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25 Best Free Cute Pastel Colors PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download 2021

Are you on a hunt for the best cute pastel colors for a PowerPoint presentation? A well-designed presentation with pastel colors sets you apart as it's not a common choice. You'll find loads of pastel PPT inspiration here. 

Poppins - Pastel PowerPoint Template a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements
Poppins - Pastel PowerPoint Template, a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements

Pastel colors can be a little tricky to work with. Not everyone can design an excellent business presentation with pastel colors. Don't take the risk of creating your template from scratch. If you're not a designer, a lot can go wrong. Leave the designing to the experts and go for a premium pre-built template.  

Create your best possible pastel presentation with a customizable professional pre-built PPT slide template. These pre-built templates help you work smart and save time. 

This article lists a total of 34 premium and free pastel presentation templates as inspirations. Discover 25 pastel color PowerPoint templates free to download found online. We'll also explore premium pre-built options. You'll see pastel color PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements. Also discover cute pastel colors PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver.

Dive right in and discover the best background PPT pastel template that fits your requirements! 

Find the Best Premium Pastel Colors PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (2021)

Want to create impressive pastel presentations? Envato Elements is the best starting point to browse templates. 

With a low monthly fee, Envato Elements subscribers enjoy unlimited access to an all-you-can-download library of digital creative assets (including pastel watercolor painted PowerPoint templates).  

Pastel colors PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements for 2020
Pastel colors PowerPoint templates (premium) on Envato Elements for 2021

Many opt to take the risk and try using free pastel watercolor painted PowerPoint templates. Often enough, they find themselves forced to work with limited options and features. Some free options found online are just background images with two to three slides: a cover slide and one to two internal slides. 

By going premium, your selection pool multiplies. You're now able to browse through loads of modern, updated, and on-theme templates (as well as loads of other creative digital assets). Pick the ones that fit your requirements. Starting with the best possible template helps you create an excellent presentation. Impress your audience each time.

Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them

As an Envato Elements subscriber you immediately get access to digital assets. Explore professional templates, high-quality stock photos, HD stock videos, royalty-free music, creative graphics, fonts, and so much more. These digital assets are beneficial for marketing initiatives or presentation projects. 

Envato Elements has loads to offer, but it may not be something for you right now. If a pay-per-download model is a better option for you now, check out the selection of cute pastel PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. Download templates one-at-a-time right away without a monthly subscription fee.  We'll explore pastel PPT inspiration from GraphicRiver later in this article. 

5 Best Pastel Colors PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements for 2021

Here are five of the best premium cute pastel PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements: 

1. Colorful Pastel PowerPoint Template

Colorful Pastel PowerPoint Template

This is a colorful multipurpose template. It comes with 32 unique slides that are modern, minimal, and professional. It's fully editable, making it so easy to customize according to your needs. Download and use Colorful Pastel PowerPoint Template for any business or personal needs.

2. Skuar - PowerPoint Background Pastel Pink

Skuar - PowerPoint Background Pastel Pink

Skuar is an abstract and gradient pink pastel presentation template. It's perfect for a fashion or creative agency. Skuar comes with 12 files and three premade color themes. Pick between a dark and light background. Layouts included are:

  • cover
  • section break
  • meet the team slides
  • device mockup
  • images layout
  • infographic
  • contact us page
  • thank you page, and more

3. Nexia - Cute Pastel PowerPoint Template

Nexia - Cute Pastel PowerPoint Template

Nexia allows your content to shine. Your audience can focus on the content and not get distracted with a flashy PowerPoint design. This template comes with 30 unique slides and two color options for you to pick from. It's a well-designed template that'll be suitable for any professional presentations.

4. KEUMALA - PowerPoint Background Pastel

KEUMALA - PowerPoint Background Pastel

KEUMALA comes with 30 modern, creative, and unique slides. Drag and drop your images quickly. All graphics are easy to resize and edit too. Icons are included in the template. KEUMALA is a multipurpose pastel presentation template that helps you stand out from the crowd and impress your audience. 

