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3.4 Build Promotional Strategies

Promotional strategies are the tactical actions that you can take to implement your marketing strategy. Learn how to put together the tactical plan using a slide template in this lesson.

3.4 Build Promotional Strategies

We've spent time building a strong market case for Everylytics, a concept to bring data analytics to everyday life. We've explored the market dynamics in our position in the competitive landscape. All of it sounds great, but to succeed we have to attract and retain customer dollars. That's where marketing comes in. The best product idea in the world might not ever get off the ground if it's not supported by a healthy marketing campaign. The marketing plan truly takes your key ideas out to the streets. It convert your vision into a new reality in the minds of a potential customers. After all, we're building a marketing plan and this might be the most important part. Marketing is also key to potential investors. Unless they clearly understand your path to promotion and profitability why would they ever agree to support your vision. Successful marketing pitches should really include two elements. First, a summary of your value advantages and secondly a direct pitch of your offering. It should all be data-backed in a marketing plan. For the purposes of this Everylytics slide deck, I want to briefly highlight offerings and then entice new customers with a low intro price structure. I'll scroll through some slides here until I find this sequence addressing our works. I'll start off by changing out that type to Promotional Strategies. This section is designed to present product offerings, but with a few tweaks, it's the perfect place to show off my promotional strategies. Let's say for our purposes that Everlytics will be using three main promotional channels, mobile ads, email marketing and billboard ads. Let's start off with mobile ads. This smartphone mockup is the perfect way to introduce this link in my branding strategy. I'll start by adding a new title. Let's call it Promotions Mobile. I'll style the text a bit as you're seeing me do here. Then I'll fill in these descriptions briefly highlighting my marketing strategy for the mobile ad space. In a marketing plan deck, don't forget to discuss the forecasted spend. Members of your marketing team will want to know this in order to gauge expected returns and also know how much they're entitled to spend. You don't need anything complex here, just a good general summary. Next up, it's time to bring these device mockups to life. Rather than being bland previews these truly allow the user to showcase how the ad will look on a real device. The first step is to capture screenshots on a mobile phone. I've already done this and copied them into my computer in the background. All that's left is to add them now. To do that, I can simply click on this image button in the center of the phone screen. A browse window will open and I could find the screenshot file and click to insert it. PowerPoint will drop it onto the phone screen automatically scaling it to a perfect fit. For email marketing I'll jump to the next slide in the deck. As you can see, it's functionally identical to the previous slide, but it features a desktop computer instead. All of my prior steps can easily be repeated to bring my promotions to life. Last up, it's time to talk about billboards. For this, I want to feature a similar description, and then a generic photo of a billboard. Although it isn't a true mockup, all of the processes are the same. I can discuss location and spend, and then insert the preview image to bring the slide together. As you can see, building promotional strategies is easy when you have an amazing custom template from Envato Elements. You can spend less time building slides, and more time bringing a wow factor into your business. Thanks for watching.

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