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25 Best Microsoft PowerPoint PPT Themes for Free Download in 2020


Are you tired of using the same old Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) theme? It's time to take your presentations to the next level with a new template.

Chrono PPT Theme a premium pre-built template on Envato Element
Chrono PPT Theme, a premium pre-built template on Envato Element

We've got loads of the best pre-built Microsoft PowerPoint themes. They'll help you create a modern and professional presentation in no time. It'll also give you a chance to impress your audience and show them how professional you are.

It's important to be satisfied with the presentation deck you create. It'll give you an added boost of confidence during your presentation. With that in mind, if you're strapped for time and lack design skills, it's a good idea to get your hands on a pre-built theme.

Work from a fully customizable professional pre-built Microsoft PowerPoint theme. You'll be working smart, saving time, and creating the best possible presentation.

In this article, you'll explore twenty-five free to download PPT themes from around the web. You'll also find premium best Microsoft PowerPoint themes from Envato Elements and top Microsoft PPT themes from GraphicRiver.

Dive right in and find the best PPT theme that'll help you impress wow your audience in 2020. 

Find the Best Premium Microsoft PowerPoint Themes on Envato Elements (2020)

Your presentation reflects on you and your company. A modern, unique, and well-designed presentation creates a great first impression. It also helps you put across your points well and are a huge timesaver. 

By subscribing to Envato Elements, you'll get unlimited access to a vast library of premium creative digital assets. This includes the best premium Microsoft PowerPoint themes. All for a minimal monthly subscription fee. 

Choose from thousands of best PPT themes from Envato Elements
Choose from thousands of the best premium PPT themes from Envato Elements for 2020

Some people opt to use Microsoft PowerPoint themes that are free to download found online. If you use free themes, there are a few risks you've got to be prepared to work around. A few common risks are:

  • limited choice, you could be forced to settle for something that's not a good fit
  • more time spent on customization to make a free template work
  • the presentation could look dated due to lack of updates

By going premium, you're able to avoid these risks. Browse through thousands of modern and updated templates and pick the perfect fit. Create the best possible presentation each time and impress your audience. 

Latest Microsoft PowerPoint themes on Envato Elements - with Unlimited Access
Latest premium Microsoft PowerPoint themes on Envato Elements - with Unlimited Access

Once you sign up for Envato Elements, graphic design and marketing initiatives get boosted to a new level. Envato Elements has so much to offer, all for a low monthly free. You get unlimited access to digital assets like:

  • royalty-free music
  • high-quality stock photos
  • HD stock videos
  • creative graphic templates
  • fonts
  • and more.   

But, if you prefer a pay-per-download model at the moment, check out the top premium Microsoft PPT themes from GraphicRiver. They give you the flexibility to download what you need one-at-a-time right away without the commitment of a subscription. We'll explore some Microsoft PPT theme options from GraphicRiver later in this article. 

5 Best Premium Microsoft PowerPoint Themes for 2020 From Envato Elements

Looking for the best Microsoft PowerPoint themes for your 2020 presentation needs? Here are five of the best premium PPT themes on Envato Elements:

1. Masmax PowerPoint Theme

Masmax PowerPoint Theme

Masmax is a premium pre-built template that's got 234 unique slides in 16:9 format. It helps you create a full HD quality presentation. It also comes fully animated. You'll get free updates and support with this template. 

2. Motion - Microsoft PowerPoint Theme

Motion - Microsoft PowerPoint Theme

This Microsoft PowerPoint theme comes in five color variations and has 30 unique slides. It's a multipurpose presentation theme that's suitable for business or personal needs. Edit on PowerPoint, no extra software is needed. Input your content, replace the images in the placeholders, change color, and you're all set.   

3. Livy - Microsoft PowerPoint Online Themes

Livy - Microsoft PowerPoint Online Themes

Livy is perfect for business presentations, project pitching, and more. Get over 50 minimalistic, modern, and creative slides. All graphics are resizable and editable. 

4. Chime - Microsoft PPT Theme

Chime - Microsoft PPT Theme

This PPT theme comes with files for PowerPoint and Keynote. You've got the flexibility to work on either. You get over 110 professional unique slides that are designed with this cheerful and fun theme. You'll also get access to multilingual free fonts, social media analysis pages, custom charts, handcrafted infographics, apple mockups, and so much more. 

5. Infographics Bundle - PowerPoint Theme

Infographics Bundle - PowerPoint Theme

Do you need infographics to help you create compelling and convincing presentations? This template comes with 315 unique slides and has loads to offer. This bundle includes:

  • 3D elements
  • arrows
  • characters 
  • circles 
  • creative elements
  • Eco elements
  • maps 
  • puzzles
  • image placeholders

5 Top Premium Microsoft PowerPoint Themes From GraphicRiver for 2020

Envato Elements is perfect for a heavy user. It's got so much to offer for a low monthly subscription fee. Yet, access to unlimited digital assets may not be something you're looking for now. 

Do you want to pay a flat fee to download a single premium Microsoft PowerPoint online theme? Check out GraphicRiver's collection of premium presentation templates. GraphicRiver is part of Envato Market. 

