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20 Free Customizable Google Slide Themes to Download (Make Custom 2020)


Use custom Google Slides themes to create professional presentations in Slides. Upload a template, fill in your details, and tweak it to perfection.

Download Google Slides themes
Download Google Slides themes to unlock the most creative designs for your next presentation.

Google Slides is a browser-based tool, but that doesn't mean that it lacks advanced design options. You might be surprised how many customizations you can make with no other apps needed. 

You could use free Google Slides templates from around the web that we've found for you. But, you'll also see highly professional premium custom Google Slides themes on Envato Elements with unlimited downloads. Plus, download Google Slides themes from GraphicRiver as single purchases.

The Best Custom Google Slides Themes (With Unlimited Downloads) on Envato Elements

We've spent time crawling the web for the best free Google Slides templates. Later in this article, we'll show you a collection of Google Slides with free downloads from all over the web.

You should always see your presentation as an investment. Whether you're presenting a project in school or pitching your business, a great template is worth the small expense. Professional presentations yield results.

Google Slides is a free tool, so you've already saved some money. Why not invest the difference into the best custom Google Slides themes? Thanks to Envato Elements, your costs are managed, but you'll tap into unlimited downloads from the most extensive library of custom Google Slides themes.

Download Google Slides Themes
Download Google Slides themes with unlimited access to Envato Elements.

Envato Elements' secret sauce is that it gives you access to complementary assets, such as:

  • Stock photos that help you balance your custom Google Slides themes.
  • Music and sound effects for background music and impactful effects in your presentation.
  • Graphics and illustrations that you can add to your Slides presentation to give them a hand-designed look.

Remember—these cost nothing extra! They add so much to your custom Google Slides themes and are all included.

Not only do you unlock the ability to download Google Slides themes, but you also have all these assets to enhance them. The small cost of Elements can't compare to the value it creates.

5 Top Premium Custom Google Slides Themes on Envato Elements for 2020

Let's check out five of the best custom themes for Google Slides—all accessible on Envato Elements:

1. Hasta Google Slides Presentation

Hasta Custom Google Slides Theme

Hasta is the perfect example of how stunning custom Google Slides themes are. It's professionally designed on all 40 of the included slides. You could use it for a portfolio or pitch. The shapes included in this slick template are vector so that you can scale them up while creating your presentation.

2. KINTEL Google Slides

Kintel Custom Google Slides theme

One of my favorite aspects of Kintel is its clear focus on imagery. Audiences expect modern presentations to include plenty of eye-catching images. 

Kintel sets you up for this success. Don't forget that your Elements subscription also provides access to stock photos. So, you'll spend nothing extra.

3. Sparrow - Creative Agency Google Slides

Sparrow Custom Google Slides theme

This custom template for Google Slides is built with creative agencies in mind. That gives you slides that are built to show off top projects and make a winning project proposal. The variety of more than 100 slide designs makes it a great Slides theme to download. You've got a ton of options to create your presentation.

4. Awei - Food Google Slides Template

Awei Custom Google Slides template

Awei is a stunning template that puts imagery at the forefront of the design. It's ideal for food because of all the image placeholders that are ready to show your favorite culinary creations. But, remember that all these templates are flexible and easy to customize to fit any content.

5. Fashion - Google Slides Template

Fashion Custom Google Slides template

The fashion industry demands the latest in design trends to match the modern clothing shown. Use a popular custom Google Slides template like this one to fit the category expectation. It's an easy to use Slides theme to download. Just open it and add your specifics to bring your design to life.

5 of the Best Premium Custom Google Slides Themes From GraphicRiver for 2020

Sometimes, you don't need unlimited access to custom Slides themes. Maybe you want to zone in on exactly one custom Google Slides theme and quickly design your next presentation. In that case, you've got to check out GraphicRiver, another Envato Market site.

Custom Google Slides themes on Envato Market
Download Google Slides themes with the help of GraphicRiver.

It's incredible what a well-designed template can do for a speaker's confidence. Choose and download Google Slides themes from the list below.

1. Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template

Verzus Custom Theme for Google Slides

When you download Google Slides themes from GraphicRiver, you're seeking to maximize your value. Verzus shoes that a single purchase gives you access to what the author calls a template builder. That term shows just how much flexibility is in this package with over 350 unique slides.

2. Marketing Plan Google Slides Presentation Template

Marketing Plan Custom Google Slides theme

Great marketers need great visuals to build confidence, that's when custom Slides themes come in handy. As you launch a new product or new business, make a strong impression with a template like this one. Download Google Slides themes like this marketing plan to put your best foot forward as you launch a business.

3. Report Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Report Multipurpose Google Slides template

Many companies issue annual reports to update stakeholders. It gives a company the chance to show key projects, share financial results, and pave a path to the future. This is a good Slides theme to download. With the help of the Report custom theme for Google Slides, it takes less time than ever to compile your annual report.

