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25 Best Free Blue & Green (Eco-Friendly) PowerPoint PPT Templates for 2021


Are you an environmental scientist, an eco-business entrepreneur, or an activist who needs to tell a story to large groups of people? Are you trying to figure out how best you can go about using a sustainability PPT template? This article is for you! 

Eco Sustainability PPT Template
Eco - Go Green PowerPoint Template, a premium template from Envato Elements

The aim is to create a creative, modern, and impressive presentation without spending a lot of time. Work smart by leaving the designing to the experts. A pre-built go green presentation theme helps you do just that. 

This article lists 25 blue and green PowerPoint templates free to download found online. We'll also explore premium eco-friendly blue and green slide templates from Envato Elements. This article will also look at premium go green presentation templates from GraphicRiver.

Dive right in and find the best sustainability PowerPoint templates for your needs!

Top Premium Eco-Friendly Blue and Green PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (Unlimited Use)

You've worked hard on this eco initiative. It's time to present to your stakeholders. Picking the right template is a crucial step to ensure you're all equipped to impress your audience. 

An Envato Elements subscription unlocks a whole library of premium creative digital assets. That includes loads of blue and green background themes. Enjoy unlimited access with a low monthly subscription. 

Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them.

This monthly subscription immediately becomes a marketing investment for your brand. Getting your hands on unlimited creative digital resources is a great help. If you have marketing and business development projects, you'll need creative digital assets like:

  • templates for web, presentation, graphics, and video 
  • royalty-free music, sound effects, and videos
  • high-quality stock photos
  • creative fonts, actions, and presents 

Working with free green PowerPoint templates can get risky at times. Be aware of these potential limitations and be prepared to work around them. 

The main problem is having to deal with limited slides and feature options. This stunts creativity. You also risk spending too much time on creating an eco friendly presentation that may not be quite impressive.

Premium blue and green sustainability PPT templates on Envato Elements
Find loads of premium blue and green PowerPoint slide templates on Envato Elements.

To create the best possible professional dark green PowerPoint background theme, Envato Elements is the best place to go. With a monthly subscription, download any creative asset when you need it and use it as many times as required. Envato Elements allows you to take your creativity to new heights. The sky is the limit! 

GraphicRiver is your next best option for premium green presentation templates. Download the template you need one-at-a-time without a monthly subscription fee  an excellent choice for a non-heavy user. We'll also explore this option later in this article. 

5 Best Premium Eco-Friendly Blue and Green PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements for 2021

Take your environmental presentations to the next level. Here are five of the best premium blue and green PowerPoint slide templates on Envato Elements: 

1. Eco - PPT Background Green Themes

Eco PPT Template Background Green Themes

This simple green PowerPoint template comes with over 80 unique slides that are fully editable and easy to work with. Get your hands on suitable handcrafted infographics and maps to help you turn your facts and figures into visuals. To change the color theme, you also have 50 amazing variations to pick from. There's no doubt that this is a very useful blue PPT template.

2. Environment - Blue and Green Background Theme

Environment - Blue and Green Background Theme

This is a go green presentation template that comes with 20 unique slides. Pick the best layout for your information. Easily recolor, reshape, move, or remove the objects. 

The background color and text boxes are equally easy to edit. This blue PPT template is excellent for a student or an eco-business presenting about environmental issues. 

3. Aftearth - Light and Dark Green PowerPoint Template

Aftearth - Light and Dark Green PowerPoint Template

Aftearth is a fresh and modern blue PPT template. Use it for any environment or health-related professional presentation. 

All elements are editable on PowerPoint. No extra software is needed. Sections included are:

  • cover
  • section break
  • meet the team
  • mockup
  • images layout
  • chart
  • contact us
  • thank you page

4. Eco Infographics - Light Green PowerPoint Background

Eco Infographics - Light Green PowerPoint Background

Eco Infographics is a clean and modern template. It comes with 33 unique slides and 11 color variations to pick from. It's got useful handmade infographics. They help you present environmental issues like green energy, recycling, and more. If you're a green business who gives eco friendly presentations to stakeholders often, this eco friendly PowerPoint template is a must-have.

