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15 Best Free Project Status Report Templates (Word, Excel, PPT for 2020)


If you need to produce a project status report, look for one that's professional but doesn't take a lot of time to create. When you download a premium project status update template that's professionally-designed you won’t have to worry about the design for your project status report template.

Status Report
This premium project status report can be found on Envato Elements.

Downloading premium templates saves you time because you don’t have to start from scratch. When using a premium project status update template all you need to do is add the information in and you're done. Every premium template can be easily customized. Free templates don’t always have the quality you want and don't give you as many options as a premium template.

In this article, we'll share both free and premium project status report templates. Choose the ones that work best for you.

Discover Popular Project Status Update Templates for 2020

Envato Elements gives you the chance to download many different resources you'll need to produce a quality project status report. When you become and Elements member, you’ll pay a low monthly fee. It'll grant you access to premium assets such as templates, stock photos, fonts, and more. Envato Elements is a great deal if you're planning on using many downloadable resources.

Envato Elements
Envato Elements has thousands of premium status report templates to choose from.

Free templates aren't as impressive as premium templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Free templates usually don't allow you to customize your template as much as premium templates do. Even when free templates contain customization options, they're often limited.

GraphicRiver has many high-quality project status report templates.

GraphicRiver is a pay as you download service that allows you to download templates and more. It's got a lot of high-quality project status update templates that you can easily download. This option is great if you don't need more than one project status report template.

The Best Premium Project Status Report Templates From Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

Here are some of the best premium templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver: 

1. Project Status Report PowerPoint

Project Status Report PowerPoint

Project Status PowerPoint template is put together in an efficient and effective status report format. This template offers many different charts that you may need such as a GANTT chart, pro, and con list, and price table. The template includes editable charts, graphs, and a world map. 

Along with the template, you also get infographics and 800 icons. The design is nice and also minimal. So, it won't distract the audience from understanding the important information presented.

2. A4 Project Status Report Vertical PowerPoint

A4 Project Status Report Vertical PowerPoint

This status update template is A4 paper size so you can easily print out your report if you need to. This report template is also detailed enough that you can clearly display all your status items. 

This template comes with a milestone plan, four GANTT charts, a planning chart, and much more. With this template you also receive 800 icons, infographics, and illustrations that'll help you create a more visually appealing report.

3. Imfea: Project Status Report PowerPoint

Imfea Project Status Report Powerpoint

This project status report template has a nice elegant design. Here are some key features of this template:

  • two-color scheme options
  • 60 total slides and 30 unique slides
  • includes image placeholders
  • includes device mockups and vector shape illustrations

This template is easy to update and completely editable making it easier to customize your template the way that you need. The professional design of the template will impress your audience.

4. Status Report Bundle

Status Report Bundle

This project status PowerPoint template comes with three different pitch deck templates to choose from. This template comes with timelines, dashboard tables, device mockups, and more. Easily add an image to your template by dragging and dropping the image of your choice into the image placeholder.

5. 3 in 1 PowerPoint Bundle Template

3 in 1 PowerPoint Bundle Template

3 in 1 PowerPoint Bundle Template is a status update template that comes with over 465 premade slides. All the slides have a contemporary and professional design. This bundle comes with world maps, infographics, and icons. Another feature of these templates is that it comes with many different graphs that you can use for your data.

Download Premium Quality Free Templates

Before looking for a free status report templates or project status update templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always project report templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

A premium quality template is always your best choice when it comes to picking templates. But if you didn't find what you needed above and you don't have any budget, you may need to look for free project status templates on the internet. Read on for our top picks and progress report summary examples.

5 Top Free PowerPoint Project Status Report Templates to Download for 2020

Here are some of the best free PowerPoint project status report templates found online:

1.  Project Status Report Presentation

Project Status Report Presentation

This detailed project report PowerPoint (PPT) comes with slides for status summary, progress, schedules, cost, technology, and goals. The design of these templates features a color column on the side of the slide and on the other side is the report information.

2. Project Status Report

This simple project report template comes with flow charts that can be easily read. The color scheme of this report is orange and grey with a modern design.

3. Project Status Report PowerPoint Template

The design of the Project Status PowerPoint Template has a liquid effect that'll catch the audience’s attention. This template will help the audience see the milestones and phases of the project.

4. Project Timeline Template

This minimalist status report template layout helps the audience to focus on what's important. The timeline helps your audience to see how fast you're completing the project.

