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20 Best Free Science & Technology Google Slides Themes (Presentations 2020)


If you love science, you might be asked to give a presentation to share your big idea. You need to build a polished presentation that helps your audience understand scientific concepts easily.

In the world of science and tech, the quality of your presentation impacts its success. Use a pre-built science Google Slides theme as a huge help in explaining your ideas.

Google Slides themes for Science
Use premium Google Slides themes for science like Energon to explain your idea, easily.

In this article, you'll see free and premium Google Slides templates for science. Premium science Google Slides themes from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver are advanced options for the best scientific presentations.

The Best Science Google Slides Themes (With Unlimited Downloads)

Free templates are common as a no-cost option. But for just a bit more, you can source the very best Google Slides themes for science and technology.

Before we look at the free template offerings, let's check out the unlimited download library on Envato Elements. For a single flat rate, you unlock everything you might need for a single flat rate. That's a compelling offer.

Google Slides themes for Science
Download unlimited premium science Google Slides themes from Envato Elements.

Unlimited downloads give you the freedom to experiment. The cost is barely more than the free alternative, and there are so many options to choose from!

The templates you'll download on Envato Elements are professionally designed and supported. There are thousands of presentation templates, including the top science Google Slides themes that already have everything you need.

Remember: premium templates are a significant improvement over the free selections you'll see later in this round-up. They save you time and make an impact on your audience.

5 Top Premium Google Slides Themes for Science (With Unlimited Downloads)

Elements is a deep library, so it helps to have a guide to the best Google Slides themes for science and technology. Here are five of our favorites, all included with your subscription:

1. Feel the Science Google Slides Template

Science Google Slides

The top Elements choice for science Google Slides designs, Feel the Science is a robust template for any project. Twenty master slides help you quickly build out your designs, thanks to easy bulk edits. They’re designed in the 4:3 ratio, perfect for any device.

2. Creativa - Education Google Slides Template

Science Templates for Google Slides

You might find free Google Slides theme science layouts around the web. But they can’t match the professional quality of Envato Elements templates. Creativa includes dozens of flexible slide designs in one quick download. Use it for your next science PPT today!

3. Space - Technology Google Slides Template

Science Google Slide Themes

Space is a Google Slides theme technology template made for you. Well-suited to any project, it’s fast and straightforward to use. Over 30 slides are ready to help illustrate your next tech concept or idea.

4. Energon - Google Slides Template

Science Templates for Google Slides

Science templates for Google Slides like this one feature many helpful design options, such as:

  • professional slide layouts for all types of content
  • multiple color backgrounds to change up the styling
  • standard and widescreen layout options for all kinds of displays

5. TechYou - Technology Google Slides Template

Science Google Slides Themes

Helpful for any technologically driven slide deck, TechYou includes a full collection of slides. Choose between three distinct color layouts. Explore an array of font options. Work instructions are included to help you get started.

Download Premium Google Slides Themes for Science From GraphicRiver

Envato Elements presents an all-you-can-download option, but it's not the only marketplace. GraphicRiver, another Envato Market, has great designs for science Google Slides themes. Download and pay for them one-at-a-time.

Science Google Slides Downloads
Download single Google Slides themes for science and technology from GraphicRiver.

Pay for single science Google Slide themes with the best designs on GraphicRiver. If you know exactly what you need, it's a great marketplace for you.

Here are five of the best science templates for Google Slides:

1. Education Google Slides Presentation Template

Google Slides Educational Science Theme

GraphicRiver templates like this are the winning choice for your next science and technology slide presentation. This example focuses on education, helping you teach your concepts to any audience. Over 800 slides cover every angle. They also include custom placeholders to add content of your own easily.

2. Medical Google Slides Presentation Template 

Medical Google Slides Themes

Science templates for Google Slides include all branches of medicine. The Medical Google Slides Presentation Template supports all of them. It allows you to customize it with a few clicks.  Each slide is ready to edit to build something special.

3. Business - Google Slide

Business of Science Google Slides theme

Technology and science are integral parts of many companies—a fact recognized (and embraced) by this powerful premium template. With the download, you’ll unlock almost 300 slides and a suite of editable icons throughout. 

4. Creative Gradient - Google Slide

Gradient for Scientific Google Slides theme

These high-tech slides comprise a presentation sure to wow even the most discerning audiences. Explore design options like:

  • 80+ slide layouts and themes
  • customizable colors on every slide
  • free stylish fonts

5. Inspired Multipurpose Google Slide Template

Inspired Multipurpose Google Slides Theme

As the name suggests, these tech and science Google Slides are ready to aid nearly any project. They share a sleek universal design but enable the end-user to tailor each to their own needs. 

