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15 Best Free PowerPoint PPT Ebook Templates to Download for 2023

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Do you have a story that you need to convert into an eBook format? Are you trying to figure out how to do this with a pre-built eBook PPT template? You've come to the right place. 

Get Lifted - eBook Template - 28 Pages a premium template on Envato Elements
Get Lifted - eBook Template - 28 Pages. This a premium PowerPoint book template on Envato Elements

Showcase your hard work as a finished product with minimal efforts and skills. How? All you need is an excellent pre-built eBook PowerPoint template. 

Let's take a look at 15 free eBook templates for PowerPoint to download off the internet. You'll also find amazing premium eBook template PowerPoint from Envato Elements.

This list will give you an idea of the differences between premium and free eBook templates.

5 Best Premium eBook Template PowerPoint for 2023 (Envato Elements)

There are loads of premium eBook PPT templates to create a unique eBook project in 2023. These premium templates are designed by professionals and come with useful features.

Let's take a look at a few top premium eBook PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements:

1. eBook Template PowerPoint - Cookbook

eBook Template - Cookbook - 16 Pages

Thinking of creating a cookbook? This is the best template for you. It comes with 16 pages and uses the drag-and-drop method for adding images. It includes the following useful template pages: 

  • cover page
  • introduction/content page
  • chapter cover page
  • multiple chapter pages
  • several recipe design pages
  • online YouTube video content preview page 

2. Snift - Vertical eBook PowerPoint Template

Snift - Vertical eBook PowerPoint

Snift is a multipurpose PowerPoint eBook template. It's suitable for any personal or professional needs. Its 36 A4 sized, creative, and modern slides are ready to print. All graphics are editable and resizable. Use the well-designed section break slides to introduce each part of the eBook.

3. Get Lifted eBook PowerPoint Template - 28 Pages

Get Lifted - eBook Template - 28 Pages

Get Lifted is an excellent multipurpose PowerPoint book template. Use if if you're ready to launch your first PowerPoint eBook. This premium comes in both A4 and US letter size. It's a professional eBook template. It comes with 100+ icons and bonus graphics like charts, iPad, laptops, social icons, and many more.

4. Steiz – PowerPoint Book Template

Steiz is a premium PowerPoint book template that features thrity different slides. It features a modern layout that uses free fonts. Vector icons are used and you can fully customize every aspect of the PPT book template. If you need a modern design this is the ebook presentation for you!

5. Varieta


This ebook PowerPoint uses free images from Unsplash and free fonts. All of the text is fully editable and the PPT comes in the standard 16:9 widescreen slide format. Included are thirty multipurpose slides that are modern looking.  

Let's now look at an offer that can help all creative professionals. 

18 Top Free eBook PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates to Download for 2023

Check out Envato's free offerings. Do this before looking for a free eBook PPT template found online. You may get lucky and find a premium eBook template in PowerPoint for free! 

Here's the deal. Envato Elements offers 12 unique files every month. These files could be themes, plugins, photos, fonts, music, and more. Create a free account and download this month's free premium files today.

Each month, Envato Elements offers premium assets for free download. Each month, Envato Elements offers premium assets for free download. Each month, Envato Elements offers premium assets for free download.
Envato Elements offers premium assets for free download each month.

An eBook PPT template may not be among this month's premium freebies. Let's take a look at some free eBook templates for PowerPoint found online:

1. Case Study eBook PowerPoint Template for Free 

This eBook PowerPoint template for free has a spotlight section for success stories. This PowerBook eBook includes sections for Summary, Challenges and Results.

PowerPoint book template

2. Composition Book Free PowerPoint Template 

This PPT book template is a composition notebook. It's an ebook PPT template for free compatible with Google Slides as well.

3. Classic eBook PowerPoint Template For Free

If you need free eBook templates, download this PowerBook eBook. It looks like a classic book with its book cover and pages in brown and white. It's a great eBook PowerPoint template for free! 