4. SEO Proposal Google Slides Presentation Template

Custom themes for Google Slides for SEO

Search engines control so much success for online businesses. It's essential to make sure that when people search for your business, they find it. That's why an SEO (search engine optimization) proposal template like this one is so useful for search engine marketing firms. Show your focus keywords and potential gains that could come from achieving a good rank with this great Slides theme to download.

5. Simply Google Slides

Download Simply Google Slides theme

Looking for complete custom Slides themes? This template has designs and options that you won't find in free Google Slides templates. The combination of 499 unique slides and color schemes means that you don't have to repeat any slides. Use the included icons and focused slide categories to create your best presentation yet.

20 Free Google Slides Themes to Download for 2020

Before looking for a free Google Slides templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always custom Google Slides themes) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Maybe you chose Google Slides simply because it's a free tool. That might mean that you've got no budget for this project. 

When that's the case, you might want to pair free Google Slides themes with the tool. Here are 20 templates for Google Slides with free downloads that you can use when budgets are spent:

1. Elegant - Free Presentation Template. Create a custom Google Slides theme with this stylish and classic design. Each slide has a burst of color to help you create your next professional presentation.

Free Google Slides themes

2. 42 Free Slides for PowerPoint/Keynote and Google Slides. Custom theme Google Slides are easy to create with these templates. The simplicity of these designs is great for creating a compelling presentation. It's a nice Google Slide template free download.

3. 10 Great Minimalist Presentation Templates for Google Slides. This Google Slides theme has a minimalistic and straightforward black and white design. Creating your next presentation is comfortable with this Google Slide template free download.

4. Cutelor Free Education Google Slides Theme. This free Google Slides theme was created for those in the education field. The fun and colorful design make it a natural choice to download this Google Slides theme.

5. Pastel Colors. Soft pastels are the background in these templates. While the title states they're for PowerPoint, these templates are also formatted so you can create custom Google Slides themes.

Free Google Slides templates

6. Hume Presentation Template. Modern graphic design and vibrant colors are featured in this Google Slides free download. This is a custom Google Slides theme that's fully editable and has 25 slides with tips for improving your presentation.

7. Red Aesthetics. There are a variety of slide types in this custom Google Slides theme. The Red Aesthetics template is a fully editable Google Slides free download.

8. Minimal - Free Google Slides. Create a custom Google Slide theme easily with this minimal and modern design. The black and white color theme is simple but sophisticated in this Google Slide template free download.

9. Free Watercolor Google Slides Theme. Creating an artistic presentation is simple with this Google Slides free download. This theme features watercolor images and a calm but bright aesthetic.

Google Slides free download

10. 15 Top Webinar Presentation Templates. These free Google Slides themes were created for online presentations. Create custom Google Slides themes by adding statistics, data, and training information relevant to your webinar.

11. ThePress Free Google Slides Theme. Download Google Slides themes like ThePress to build your next presentation. This free Google Slides theme has a clean and stylish aesthetic. It features 16 unique slides. Easily create a custom Google Slides theme.

12. Feather Textile. This feather motif Google Slides free download is a great template to use for building a custom Google Slides theme. Use this background to create presentations for interior design and fashion events.

13. Gaoler Presentation Template. Isometric illustrations for business, marketing, and technology are featured in this free Google Slides theme. Making a custom Google Slides theme is quickly done by changing the blue tones in the global theme colors.

Google Slides free download

14. Creative Magic. There are a variety of different slides in this free Google Slides theme. The design is a fun and geometric pattern that fits well for original presentations.

15. Agency Google Slides Template. This free Google Slides theme is excellent for professional presentations. Easily add pertinent information about your agency and change the colors to create a custom Google Slides theme.

16. Zane Free PowerPoint Template. While the title mentions PowerPoint, Zane is also designed for use in Google Slides. The colorful and modern design of this free Google Slides theme makes it a stylish choice for business presentations.

17. Pitch Pro Free Google Slides Theme. This free Google Slides theme includes 16 unique and professional slides. They're very easily editable so you can quickly create your own custom Google Slides theme.

Free Google Slides templates

18. Pastel Creative. Try this colorful, soft-toned free Google Slides theme for your next presentation. Three master slides are included in this Google Slide template free download.

19. Ferdinand Presentation Template. This free Google Slides template features a design with a large green ribbon. The layout and design elements are editable so you can create a custom Google Slides Theme.

20. Edgar. This free Googles Slides theme is feature-rich and includes charts, graphs, and tables. This template is fully editable. Change colors, text, and photos to create your next custom Google Slides theme.

5 Quite Tips to Work With Custom Google Slides Themes in 2020

Here are five tips that you can use to master working with custom themes for Google Slides.

Make sure that you don't miss our complete resource, How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) It's a comprehensive collection of tutorials to teach you the app.

1. Edit the Slide Master

The slide master controls designs for many slides. Most templates include many slide masters that are the starting point for your slides.

