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How to Add Speaker Notes to PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

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This post is part of a series called How to Use PowerPoint in 60 Seconds (Quick Video Tutorials).
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Speaker notes are a great way to add reminders of what you should say when giving your presentation. We can quickly add presenter notes to our PowerPoint slides. 

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How to Make a Great Presentation Free eBookHow to Make a Great Presentation Free eBookHow to Make a Great Presentation Free eBook

Note: In todays tutorial, we make use of the popular Simplicity PowerPoint Template. You can also find more professional PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver.

Add Speaker Notes to Your PowerPoint Presentation (Quick Video)

1. Open the PowerPoint Notes Panel

In PowerPoint, let's click on Notes on the bottom of the app to open up the Notes Panel. These notes will show up only on your screen when presenting, or you can have them on your slides when you print them.

PowerPoint Notes PanelPowerPoint Notes PanelPowerPoint Notes Panel
PowerPoint notes panel.

2. Add Your Presenter Notes to Individual Slides

Notes are added on a slide by slide basis. I can type notes down here as a reminder of what to say when I'm presenting. The notes will be added to the slide when I'm finished. Add speaker notes when you need those important cues about what to say. I like to add my key talking points here to help me stay on message when speaking.

Speaker notes in PowerPoint.

3. Switch to Presentation Mode to Use Your Notes

Doing so, always helps that I have a smooth presentation. When I switch to presentation mode as I'm showing here. If I'm hooked up to another monitor like a projector, I'll have a little different view on my screen than my audience does. I'll see my speaker notes here on the right side as I cycle through my slides.

PowerPoint speaker notes in presentation modePowerPoint speaker notes in presentation modePowerPoint speaker notes in presentation mode
PowerPoint Speaker Notes in Presentation mode.

Finishing Up!

You can add Speaker Notes to all the slides in your PowerPoint presentation. That way, when you're giving your talk, you'll have handy notes to refer to if you get stuck. The audience won't see them, they're just available for your reference and to help you stay on track during your presentation. 

You can also print your slides, and have those presenter notes at hand, if you prefer to have a paper copy to reference. Learn how in this quick video tutorial: 

Quick PowerPoint Videos (60 Seconds)

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How to Make a Great Presentation Free eBookHow to Make a Great Presentation Free eBookHow to Make a Great Presentation Free eBook

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