5. Abstract Eco - Slide Background Green and Blue

Abstract Eco PPT Template - Slide Background Green and Blue

Abstract Eco has 188 unique slides, and 3000 icon sets. It comes in two premade templates. 

This go green presentation template's fully animated and easy to edit. Drag and drop images to screen mockups. Enjoy free updates and support from this eco-friendly presentation. 

5 Best Premium Eco-Friendly Blue and Green PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver for 2021

Envato Market offers a pay-per-download model. It's a suitable option for someone who needs a premium PowerPoint presentation template now. You may not be a heavy digital asset user and don't necessarily need access to an unlimited digital library. 

Check out the selection of blue and green PPT templates from GraphicRiver (part of Envato Market). Select a theme, pay a single flat fee, download, and add your content. It's that easy!

Best Selling Sustainability PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver for 2021
Best-selling eco PPT templates from GraphicRiver for 2021.

To start, here are five unique and modern go green presentation templates in blue and green from GraphicRiver:

1. Think Green - Light Green PowerPoint Background

Think Green Eco Friendly Presentation

Think Green is perfect for business or personal use. It comes animated, so you can create a dynamic presentation. It's got the best design features like:

  • energy and electrical consumption
  • solar energy
  • toxic waste
  • green and wind power
  • maps and other infographics

2. Eco Business - Green Presentation Theme

Eco Business - Green Template PPT

This template contains nature and eco-friendly themed slides. It comes with 142 total slides in 3 color variations, blue, green, and orange. Choose between two slide sizes: standard 4:3 or wide 16:9. Eco Business is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to make an environmental-related presentation.

3. Organic Life - Go Green PPT Template

Organic Life - Go Green Eco PPT Template

Organic Life is ideal for natural, ecological, or any eco-related business. It comes with 50 unique slides and more than 480 vector icons. 

Pick between five color schemes, lime-aqua, aqua, grass, forest, and teal-yellow colors. Also, choose between a dark or a light background version. Organic Life is also fully, animated. That lets you create an engaging professional presentation with this green template PPT.

4. Eco - Light Green PowerPoint Background

Eco PPT Template - Light Green PowerPoint Background

This is a professional, clean, creative, and simple presentation template. It comes with 45 unique slides that are suitable for any eco-friendly related presentation. All elements of this eco PPT template are easily customizable. Easily change the colors to match your brand identity as well. 

5. Squareplants - Green Presentation Theme

Squareplants - Green Presentation Theme

Squareplants gives you 60 unique animated slides and 11 color schemes to pick from. Also, choose between the light and dark background versions. Squareplants also comes with handmade infographics to help you turn data into graphics that are easy to understand. Give this premium option a try if you're not sure about green environment PPT templates for free.

25 Top Free Eco-Friendly Blue and Green PowerPoint Templates to Download for 2021

From the premium blue and green PowerPoint slide template above, you can see that they're your best bet. They're easy to work with and come with loads of useful features. 

But, if you're on a budget and can't go premium just yet, check out Envato's free offerings. Explore if these premium template files could be of use to you, at no cost. Free choices vary monthly. So, you never know. A premium blue and green PowerPoint slide template could be up for grabs right now!

Here's the Envato freebie deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different and new hand-selected files. These include WordPress templates, fonts, photo, video, and more. Create a free account and sign in to download this month's free premium files now.
  • Envato Market offers seven handpicked monthly freebies. Sign up and log in to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

Can't go premium and what you're looking for isn't a freebie this month? Free green PowerPoint templates found online may be your only option for now. 

Now, let's look at 25 free green PowerPoint templates from around the web:

1. Recycling - Free Green Slides is a free recycling and eco-friendly PowerPoint presentation template. It comes with suitable environmental icons in green. 

