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16+ Best Free Construction Proposal Templates to Download Now for 2021

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Do you need to secure a new contract? A professionally-designed construction proposal can mean the difference between getting the job or not. 

Proposal Template From Envato ElementsProposal Template From Envato ElementsProposal Template From Envato Elements
Premium Construction Proposal Template Example From Envato Elements

Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are hundreds of premium and free construction proposal templates for Word available online. All you've got to do is find the right template, download it, customize it, and send it off. 

In this post, we’ll share the best free construction proposal templates from around the web. We'll also look at the best construction proposal examples from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Find Awesome Premium Construction Proposal Templates on Envato Elements (2021)

Before we dive into the free construction templates, let's examine premium construction proposal templates. You can find hundreds of professionally designed construction proposal templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. 

Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download resource for creatives. As an Elements member, you’ll pay a low monthly fee. It'll unlock access to thousands of premium, professional resources including construction proposal templates for Word, stock photos, graphic design templates, and more.

Construction Proposal Templates Envato ElementsConstruction Proposal Templates Envato ElementsConstruction Proposal Templates Envato Elements
An Envato Elements subscription includes unlimited access to all these premium proposal templates and more.

Premium construction templates offer more design variety as well as more customization options. But, if you’re on a limited budget or just starting out, a free construction proposal template is a good starting point. 

Before we dive into our free proposal templates for construction, let's take a closer look at the templates on Envato Elements.

5 Best Premium Construction Proposal Templates From Envato Elements for 2021

If you need construction proposal templates regularly and you also need other design templates for your business and marketing needs, Envato Elements is a great choice.  

Take a look at some construction proposal examples that also just happen to be the best premium proposal templates from Envato Elements:

1. BuilderArch – Construction Company Profile 

BuilderArch  Construction Company Profile BuilderArch  Construction Company Profile BuilderArch  Construction Company Profile

The BuilderArch is a modern and elegant construction proposal template. Create a complete profile of your construction company and showcase how you’d handle the project. The template is fully editable in InDesign. Customize colors, fonts, images, and more. 

2. Proposal - Great for Commercial Construction Proposal 


This premium minimal business proposal template is versatile enough to be used for any type of business. Easily use it for your construction company and include all the details about the project. Edit the template with InDesign.

3. Versatile Business Construction Proposal  

Versatile Business Construction ProposalVersatile Business Construction ProposalVersatile Business Construction Proposal

This versatile business construction proposal example has a modern and fresh design. It comes in two sizes, A4 and US letter. It's easily customized in InDesign. Change fonts and colors. Add your own images, and more. The template includes 16 pages.

4. Construction A4 Brochure Premium Template

Construction A4 Brochure TemplateConstruction A4 Brochure TemplateConstruction A4 Brochure Template

Use this clean and simple template for a construction proposal that involves smaller projects. It’s easy to edit in InDesign and includes 24 pages in A4 paper size.  

5. Multipurpose Premium Business Proposal 

Multipurpose Business ProposalMultipurpose Business ProposalMultipurpose Business Proposal

Here we've got another multipurpose business proposal that would work well for construction companies. The template is easy to edit thanks to image placeholders and well-defined character and paragraph styles. The template includes 22 inner pages and a front and back cover page. 

5 Top Premium Construction Proposal Templates on GraphicRiver for 2021

Another place where you can find premium construction proposal templates is GraphicRiver. 

Construction Proposal Template GraphicRiverConstruction Proposal Template GraphicRiverConstruction Proposal Template GraphicRiver
Premium proposal templates on GraphicRiver.

Here, you can buy hundreds of individual construction proposal templates. That makes GraphicRiver a great choice when you need a template in a hurry. Whether you're looking for a construction job proposal template or a simple construction proposal template for Word you can build upon, there's plenty to see.

Take a look at some of the best construction proposal templates from GraphicRiver:

1. Clean Construction Proposal  

Clean Construction ProposalClean Construction ProposalClean Construction Proposal

This construction proposal template has a clean and simple design. The template can easily be edited in InDesign as well as Word. It comes with 10 more cover pages as well as 48 inner pages. 

2. Construction Company Proposal Template 

Construction Company Proposal TemplateConstruction Company Proposal TemplateConstruction Company Proposal Template

This modern construction company proposal template includes 12 premade pages in A4 and US letter paper size. Easily customize fonts and colors and add your own images. Edit the template using InDesign. 

3. Architecture Proposal US Letter Single Page 

Architecture Proposal US Letter Single PageArchitecture Proposal US Letter Single PageArchitecture Proposal US Letter Single Page

If you need to submit a simple construction proposal for a smaller construction project, this single page proposal is a great choice. It comes with fully editable images and graphs. Easily customize colors and fonts.

