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Best New Presentation Templates of 2016 (PowerPoint, Keynote, & Google Slides)


2016 is moving really fast. Now's the time to make this year count. Is the deadline for your important presentation coming up quickly? Do you need to design your slides and get them ready to go?

If that's that case, you have some work to do then. But before you fire up PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides, first take a smart look at an efficient starting point for your project. 

Make a Great Design Quickly: With a New Presentation Template

It’s not easy to design a presentation from scratch, one that is on trend, visually engaging, and will come across with just the right combination of creativity and professionalism.

What you need is a high quality presentation template that is freshly designed, like this stylish set of PowerPoint slide designs

Mark02 PowerPoint presentation set of slide designs
Professional presentation template slide designs.

It’s already got all the thoughtfully crafted design slides, creative layouts, infographics, photo galleries, subtle effects, numerous color choices, and multiple visual options—all made so you can easily customize and put these features to use.

We have a number of professional presentation templates featured here from GraphicRiver—which are available for purchase and download. New templates are being created by talented designers every month. Take a look at those trending now in 2016:

Best Presentation Templates 2016
2016 best new presentation templates - available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

A presentation template gives you a quick-fire jumpstart on your project. Grab one of these popular templates, insert your info, customize the graphics, and get your presentation in front of your audience on time!

Guide to Making Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

We also have a great compliment to a professional presentation template. Download our new, Free eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations, which will help you write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. 

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15 New Presentation Templates (Trending in 2016)

We feature the best presentation templates that are moving like fast-flying rocket ships on Envato Market (GraphicRiver). These are presentation designs made in 2016 and are available in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides.

Quick note that we have a completely updated article with the best new presentation template for 2017. Jump over to the fresh article to discover the latest trending designs: 

Also, if you're unsure of which is the best presentation software to use, read our guide that compares the three most popular options:

Otherwise, dig into this curated selection to find just the right presentation design you need. We feature the best PowerPoint presentation templates of 2016 first, followed by Keynote and Google Slides

PowerPoint Presentation Templates - Best of 2016 

1. Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck PPT Template

If you need a PowerPoint presentation template designed for business pitches, this is a great option. Use it to create one of the best presentations you’ll make in 2016. Pitch your business model, present your ideas, showcase your data, and use the stylish slides to engage the audience and secure investment.

The PPT templates comes packed with a ton of creative slide designs to help you prep your deck quickly. It includes everything you need to make your presentation rock, from timelines, folios, device mockups, tables, charts, infographics, and more!

Startup X  Pitch Deck PPT Template 2016
Pitch deck PPT template 2016

2. Mark02 - Best PowerPoint Template 2016

This PowerPoint template has a cutting edge, premium looking design. It’s easy to customize—even without advanced PowerPoint skills, just drag and drop. It comes with hundreds of creative slides, loaded vector icons, animations, smart slides, infographics, and more. It’s a versatile design that can be used in all types of business presentations.

Mark02 - Best PPT Template 2016
Best PPT presentation template designed in 2016

3. Balance - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Captivate your audience with this modern PowerPoint presentation template. It features a dynamic design, with compelling use of visual elements, that feels fresh and inviting. There’s an elegant mix of photography, cropped into compelling shapes, well-balanced layouts, and modern typography. 

It comes packed with a number of hand crafted slide designs, infographic options, and device mockups. This PPT presentation template is a great choice, whether you have a new software idea to present to investors or a creative business concept to get in front of a crowd.

Balance PowerPoint Presentation Template 2016
2016 minimal PowerPoint PPT presentation template

4. Ronix - Creative PowerPoint Design Theme

Loaded with a bevy of features, this PowerPoint presentation template has colorful designs with both light and dark versions to choose from. The slides come with infographic elements, charts, graphs, and icons. Grab this template if you need to present data to your audience and tell a visually engaging story with your info.

Ronix - Best PowerPoint Design Theme 2016
Top creative PPT template 2016

5. Elevator Pitch - 2016 PowerPoint Presentation Bundle

This isn’t just one PowerPoint template, but rather three that have been packaged into a bundle, saving you a chunk of cash on the purchase price. A number of people are already taking advantage of this packaged offer from this Elite Author. 

The PPT presentation templates in this bundle come loaded with hundreds of unique slides and all the professional features you’d expect from a high quality solution.

Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Bundle
Best PPT template 2016

Learn How to Customize a Stylish PowerPoint Template

Keynote Presentation Templates - Best of 2016 

6. Mark03 - Best Keynote Template 2016

This PowerPoint template comes packaged with a massive set of creative slides, featuring colorful shapes paired with great photo and data options, and over 400 trendy designs included.

There’s all the slide designs you’d need to make your next presentation in 2016. From handcrafted infographic slides, to business model graphics, full range of charts, geometric slide setups, company slides, and more.

It’s ready to customize easily, with drag and drop functionality, easy copy and paste setup, custom animation presets, smart slide designs, and more.

Mark03 - Best Keynote Template Design 2016
Best Keynote template design 2016

7. Sign - Keynote Presentation Design Theme

With over 100 unique slide designs, this Keynote template has a number of pixel perfect modern layouts. Make use of the full array of designs, which are set with a diamond and diagonal minimal theme design.

