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20+ Awesome Tips to Make Interesting Online Presentations in 2022

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When making an online presentation one of the first questions you may search on is how to make an online presentation interesting? Look no further! 

Mozario Slide Presentation OnlineMozario Slide Presentation OnlineMozario Slide Presentation Online
Mozario is just one of many Envato Elements slide presentation templates that look great online.

There are many similarities between creating a presentation that you present live and giving a slide presentation online. In today's business environment, online business presentations are becoming more common.

In this article, we'll provide presentation tips on how to make an online presentation interesting for every stage of presentation development. 

The first stage is planning your online presentation. Next, we'll discuss the design of your online presentation and give tips to make sure you've got the best online presentation design. Finally, we'll explain how to deliver your online presentation in exciting ways so that you engage your audience.

Find Great Online Presentation Templates on Envato Elements

Before we get into our online presentation tips, let's talk about your presentation design. Presentation design is important because it affects how the audience perceives you.

If you're giving an online presentation or uploading a presentation for online viewing, you don't have time to design an online presentation template from scratch. Luckily, you don't have to.

The best place for presentation templates is from Envato Elements, a flat rate subscription service built with creatives and freelancers in mind. For a single monthly fee, you've got unlimited downloads to choose from spanning an incredible variety of categories. That includes graphics, stock photos, and of course—engaging online presentation templates.

Templates for slide presentations onlineTemplates for slide presentations onlineTemplates for slide presentations online
Choose from thousands of templates to use for your online presentation at Envato Elements.

Or, if you don't want to commit to a subscription, buy presentation templates one-at-time. Our Envato Market sites, such as GraphicRiver, let you buy and download templates for one-time-use as you need them. 

Now let's tackle our tips for online presentations.

7 Tips on Planning Your Online Presentation

When planning your online presentation, you want to give the best presentation you can. Here are some online presentation tips to get you started:

1. Prepare Your Technology

When doing an online presentation, technology is involved. Make sure all technology needed for the presentation is available, tested, and working. You'll need a good internet connection if you’re using WIFI, so make sure you've got a strong connection. 

You should also make sure that there are no other applications or windows open other than what you need for your presentation. It's helpful to have a backup computer or tablet as a backup device to present your presentation in case your primary device stops working.

2. Check the Audio

How to Make a Good Online Presentation with MicrophoneHow to Make a Good Online Presentation with MicrophoneHow to Make a Good Online Presentation with Microphone
Getting a higher quality microphone can improve your online presentation audio. (Image source: Envato Elements)

Make sure that your online readers can hear your presentation clearly. Also, make sure that there isn’t a lot of background noise like fans, street noise, pets, etc. You don’t want your audience to be distracted by background noise. 

If you're using a headset, make sure that it's hooked up properly and working. If you think you'll be giving a lot of online presentations, it may be worthwhile to invest in a higher quality microphone.

3. Practice Your Presentation

Practicing your online slide presentation can help you make sure that you've got the wording down, so you'll be effective in communicating your message. Even though you can edit an online presentation, you want to reduce the amount of editing needed. With practice, you can prevent a mistake from happening such as your slides not showing up clearly or in the right order. 

When practicing your presentation, check that your slides can be easily read. You don’t want your readers to have trouble understanding your slides.

4. Select Your Main Points

Select the main points for your online presentation based on how long your presentation needs to be. If your presentation is short, select only the main points that are important. If you can have a more extended presentation, then leave all your main points in.

Here's a tutorial that'll help you choose an interesting topic:

5. Use the Best Information

When researching information, use your online presentation skills to support your main topics. Make sure that the information clarifies your main point. If your supporting information doesn't really back up your main points, it makes it hard for the audience to understand. You want the information that you use to support your main points and even clarify them.

6. Know Your Audience

Audience for online presentationAudience for online presentationAudience for online presentation
Discover who the audience for your online presentation is and try to connect with them. (Image source: Envato Elements)

To make awesome presentations online, you've got to know your audience. When you're presenting, you want to connect with your audience so the audience remembers what you discussed. Researching your audience can also help you use the best visuals that'll connect with them.

