides is easy.

It's okay if you still have questions! We're here to answer five of the top questions for Google Slides users. Combine these answers with roadmaps in Google Slides to speed up making a timeline in Google Slides:

1. How Can You Change Google Timeline Google Slides Themes?

Color schemes are important to capture your brand and style. Luckily, there's a helpful feature so that you need not manually recolor each slide object.

Learn how to change your Google Slides roadmap template color scheme with the help of our guide:

2. Are Google Slides Themes Customizable?

Earlier in this tutorial, you saw one example of a timeline Google Slides template being customized. But it's only one example of starting with a template (like a Google Slides timeline template) and adjusting it to your purpose.

Here's a complete guide for customizing a design, including a Google Slides timeline template. Notice how flexible templates are! It's the key to making a timeline in Google Slides in no time flat.

3. Does Google Slides Support Other Formats?

Maybe you've got a treasure trove of PowerPoint presentations you've spent time building. The good news is that you won't need to recreate them all from scratch. Convert templates with just a few clicks.

This could even be used to convert PowerPoint templates while making a timeline in Google Slides. See our tutorial here:

4. Does Google Slides Support Printing Your Presentation?

The answer is yes, Google Slides makes it easy to print a presentation. Use these steps to create handouts or speaking note cues. These steps even work with free timeline templates for Google Slides.

Check out our guide to help avoid wasting business when you print a Google Slides timeline template:

5. Can You Work With Others in Google Slides?

One of Google Docs' strengths is collaboration. The browser-based tool makes it easy to invite others and work together in realtime. Create a historical timeline template in Google Docs. Then invite others to make edits and adjustments.

Learn how with the help of our collaboration guide:

Learn More About Google Slides

Google Slides is a powerful app. It's amazing that a fully-featured presentation app takes place entirely in your browser. You've seen timeline Google Slides options that help tell your story.

We're passionate about teaching you Google Slides. In our guide, How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide), we've got the best resources to teach you the app.

Make sure to check out three of our favorite tutorials below. They help you get the most from timeline Google Slides templates.

Where to Find the Best Google Slides Timeline Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs. GraphicRiver)

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver both offer cool modern timeline templates with expertly-designed timeline Google Slides styles. They’re the best choice for 2021. But perhaps you’re wondering which site to choose. Let’s consider the key benefits of each:

1. Top Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service with an amazing offer: unlimited downloads. For a flat monthly rate, you’ll have access to as many creative asset downloads as you want.

That’s a compelling feature. It allows you to try as many templates as you want until you find the perfect option. There are hundreds of timeline Google Slides templates on Elements, along with images, music, graphics, and more.

Elements timeline Google Slides
Best premium timeline Google Slides templates on Envato Elements (2021.)

2. Top Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

GraphicRiver is a pay-as-you-go home for creative templates. Part of Envato Market, it offers products in dozens of categories.

Go to GraphicRiver if you need a timeline Google Slides template for your next project. You can be working with your new template in just a few seconds. 

Here are some of the top trending timeline Google Slides templates on GraphicRiver:

GraphicRiver timeline Google Slides
Best timeline Google Slides templates on GraphicRiver (2021.)

Your Choice (What’s Your Best Option?)

If you make Google Slides presentations frequently, Envato Elements is your best value. The ability to try out and work with unlimited options is a powerful feature. It’s also perfect if you’re undecided on exactly what template you want. Sign up for Envato Elements today.  

Elements home timeline Google Slides
Envato Elements - one membership, unlimited options.

If you need only one Google Slides deck for your project, GraphicRiver is a great option. You can buy files individually, with no membership required. Check it out today.

Create a Creative Timeline With a Google Slides Template Today!

Are you ready to dazzle with a timeline that’s both informative and visually compelling? Get started right now.

Your first step is to find the Google Slides timeline template most suitable for the information you want to convey. Find it on Envato Elements for unlimited downloads, or GraphicRiver for a one-time, single-use fee.

Either way, a Google Slides timeline template will save you hours while making you look like a professional designer.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding cool, modern and creative Google Slides timeline templates and designs.

Looking for something to help kick start your next project?
Envato Market has a range of items for sale to help get you started.