There’s a good balance of photo slides styles to work with, as well as a useful mix of those with dark backgrounds versus those with white space, and spots of color mixed in. It includes 450 shape icons, 50 infographics, 8 device mockups, and more.

Keynote Presentation Design Theme 2016
Keynote presentation design theme 2016

8. Pitch - Modern Keynote Presentation Template

When you have a killer business idea, you need to present it so that your messages makes an impact, and your deck backs up your points. A great presentation, needs to tell a compelling story, empower your audience to picture how you’ll gain traction and grow.

Pitch is a presentation template design with a modern 2016 style. It has all the slide designs you’d need to drive interest and investment in your business. There’s a riveting mix of unique slides, data presentation options, and authentic styles. Grip investors and craft a winning pitch!

Modern Keynote Presentation Template 2016
Stylish Keynote presentation template 2016

9. Eureka - Minimal Keynote Template Design

This PowerPoint presentation template has a creative design with modern slides. It features a bevy of slide design options with a compelling use of shapes, font use, images, charts, color options, unique layouts, and more.

It has slides with artistic strokes that crop photos creatively, overlapping colorful shapes over images, and an innovative mix of useful slides with a modern design aesthetic. It’s made to be customized quickly to get your deck ready fast. Present your best ideas of 2016 with this Keynote presentation template design!

Eureka - Minimal Keynote Template Design 2016
Creative Keynote template presentation design 2016

10. Nash - 2016 Keynote Presentation Template

This presentation template uses shapes dynamically to construct hundreds of unique slide designs. Circles, triangles, squares, hexagons, are mixed into minimal layouts that balance whitespace, typography, and photos elegantly. 

This is a stylish template that uses overlay picture effects and dynamic transitions. Whether you need to feature a fashionable product or just make a memorable statement, this is a presentation templates that fits a creative brief.

2016 Keynote Presentation Template
Creative Keynote 2016 presentation template design 

Learn How to Add Your Info to a Popular Keynote Template

Google Slides Presentation Templates - Best of 2016 

11. Marketofy - Best Google Slides Template Set

This professional presentation template is packed with over 200 slide designs, and all the graphics and infographic layouts you’d need to make a stylish, professional business presentation.

Whether you have an upcoming marketing presentation, roomful of stakeholders to impress, or a sales deck to put together, this Google Slides themes is a great choice. You can customize it quickly and get an awesome presentation designed quickly.

Marketofy Best Google Slides Theme Design 2016
Modern Google Slides 2016 presentation theme design 

12. Fox - Ultimate, Creative Google Slides Template

Fox is a modern Google Slides presentation theme created in 2016. There are 400 creative slides included with super versatile layouts and well balanced designs. It a unique set with minimal style. You can use the device mockups, infographics, loads of icons it comes with, and time-saving setup, to craft your next presentation with the design you want.

Fox Best Creative Google Slides Template 2016
Best Google Slides template design 2016

13. Clean - Minimal 2016 Google Slides Theme

This trendy Google Slides template is freshly designed in 2016. It has a notably, minimal design aesthetic with beautiful use of white space. It’s elegant and comes with 200 creative slide designs that balance text and photo setup well.

It also brings in dynamic shapes, surprising image crops, and unique overlap of call out boxes, and bold text. You can make your message stand out and give your presentation the design it deserves.

Clean Minimal 2016 Google Slides Presentation Theme
2016 minimal Google Slides presentation template

14. Business Proposal - Google Slides Template Design

If you have an upcoming business proposal to give, this a great Google Slides theme to use. It’s packed with the creative and data slides you need to win business and change minds.

It has 60 business slide designs, which include layouts for presenting your team, showcasing your product or idea, highlight your process, and showcasing your revenue results.

Business Proposal 2016 Google Slides Template Design
Top business Google Slides Theme of 2016

15. Simplex Slides - 2016 Google Presentation Theme

With a beautiful set of modern slide layouts, a simple style, and plenty of graphic elements, this Google Slides theme design is exactly what you need. Highlight your ideas, showcase your points, and tell a compelling narrative that’s backed up by great a great graphic presentation.

Simplex Slides 2016 Google Slides Presentation Theme
2016 minimal style Google Slides presentation template

Learn How to Customize a Modern Google Slides Template

Presentation Templates, Resources, & Design Tips

If one of the ten designs featured above isn’t the right fit for your project, keep in mind we have a ton of professional PowerPoint Presentation Templates, Google Slides Themes, and Keynote Templates on GraphicRiver. 

Additional Presentation Template Designs

There are hundreds of popular designs to browse through that are kept up to date by their designers. Here are more great presentation templates we’ve featured here on Envato Tuts+:

Free eBook on Making Great Presentations

We have the perfect compliment to a professional presentation template, that will help you learn how to write, design, and deliver great presentations.

Grab The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that will move your audience. 

Making Great Presentations eBook Free Download PDF Guide

Helpful Presentation Design Tutorials

If you’re feeling a little stuck on the process of crafting a compelling presentation, then we have a few articles you can get started with:

First, discover the writing process behind a great presentation. Then, consider how you’ll persuade and motivate your audience to act on your presentation. Also, review effective presentation tips that cover the whole process from planning, preparation, design, to delivery. 

Good luck on nailing your upcoming presentation and making an impact in 2016!

Note: Our staff updates this post regularly, adding new presentation templates with the best trending designs.

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