4. Tessera Architecture Proposal US Letter Template 

Tessera Architecture Proposal US Letter TemplateTessera Architecture Proposal US Letter TemplateTessera Architecture Proposal US Letter Template

This is another single-page proposal template that’s perfect for smaller projects. But you can easily duplicate the page if you need more than one page. Customize the template in InDesign. Customize fonts, colors, graphs, images, and more.

5. Construction Proposal Template 

Construction Proposal TemplateConstruction Proposal TemplateConstruction Proposal Template

This multipurpose construction proposal template has a versatile and modern design. The construction project proposal format includes 20 pages as well as a front and a back cover. Customize it in InDesign. It was designed in both A4 and US letter size format.

16+ Best Free Construction Proposal Templates to Download for 2021

Now that we’ve covered the best premium construction proposal templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, let’s look at the best free templates. 

Before looking for a construction proposal template free download on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always construction proposals) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

If you don't find what you're looking for above, the free proposal template for construction below make a good starting point. Check out these construction proposal template free download files today:

1. Free Construction Proposal Template 

Free Construction Proposal Template Free Construction Proposal Template Free Construction Proposal Template

Edit this simple construction proposal in Excel. Easily add charts and insert all the financial data to present the scope of the project. 

2. Free Construction Proposal Template For Excel

Here’s another free construction proposal template that can be edited in Excel. Add your data and customize fonts and colors used in the template. 

3. Free Construction Proposal Template For Word 

If you’re looking for a construction proposal template that can be edited in Word, this template will come in handy. Add your own images and customize fonts and colors. You can also add as many pages as you need. 

4. Free Word Construction Proposal Template

This free construction proposal template for Word allows you to customize fonts and colors. You can also insert your own logo. It's a great choice if you're looking for a construction proposal template free download.

5. Free Simple Construction Proposal 

Free Simple Construction ProposalFree Simple Construction ProposalFree Simple Construction Proposal

This free construction proposal template has a simple design. Edit the template in Word and customize colors and fonts. The proposal also lets you add images and your own logo. It's a simple free construction proposal template but could be a good starting point.

6. Free Excel Construction Proposal Template

This free sample construction bid proposal for Excel lets you display all the cost estimates and other data relevant to the project you’re bidding on. You can also customize colors and fonts.

7. Free Construction Proposal Template 

This free construction proposal template has a minimal design. It includes 12 premade pages, all of which can be edited in InDesign. Add your own images and customize fonts and colors.

8. Free Business and Construction Proposal Template 

Free Business and Construction Proposal TemplateFree Business and Construction Proposal TemplateFree Business and Construction Proposal Template

This free business proposal template uses a bifold layout. It includes several premade pages to help you design a proposal quickly. You can also customize fonts and colors. 

11. Simple Construction Proposal Template For Free Download

If you want a simple, one-page construction proposal template, this construction proposal template for Word makes a good starting point. Edit this free construction proposal template in Word.

12. Free Word Template For Construction Proposals

This template makes it easy to specify the costs associated with the construction project. Add other relevant information.

13. Free Clean Construction Proposal Template

This free construction proposal template has a clean design; it's a good construction proposal template Word doc to check out. It comes with many pages to share information about your company. Edit the template in Word and add your own logo.

14. Free Construction Template Proposal

Edit this template in Excel. Insert costs and materials associated with the project and customize fonts and colors. It's great as a sample construction bid proposal.

15. Excel Construction Template Free Download

Here’s another Excel construction proposal template. Share cost estimates and materials you’ll use in the project.  

16. Free Construction Cost Estimation Proposal Template 

Consider this template if you need to submit a cost estimation proposal. Customize fonts and add your own logo. Edit the template in Excel.

17. Free Construction Timeline

Free Construction TimelineFree Construction TimelineFree Construction Timeline

If you need to submit a timeline proposal for a construction project, this construction proposal sample is a good starting point. Edit the template in Excel. Customize fonts and add your own logo.  

How to Customize Your Construction Proposal Template in Adobe InDesign

Have you found the perfect free construction proposal template or premium construction proposal design? Are you unsure about your next steps? Let's walk through some quick tips to get your design customized and completed quickly and efficiently. 