5. New Business Pastel Slides Template

New Business Pastel Slides Template

This pastel presentation template is professional, modern, and unique. It was designed to be multipurpose and is perfect for any professional or personal use. This template comes with 50 creative unique that are easy to edit and customize. Create your next best presentation with this pastel slides template. 

4 Best Cute Pastel Colors PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver for 2021

If you're a heavy digital assets user, Envato Elements is a dream come true. It gives you unlimited access to a vast digital library for a low monthly subscription fee. 

But if you're on a tight budget, this may not be an option for you. A flat fee to download a single background PPT pastel template is your next best option at times like these. Remember that you usually get what you pay for.

Explore GraphicRiver's collection of premium pastel PPT templates. GraphicRiver is part of Envato Market, a digital asset library with a pay-per-download model. Browse thousands of templates, take your pick, pay a single flat fee, download it, and start creating your presentation. It's that easy!

Best Selling PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020
Best Selling PowerPoint Templates (premium) from GraphicRiver for 2021

Here are four cute pastel presentation templates that you can easily pay to download and make your own:

1. Doughnut n Friends - PowerPoint Background Pastel

Doughnut n Friends - PowerPoint Background Pastel

Doughnut n Friends is a creative and modern pastel presentation template. Use these 37 unique slides for any business, portfolio, branding, or advertising presentations. This template comes with free support, a help file, and instructions. Perfect for someone new to creating presentations.

2. Voltia - Pastel Slides Template

Voltia - Pastel Slides Template

Voltia is a modern and creative design template. It's got a strong focus on typography and usability, allowing you to capture attention during your presentation. The icons used are vectors. Easily edit and customize all elements according to your needs. 

3. Liquid - Cute Pastel PowerPoint Template

Liquid - Cute Pastel PowerPoint Template

Liquid features 32 unique pastel slides that include device mockups and infographics. It comes as a full HD high resolution 1920 x 1080 template. Create a modern and unique presentation in minutes with Liquid. All elements are easy to edit.

4. Multipurpose Pastel Slides Template

Multipurpose Pastel Slides Template

This is a professionally designed template. It's a must-have if you're looking for presentation templates with pastel colors. It also comes stacked with useful features like: 

  • editable charts
  • predefined text styles
  • unique mockup devices
  • world map with separate areas
  • portfolio slides
  • vector-based icons and more

25 Top Free Cute Pastel Colors PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

Premium pastel slides templates are professionally designed and trendy. Create unique and modern presentations in minutes with these templates.

But this may not be for you now if you're working with a tight budget. Thankfully, there are free options for you to explore. Start by browsing through Envato's free offering. See if any of the premium template files (not limited to pastel presentation templates) could be of use at no cost. These free choices vary, and you never know, you may be in luck. A pastel watercolor painted PowerPoint template could be available. 

Here's the Envato Freebie deal:

Now, let's look at 25 pastel color PowerPoint templates free to download in 2021:

1. Plaid - Free Background PPT Pastel comes with a geometric patterned background in pastel colors. 

2. Cloud - Free PowerPoint Background Pastel features a soft abstract pastel background design.

3. Lines - Pink Pastel Free PowerPoint Template. This template comes with different pastel colors and color scheme in the background slide design.

Lines -  Pink Pastel Free PowerPoint Template

4. Pastel Pattern - Pastel Color PowerPoint Templates Free Download features a very simple abstract design in pastel colors. 

5. Strains - Free Background PPT Pastel comes with three slides. It's a simple PPT template with a framed image background. 

6. Green and Pink Pastel Free PowerPoint Template features a unique colored polygonal background. There are three slides in three different colors. 

7. Sketchy Borders - Free PowerPoint Background Pastel comes in 16:9 screen layout. Change it to 4:3 with a click, but some graphic assets may not work well. 

8. Free Pastel Watercolor Painted PowerPoint Template uses a soft pastel theme. All images are included, but pictures used in image placeholders aren't. 

Free Pastel Watercolor Painted PowerPoint Template

9. Maternity - Pink Pastel Free PowerPoint Template was designed for presentations on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. 

