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25+ Free Purple PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2020

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The color purple evokes feelings of royalty and luxury. If that's the tone of your upcoming presentation, consider including purple slides or even a purple theme to capture that spirit!

Intro purple PowerPoint presentation backgroundIntro purple PowerPoint presentation backgroundIntro purple PowerPoint presentation background
You're going to see the best purple PowerPoint backgrounds and purple themes in this round-up. Here's a premium example.

We've rounded up purple PowerPoint templates with free downloads to sample. But first, we'll look at professional options at a low cost that provides the best purple slides. You'll see that PowerPoint purple templates from pros are the best way to design.

The Best Sources for PowerPoint Purple Templates

You might have come to this article in search of purple PowerPoint templates in free downloads. And while we've selected some of those that you'll see later in this tutorial, you'll also notice that purple PowerPoint templates with free downloads aren't the best option.

Instead, premium themes with purple PowerPoint backgrounds are always the best bet. They're polished. They include many purple slides for use. And thanks to Envato Elements, purple themes for PowerPoint are affordable.

PowerPoint purple slidesPowerPoint purple slidesPowerPoint purple slides
Envato Elements includes all these premium purple PowerPoint presentation templates for a flat rate.

On Elements, the value is impossible to match. One subscription gives you unlimited access. That means that a single flat rate lets you download PowerPoint purple templates and other design assets at no extra cost. 

Like the idea of premium PowerPoint purple templates, but aren't ready for a subscription? How about purchasing equally powerful purple PowerPoint presentation backgrounds one-at-a-time? Thanks to GraphicRiver, that's possible.

GraphicRiver purple PowerPoint presentation backgroundGraphicRiver purple PowerPoint presentation backgroundGraphicRiver purple PowerPoint presentation background
GraphicRiver also features premium PowerPoint purple templates, packaged as single purchases.

On GraphicRiver, you'll pay only for what you choose. Grab a low cost purple PowerPoint presentation background in a template and use it for your next design.

You don't have to break the bank to make a professional presentation. Start with any of the purple themes throughout this article, and you won't be disappointed.

5 Top PowerPoint Templates With Purple Themes

Whether you turn to Envato Elements or Envato Market, you're going to love working with purple themes. These premium purple PowerPoint presentation templates give you the color palettes and layouts that you need to create impressive purple slides.

Here are five of our favorite options for purple PowerPoint backgrounds and slides:

1. Purple - PowerPoint Template

Purple slidesPurple slidesPurple slides

Searching for beautiful purple slides for your next PPT? This PowerPoint purple template is full of style, with over 150 slides in the deck. The resizable graphics let you customize layouts in seconds.

2. The Purple Business Presentation Template

Purple PowerPoint presentation backgroundPurple PowerPoint presentation backgroundPurple PowerPoint presentation background

Want purple PowerPoint background templates to use in your business? This template has you covered. Inside you’ll find dozens of business slide layouts with a purple theme. There are maps, mockups, and many more. 


Purple themePurple themePurple theme

PURPLE MOOD is one of the purple PowerPoint presentation templates that are ideal for your next project. Share data and ideas with the unique infographics. This purple PowerPoint presentation background has all the slides you'll need to succeed.

4. MODA - Modern PowerPoint Template

Purple PowerPoint presentation templatesPurple PowerPoint presentation templatesPurple PowerPoint presentation templates

MODA is a top purple PowerPoint presentation background for 2020. The sleek slide designs allow plenty of room for inspiring content. Simply drag and drop to add things like photos and videos.

5. Xorua: Purple Gradient Color Tone PowerPoint

Purple PowerPoint backgroundPurple PowerPoint backgroundPurple PowerPoint background

Fill this purple theme with all your content to build a fantastic slideshow. It’s styled with gradient colors, which lend depth to every slide. They’re flexible enough to adapt to any topic quickly.

25 Top Free Purple PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Download for 2020

We're big advocates for advanced purple PowerPoint background options like the ones you've seen. But we've also found a few purple PowerPoint templates with free downloads. 