In this demo, we'll work with the following premium construction proposal example from Envato Elements. You could work along and check out these points in any template you like, in Adobe InDesign.

construction proposal exampleconstruction proposal exampleconstruction proposal example
This premium construction proposal example is available for download on Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Understand Rectangular Frames

In Adobe InDesign, content is held in Rectangular Frames. Think of them like boxes that hold things like images. When we look at content in our construction proposal example, you'll likely see the boxes around the content. Text Boxes are similar—but they hold type.

If you want to preview your work without visible frames, go to View > Overprint Preview. This temporarily hides them. Hide the guidelines by going to View > Grids & Guides > Hide Guides.

Note that these guidelines and frames are for your visual reference only. They won't print in the final project.

InDesign Rectangular FramesInDesign Rectangular FramesInDesign Rectangular Frames
Construction proposal examples: examining rectangular frames.

2. Edit Type in Adobe InDesign

The most common edits you'll make in a construction proposal template are text edits. Start by selecting the Type tool in your Tools panel.

Click on any existing type. You'll notice this makes the corresponding Text Box active. Type and edit as you would in most word processing software.

Want to add new text? Click and drag with the Type tool active to draw a new Text Box. 

InDesign Edit TextInDesign Edit TextInDesign Edit Text
A construction proposal sample: editing the text within the template.

3. Customize and Change Colors

To change colors of content in our construction proposal, we need to look at our Stroke Color and Fill Color.

  • The Fill Color will fill the inside of a Rectangular Frame.
  • The Stroke Color is more like an outline. It applies color around the frame, in variable widths that you can increase and decrease.

In most cases, you'll most likely want to turn to your Fill Color. 

For example, we can select the Selection tool in the Tools panel. Click on a colored shape in your layout. Then, click on the Fill Color and choose a new color. InDesign will then apply this color to our selected area.

InDesign Fill ColorInDesign Fill ColorInDesign Fill Color
Editing the colors in a construction proposal example

4. Rearrange Layout Elements

Let's say you want to change up part of your construction proposal. Just because it comes with construction proposal sample pages doesn't mean you can't push them in a new direction.

Select the Selection tool in your Tools panel. Then, click on a part of your layout. You'll notice that InDesign will highlight an active selection. Then click and drag to move it to a new place in your layout. Or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the content.

InDesign Selection ToolInDesign Selection ToolInDesign Selection Tool
Rearranging layout elements in this construction proposal sample

5. Import and Place Images in InDesign

You'll likely want to import images into your construction proposal template too. 

With your Selection tool active, click on an existing Rectangular Frame. Then, go to File > Place and choose an image from your computer's hard drive. In this example, we'll use this stock photograph from Envato Elements.

Once you've selected your image, InDesign will place it in this space. Double click to toggle between resizing the Rectangular Frame and the image itself within this container. Use the resize handles to scale this content.

InDesign Place ImageryInDesign Place ImageryInDesign Place Imagery
Stock photography on Envato Elements you can use along with a construction job proposal template.

5 Proposal Design Trends For 2021

If you want your proposal to look polished and professional, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the current design trends. Below, we’ve listed top design trends for proposals to keep in mind in 2021:

1. Photo on Cover

If you take a look at the proposal templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, you’ll notice they've got one thing in common: they feature a photo on the cover. This is a perfect opportunity to make your cover engaging and include a photo of your business.

construction company profileconstruction company profileconstruction company profile
Construction Company Profile - Another premium construction proposal example

2. Use Bold, Easy to Read Fonts

Make your proposal easy to read by using bold, readable fonts. For example, you can use one font for the body and use a heavier weight for headings. Or pair a sans serif font with a serif one for better text hierarchy.

3. Bright Colors

Using bright colors is a good way to capture the attention of your audience. They make it easy to spot calls to action and other important elements of your proposal. Take advantage of this trend like this proposal template below. 

construction business profileconstruction business profileconstruction business profile
Construction Business Profile on Envato Elements - A great premium construction job proposal template

4. More Visuals

Include more visuals in your proposals. This will make it easier for your audience to understand all the important information and numbers relevant to the project.

5. Horizontal Layouts Are Trendy

You don’t have to go with the traditional portrait layout for your proposal. Make it stand out by using a horizontal layout like the Builder Arch template from Envato Elements.
Builder Arch templateBuilder Arch templateBuilder Arch template
Builder Arch template - Another effective premium construction proposal example

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Construction Business Proposals for 2021

Now that you’ve seen all the great construction proposal examples, it’s time to actually design your proposal. Here are five quick tips that'll help you make a great construction business proposal:

1. Include a Call to Action

The most important tip is to always include a call to action. You want your audience to be able to tell what’s the next step and provide clear instructions. Don’t leave them guessing as this makes them more likely to pass up your proposal.