5. Business Plan Timeline Template

Business Plan Timeline Template

Business Plan Timeline Template is a project status template that's made to report on the project’s status throughout the year. The timeline on this template is divided into quarters giving you a way to summarize your progress.

5 Top Free Word Project Status Report Templates to Download for 2020

Here are some of the best Free Word project status report templates online:

1. Project Status Report (Timeless Design)

Project Status Report Timeless Design

This executive status report template is meant to update your stakeholders, so they understand the status and progress being made. With this report, let the stakeholders know the progress of your project in many different areas including issues and financial progress.

2. Project Status Report (Red Design)

 This project status report template is a one-page report that's designed so that you can quickly give a project update report to whoever you need to. The design of this template uses easy to read, color-coded bullet-point lists. Try this as a daily progress report template.

3. Weekly Status Report Template

This weekly work progress report template is designed to help you create a concise report. Use it to show what's been done over a 7-day period of time. Use this template in Microsoft Word, Pages, and Google Docs.

4. Project Management Weekly Status Report Template

The style of this weekly activity report format is perfect to update your audience on the specific tasks that are being accomplished by yourself or a team. Use this template in Microsoft Word, Pages, and Google Docs.

5.  Company Weekly Work Progress Report Template

Company Weekly Status Report Template

This weekly work progress report template is simple and meant for individual departments to update their managers or stakeholders on the status of their project. This template has a modern design with a geographic theme.

5 Top Free Excel Project Status Report Templates to Download for 2020

Here are some of the best free Excel project status report templates found online:

1. Project Tracker

Project Tracker

Project Tracker is a simple project report template where you can keep track of many projects in your report. This template has a built-in calculator that can help you see if you're over budget or under budget for your project. 

2. Critical Path Method

This project status template uses the CPM method to identify task that are critical and task that can be delayed if necessary. This free template does have a 25 task limit.

3. Status Report

Status report is a one-page project status update template that allows you to give a brief update on your project. Use this template as an update report for a team or for an individual.

4. Individual Status Report

Individual Status Report

As you can see from the sample progress report in Excel, this project status template is great if you're required to turn in a personal project status update and not a team update. This report can be helpful for a manager to determine the progress of a project.

5.  Timeline Report

Timeline Report is a status update template with a timeline to display the projects progress. You could also use the timeline to project the projects future progress.

Tips for Making a Project Status Report

After you've chosen a template you'll want to get started on your report. Here are some tips to help you produce a good report:

1. Keep It Concise

When you're using your project status report template it's recommended to keep your status report to one or two pages. If your status report is too long you risk the audience overlooking important information. You want your report to highlight the information that's important for the audience reading it. Using templates for your status report can help you keep your project status report brief. 

Keep it Concise
When you use a premium status report template you'll have less trouble being brief.

2. Remember Your Target Audience

Knowing who your target audience is helps you fill out your project status template with relevant information. When making your report you want to include language that the audience would understand. For example, if your project status report is for a client you would use simpler language than a project status report for management. 

When presenting a status report for a client, don't use abbreviations and lingo that's only known by technical people or people in the industry. Use common words and phrases instead.

3. Format the Report Properly

When formatting your report, ensure that the format throughout the report is consistent. If the formatting is inconsistent it can look sloppy and unprofessional. Using a project status report template can assist you in keeping the format consistent. 

Keep in mind that you want the format to be easy to read for your target audience. Some pointers in making a project status report easy to read are: 

  • use bullet points
  • double space
  • don’t cram too much information on the page
  • use charts and graphs where possible   
Format the Report
A premium template comes already formatted all you need to do is add your information.

4. Make It Visually Appealing

When a report is visually appealing it makes it easier to read and less boring for the audience. A good project status update template will have the visual part taken care of. Remember not to use more than two fonts and limit font colors. 

Part of making your report visually appealing is using charts and graphs for your data. Using charts and graphs makes the data easier to understand.

5.  Show Your Performance

When filling out your status report template list your achievements since the last report. This shows the audience how much you have completed. Including due dates with tasks helps the audience to know if you're on track as planned. List all your individual achievements and your team’s achievements showing both the due date and completed date.

Show Your Performance
Many premium templates have a section that you can use to show your achievements on your project.

Download a Premium Project Status Template Today!

We’ve just read about premium project status update templates that are professionally designed and will save you time. Next, we looked at popular premium templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Then we looked at free templates that work on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Finally, we gave you some tips to help you create the best professional template you can.

Why not download a premium project status update template and get started on your report today!

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