10. Abstract Floral - Free Cute Pastel PowerPoint Template includes a master background slide, an internal slide, and an end slide. 

11. Abstract Light - Free Pastel Watercolor Painted PowerPoint Template comes with colorful circles on the background. The white circles are made to look like lights.

12. Piggy Bank - Pink Pastel Free PowerPoint Template represents a financial image through a pink piggy bank. 

13. Free Opened Book with Paper Cranes PowerPoint Template features paper cranes flying out of an open book. It symbolizes the realization of dreams. 

Free Opened Book with Paper Cranes PowerPoint Template

14. Nina - Pastel Color PowerPoint Templates Free Download is a cute pastel theme with bubbles and suitable fonts. 

15. Mateo, the Unicorn - Blue and Pink Pastel Free PowerPoint Template features a cute little unicorn. It comes with blue and pink background colors. 

16. Colorful Fantasy Birthday - Free Background PPT Pastel. This template comes with cute illustrations like unicorns, kids, and rainbows. 

17. Dental Clinic - Free Pastel Slides Template includes some simple illustrations, background, and geometrical shapes to organize all the information.

18. Orange Memphis - Pastel Color PowerPoint Templates Free Download uses vibrant yellow and orange tones to create this cheerful presentation.

Orange Memphis - Pastel Color PowerPoint Templates Free Download

19. Back to School Social Media Free Background PPT Pastel Template is a fun template with cartoon-like illustrations.  

20. E-Learning - Free PPT Presentation in Pastel features some flat linear bicolor illustrations with wavy background designs. 

21. Happy Easter - Free Pastel PPT Theme. These slides come with cute illustrations of flowers, eggs, and bunnies.

22. Abstract CV - Free Pastel PowerPoint Theme. This template comes with background stains, hand-drawn lines, and spots in pastel colors. 

23. Free Happy Women's Day PPT Template. This template features illustrations of women of all races and conditions. The background has abstract shapes. 

Free Happy Womens Day PPT Template

24. Stay Creative - Free Presentation Template comes with flat illustrations, organic backgrounds, and shapes. 

25. Free Elegant Pastel PowerPoint Theme features pastel colors and hand-drawn flowers as the background. It's a suitable theme for someone in the wedding, fashion, cosmetics, or floral industry. 

How to Quickly Customize Cute Pastel PowerPoint Templates (For 2021)

When you’re working with a pastel PowerPoint template, you want to make a great impression. But that doesn’t mean you've got to be a PPT expert. Customize a pastel PPT template in just five easy steps.

Pastel PowerPoint template
Download this beautiful premium pastel PPT template today!

Want to follow along with this mini-tutorial? Jump over to Envato Elements and download the premium Pastel - PowerPoint Template today.

Let's get started:

1. Select Slides

Background PPT pastel decks like this include dozens of slides. Choose only those that work best for you. Start by going to the View tab, then clicking on Slide Sorter.

Pastel PPT template
Choose your favorite slides in a premium pastel PPT.

Here, you see every slide in the pastel PPT in one place. Click and drag to reorder the slides. You can also click on the thumbnails and press Delete to remove unwanted slides. When finished, go to View, then Normal.

2. Edit Text

An advantage of premium pastel color PowerPoint templates comes from built-in placeholders. You don’t have to design slides from scratch. In fact, you’re really just filling in your own content.

Background PPT pastel
Add your own text to a premium pastel color PPT template.

To add text, go ahead and highlight any block of existing text. Then, simply start typing in your own words. It’s that easy! Repeat throughout the pastel PPT template as needed.

3. Change Fonts

Text is a big part of the style of your pastel color PowerPoint templates. With a block of text selected, find the Font section of the Home tab. From here, you’ll have several options.

Pastel PPT
Customize fonts with a purchased background PowerPoint pastel template.

Change elements like font size, style, and color. Or, add special effects like bolds and italics. All those options live on the drop-down menus. Click through and explore your options.

4. Add Photos

Image placeholders: they make your life easy. And you won’t find them with a pastel PowerPoint template free download. In essence, these help you effortlessly add photos to a slide.