Use this premium proposal from Envato Elements as a construction job proposal template.

2. Focus on Benefits

The greatest sale copy focuses on benefits and not the features. A potential client wants to know what’s in it for them and why they should choose you. 

3. Wow Them With High Quality Visuals

Using visuals will make it easier to present data and information about your company and the project. Your images, icons, charts, and other visuals need to be high quality so customers can easily see what they represent. 

The ProposalThe ProposalThe Proposal
This premium template would be great for a commercial construction proposal.

4. Make It Easy to Read

Make your proposal easier to read by using proper text hierarchy and readable fonts. Stick to short sentences and paragraphs. Also, leave plenty of white space around different elements.

5. Make It Branded

Finally, don’t forget to use your brand colors and your logo. This will make your construction proposal more memorable and easier to recognize.

Proposal for constructionProposal for constructionProposal for construction
Use this premium proposal for construction.

Discover More Awesome Proposal Templates

Looking for even more proposal design inspiration? Check out these collections of proposal templates:

5 Benefits of Using the Best Construction Proposal Template Pro Designs

Not sure what the best construction proposal template would be for your project? Maybe a simple construction proposal template would do the job? Or maybe you'd prefer to test out several construction proposal sample designs first?

 How do you know if a construction job proposal template is right for your project at all? Here are five important points to consider:

  1. Templates are adaptable, expansive, and reusable. This means, whether you want to go with a simple construction proposal template or something big and complex, a strong template has the potential to fill both roles. One template can be repurposed, remixed, and reused in any way you like.
  2. It's a time saving investment. A great construction proposal template can both be a starting point to jump start your design process and it can be a complete solution. It all depends on what you need and want. Need something ready in a hurry? Just insert your content and you're ready to print.
  3. You can create something entirely new. You don't have to stick to the template's original layout. Want to change the color scheme? Go for it. Prefer to take it in an entirely new direction? The choice is all yours. 
  4. Templates can help you narrow down an aesthetic. Not sure what direction is best for your construction proposal template? The right template can help lay down that foundation for you. Use it as is or push it further.
  5. Many templates are print ready. Take some of the guess work out of the technical side of design and start with a document already designed to be printed and shared with your audience.

Benefits of Envato Elements (Work With Unlimited Downloads)

construction proposal templates on Envato Elementsconstruction proposal templates on Envato Elementsconstruction proposal templates on Envato Elements
Premium Construction proposal templates on Envato Elements

Envato Elements is not only an awesome resource. It's an amazing deal too. Save time and save money with access to a whole library of professional assets. This is an excellent choice if you want to test out many construction proposal sample designs.

Sign up for Envato Elements today. Get access to a large library of the best construction proposal template designs—as well as graphics, fonts, and more—all for one, low price.

Common Proposal Questions (FAQ)

If you’re about to create your first proposal, you probably have some questions. That’s why we’ve gathered the most common proposal questions to give you answers.

1. Which Software Can I Use to Design A Proposal?

Use whichever software you’re most familiar with. A few recommended programs include Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. We've got templates over on Envato Elements for all those programs if you want to save time on proposal design. 

Learn more about proposal design in these tutorials: 

2. What Should My Proposal Include?

The answer to that question depends on the type of project you’re creating the proposal for. But there are a few common elements that every proposal should include. We've got a guide that lists them out and walks you through the process of writing a winning proposal:

3. What Proposal Type Should I Use?

There are six different proposal types that you can use for your projects. By learning what the proposal types are, you’ll be able to send the correct proposal to each of your clients. We've got a detailed guide on different types of proposals that you can read to learn more about them:

4. What's the Purpose of a Proposal?

The purpose of a proposal is to show potential clients or partners what makes your business stand out. It also explains why you’re the right choice to tackle their project. 

5. How Do I Customize a Proposal Template?

Customizing the proposal template is not that difficult. You can start by changing colors and fonts and adding your content. Beyond that, there are a few more things you can do to ensure your proposal stands out:

Learn More About Making Great Proposals in 2021

Creating a great proposal isn't easy. We've got plenty of tutorials to point you in the right direction:

Secure More Jobs With a Stunning Construction Proposal

A great-looking construction proposal will help you secure more jobs. It all begins with an amazing construction proposal template. 

If you’re on a budget, start with one of the free templates featured in this article. But if you want your proposal to have a more professional design, check out our range of gorgeous construction proposal templates over on Envato Elements. 

Or if you know exactly the style you want, stop by GraphicRiver and select one of our single-use construction proposal templates

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daisy Ein and Brenda Barron. Daisy and Brenda are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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