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25+ Free & Premium Elegant PowerPoint Templates With Stylish PPT Slide Designs 2020


Have you got a business or professional presentation coming up? It's a chance for you to impress your stakeholders and show them how professional you are? 

It would be best if you had a modern and stylish presentation. Luckily, we've got pre-built simple elegant PowerPoint templates that'll help you create an on-trend presentation in no time.

Tokyo is a stylish PowerPoint theme template on Envato Elements
Tokyo is a stylish premium PowerPoint theme template on Envato Elements

You could take on the tedious task of creating your elegant presentation from scratch. But, if you're strapped for time and lack the skills, a lot can go wrong! 

Streamline this task by starting with a fully customizable, professionally pre-built elegant PowerPoint template. It'll stand out, look professional, and above all, save you loads of time.

This article lists the best free to download elegant PowerPoint presentation templates from around the web. You'll also find five premium elegant PPT templates from Envato Elements and five stylish PPT templates from GraphicRiver. 

Dive in and find the right slide design template that'll help you make your elegant presentation!

Find the Best Premium Elegant PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

We've all sat through at least one presentation in our life that was dated and dull. It may have even given you the impression that the presenter hasn't refreshed the slides in years, and it seemed unprofessional.

Stylish and classy PowerPoint presentation templates can help. They'll help you create a professional looking presentation that's sure to capture your audience's attention. Discover tons of the latest elegant PowerPoint presentation styles on Envato Elements.

An Envato Elements membership gives you unlimited, all-you-can-download access to millions of creative assets for a minimal monthly fee.

Best Elegant Templates for Corporate Presentations on Envato Elements for 2020
Best Elegant Templates for Corporate Presentations on Envato Elements, for 2020

Envato Elements is a powerhouse of top creative assets that offers you tons of professional and unique options for your personal or corporate use. These creative options aren't only stacked with pro design features but are also quick and easy to work with. 

Once you sign up and become an Envato Elements member, you'll pay a low monthly fee. The creative digital resources you get access to include:

  • professional WordPress and PowerPoint templates
  • high-quality stock photos and royalty-free music
  • creative graphic templates, fonts, and so much more 
Latest PowerPoint Presentation Styles on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Latest PowerPoint Presentation Styles on Envato Elements - with Unlimited Access

While you may feel free simple elegant PowerPoint templates found online are passable for your next presentation, be careful! You could be settling for free PPT templates that lack quality, uniqueness, and elegance. 

Do you need the latest PowerPoint presentation styles or any other on-trend creative digital assets to impress your clients or other stakeholders? Envato Elements is the best place to go. For a minimal monthly fee, you get unlimited downloads of digital assets that you can use as many times as required.  

Another excellent option for premium stylish PowerPoint presentation templates is GraphicRiver. You're able to buy stylish PowerPoint themes one at a time, according to your needs. We'll explore this option later in this article.

5 Best Premium Elegant PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements for 2020

Let's look at five of the best elegant and latest PowerPoint presentation styles Envato Elements:

1. Elegant PowerPoint Template

Elegant PowerPoint Template

As its name suggests, this is an elegant and stylish PowerPoint presentation template. Elegant PowerPoint Template comes with 30 creative slides that are perfect for any business-related pitches, e-commerce presentations, or product promotions. This modern 2020 ready PPT template has a clever use of colors, graphics, and white space. 

2. Solaris PowerPoint Presentation

Solaris PowerPoint Presentation

Solaris PowerPoint Template comes with over a hundred unique slides. This multipurpose template has a wide variety of elegant PowerPoint slides that'll meet all presentation needs. It's designed with the users in mind and aimed to provide users the easiest way to edit. 

Change elements, including colors and fonts, easily according to your brand identity. As for images and photos, easily drag-and-drop them onto the placeholders.

3. Vixa PowerPoint Template

Vixa PowerPoint Template

Vixa's use of colors and graphics are just beautiful and elegant. It's a modern and fresh template that gives off a confident, creative feel. This makes it perfect for any creative business or individual that wants to impress their audience.

4. Socran - Elegant PowerPoint Template

Socran - Elegant PowerPoint Template

Socran is a professional, elegant, and multipurpose PowerPoint template. Use it for internal meetings, business reports and external presentations with stakeholders or clients. Socran comes with over 80 unique slides that are fully editable and easy to use. 

5. Elegancy - PowerPoint Template

Elegancy - PowerPoint Template

Elegancy is great if you're looking for a template that's both elegant and minimalistic. The graphics on the slides are black and white. Add your images and content easily and prepare your presentation in minutes.