Understanding who your audience is may be simple if you're giving an online presentation to a remote group of work colleagues. It can be more challenging if you're downloading the presentation for anyone to access.

7. Make an Outline

An online presentation planning tip is to make an outline before adding information to slides. Creating an outline will help you see what information you want to add to the presentation. It'll also help you know if you left any information out or need to add in more details. A detailed outline can help you plan on what information you want to put on each slide.

7 Design Tips to Create the Best Online Presentation

When creating your online presentation, you want your presentation to look professional and attention-grabbing. Here are some online presentation tips to help you create cool presentations online:

1. Have Visuals

Presentation Tips VisualsPresentation Tips VisualsPresentation Tips Visuals
Graphic images, like this one from Envato Elements, can make your presentation more interesting.

There are many types of visuals that you can use in your online presentation. Here are a few examples of visuals and their benefits:

  • Pictures or photos can help the audience see what you're talking about. They can create an emotional response from your audience.
  • Video engages the audience. It can give the presenter a little break from their presentation. Just like pictures, video can create an emotional response from your audience.
  • Charts and graphs are a great way to show data to your audience. They can help the audience compare data. Using charts and graphs also makes data visually pleasing.

 Having visuals in your presentation will make your presentation more attractive. When using visuals in your slide presentation online, make sure not to use too many. You want to keep the visuals on each slide to a minimum because you don’t want to overwhelm the audience.

The tutorial below will help you add maps, a type of visual, to Google Slides:

2. Have a Theme

When creating your slide presentation online, consider what you want your theme to be. There are two basic types of theme elements that you can use in your presentation. 

The first is a color theme. For this theme element, you'll want to choose colors that go well together and don't distract the audience. 

A second theme element is to use an industry or field-specific theme. For example, if you're giving a medical presentation, then use a medical-themed presentation template.

3. Minimal

Having a minimal theme with less on your slide is a popular design trend. When you're giving your presentation, you don’t want the audience to be focused on your slides. You want them to focus on the information. Too many pictures, text, and animation can distract and overwhelm your audience.

Minima is a Google Slides presentation template with a minimal theme.

4. Consistency

When creating an online presentation, a tip is to stay consistent throughout your presentation. This means that your color scheme should be the same or similar on every slide. Your fonts should all be the same on every slide. When you aren’t consistent it makes your presentation look sloppy and unprofessional.

5. Get Rid of Bullet Points

Bullet points are boring and old fashioned. Now you can use icons to anchor your text instead of bullet points. 

Icons add a visual element to make your slide presentation online more interesting without overdoing it. When using icons instead of bullet points make sure you don’t have more than three or four, otherwise your slide can look too crowded.

6. Highlight Keywords

When making your slide presentation online, highlight keywords or words that you want the audience to remember. This will make those words stand out to the audience. Highlighting keywords is a subtle way of letting your audience know what you want them to remember.

 7. Bright Colors

Another trend is using bright colors on your slides. This is one way to create a cool presentation online without doing too much. When using bright colors be careful not to go overboard. You want the bright colors to be fun and interesting, not a distraction.

colorful business presentation templatecolorful business presentation templatecolorful business presentation template
The Penatra is a colorful business presentation template.

7 Tips on the Delivery of Your Online Presentation

When you deliver your presentation, you need to have an interesting and engaging presentation so that the audience will remember it. Here are some tips on how to create an interesting and engaging online presentation:

1. Use Humor

No matter how good your online presentation skills are your audience’s attention will drop off at some point. That's why adding a joke into your presentation can wake your audience up and gain their attention again. 

When using humor make sure that you know your audience. You want your audience to laugh and loosen up, not get offended or angry. It's also best to keep your joke or humor relevant to the main topic of your online presentation.

2. Have a Contest

Having a contest where you give out a prize at the end is a good way to get the audience to remember your online presentation. For example, you could have your audience answer questions, and whoever answers the most questions right at the end wins. This will bring out your audience’s competitiveness and possibly get them taking notes.