But before we look at those, there's yet another option for free templates. Here are two to keep an eye on:

Here are 25 purple PowerPoint templates with free downloads for no-cost options.

1. Wavy Purple Floral PPT Design

Purple PowerPoint templates free downloadPurple PowerPoint templates free downloadPurple PowerPoint templates free download

A purple PowerPoint templates free download like this includes a basic set of slide layouts. These feature purple flowers in the corner of each slide.

2. Concept Free PowerPoint Template

Eleven purple slides comprise this free PPT download. There are photo slides, editable charts, and other graphics.

3. Party Invitation (Purple Ribbon Design)

This party invitation is packaged as a PowerPoint purple template. Using the app, drop in key details for sharing or printing.

4. Noor PowerPoint Template

Noor is a colorful purple PowerPoint background with 140 slides built-in. It's a good starting point if you need to explore many types of themes.

5. Purple Flowers on Blue (Widescreen)

Powerpoint purple templatePowerpoint purple templatePowerpoint purple template

Here, purple flowers are offset against a blue background in a purple PowerPoint presentation template. Add your material to the slides using PowerPoint’s editing tools. 

6. Bosse Free Minimalist PowerPoint Template

This free PPT purple theme helps contrast content by using geometric shapes. There are 23 slides in total, with graphs and maps on some.

7. Purple Line Abstract PPT Templates

The colorful layouts on these purple slides use abstract graphics. These have a master slide, which means you can make mass edits fast. 

8. Free Purple Karaoke PowerPoint Template

Use this PowerPoint purple template to announce a party or other gathering. A drawing of a karaoke singer is shown on the title slide.

9. Zane Free PowerPoint Template

Zane has 11 purple theme slides with custom graphics. There are also built-in icons that can be used to call out key points.

10. Cherry Blossom Nature Presentation (Widescreen)

Purple PowerPoint background templatesPurple PowerPoint background templatesPurple PowerPoint background templates

This is a purple PowerPoint background featuring cherry blossoms. Apply basic designs to the background by using PPT’s tools. 

11. Nine Free PowerPoint Template

Nine is a set of 10 purple slides. All are in the classic 4:3 ratio, and many have image placeholders and other design options.

12. Purple Abstract PowerPoint Templates

Purple Abstract is another artistic free offering for PPT. All three slides are drawn in 1080p HD, helpful if you’re presenting on large screens.

13. Alessa Free Creative Presentation Template

Alessa is a handy set of purple PowerPoint background templates. Free to download, it's got 23 slides arranged in a variety of different themes.

14. Free Purple PowerPoint Template Upswing

An upswing drawing lends some drama to any slide. This purple PowerPoint background captures the effect.

15. Abstract Modern Bubble PowerPoint Templates

Abstract purple slidesAbstract purple slidesAbstract purple slides

This modern purple theme is filled with detailed illustrations. There are also charts that you can edit using Excel.

16. Papers on Purple PowerPoint Templates

Whether you want a solid backdrop or just a border, this purple PowerPoint background has you covered. It’s subtle and won’t distract your audience.

17. Free Social Media PowerPoint Template

Share your social media presence with this free purple theme. Drop-in preview images and links to drive visitors to your social networks.

18. Simple PowerPoint Template

Simple is a versatile PowerPoint purple template with 100+ slides. It also has its own icon set, which you can use with every slide to add visual interest. 

19. Free Purple PowerPoint Slide Design

Made for simple slides, here's a purple PowerPoint presentation background. Three shades join together in a circular pattern. Add overlays in PPT to make it your own.

20. Purple Animated Line Illustration Presentation Template

Animated purple themeAnimated purple themeAnimated purple theme

These purple PowerPoint presentation templates have animations built-in. Those are useful if you want to introduce ideas in a certain order, for example. 

21. Free Gradient Purple PowerPoint Template

If you’re building gradient purple slides, this free pack is an option. Simply apply a default slide layout in PowerPoint and start working.