5 Best Premium Elegant & Stylish PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver for 2020

We also have you covered if you're looking for a one-off premium elegant PowerPoint slide templateEnvato Market offers a pay-per-download model that's perfect for someone looking to pay a flat fee to download an elegant template when it's needed. Check out GraphicRiver, which is part of Envato Market.

Best Selling Premium PPT Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020
Best Selling Premium PPT Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020

Here's a curated list of top premium elegant templates from GraphicRiver for 2020:

 1. Elegant Marble PowerPoint Presentation Template

Elegant Marble PowerPoint Presentation Template

Get your hands on more than 56 unique and creative slides. This chic template features slides with a white marble-like elegant background for PowerPoint presentations. It also comes with complementing fonts in black and gold. This simple and contemporary design template comes with:

  • creative photo layouts
  • infographics
  • tables
  • vector icons
  • maps
  • diagrams and loads of other great features.

2. Xperiencee - Creative Presentation Template

Xperiencee - Creative Presentation Template

If you're looking for a bold but elegant template, look no further! Xperiencee is 30 slides of pure creativity. This template is suitable for photography or any other creative businesses that want to be elegant and unique. Leave your audience with a lasting impression. 

3. Norbe PowerPoint Template

Norbe PowerPoint Template

Norbe features more than 35 modern, clean, professional, and minimalistic slides. Use this template for any personal or corporate use. Impress your audience not only with the content of your presentation but with excellent design work too. Easily change the colors and fonts to be in line with your brand identity. 

4. Creative Clean Conference

Creative Clean Conference

Creative Clean Conference is a fantastic template that comes with more than 560 slides and 1,000 vector icons. Add animations and background effects easily. Pick from 13 color schemes to create slides that are suitable for your brand. The template features 15 categories:

  • opening slides
  • our team
  • social media stats
  • our services
  • timelines
  • devices
  • numbered slides
  • portfolio
  • contact us
  • infographics
  • illustrations
  • event calendar
  • pricing tables
  • charts
  • editable maps

5. Yello PowerPoint Template

Yello PowerPoint Template

Yello is a modern-day, elegant presentation template that uses fun and lively colors. It's a multipurpose template that's great for any personal or business use. Easily drag-and-drop your images into the placeholders. All elements on the template are fully editable and customizable, giving you full control of your presentation creation. 

18+ Free Elegant PowerPoint Templates for Free Download in 2020 (From Around the Web)

Premium elegant PowerPoint slide templates are your best option if you want to create the best possible presentation. However, sometimes you may be working on a very tight budget. 

Before looking for free elegant PowerPoint templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always PowerPoint templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

But if you can't find what you need above, here are over 18 free elegant PowerPoint templates from around the web for your 2020 presentation:

1. Regal - Free Elegant PowerPoint Presentation Templates. This elegant template comes with 25 stylish PowerPoint slides in back and gold. Create a minimalistic, elegant presentation easily. 

Regal - Free Elegant PowerPoint Presentation Templates

2. Photo background - Free Stylish PowerPoint Templates. This is a simple and elegant template that comes to life with its lively background. Turn this attractive PPT template from a 16:9 screen layout to a 4:3 with a click. 

3. Vibrant - Elegant and Stylish PPT Templates Free Download. This elegant template comes with a dark textured background design with a single highlight color. Easily change this color to your brand color.

4. Portia - Free Stylish PowerPoint Templates. This free stylish PowerPoint template is a good option if you're looking for extremely simple but classy PowerPoint backgrounds. 

5. Dark Ornaments - Free Elegant PowerPoint Presentation Templates. This comes with a black background and light gray dark floral ornaments at the bottom left corner. It's a multipurpose beautiful, minimal, and attractive PPT template. 

Dark Ornaments - Free Elegant PowerPoint Presentation Templates

6. Abstract Waves - Elegant and Stylish PPT Templates Free DownloadThis gray free stylish PowerPoint theme template comes with a cover slide and two internal classy PowerPoint backgrounds. It's in 16:9 screen layout.

7. Ophelia - Free Stylish PowerPoint Slides. This free stylish PowerPoint template comes with different slide types. Use this elegant presentation template on Google Slides or PowerPoint.

8. Sparkles - Free Elegant PowerPoint Presentation Templates. Sparkles is a stylish PowerPoint theme featuring glitter. Pick between silver, green, pink, yellow, blue, purple, and gold as the color of your digital glitter for your classy PowerPoint backgrounds.

9. Roskilde - Stylish PPT Templates Free Download. Roskilde is a delicate and stylish PowerPoint theme that uses soft colors and hexagonal shapes. This is a classy presentation template that suits a non-aggressive presentation.

Roskilde - Stylish PPT Templates Free Download

10. Callie - Free Chic PowerPoint Templates. This free chic PowerPoint template is simple, clean, and minimalistic. It's multipurpose and suitable for any of the latest PowerPoint presentation styles.