2. Light Bulb - Eco Friendly PowerPoint Themes comes with a dark green PowerPoint background image. It also includes an image of a large light bulb with the world map on it. Not bad for a green PowerPoint template that's free.

3. Free Eco Friendly PowerPoint Presentation is a simple green PowerPoint template free download. It's got a green banner on a white background.

Green PowerPoint Template Free

4. Car - Free Green PowerPoint Template is an eco-friendly PPT slide. It's got an image on a green Beetle-shaped car with green exhaust smoke. Use it if you need green environment PPT templates for free.

5. 3D Globe - Free Slide Background Green. This eco-friendly PowerPoint presentation has an image of a 3D globe in white and green. The background is a green gradient. 

6. Earth - Free Blue and Green PowerPoint Template. This eco-friendly PPT slide template features an illustration of the earth with a blue gradient background. 

7. Wave - Free PPT Background Green Themes. This is a simple green PowerPoint template. It's got an image of a globe and waves on a green background. Wave is not a bad option if you were looking for green environment PPT templates for free.

8. Slanted - Blue and Green PowerPoint Templates Free Download. The blue and green gradients and slanted shapes on this sustainability PowerPoint template are unique. 

Slanted - Blue and Green Environment PPT Templates Free Download

9. Ariel - Free Slide Background Green is an eco-friendly PowerPoint theme that uses a close up of a leaf as its background image. It's a nice green PowerPoint template that's free.

10. Organic - Green Background Theme gives you two basic eco-friendly PPT slides to play around with. 

11. Eco-Energy - Go Green PPT Templates comes with a master background and an internal slide. Use the green templates for free download to create a sustainability slideshow presentation. 

12. Clean Energy - Blue and Green Presentation Theme is an eco-friendly PPT slide template. It's based on the clean energy industry with eco-friendly energy sources in the background with earthy elements. 

13. Handing Bulbs - Green PowerPoint Templates Free Download. This is a simple green PowerPoint template that comes with one master slide and one internal slide. The main image is of hanging bulbs have ecology-related graphics in it. 

Handing Bulbs - Green Environment PPT Templates Free Download

14. Organic Food - Free Go Green PPT Templates comes with organic food-related illustrations. Green is the main color on all slides. 

15. Natural - Free PPT Background Green Themes. This sustainability PPT template represents the nature concept with a lead illustration over a green background. 

16. Carlina - Free Slide Background Green. This template has a good mix of light and dark green PowerPoint backgrounds that are eco-friendly. Use it if you want green templates available for a free download.

17. Burton - Dark Green PowerPoint Templates Free Download comes with green slides that use leaves as the main illustration. 

18. Botanical - Free Dark Green PowerPoint Background uses photos of dark green leaves against white for contrast. It's a cool option if you've needed. 

Botanical - Green PowerPoint Template Free

19. Solar Power - Free Go Green Presentation Template. This is an eco-friendly PowerPoint theme that uses various environmental-related illustrations. Try it if you need a green PowerPoint template for free.

20. CSR Report - Free Green PowerPoint Slide Template focuses on nature and sustainability. It's got icons and graphics in green. 

21. School - Free Dark Green PowerPoint Template uses dark green images and solid color as the background. White and a lighter shade of green are used as the contrast colors. 

22. Geometric - Free PPT Background Green Themes. The background on this simple green PowerPoint template contains geometric shapes in different shades of green. 

23. Environmental Agency - Free Dark Green PowerPoint Template. The white background combines wavy patterns with organic illustrations of plants in a simple layout. It's a good option if you need green environment PPT templates for free.

Environmental Agency - Free Dark Green PowerPoint Template

24. Woodville - Free Blue and Green Presentation Theme. This eco-friendly PowerPoint theme features watercolor backgrounds inspired by nature. It uses a green and blue color palette. 

25. Environmental Consulting - Sky Blue and Light Green PowerPoint Background. Sky blue and light green illustrations against a white background gives a very bright and cheerful feel to this free go green PPT template.