4. eBook PPT Template Free for Photography Portfolio

This is a free eBook template for PowerPoint. It comes with colored backgrounds and space to show your photos. Is a versatile download that could work as a free PowerPoint book template.

Free eBook for Photography PortfolioFree eBook for Photography PortfolioFree eBook for Photography Portfolio

5. Free Book Covers Template

This eBook template PowerPoint for free download comes with five cover options. Unfortunately, this free eBook template doesn't come with a layout for pages. 

6. Creative Free PowerPoint eBook Template

Check out this simple eight-page template. This This eBook template PowerPoint for free download uses a shade of purple for all titles. Other fonts are in black.

7. Blue Free eBook Template for PowerPoint

This PowerPoint book template free is a nine-page template. The main color used is blue. Start working with this book PowerPoint template free download! 

8. Bright PowerPoint eBook Free Download 

This free book PowerPoint template has a good color scheme of orange and navy. The design elements in this free eBook template are simple yet professional.

Bright PowerPoint Ebook Free Download

9. Gray - Free PowerPoint eBook Template 

Gray is another nine-page book PowerPoint template free download. It uses shades of gray along with bright yellow to highlight text. 

10. Retro Free eBook Template for PowerPoint

This ebook PowerPoint has a calm, retro look and feel. The main colors used are green, red, yellow, and brown. Try out this book PowerPoint template free download!

11. Professional Free PowerPoint eBook Free Download 

This PPT book template comes with a beige background as the eBook cover. Green, blue, and gray were the other colors used.

12. Magazine - Free PowerPoint eBook Template

Though this template was created as a magazine, it can easily be used as an eBook template in PowerPoint.   

Magazine - Free PowerPoint Ebook Template

13. NOW Magazine - PowerPoint eBook Free Download

This free book PowerPoint template is inspired by TIME magazine. Make slight modifications to make this work as an eBook template in PowerPoint. 

14. Hyperdoc Handbook - PowerPoint eBook Free Download

This PowerPoint book template for free helps you create a multimedia-rich eBook. Add playable YouTube videos. Start working with this book PowerPoint template free download! 

15. How-To eBook Template for PowerPoint

This PowerPoint book template is specially designed for instructional content. Try out this eBook template PowerPoint for free download. Demonstrate a process or detailed instructions.
Let's now take a look at how you can make a great ebook in PowerPoint.

The Best Premium eBook Template PowerPoint on Envato Elements for 2023 (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a smart choice to create a professional brand image. This monthly subscription is an investment that allows you to pro-level design results. Plus, you'll save time in the process.

Get unlimited access to premium eBook templates in PowerPoint. Also find illustrations, infographics, fonts, videos, social media templates, and other digital assets. That's all you need to create and market your eBook project — all this for an affordable monthly fee.

eBook PowerPoint Templates

ebook envato Elementsebook envato Elementsebook envato Elements
Premium eBook PowerPoint template downloads from Envato Elements.

Are you new to PowerPoint book templates? Wondering which is a better option for you? Deciding between premium or free templates? Picking the right template can make or break your eBook project. 

How to Make a Great eBook in PowerPoint Quickly

When you’ve chosen your PowerPoint book template, the fun begins. Make it your own by adding your content and branding. Follow the steps below to customize your eBook PowerPoint template.

I’m going to be using the premium Get Lifted eBook Template for PowerPoint. Its clean design can easily be customized for various eBook topics.

Get Lifted PowerPoint EBook Template
Get Lifted is a premium PowerPoint eBook template from Envato Elements.
The screenshots show the interface for Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac version 16.47.

If you’re using a different version, the interface may look different.

1. Choose Your eBook Pages

Your eBook template for PowerPoint contains several pages with varying layouts. You probably won’t need to use every single one of them. And so, the first step is deciding which page layouts you do need. The easiest way to do this is by looking at the PowerPoint template in Slide Sorter view.