11. Beatrice Simple and Functional - Free Download Template PPT ElegantAs the name of the template suggests, this elegant presentation template is simple and functional. It comes with 25 different stylish PowerPoint presentation slides for you to customize. 

12. Salisbury - Free Chic PowerPoint Templates. Salisbury is a free chic PowerPoint template that's multipurpose and has loads of white space. Use the triangle design creatively with the images you have.

Salisbury - Free Chic PowerPoint Templates

13. Yorick - Stylish PPT Templates Free Download. Yorick is an attractive PPT template that allows your audience to focus on the content without visual distraction.

14. Dark Elegance - Free Download Template PPT Elegant. Here's a classy presentation template that uses blue, black, and gold to create elegant PowerPoint slides. It's a multipurpose attractive PPT template. 

15. Mallory - Free Classy Presentation Templates. These stylish PowerPoint themes come with 23 elegant PowerPoint slides that are designed with a marble background design. It's a good elegant background for PowerPoint presentations.

16. Century - Free Download Template PPT Elegant. Black and gold are used in Century - Free Download Template PPT Elegant to convey elegance and professionalism. 

Century - Free Download Template PPT Elegant

17. White Elegant - Free Template Background PPT Elegant. This one's designed with elegance and minimalism in mind. It features 22 different slides with a white marble-like background.

18. Startup - Free Elegant Background for PowerPoint Presentation. This template has an elegant background for PowerPoint presentations. The background has many organic shapes and uses black tones.

19. Amanda - Free Background PPT Elegant. Here's another delicate and elegant template that uses soft colors and abstract paint and shapes. 

How to Quickly Customize a Premium Elegant PowerPoint Template

Once you've got the perfect template, you need to customize it with your content and branding. Luckily, customizing a PowerPoint template isn't difficult. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the premium Elegant PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

Elegant PowerPoint template
Elegant PowerPoint template

Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Slides

The best part about premium classy PowerPoint templates is that they come with all the necessary slides you’ll need for a powerful presentation. In most cases, each of the slides has several design variations. As such, the first step is to choose the slides you’ll use and delete the rest. 

To do this, go to View > Slide Sorter. Then, right-click on the slide you don’t want and press Delete slide. Repeat this for all the individual slides that you don’t plan on using.

Choosing slides in PowerPoint
Choosing slides in PowerPoint

2. Replace Content 

Switch back to the Normal layout. Now replace content with your own. Simply click on any slide as I've done on slide #9. Press CTRL + A to select all of the text and enter your own information.

Replacing content
Replacing content in your PPT template

3. Customize Fonts

As you’re editing the content and replacing it with your own, you can customize the fonts used at the same time. All you've got to do is select a new font from the drop-down menu while your text is selected.

Customizing fonts
Customizing fonts in the Elegant PowerPoint template

4. Add Images

The Elegant PowerPoint template comes with image placeholders so you can quickly customize the image. To add your own image, click on the picture icon and locate the image on your computer. Click Insert to add it to the slide. 

In some cases, you’ll need to send the image to the background if it’s covering your content. To do that, right-click on the photo and choose the Send to back > Send to back option.

Adding images to the PPT template
Adding custom images to the Elegant PowerPoint template

5. Customize Colors

The last step in customizing your PowerPoint template is to change out the colors. Do this by right-clicking on a colored section and selecting Format Shape. Then, choose a different color under the Solid Fill option. 

Customizing colors in your template
Customizing colors 

5 Tips to Make Elegant (Stylish) Presentations with PowerPoint for 2020

Do you need to take your presentations to the next level? Or are you completely new to this and not sure how to go about it? 

Regardless of how new you are at creating presentations, these five quick tips will help you create a winning professional and elegant presentation every time.

If you're looking for the ultimate PowerPoint tutorial, check out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide).

1. Get a High-Quality Elegant PPT Template (And Customize It)

Manik - Elegant Accessories PowerPoint Template
Manik - Elegant Accessories PowerPoint Template, a premium professionally designed elegant presentation

How long would it take to create graphics and slide designs like the ones in the image above? Save yourself the hassle of designing from scratch by getting an excellent on-trend PPT template that suits your topic and audience. Pick elegant templates that have icons, infographics, and other features that you may not usually include because they're too hard to create. 

By leaving the designing to the professionals, you'll work from the best possible template for your presentation. You'll also be improving the standard of your presentation effortlessly. 

If you're not sure how to work with a pre-built PowerPoint template? Check out this tutorial:

2. Have a Mix of Solid Color and White Slides

By mixing up the background colors between solid colors and white, an interesting and engaging visual effect is created. Traditionally a solid color or photo slide is only used as a section break. But, now it's on-trend to mix them up or even alternate between them. 

