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3.3 Build Product & Market Positioning Analyses

We've spent several lessons exploring how to position the firm in the market we want to compete in. We've also introduced our new Everylytics product. And briefly outlined it's strengths and weaknesses. Now it's time to bring these two key elements together. Great products exist as do gigantic untapped markets. But unless you can bring the two together, you're not truly competing and you won't succeed. That's why any marketing plan requires a look at product and marketing position comparisons. As I build out this crucial element of my presentation. I want to use two slides from our Envato Elements template. To establish product market fit, it's important to capture attention with a bold statement that precisely states how you intend to capture the market. This solution slide here really fits the bill. I'll adjust the title a bit by changing it to introducing Everylytics. I really like this thumbs up placeholder here. Thanks to its inspiring and bright design. I'll leave it alone and turn my attention to the text here on the left. To start, we need a strong tagline that will stick with any audience. For Everylytics, I want to reinforce the mission of making analytics accessible to all. So for this, I'll type in Bringing Analytics to Everyone. It's short, sweet and to the point. Now it's time to back it up with data. Remember those numbers from earlier about the percentage of people interested in analytics and how many don't ever even convert their interest into action? That study was an exercise in gap identification and we can leverage it here. In fact, I'll use it as the first sentence. Our insights show 78% of users are interested in analytics, but only 25% actually use them today. Our team of data-driven professionals will change that thanks to a full suite of inspired insights designed to help you succeed. It's a strong and emotional opener backed solidly with data. When I'm finished, what we built is truly a statement of Everylytics value offering. It's a must have slide in any marketing plan. In other words, it's your big idea. Now that we've established the offering, it's time to focus on how we'll get it out to customers. Distribution channels are our market position in terms of customer accessibility. Fortunately the project proposal template already has an amazing distribution channels template. The adjustments here will be super quick. Everylytics will be distributed through four channels. The first is website, which means new subscriptions launched right from our webpage. The first title here at the top actually already works great. The second channel is mobile app, so I'll type that in over this placeholder. Next up is social, referring to social media shares. And finally, we have referrals. This is a program for existing customers to invite new users via a link. Just like that I've built a distribution channel slide that illustrates how and where customers will find our products. Each of these might be explained in more detail later, but these are the key channels that will explore to get Everylytics out there. As you can see, establishing product and marketing position is imperative, if you intend to succeed. You might have the best data in the world but until you act on it with a strong market positioning plan, you won't get far. Thanks for watching.

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