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How to Write, Format, & Give a Great Business Presentation Report 2020

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Do you need to make a report presentation but are unsure about how to write a report on presentation slides? Maybe you want to improve your report presentation format that you've used in the past.

Using  a template is an easy way to save time and ensure that your presentation looks professional.

Riportize presentation templateRiportize presentation templateRiportize presentation template
There are hundreds of presentation report templates like this one on Envato Elements.

Creating a report in a presentation format can be time-consuming. The design you create may look okay, but sometimes okay is not good enough. You want to really impress those viewing the report. 

Using a premium template will show you how to make a good report presentation and provide the wow factor you're looking for. In this article, I'll show you how to write, plan, format, design and give a report presentation.

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If you're reading this article, you're probably about to create a business report presentation in PowerPoint. We'll help you out by sharing how to make a project report in PPT. You'll also see some of the best PowerPoint templates for presentation reports below. But we've got even more presentation help available.

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Don't miss our new free online presentation guide. It's chock full of powerful business presentation advice on how to make your next report presentation your best yet. Why not take a look at the Complete Guide to Making Great Business Presentations in 2019 today? 

Now, let's learn about how to write and make a report PowerPoint presentation. 

How to Have a Professional PowerPoint Presentation

You need a professional presentation report, even if you're using PowerPoint. You may be more accustomed to using other tools for reports. But a PowerPoint presentation report is as important as any other report document you might produce. Just as you would with a printed report, make sure your report presentation format is professional and fits with your brand. 

Do you wonder: what is a report presentation? Presentation reports often summarize more detailed printed reports. Your listeners may not have time to read a long printed report. Your report presentation gives you a chance to showcase the important points and make sure they aren't missed.

Discover Amazing Presentation Reports on Envato Elements

We'll show you how to write a report on a presentation that stands out. But first, let's look at some professional templates.

Knowing where to start or designing your own report can be tiring and time-consuming. For a professionally designed presentation report, use a premium pre-built template.

To get a premium template all you've got to do is pay a low monthly fee at Envato Elements. When you subscribe you'll get access to download thousands of templates, graphics, photos and more.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements has many presentation report templates.

Using a premium template will help you make a professional-looking presentation. All premium templates are easily customizable. So, if you don’t like something, change it to suit your needs. If you like the default colors and font sizes, add your information and you’re ready to present.

Amazing Presentation Reports From Envato Elements

Here are some amazing presentation reports templates from Envato Elements. Access them when you pay for the low subscription price:

1. Report - PowerPoint Template

Report PowerPoint TemplateReport PowerPoint TemplateReport PowerPoint Template

This presentation report template package has over 50 unique slides. It's got a modern design, and everything is completely editable. Included with the presentation template are infographics and icons. Here's a professional design that won't distract your audience.

2. BUSINESS REPORT - PowerPoint V257

Business ReportBusiness ReportBusiness Report

This business report has 150 total slides that you can format your presentation with. There are five color schemes to choose. Pick the one that suits your presentation subject or audience the best. This template has a clean and professional design that can be easily edited. The Business Report template comes with picture placeholders so that you can easily add any image you need.

3. Famea: Business Report


This report presentation comes with 100 slides in total, including 50 unique slides. Famea comes with two color scheme options to choose from to customize the presentation to meet your needs. Famea is a great choice for most business needs and audiences.

4. Story PowerPoint Template

Story PowerPoint TemplateStory PowerPoint TemplateStory PowerPoint Template

Story PowerPoint Template is a multipurpose template. Use it for a business report presentation in PowerPoint. This template has over 70 unique slides and all slides are professionally designed. Easily add an image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the image placeholder. This template is fully customizable from the text font to the color scheme.

5. Annual Report - PowerPoint

Annual Report - PowerPointAnnual Report - PowerPointAnnual Report - PowerPoint

The Annual Report template has a different report presentation format. The format is more visual. It's got graphs and charts that you can enter your data into. The Annual Report template has 49 unique slides. Easily add an image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the picture placeholder.

Find More Presentation Reports on GraphicRiver

If you didn't find what you were looking for on Envato Elements another option for premium templates is GraphicRiver. For GraphicRiver you pay for each individual presentation report template you download. GraphicRiver has many presentation report templates to choose from.

GraphicRiver has hundreds of presentation report templates and more.

But GraphicRiver has more than templates. GraphicRiver also has fonts, images, and audio files. So, if you need a single image for your presentation, but are unsure of where to get it, turn to GraphicRiver. 

How to Write and Plan a Great Report Presentation

Now that you've seen a wide variety of report presentation formats on professionally designed templates, you're ready to learn how to write and make a report PowerPoint presentation. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Choose the Topic

When writing your presentation, the first step is choosing the topic. Topics can range from a progress report to showing a new idea or product to a client. 

Here are some tutorials that'll help you decide what to write about:

Knowing what you'll create your presentation report on is a great starting point. After you've chosen the topic of your report presentation, create an outline. An outline will help you decide which information to include in your presentation. 

2. How to Design & Format a Report Presentation in PowerPoint

After you write an outline, you'll know what type of presentation you're going to make. The type of presentation you're going to give can help you decide which template to use.