3. Poll the Audience

Polling the audience is a good way to get audience feedback. Poll them electronically using a website or app. When you poll the audience, you'll know if your audience is understanding the topic in your online presentation. Polling your audience is a fun way to interact with them and keep them interested.

4. Start With a Question

Starting your online business presentation with a question can get the audience curious about your topic. Be sure to answer the question throughout your presentation. 

Asking the audience a question not only engages them but gets the audience to think about the topic. When choosing a question, you'll have to know your audience. Knowing your audience enables you to choose a question that's exciting and intriguing for them.

5. Have a Live Q & A

Part of how to make an excellent online presentation is engaging your audience. Having a question and answer session for an online slideshow is the easiest way to do that because it's more like a natural conversation. 

Have the audience ask questions that they want to know more about. A question and answer section also can give you more time to convince any of your audience who wasn't previously convinced.

6. Use Pop Culture

Presentation Tips Pop CulturePresentation Tips Pop CulturePresentation Tips Pop Culture
Pop culture references to popular musicians or televisions shows can help your audience relate. (Image source: Envato Elements)

Sometimes it's hard to relate to your audience when doing an online presentation. One way you can relate to your audience is by making a pop culture reference or using a meme in your presentation. This can help you connect with your audience and help them understand more of what you're talking about. Using a meme can even lighten the mood.

7. Use Social Media

If you're giving your online presentation to a broad audience, use social media to get questions from your audience or feedback. Create a unique hashtag that you tell your audience to use and pick out comments or questions from users who have used that hashtag.

5 Best Interesting Presentation Templates From Envato Elements

Using premium templates saves more time than making a presentation from scratch. Every premium template from Envato Elements can be easily customized to suit your needs. Here are some of the best online presentation templates from Envato Elements:

1. Sunshine PowerPoint Template

Sunshine PowerPoint TemplateSunshine PowerPoint TemplateSunshine PowerPoint Template

Sunshine PowerPoint Template has a unique theme that can be used for any purpose. This template comes with three color schemes. Easily add an image to your slide by dragging and dropping a picture of your choice into the image place holder.

2. Zorro - Google Slides Template

Zorro Google Slides TemplateZorro Google Slides TemplateZorro Google Slides Template

Zorro Google Slides Template comes with over 150 slides that you can add information to. This multipurpose template has an impressive design that isn't distracting. This template comes with illustrations, infographics, and picture placeholders.

3. Modern Keynote Template

Modern Keynote TemplateModern Keynote TemplateModern Keynote Template

This Keynote template uses a color gradient to make an exciting template design. If you don’t like the colors, there are five premade color schemes that you can choose from. With over 150 slides, you've plenty of slides to use in your presentation.

4. Diving PowerPoint Template

Diving PowerPoint TemplateDiving PowerPoint TemplateDiving PowerPoint Template

Diving PowerPoint Template is a water-themed presentation template. This template is excellent for business purposes. It comes with infographics, illustrations, and picture placeholders. This template also comes with over 150 slides that you can put your information on.

5. Mozario PowerPoint Template

Mazario PowerPoint TmeplateMazario PowerPoint TmeplateMazario PowerPoint Tmeplate

Mozario PowerPoint Template has appealing infographics and illustrations. This template comes with five color schemes that you can choose from to customize the presentation. Easily add an image of your choice to the slide by dragging and dropping the image into an image placeholder.

More Premium Templates for Your Online Presentation

If you didn’t see a template that you liked above, there are plenty more premium templates on Envato Elements. Here are some articles that feature Premium Templates:

Start Your Online Presentation Today With a Premium Template!

Creating an online presentation is easy now that you've read some tips to help you get started. With the presentation tips in this article, you can create an exciting and engaging online presentation.

Using a premium template will save you time and help you get started on your presentation. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have big collections of online presentation templates that you can choose from. So, download a template and get started today!

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