Choose Your eBook Pages on your PowerPoint book template

To delete a slide, right-click on it, then clickDelete Slide. Or click on the slide to select it, then press the Delete button on your keyboard.

02 Choose Your eBook Pages on your PowerPoint book template

If you’ll be using more than one type of slide layout, you can duplicate those slides now. Again, right-click on a slide, then click Duplicate Slide.

2. Change the Fonts

Change the default fonts in the PowerPoint eBook template. Replace them with the fonts you wish you to use. To do this, select the text. Under the Home tab, use the different text formatting buttons on the ribbon. Change the font, font size, color, and other attributes.

Change the Fonts in your PowerPoint book template

3. Apply Your Branding Colors

Apply your branding colors to your the eBook template for PowerPoint. Click on a shape to select it. Under the Shape Format tab, click on the Shape Fill arrow. A menu opens. Select the fill color, gradient, and texture you want to use. You also have the option to insert a picture in the shape.

Apply Your Branding Colors to your eBook template PowerPoint

4. Add Your Content

Now that the PowerPoint slides have your branding fonts and colors, it’s time to add your content. Click and drag into a placeholder text, then paste your own text to replace it. Or type directly into the text area.

Add Your Content to your eBook PowerPoint

5. Insert Your Images

Finally, insert your own images into the PowerPoint. You can simply drag and drop an image from your computer into the placeholder image. This is the case with the Get Lifted eBook Template for PowerPoint.

The template you’re using doesn’t have this drag-and-drop feature? Then follow these steps:

Click on the image placeholder to select it.

Click icon to add picture on eBook PowerPoint template

Find the image file you want to use and insert it. I used an image titled Woman with creativity from Envato Elements. You can choose your own image.

Adjust the size of the image or crop it to make it work with the slide’s layout.
 Insert Your Images to eBook PPT template

5 Quick PowerPoint eBook Presentation Design Tips for 2023

Here are some design tips to help you create the best possible eBook presentation:

1. Pick Premium Over Free

PowerPoint book templates that are free, may not be as feature-rich and customizable. Premium templates are designed by experts who have all the design elements in mind. They also come with loads of features like infographics and icons. Most times, all you have to do it add in your content.

Premium templates allow you to work smart regardless of your design skills. 
MODEN - A4 Vertical PowerPoint Style Template
MODEN is a premium eBook PowerPoint template on Envato Elements

2. Tell Visual Stories

Avoid wordy eBook presentations as it gets dull and reflects poorly on your project. Depending on your subject and audience, turn your presentation into a visual story. This tutorial takes you through a few ways to do this: 

3. Use High-Quality Images

Pictures are a big part of an eBook. It helps grab attention and leave a lasting impression. Pick the best assets based on your audience and topic to create a unique eBook presentation. As an Envato Elements subscriber, you'll enjoy unlimited downloads of millions of creative assets. 

POLA - Powerpoint Design Template
POLA is a premium template on Envato Elements with high-quality images

4. Go For Contrast

Contrast is used to create visual hierarchies. 

This allows text or graphics to stand out well on slides. Professional eBook PPT templates are created with these visual hierarchies in mind. Check out this article to customize elements on slides. Learn how to change shapes, colors, or sizes.

5. Stay Away From Clutter  

Minimalistic slides are always the best option. With clean, uncluttered slides, your audience will follow your presentation effortlessly. Cluttered slides create confusion, frustration, and look unprofessional. 

Snift - Vertical PowerPoint a minimalistic eBook template of Envato Elements
Snift is a premium minimalistic eBook template of Envato Elements

You don’t need to be a PowerPoint whiz to apply any eBook design trends into a template. That gives you time to focus on creating content for your eBook templates. 

Here are some top trends in eBook design. Learn a how to incorporate these trends into an eBook template for PowerPoint:

1. Seamless Pattern

One of the trends in eBook cover design is the use of a seamless pattern. It could work as a wallpaper background for the title of your eBook. Just take care not to detract from the title.