For example, if your presentation has a lot of data, you'll want a presentation template that comes with lots of charts. Once you've found a template that you like you'll need to customize the template:  

Report PowerPoint PresentationReport PowerPoint PresentationReport PowerPoint Presentation
The Report PowerPoint Presentation has lots of features that make it ideal for report presentations.

For my presentation report samples in these tips, I chose the Report PowerPoint Presentation from Envato Elements. 

Choosing a PowerPoint topic for your presentation report is a great starting point. After you've chosen the topic of your report presentation, create an outline. An outline will help you decide which information to include in your presentation.

3. How to Add an Image

 The next step is a team introduction. A good way to introduce your team is to add an image.

Here's slide number 5 without any changes to the slide. This is a good example of a slide that you'd use to introduce yourself or your team:

Slide 5 With No EditsSlide 5 With No EditsSlide 5 With No Edits
This is slide 5 of the report presentation with no edits.

To add an image to the slide you need to click on the Insert tab in the toolbar. Once you click on the Insert tab, you'll see the Picture button appear. 

Click on the arrow next to the Picture button. Clicking on this arrow will cause a drop-down menu to appear:

Slide 5 With EditsSlide 5 With EditsSlide 5 With Edits
How to insert an image on slide 5.

Find the image or images you want, then select them. Next, resize the image to fit the space on the slide.

After you add images, you may need to add more text to your presentation.

4. How to Add Text to Your Presentation

To show you how to add text to the presentation I'll use slide thirteen of the Report PowerPoint Presentation template. Here's the slide without any edits: 

Slide Thirteen Before EditsSlide Thirteen Before EditsSlide Thirteen Before Edits
Slide thirteen of the report presentation with no edits.

This slide is great to emphasize a fact or quote to highlight for your audience.

To add new text, you'll need to add a new text box. To add a new text box, click on the Insert tab in the toolbar. After you click on the Insert tab the Text Box button will appear:

Slide Thirteen With EditsSlide Thirteen With EditsSlide Thirteen With Edits
How to add text to your presentation report slide.

Click on the Text Box button. Draw a box on the slide where you want the new text box to appear. You'll know if you've created a new text box by the handles that appear around the box. 

After you've drawn the box, add new text to your slide.

5. How to Give a Great Presentation Report

To give a great presentation, first edit your presentation. Make sure all the facts and data are correct. Also, check for typos.  

Next, practice giving your presentation to friends or coworkers. They can help you spot mistakes that you may have missed. It's better to discover mistakes before you give the actual presentation. 

Last, practice giving your presentation in the mirror. This helps you to be familiar with the information you're presenting. So, you won't stumble over words or concepts when you're giving your presentation.

Here are some tutorials with more ideas on how to give a great presentation report:

5 Tips for a Better Presentation

Are you looking for even more ways to make your presentation better? Here are five tips to help you out:

1. Choose Your Font & Visuals Wisely

When choosing a font for your presentation, make sure your font can be read from a distance easily. Think about the size of the audience and the size of the room you'll be presenting in. The bigger the audience and the bigger the room the bigger the font you'll need to use. If the audience can't read the font in your presentation it can be distracting. 

This tutorial will give you an idea of some of the best fonts to use:

Also, when choosing what images you want in your presentation, the first step is to choose images that are relevant. If you use an image that doesn't go with your presentation, it could confuse your audience. 

Another step is to make sure your images are of high quality. A blurry image in your presentation can be distracting for the audience.

2. Plan Out What You'll Say

Templates can help you organize your presentation. Find this report presentation template and hundreds of others on Envato Elements.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when giving a report presentation is to be unprepared and poorly organized. This tutorial will help you organize your presentation so that it comes across as professional:

3. Proofread Your Work

When you're done with your presentation, carefully proofread it. Make sure everything in the presentation is spelled correctly. Including wrong words or typos can be distracting to the audience.

4. Don't Overcrowd Your Slides

BUSINESS REPORT PowerPoint V257 has a clean, minimal design that'll help you keep your slides uncluttered.

Don't overcrowd your slides. When you overcrowd your slides, it can be hard for the audience to determine what's important. Adding a wall of text isn't good either. Break up your text as much as you can. This makes it easier for the audience to remember what you presented to them.

5. Practice Your Speech

Practice your speech so that you know the information that'll be part of your presentation. Practicing will also help keep you from talking too fast. Talking to fast in your presentation can make you seem inexperienced. 

When giving your presentation, try to make eye contact with your audience. This gives the presentation more of a personal feel. It also makes it seem like you're really talking to the audience.  

If it's possible, make sure the equipment is working in the room where the presentation will take place.  Also, run through your presentation in that room without the audience present to make sure everything is legible and professional looking.

Learn More About Creating Report Presentations With PowerPoint

For even more information on how to customize your PowerPoint template, check out our guide to using PowerPoint. Here are more tutorials to help you learn how to make a report PowerPoint presentation:

Find More Report Presentation Templates

If you didn’t find a template that you liked above, check out these articles:

Download a Premium Presentation Report Template Today!

There are many times you may have to make a report. When designing your own report presentation, you may not have the time to create a good-looking design. Using a premium template saves time because the design is already there.

In this article, you read about how to how to make a presentation report.  So, you should be ready to start your presentation. Download a report presentation format template today to save time and ensure a professional report presentation.

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