Envato Market offers a pay-per-download model, which is ideal if you don't need access to unlimited downloads or are on a tight budget right now. All you've got to do is pick a theme, pay the single flat-free, download and customize it. It's that simple. 

Best Selling Microsoft PowerPoint Themes from GraphicRiver for 2020
Best Selling Microsoft PowerPoint Themes from GraphicRiver for 2020

Here are five top Microsoft PowerPoint online themes from GraphicRiver to get you started: 

1. ThePress - Animated Microsoft PowerPoint Theme

ThePress - Animated Microsoft PowerPoint Theme

ThePress comes with 480 unique slides, both in dark and light. Having many slides like this will allow you to match your content with appropriate slides. 

It also comes with loads of infographics. Turn lengthy texts to visually pleasing graphics. Because it's fully animated, add animation to your presentations with a few clicks.

2. i9 Template System - Microsoft PPT Theme

i9 Template System - Microsoft PPT Theme

This Microsoft PPT theme comes with 550 unique slides, 22 templates, and more than 250 exclusive custom icons. It's got all the necessary sections and slides needed to create a professional presentation. Save loads of design time with a highly rated template like this. 

3. Waneto - Multipurpose PowerPoint Theme

Waneto - Multipurpose PowerPoint Theme

Get 1001 unique slides, 50 color themes, and more than 3000 vector icons with Waneto. If you're someone who needs a lot of maps, this is an excellent option for you. The maps are editable too. Wanate is also fully animated and has a free lifetime update. 

4. Creative Business PowerPoint Theme

Creative Business PowerPoint Theme

The animation on this template theme is creative and unique. Click through to view how it looks. Creative Business PowerPoint Theme also comes with loads of infographics. They're useful for any business or personal presentation. If you need a special color mode, a map of a region that isn't provided, or if you need other help, the author is willing to help. 

5. Simple & Modern Business PowerPoint Theme

Simple  Modern Business PowerPoint Theme

Simple & Modern Business PowerPoint Theme comes with 505 well designed unique slides, seven cool and clean themes, fully animated, professional and educational infographics, and over 1,000 vector icons. The content is easy to customize. Drag and drop images into placeholders and create your presentation in a matter of minutes. 

25 Microsoft PowerPoint Themes Free to Download in 2020 (From Around the Web)

There are a lot of benefits of using premium Microsoft PowerPoint online themes. They're easy to work with, come with support from the designer, and you can pick the perfect template for your needs. It's your best bet! 

But we completely understand if you're working with a limited budget and may not be able to go premium now. Before exploring Microsoft PowerPoint themes that are free to download found online, check out Envato's free offerings. Try out various premium template files (not always PowerPoint templates) at no cost to you. 

Here's the offer:

  • Every month Envato Elements offer 12 different handpicked files (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account and download this month's free premium files now.  
  • Envato Market offers seven monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's premium freebies.

If a PowerPoint theme freebie isn't up for grabs this month, a free template found online may be your only option. Let's look at 25 free Microsoft PPT themes from around the web:

1. Light - PowerPoint Themes Free Microsoft is a light-colored modern architecture themed template. 

2. Restaurant - Download PPT Themes for Mac Free is a free simple PPT template from Microsoft. It's suitable for restaurants or businesses from other industries. 

3. Minimalist - Microsoft PPT Themes Free DownloadA black and white minimalistic template to use for just about any projects. 

Minimalist Free Microsoft PowerPoint Theme

4. Powerful - Microsoft PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download comes with a blue background image of a woman sitting on a cliff. 

5. Blue Spheres - MS PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download features city images with a blue background.

6. Noor - Themes for PowerPoint Presentation 2020 Free Download is a gradient template that's suitable for agencies.  

7. Portfolio - PowerPoint Themes Free Microsoft is a minimalistic black and white template for any creative or professional needs.

8. Pattern - Microsoft PPT Themes Free Download is also a minimalistic template. Use loads of images and infographics to make it more visually appealing. 

Microsoft PowerPoint Themes for Free Download

9. Investor Pro - Download PPT Themes for Mac Free. It's a clean and straightforward presentation theme for business proposals.   

10. Business Plan - MS PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download comes with colors to make it more visually appealing. Turned it to a white or black background.  

11. Clean Microsoft PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download is a modern and multipurpose theme template. If you need to use a free template this isn't a bad option.

12. Infographic Themes for PowerPoint Presentation 2020 Free Download comes with 12 basic infographic designs that can be used for any business presentation.

13. Business MS PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download. This template features a city image with a bright background and earth design. This image is used as a background image in all the slides.

Business MS PowerPoint Background Theme for Free Download

14. Entropy - Microsoft PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download features abstract green and red smokey effects on a dark background. 

15. Wart - PowerPoint Themes Free Microsoft uses bright colors with geometric designs in a clean and simple layout.

16. Palamon - Download PPT Themes for Mac Free. The titles in this theme are in black with a white background or highlight. Various background images are used. Carefully pick images that allow the text to stand out. 

17. Ursula - Microsoft PPT Themes Free Download looks like a chalkboard with a black background and white handwriting font. It's not very suitable for many business presentations, but it can be used for more fun presentations. 