A great example of the proper adjustment for a slide master is adding a logo. Instead of adding it to every slide, add the logo to the slide master. Every slide that uses that master now includes the logo in the same spot, with the same size. 

Edit the Slide Master to save time
Edit the slide master on the View > Master menu in your custom theme for Google Slides to adjust many slides.

2. Save Your Favorite Designs as Templates

After you've made a few modifications to your custom theme for Google Slides, it helps to save them for the future. Take a snapshot with your modifications. Use it as your starting point the next time.

Start with a template as you saw in this article, plus save your modifications. The article below is an excellent resource to help you do just that:

3. Import Slides to Save Time

Maybe you've already developed your presentation in a separate file. Now, you want to take those slides and put them in one of the custom Google Slides themes featured in this article.

In this case, don't spend time copying and pasting objects between the presentations. Use the Import slides option on the File menu to add your slides from another presentation in Google Drive.

Import Slides presentation
Use File > Import Slides to grab slides from other presentations and add them to the active template.

4. Try Out PPTX Format Presentations

When you download Google Slides themes in this article, you might be surprised that the files are packaged as PPTX files. That's because Google Slides supports PPTX format presentations.

Use the tutorial below to learn more about using PowerPoint files as custom Google Slides themes:

5. Lean on Layouts

Don't design a slide from scratch! Templates are a great starting point because they include custom layouts.

Think of layouts as the blueprint for a slide. They feature arrangements of objects and placeholders waiting for your content. Choose a layout on the Slide > Apply Layout to set the starting design.

Kintel Layouts
Use the Slide > Apply Layout menu to choose a starting layout for your presentation.

5 Google Slides Presentation Trends for More Custom Slide Designs 2020

We've seen a great selection of premium Google Slides custom themes and some free Google Slides templates. Next, let me share some of the best presentation trends happening this year. It's no surprise that there's a big trend around them: visual elements. 

Let's dive in:

1. Choose Visual Slides

Keep this trend in mind for your next Google Slides presentation: always go for highly visual slides. Keep the text to a minimum and instead, choose bright accent colors, interesting photos and charts. Visually engaging slides are great because they attract your audience's eyes. Choose slides with a focus on images, like the one below.

Bonus: if you need a complete library of images, use Envato Elements photo library and enjoy unlimited downloads with your subscription.  

Colorful - Google Slides Template
See how this premium Google Slides custom theme uses bright colors and visual elements in a nice way

2. Play With Your Images

Now you know the importance of visual elements in your slides. But did you know there are many ways to use an image in a slide? 

You can:

  • use them as background
  • import an image as a shape
  • apply shape masks to images. 

Learn all about it here:

3. Apply The Rule of Three 

There are many interesting articles about the Rule of Three in writing and presentations. Simply put, the Rule of Three means information presented in groups of three sticks in our heads better than other clusters of items.

Interesting, right? This can be very useful for your Google Slides presentation. Summarize important information in groups of three and try to avoid bullet points. Instead, use icons or illustrations. Check custom slides themes like this one:

Warmy - Minimalist Google Slides Template
This nice and clean premium Google Slides custom theme applies the rule in some of the slides

4. Set Up Slide Timing

This is a really useful presentation trend, unknown by many people. In most presentations, the speaker uses the mouse, the keyboard or a remote control to advance slides. But Google Slides has a function to avoid that: auto-advancing slides.

If you use this, your presentation will run smoothly. Just focus on presenting and your slides will transition in the back. Learn how to do it here:

5. Go For Simple and Short

The key to always keep your audience focused is to design a presentation that's short, concise and clean.

Choose a minimalist design, add visual elements instead of text blocks, focus on key points and strip out unnecessary elements. This way, you'll deliver your message in the best way.

Bersih  Minimalist Google Slide Template
This premium Google Slides custom theme features a clean and minimalist design 

Find More Awesome Google Slides Themes

I hope you've enjoyed the selection of custom themes for Google Slides and free Google Slides themes I've shared with you. If you need more inspiration, here are some cool Google Slides templates for you:

Learn More About Google Slides 

Google Slides is a really practical presentation software, conveniently web-based. But it could feel complicated if you just started using it. Check these useful resources about it.

Additionally, don't forget to read our complete guide: How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)

Design a Presentation With Custom Google Slides Themes Today

You just saw 20 free custom Google Slides themes. With the help of a template, you can master creating great presentations in less time than ever before! Customizable themes give you the flexibility to adjust, plus great starting designs.

While free Google Slides themes are available, you owe it to yourself to consider advanced options. As you saw in this tutorial, you can unlock unlimited access to custom themes for Google Slides on Envato Elements. Or, buy a single custom template for Google Slides on GraphicRiver.

Open a new browser tab and jump to Google Slides. Then, upload one of the top templates in this tutorial. In no time, you'll have built your best presentation yet.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new custom Google Slides themes with the best, trending designs. 

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