5 Quick Design Tips To Create Great Eco-Friendly Blue and Green Slide Presentations in 2021

Do you want to start creating better presentations in 2021? Here are five tips to help you create slides like an expert in no time:

1. Work Smart (Leave the Designing to the Experts)

If you're not a professional graphic designer, don't attempt to create a presentation deck from scratch. You'll end up spending loads of time designing and may end up with a result that's short of impressive. 

Green Energy PowerPoint Template premium PPT template for 2020 from Envato Elements
Green Energy PowerPoint Template, premium PPT template for 2021 from Envato Elements

Save yourself the time and hassle by investing in a premium PPT template for 2021. Work smart. Leave the heavy lifting to the experts and effortlessly improve the standard of your presentations. 

2. Visualize With Infographics

Infographics are a great addition to any presentation. Turn lengthy text, facts, and figures into visuals that are easy to understand and remember. Examples of infographics are: 

  • flowcharts and graphs
  • business models and data diagrams
  • timelines
  • maps

Learn more about infographics and how best to use them:

3. Leave Plenty of White Space 

Green Eco PowerPoint Template a premium slide background green on Envato Elements
Green Eco PowerPoint Template, a premium slide background green that uses plenty of white space.

White space means unused space in a slide. Each element needs to have enough white space around it to have a clear separation from other items on the slide.

If possible, give each image or infographics its own slide. Cramping too many graphics, images, and texts on a slide makes it hard for your audience to focus. Keep your content clean and minimalistic. 

4. Cut Distractions

Keep your audience focused by minimizing distractions. What distractions can be reduced or avoided? Stay away from:

  • too much flashy animations and transitions
  • too much audio (or even audio that's too loud or hard to understand)
  • a poorly designed presentation that's too busy
  • a presentation that's hard to read due to the color or size of fonts

By using a professionally designed eco PowerPoint template, all the design issues are taken care of. Check out this tutorial for more help with animation and transitions:

5. Use High-Quality Visuals

A picture paints a thousand words. When presenting about environmental issues and how to go green, use sharp images to attract attention and visualize a concept. As soon as an image is used on a slide, it becomes the main focal point.  

The image below sends a clear message:

Discussing recycling a high-quality royalty-free stock photo from Envato Elements
Discussing recycling, a high-quality, royalty-free stock photo from Envato Elements

Always use high-resolution images. Anything less would come off looking very unprofessional. Double-check if images are still sharp once they're projected on a bigger screen. 

By signing up to Envato Elements, you get access to over a million high-quality, royalty-free stock photos. Pick, download, and use precisely what you need to create an impactful presentation.

Eco-friendly high-quality royalty-free stock photo from Envato Elements
"Eco-friendly", high-quality royalty-free stock photos from Envato Elements

5 Green & Blue (Eco-Friendly) Presentation Design Trends for 2021

Have you looked at PowerPoint presentation templates online before? You'll notice that they all look different depending on the topic. Each niche has its own design rules and trends to follow. This holds true for eco PPT templates. If you want your green template PPT to look up to date, try out some of these trends:

1. White Backgrounds

Many presentation niches trend towards colorful backgrounds. But green template PPTs are going the opposite direction. The lack of color in design actually serves a purpose. It accentuates the green colors typically found in eco-friendly presentations. Keeping backgrounds minimal helps keep your eco photos the center of attention.

Keymaster Sustainability PowerPoint Template
Keymaster is an example of premium blue PPT templates with white backgrounds.

2. Minimal Slide Decoration

The minimal trend continues. Abstract slide decorations like shapes and lines are largely missing from sustainability PowerPoint templates. This means these designs are less focused on accents, and more focused on powerful imagery.

3. Geometric Image Masks

Image masks are a universal presentation trend of late. There are many unique ones with abstract shapes that catch the eye. But in 2021, more green PowerPoint templates will adopt geometric image masks. Squares, rectangles, and diamonds will all be used to highlight the photos you choose in your eco-friendly presentation.