22. Teresina Free Presentation Template

Teresina is a basic purple PPT slide background using triangles. These are an option for text-heavy slides that need a bit of contrast.

23. ABC Alphabet Blocks PowerPoint Templates

Forty-eight slides make up this purple PowerPoint templates free download. Among them are infographics, Excel charts, and timelines. There are slides for almost any topic.

24. Sunrise Design Slides

As the name suggests, these slides are inspired by the purple tones of sunrise. They've got a watercolor, hand-painted look.

25. Circle Presentation Template

Circle purple PowerPoint backgroundCircle purple PowerPoint backgroundCircle purple PowerPoint background

Circle is a full set of purple slides on a variety of topics. Mix and match using PowerPoint’s Slide Sorter to build your slide deck.

5 Quick PowerPoint Slide Design Tips for Better Purple Colored Presentations

You’ve already seen some of our favorite purple PowerPoint backgrounds. They’re a great starting point to build your amazing slide decks. But to truly succeed, think about applying these five quick design tips:

1. Make a Great Impression With a Premium Template

Investing in a premium purple PowerPoint background is key to making that great first impression. They’re designed by experts and contain feature sets you just won’t find in a free template. Plus, they’re meant to save you time by taking care of the design work for you!

Head over to Envato Elements and GraphicRiver for purple themes and purple PowerPoint backgrounds. Check out all the latest and greatest options. Then choose your favorite and download it today!

Premium purple slidesPremium purple slidesPremium purple slides
The Purple - PowerPoint Template is a top premium option from Envato Elements.

2. Style Text With Custom Fonts

It’s easy to forget that text itself is a style element. That’s where using custom fonts comes in. Many premium templates include these already, but you can add your own fonts to any PPT deck. 

Want to learn how? We’ve created a special screencast showing the process in just 60 seconds!

What’s more: with an Envato Elements subscription, you've got unlimited access to thousands of custom fonts.

3. Illustrate With Infographics

Infographics are visual aids to help audiences understand concepts and ideas. They come in all formats, but it’s key to consider using them as you design a slide. 

Try to avoid huge blocks of text (or worse, numbers!) These beautiful illustrations are impactful and ensure your message is understood.

infographic purple themeinfographic purple themeinfographic purple theme
Infographics feature prominently in this premium business-centric purple slide theme.

4. Customize Background Graphics

Never waste space with your PowerPoint purple template background. In just a few quick steps, you can apply stunning edits. 

For example, take your favorite purple images and use them as transparent backgrounds. They’ll sit behind your text and complement all your content. Jump over to our full tutorial (with a screencast included) to learn the process:

5. Keep Layouts Simple

As you design your purple slides, focus on the concept of “less is more.” The last thing you want is to share messy, confusing slides filled with too many details. 

A minimalist purple theme is a great choice. These will help you deliver a clear, concise, and focused message. Plus, they look great!

Simple purple PowerPoint presentation backgroundSimple purple PowerPoint presentation backgroundSimple purple PowerPoint presentation background
The premium Purple Beautiful template from Envato Elements has plenty of clear, concise slides.

Discover More Stylish PowerPoint Presentation Templates Designs for 2020

PowerPoint is an easy-to-use piece of presentation software. It's even easier when you start with a template with the layouts and design elements already created for you. The purple themes you've already seen are a great example, but they're not the only options.

Check out three more of our articles with PowerPoint templates below. Some of them even include purple PowerPoint backgrounds that add to the options you've already seen:

Start Designing With Purple Themes Now

This article showed you a selection of purple PowerPoint templates with free downloads. But don't forget that the advanced options from our marketplaces just give you so much more!

The premium purple PowerPoint backgrounds in our templates give you the advantage you need for a quick design. Purple themes from our markets make professional design a matter of simple drag-and-drop design work.

Purple PowerPoint background templates are ready to help you build a royal presentation. Grab one and start designing today.

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