18. Callie - Themes for PowerPoint Presentation 2020 Free Download is yet another clean and simple multipurpose template. It uses different background images and the color theme is two green shares and black. 

Callie - Themes for PowerPoint Presentation 2020 Free Download

19. Country - Download PPT Themes for Mac Free comes in a 16:9 screen layout. It's got a mix of white and black backgrounds in its slides.

20. Elementum - PowerPoint Themes Free Microsoft uses a unique shade of orange with black and white. The main background is a silhouette of a skyline. 

21. Timon - Microsoft PPT Themes Free Download features watercolor graphic background. It's a cheerful and fun theme. 

22. Industry 4.0 Revolution - MS PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download is an industry or innovation themed template. It comes with 48 slides to pick from. 

23. Global Education Solution - Themes for PowerPoint Presentation 2020 Free Download uses blue and green as the primary color giving the theme a very fresh and earthy feel. 

Global Education Software Microsoft PowerPoint Themes for Free

24. Double Exposure - Microsoft PowerPoint Background Themes Free Download includes four double exposure backgrounds and other useful graphics. 

25. Plant Dollar Coins - Free Microsoft PowerPoint Online Themes comes with 59 slides of dollar coins and plant illustrations. The main color used is light blue. 

5 Quick Tips to Make Great PowerPoint Presentations With PPT Themes in 2020

Are you completely new to creating PowerPoint presentations and not sure how to go about it? Or maybe you're looking to improve your PPT creation skills. 

Here are five quick tips that'll help you create a winning professional and impressive presentation every time.

If you're looking for the ultimate PowerPoint tutorial, check out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide). Here are some more useful tips for Microsoft PPT themes:

1. Invest in High-Quality Premium PPT Themes for 2020 (& Customize Them)

Let's face it: not all of us are good at designing PPT themes from scratch. And some of us don't have the time. Save yourself the hassle and start working smart by investing in a high-quality premium PPT theme for 2020. Pick templates that have icons, infographics, animation, and other modern features.

Leave the design work to the experts for your next presentation. You'll also effortlessly improve the standard of your presentation.

If you're not sure how to work with a pre-built PowerPoint template? Check out this tutorial:

2. Keep It Short and Clean (Use Fewer Words & Avoid Clutter)

Suite - Microsoft PowerPoint Theme a premium template that uses infographics and focuses more on images
Suite - Microsoft PowerPoint Theme, a premium template that uses infographics and focuses more on images 

PowerPoint slides are used to note down key points that you'll mention during your presentation. Keep your slides clean and to the point. Try to do the following: 

  • avoid wordy slides
  • turn paragraphs into short bullet lists
  • use infographics to visualize facts and figures
  • replace texts with images, photos, or videos

Too many words crammed into every slide will make your presentation dull and hard to follow. Best to avoid that.  

3. Minimize Distractions

Audiences get distracted easily. You want to reduce or even avoid this and try to keep them focused. But how can you do that? 

Elements in presentations that can be distracting include: 

  • too much flashy transitions or animations
  • too much audio
  • a poorly designed presentation or bad alignments

Make it easy to follow your presentation by using these elements tastefully and minimally. Check out these tutorials for more help:

4. Explore Special Themed Templates

There are many multipurpose templates that work for any business and purpose. Spice things up a little by picking special themed templates for your presentation topic. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have loads of these special themed templates that you can explore. 

Examples of special themes are: 

5. Use Interesting Copy

Floralist - PowerPoint Theme helps your tiles and copy stand out
Floralist - PowerPoint Theme, this premium theme helps your tiles and copy stand out

Use copy in your presentation to keep your audience engaged, illustrate your points clearly, and persuade them to take a particular action. Stick to clear, concise, and easy to understand copy. Include a call to action at the end, making it clear what you need your audience to do next. 

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Theme Designs

Want to browse through more PowerPoint slide themes before you take your pick? Check out more of our unique and modern PowerPoint slide themes for 2020 below:

Learn More About Creating Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Are you new to creating presentations and could use some help? Not to worry, we've got you covered! We've got loads of useful tutorials to help you get familiar with creating great PowerPoint presentations. Here are a few:   

Get Best Microsoft PPT Themes Today!

PowerPoint slide themes can make or break your presentation, so it's crucial to pick the right one from the start. Compared to starting from scratch, a pre-built template is a better choice. You'll save loads of design time and take your presentation to the next level. 

Within pre-built PowerPoint slide themes, you can pick either premium or free templates. Start by exploring the best premium PowerPoint slide themes from Envato Elements and download as many as you need. All for a low monthly fee. 

Do you prefer a pay-per-download model? Check out GraphicRiver's collection of top premium PowerPoint slide themes

If you're tight on budget and can't go premium just yet, there are pre-built Microsoft PowerPoint themes free to download that'll come in handy now. They've got their limitations that you need to workaround, but it's still better than starting from scratch. Use our list of twenty-five Microsoft PowerPoint themes that are free to download to find one that's right for you.

Take your presentations to the next level with a premium pre-built Microsoft PowerPoint theme. Download one right now!  

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