Labora - Elegant Education Theme PowerPoint Template mixes up the background colors of its slides
Labora - Elegant Education Theme PowerPoint Template, a premium template, mixes up the background colors of its slides.

These solid colors don't have to be black. It can be any color depending on your template color or even your brand colors. 

3. Use Fewer Words (Avoid Clutter)

Wordy slides are a big no-no! Too many words crammed into every slide will make your presentation dull and hard to follow. To your audience, your presentation will end up looking too cluttered and unprofessional. Keep your slides clean and to the point. 

A few ways to cut out unneeded words: 

  • use infographics to summarise facts and figures 
  • replace texts with images, photos, or videos 
  • turn paragraphs into bullet points

Find out how to work with charts and infographics in these tutorials:

4. Minimize Distractions

Besides wordy slides, other elements can distract your audience and make it hard to follow your presentation. Here are a few examples:

  • too much animation or flashy transitions
  • too much audio
  • bad alignments or poorly designed 

Animations, transitions, and audio should only be used when it's appropriate. If you're unsure when to use it, don't use it at all. If you're not sure how to align objects in PowerPoint, check out this tutorial: 

5. Keep It Short, Focused and Impactful

What's the goal of your presentation? What do you want to tell your audience? People's attention span is very short, so keep your content short and focused. 

As you create your presentation, keep your goals in mind. That helps keep you on track and weed out unnecessary information or slides. A long presentation with many slides that strays from the point will lose the audience's attention. It may even create a bad impression. 

Investor Deck PowerPoint Template is an excellent choice for data focused presentation
Investor Deck PowerPoint Template is an excellent premium choice for short and focused presentations

Finally, end your presentation with an impact. Find out how with this tutorial: 

5 Simple Stylish PowerPoint Trends to Make Elegant Presentations in 2020

If you want your presentation to look not only professional and polished but also modern, it’s important to stay on top of current PowerPoint trends. Here are five simple trends to keep in mind to make an elegant presentation in 2020:

1. Try Bold Serif Fonts for Headings

Choosing the right fonts is very important for your presentation. If your presentation isn't legible, chances are your audience won't enjoy it. Consider using a bold serif font for headings to grab the audience’s attention and make each section of your presentation stand out more.

Opera PowerPoint template
Opera PowerPoint template (a premium template) uses bold serif fonts throughout

2. Experiment With Colors

Colors can add extra visual interest to your presentation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and add colored shapes as backgrounds, borders or image overlays. 

3. White Space Matters

White space makes it easier for your audience to focus on the topic of your presentation. It also works wonders for making your presentation seem more elegant. So, use this trend and apply it to your next presentation.

Solaris PPT template
The Solaris PowerPoint template is one of premium simple elegant PowerPoint templates that makes great use of white space.

4. Use Icons

Icons are a popular trend in PowerPoint designs. They can help you add extra visual appeal. Use them in section descriptions or to highlight certain features or points in your presentation. 

5. Overlay Text and Images

Another popular trend is to creatively overlay text and images. You can do this in several ways. For example, partially overlap text and images or combine text and semi-transparent color overlay over a photo.

Klien template
The Klien template has plenty of simple and elegant PPT background slides.

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates with Stylish Designs

Didn't find the best elegant and stylish PowerPoint slides you had in mind? Check out more of your best unique, modern, and stylish PowerPoint themes for 2020 below: 

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is a powerful program with plenty of options and features for making compelling presentations. If you want to learn more about how to use PowerPoint, we've got plenty of tutorials to help you master it: 

Grab a Premium Elegant and Stylish PowerPoint Template Today

Are you lacking the skill or the time to build elegant PowerPoint slides from scratch? Even without the skill, you've still got to get this presentation done before the deadline. 

The best place to start is with Envato Elements, which has loads of premium pre-built elegant PowerPoint slide templates. Download as many attractive PPT templates as you wish for a low monthly fee. 

Are you looking for a pay-per-download model instead? Check out our full range of premium pre-built stylish PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. 

We've also shared twenty of the best free elegant PowerPoint templates for corporate use found online. There are options for anyone who can't afford to go premium yet. 

Be it the premium or free option, a pre-built stylish PowerPoint slide template is the way to go. It helps you choose a look and feel for your presentation from the start. It'll also guide you with premade sections and very quickly allow you to build the best possible elegant presentation. 

Work smart and create your next stylish and classy PowerPoint presentation like a professional with a premium pre-built template. Download one today and get started!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, simple elegant templates for PowerPoint with the best, high-quality designs.

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