Green Parit Sustainability PowerPoint Template
Use geometric image masks like the ones found in the premium Green Parit eco-friendly presentation.

4. Themed Infographics

As mentioned above, infographics are a useful way to get important data points across to your audience. That's why many green template PPTs include theme-related infographics. Having these themed-graphics at your disposal helps immerse your audience in your PowerPoint.

Agriculture Eco PPT Template
The Agriculture premium eco PPT template is based around green infographics.

5. Large Fonts

As far as trends go, typography has seen a lot of changes over the years. But the 2020 trend of large and bold type looks to carry on into 2021. A quick scan of some of the most popular premium eco-friendly presentations will show that this is the case. Blend large font sizes with fashionable typography styles for a modern PPT. You can find custom fonts to use from Envato Elements. 

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Didn't find the blue and green background theme template you were looking for? Here are some best 2021 selections for you to explore: 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

PowerPoint presentations are a great way to talk to your audience. If you don't use the program often, you may wonder how to get the most out of it. Don't worry! I've answered five common questions beginners and power users have about PowerPoint:

1. Should I Use Animations in My Sustainability PPT Template?

Animations and transition effects are great additions to any eco-friendly PPT. They help connect different ideas and can highlight important information. It's important to avoid going overboard. Too many effects can be distracting.

2. How Do I Share My Eco-Friendly Presentation in Virtual Zoom Meeting?

To share your presentation in a Zoom videoconference, make sure your green PowerPoint is already open on your computer. Once you're in your meeting and you're ready to present, click on the Share Screen button in Zoom. From the popup window, click on the window that shows your PowerPoint. Then click Share.

There are other useful sharing options that are worth learning if you want to impress in meetings:

3. What Kind of Graphs and Charts Can I Make in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has many charts built-in for your green PPT. There are more than 15 included graph and chart options, including:

  • pie
  • bar
  • box and whisker
  • scatter
  • column
  • area

You can learn how to use some of these options from this tutorial:

4. Can I Save My Eco-Friendly PPT as a Narrated Video?

If you're looking to send out your presentation, a narrated video allows you to control the story. You can export your presentation as a video in a couple of steps. From the File menu, click Export. Select Create a Video and adjust the settings. From here choose Use Recorded Timings and Narrations, then click Create Video. This will save your narration in the video you export.

If you haven't recorded narration, make sure you do that before exporting. You can learn how to narrate your blue PPT template from this article:

5. How Can I Add Excel Data to PowerPoint?

Excel and PowerPoint are both part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. This means the programs are well integrated. In Excel, click on the chart or table you'd like in your eco PPT template. Press Ctrl + C (Cmd + C) on your keyboard to copy. In PowerPoint, find the slide you want to add the data. Press Ctrl + V (Cmd + V) on your keyboard to paste. And you're done.

If you want to see the other options and copy/paste tools available, check out this guide from Envato Tuts+:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Are you creating a sustainability slideshow presentation for the first time? Or are you just looking to take your next eco-friendly PowerPoint presentation to the next level? 

We've got you covered! Check out our ultimate tutorial guide. It's got loads of helpful tutorials. Here are three tutorials to get you started: 

Grab a Premium Eco-Friendly Blue and Green Slide Template Today

A professionally designed, creative, and unique presentation template can make a massive difference. Browse Envato Elements' selection of premium pre-built blue and green PowerPoint slide templates. Download as many eco friendly PowerPoint templates (or other creative digital assets) for a low monthly subscription. 

If you prefer a pay-per-download model, check out the full range of premium blue and green background themes on GraphicRiver.

Don't have the budget to get creative? The free green PowerPoint templates shared in this article should come in handy for now.

As you may have noticed, a pre-built light or dark green PPT template (premium or free) is a must. It helps you work smart and create presentations like a professional without doing the heavy lifting.

Get your hands on a premium eco-friendly PowerPoint theme and take your green presentations to new heights. Download one today! 

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