You can create a seamless pattern using Adobe Illustrator or another image editor. In the example below, I found a seamless background graphic and placed it on the cover of an eBook PowerPoint template. Both are from Envato Elements.

Seamless Pattern on an eBook Template PowerPoint
A seamless pattern is on the cover of this premium eBook template for PowerPoint.

This tutorial shows you how to edit a slide background in PowerPoint:

2. Retro or Vintage

Retro and vintage designs continue to be popular. You can apply this trend by using a vintage font for chapter titles and other text you wish to emphasize. 

You can begin with a retro-themed PowerPoint template:

3. Depth is Key

This trend calls for the illusion of depth through layering, shadows and three-dimensional effects. Create a shape and then adding Shape Effects. Or you can start with an eBook design template that already uses this trend. For example, the Snift Vertical PowerPoint template has layers of text and images. That creates depth on the page.  

Snift - Vertical PowerPoint book template
Layering text and images in this premium PowerPoint book template creates depth.

4. Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that's never gone out of style. And it’s easy to see why. Minimalist designs are easy to read and let your eBook content take center stage. You’ll find plenty of PowerPoint templates that embrace minimalism in its design and layout:

5. Hand-Drawn Graphics and Fonts

Authenticity is another trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. A way to be authentic is by using hand-drawn illustrations and fonts. You can add hand-drawn elements to most eBook PowerPoint templates. You can draw your own, if you’re so inclined. 

eBook Template PowerPoint book template
Handmade graphics and fonts give authenticity to a premium PowerPoint book template.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Are you looking for top free multipurpose Microsoft PowerPoint templates found online? Here are three best PPT template presentations in 2023 you should check out.

5 Benefits of Using Professional eBook PowerPoint Templates

Looking for free PowerPoint eBook templates? The truth is a premium template may serve you better. Learn some of the benefits of using a premium PPT eBook template:

  1. Look like a pro. A premium PowerPoint template comes with slides designed by professionals. You worked long and hard writing your eBook. It deserves nothing less than a professional impressive design and layout.
  2. Use with ease. Designers behind premium PowerPoint templates make them as easy to use as possible. Most premium templates allow you to add your images with drag-and-drop features.
  3. Customize to your heart’s content. Premium PowerPoint templates are meant to be customized. Change the fonts and colors. Add your text and images. Some premium templates even include a PDF guide.
  4. Profit from your eBook. Most free PowerPoint templates come only with a personal-use license. Are you using your eBook for business? Then you need a PowerPoint template with a commercial license. All the premium PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements have it. 
  5. Get after-sales support. After downloading free PowerPoint templates, you’re on our own. That’s not the case with premium templates. You can reach out designers directly to get help with your template.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Benefits of Using Professional eBook PowerPoint Templates from Envato ElementsBenefits of Using Professional eBook PowerPoint Templates from Envato ElementsBenefits of Using Professional eBook PowerPoint Templates from Envato Elements
Envato Elements is a flat-rate monthly subscription. It includes thousands of great eBook templates for PowerPoint.

Sign up for Envato Elements now. With it you can access thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to eBook PowerPoint templates, and more. All for one low price!

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2023

Take your PowerPoint learning experience to the next level. Bookmark these useful resource on your browser: How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide). It's an extensive compilation of various bite-sized tutorials. 

Here are three examples of PowerPoint how-tos from The Ultimate Tutorial Guide:

Grab a Premium PowerPoint eBook Template Today!

Need a PPT template to help bring your story to life? Start by exploring premium eBook template PowerPoint from Envato Elements. Get unlimited access to millions of digital assets to create an eBook like a pro. 

We also showed you a few free eBook templates for PowerPoint. They're not the best option but can be helpful if you're on a tight budget. For the time being, get started with a PowerPoint book template for free.

Use a premium eBook PPT template and create your eBook like a pro. Download one today! 

Editorial Note:This post has been updated with contributions from Alexis (Lexi) Rodrigo and Daniel Strongin. Alexis and Daniel Strongin are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+

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