Pastel color PowerPoint templates
Use image placeholders inside a premium pastel color PPT template pack.

Find a saved image on your computer, then drag it over your pastel PPT slide. Drop it and watch as it imports instantly. PowerPoint will size it to fit perfectly in your pastel color PPT template.

5. Copy Layouts

Most background PowerPoint pastel templates include many different slide layouts. But you might want to use one again. PPT makes this easy too.

Pastel color PPT template
Use premium pastel PPT layouts over and over.

Over on the sidebar, right-click and choose Copy. Then, click between any two other slides in the sidebar. Right-click and choose Paste. An exact copy of your slide will appear.

5 Quick Design Tips To Create PowerPoint Presentations with Pastel Colors in 2021

Here are five easy tips that'll help you create better PowerPoint presentations in 2021: 

1. Leave the Designing to the Experts (Work Smart)

Pastela - PowerPoint Template a professionally designed template on Envato Elements
Pastela - PowerPoint Template, a professionally designed premium template on Envato Elements

Working with pastel colors for a professional business presentation can be tricky. The fail-safe way of going about it is to leave the designing to professional designers. With a professionally designed template, you'd be giving yourself a head start. 

Browse through loads of premium templates and pick a template design that grabs your attention. Next, read through the descriptions to see what features come with it. If you're new to creating presentations, you may want a template with free support, a help file, or instructions. Pick the best template that ticks all your boxes. 

2. Go for Contrast

Contrast is easy to read about and to use for your presentations, even if you're not a designer. Use contrast to create visual hierarchies. Quickly draw your audience in and guide their focus during your presentation. Contrast can be created using shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. 

A professionally designed template has contrast and other design principles taken care of. All you'd need to do is add in your content. But if you're thinking of customizing some elements or even working with free templates it's good to read and learn more about it. 

All about the principles of design and how you can use them: 

3. Use Fewer Words & Avoid Clutter (Think Minimal)

Pastella - PPT Template a minimalistic template on Envato Elements
Pastelle - PPT Template, a minimalistic premium template on Envato Elements

The best presentations are generally simple and easy to follow. The key is to avoid clutter and section your presentation well. 

Keep the text minimal and slides clean. The following will help:

  • turn lengthy paragraphs into bullet points
  • use images, photos, or videos to replace text
  • use infographics to replace tables
  • reduce the amount of text content or graphics on each slide

4. Use Animation Wisely

Animated elements make a presentation fun and lively. They help break down complex infographics. Phase in individual sections as you discuss them. This step by step introduction makes it easy for your audience to follow.

Check out these tutorials for more help:

Animations need to be used wisely and sparingly. Too much can be distracting and harm your presentation. If you find yourself questioning whether your presentation has too much animation, it probably does. In which case, try to remove a few. It's the safest option. 

5. Use High-Quality Visuals

Panoramic View of Pastel Desk a strong high-resolution image from Envato Elements
Panoramic View of Pastel Desk, a strong high-resolution image from Envato Elements

Images are an essential part of any presentation. Once added to a slide, the image becomes the main focal point. Using poor-quality images can negatively impact your presentation. It looks unprofessional and gives the impression that you don't have attention to detail. As images are a big part of the design elements of a presentation, always use high-resolution images. 

By subscribing to Envato Elements, you enjoy access to over a million high-quality, royalty-free stock photos. Pick and download pastel-colored images to go with your pastel-colored presentation.  

Pastel high-quality royalty-free stock photo from Envato Elements
"Pastel", high-quality royalty-free stock photo from Envato Elements

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs for 2021

Explore other best 2021 presentation templates that'll impress your audience: 

5 Benefits of Using Premium Pastel PowerPoint Templates

You've seen number of pastel color PowerPoint templates in action. You might still be wondering why you should choose one for your next presentation design. Let's look at five of the top benefits that pro presenters love:

  1. You outsource design. Not a pro designer? Well, your audience will never know the difference when you start with a premium, pre-built template. It's the best of both worlds: You avoid the cost of hiring someone but get pro designs to use.
  2. Color palettes are built in. If you love background PPT pastel designs, you're going to love starting with a template. They already have many ideas for the best pairings of pastels.
  3. They've got everything you need for great slides. It's painful to open PowerPoint and start with a blank slate. Instead, use pastel color PPT templates that give you inspiration for how to show your content.
  4. They just work. Talented designers have already worked out all the kinks and quirks for you. The templates are already set to the perfect size and work well for your pastel PPT.
  5. They give you confidence. We know that giving a presentation can be scary. But when you know your slides look great, you start off on solid footing. It's so worth it to choose pastel PPTs so that you love the way your slides look.

Grab a pastel PPT, start using it, and create your presentation in less time than you ever thought possible.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Pastel PowerPoint templates Elements
Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of presentation templates.

Who doesn't love an all-you-can-download creative buffet? That's exactly what Envato Elements offers. Just one subscription gives you everything you need with no extra costs as you choose more files.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to pastel presentation templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

PowerPoint is powerful. So, you might find yourself with questions about how to use the app for your pastel PPT template. Even though templates make it easy, it's okay to still have questions.

We've spent a ton of time teaching (and learning from!) our readers about how they use PowerPoint. Check out the tutorials below to have five of the most common questions answered while you work with pastel PPTs:

1. What Are PowerPoint Slide Layouts?

It's crucial to save time while building your PowerPoint presentation. After all, you'll need time to research, rehearse, and practice your delivery.

Slide layouts will save you a ton of time. They give you pre-built sets of elements and objects that are just waiting for your content. Pastel PPT templates with free downloads typically don't include as many layouts, so learn more about this feature below:

2. What Settings Should I Choose When Starting a New PowerPoint?

The settings you choose matter when you create a new PowerPoint. The important ones will ensure that your presentation looks its best when you present it.

That's why setting the proper dimensions is crucial. Otherwise, you'll waste screen space. Most premium pastel PowerPoint templates already have this set up, but it helps to know the essentials. Learn more in our tutorial.

3.What Text Effects Does PowerPoint Include?

Let's face it: the best slides should cut text, but they'll still include text boxes. That's why it's so helpful to know your way around the text options and styles.

We've put together a tutorial that shows you everything you need to know about text in PowerPoint. Pastel PPT templates with free downloads might lack good text options, so this tutorial will help you bridge the gap.

4. How Should You Show Data in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Want to lose your audience's attention? Well, just flood them with a slide full of data in a table. It's much better to avoid this approach and use charts and graphs instead.

Let's learn more about putting together helpful charts and graphs in PowerPoint. These tips work with pastel color PPT templates so that you show data stylishly.

5. What's the Best Way to Build PowerPoint Infographics?

PowerPoint includes a powerful feature called SmartArt. You can use it to build infographics, the hybrid of information and graphics. It helps to explain more complex concepts in a visual way.

Remember that free pastel PowerPoint templates typically won't include infographics. If you're using a free option, make sure to learn SmartArt to help you create infographics.

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Still new to creating presentations and could use some tips to improve your skill? Check out our ultimate PowerPoint tutorial guide that's got loads to offer. Get started with these tutorials:

Grab a Premium Pastel Colors PowerPoint Template Today!

If you're looking for uniqueness, quality, and efficiency for your next cute pastel PowerPoint template, start by browsing through Envato Elements. There are hundreds of pastel presentation templates that are available for use for a low monthly subscription fee.

Prefer a pay-per-download model instead? GraphicRiver is your best bet. GraphicRiver has a premium collection of pre-built pastel color PowerPoint templates. Buy and download them one-at-a-time.

Can't go premium because you're working on a school project or have no budget for a template? We've listed some free pastel PowerPoint templates from around the web. These free options will come in handy at a time like this.

Be it premium or free; a pre-built PPT template is a must if you want to create presentations efficiently. You'll be able to work smart and create the best possible presentation in a fraction of the time. 

Use a premium best pastel PowerPoint template for your next presentation. Download one right now!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding the best new pastel PowerPoint presentation templates.

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