20 Free Google Slides Themes for Science (And More)

Premium templates feature the best designs, but sometimes your budget is zero. In that case, we've rounded up a selection of the best free Google Slides themes for science and tech topics. Let's look at 20 of the best options.

Note: The free Google Slides templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates have special terms. For example, they may only be available for non-commercial use. Read the terms of use carefully before you download a template.

1. Science Google Slides Theme

Free Science Google Slides theme

These free science templates for Google Slides are a basic starting point for science presentations. While not as powerful as premium options, they provide a simple intro for ideas and concepts. In total, the deck includes 25 slides.

2. Free Technology Google Slides Template

Like the above science theme, this elementary technology opener is a useful starter pack. You’ll find 23 slides in the download. Other features can be customized using Google Slides’ built-in editing tools.

3. Educa Free Google Slides Theme

It’s never too early to begin teaching science and technology to students. This free Slides theme is meant for that purpose, with layouts tailored for young learners. Drop in your content and get ready to teach.

4. Blackboard Free Google Slides Template

Google Slides theme for science education

Blackboard graphics like these add visual interest to the dullest topics. Designs like this can be useful when illustrating tech and science ideas, especially in the classroom. Drag and drop your material onto each slide to make them your own.

5. Seyton Free Google Slides Theme

It isn’t necessary to have slides pre-made to exactly match the topic you’re presenting on. Also useful is the ability to customize them yourself rapidly. Twenty-five slides are included in the Seyton pack to help you do just that.

6. Omega Med PowerPoint Template Keynote Google Slides

Some Google Slides theme science designs like this incorporate medicine into their areas of focus. Options here include:

  • pastel backgrounds for professional style
  • device mockups
  • maps, charts, and infographics

7. Neptune Free Google Slides Theme

Google Slides themes for space and science

Space-inspired science Google slides fall under the umbrellas of both science and technology. These include plenty of room for illustrative graphics like photos and videos. Don’t forget to customize your fonts, as well.

8. Health Med PowerPoint Template Keynote Google Slides

Another health-inspired tech theme for Google Slides, Health Med uses a dark background to make text and graphics stand out. Every design feature can be customized as you create a slide deck. Be sure to check out the default layout options in Google Slides for more choices.

9. Computer Mouse with Red Background Google Slides & PowerPoint Presentation

Basic, no-frills tech templates can be used for a variety of topics. They leave it up to you to add creative designs to your slides. This pack includes 34 slides in a widescreen layout.

10. Free Creative Google Slides Theme

Creative science templates

Resizable graphics make this tech Google Slides design useful for those looking to share a lot of photos, perfect for tech. Drag and drop them onto the canvas and scale them to fit. Free fonts are used to add descriptive text.

11. Aliena Presentation Template

Futuristic graphics make this template a worthwhile visual aid for technical presentations. Over two dozen slides are built in. Each includes a simple set of placeholders.

12. Saleiro Presentation Template

Whether you’re giving a lecture on science, technology, or a different topic, Saleiro has a versatile set of multipurpose slides that you can use. Add text to support your key points. Then style the colors to match using Google’s editing options.

13. Typing on a Laptop Google Slides Theme

Google Slides theme for tech

A laptop computer forms the visual centerpiece of this free Google Slides template pack. Included inside are:

  • over 30 simple slides you can adjust to fit your needs
  • editable icons, fonts, and graphics
  • infographic visuals and maps to illustrate data

14. Free Modern Google Slides Template

Science Google Slides themes sometimes embrace a minimalist aesthetic to bring content forward. Such is the case here. The set of included slides leaves most of the design work up to you, with text boxes and placeholders ready on each one.

15. Concept Free Google Slides Theme

It’s possible to talk about science and technology concepts. But it helps to have a visual aid. This simple concept Slides theme for tech comes with 11 slides that you can use to support your big ideas, key points, and more. 

16. Abstract Binary Code Google Slides-PowerPoint Presentation

Binary Code Google Slides PowerPoint

Binary code lies at the heart of much science and technology. It also forms the backbone of this free Slides template design. All elements of the slides are editable within the Google Slides app, making them simple to adjust to your project goals.

17. Thaliard Presentation Template

Thaliard is geared towards text-heavy presentations. These are often found with science concepts and technological discussions. Make sure to explore custom fonts and color options to mix up the styling.

18. Cordelia Presentation Template

For an assortment of projects, Cordelia is an option, with simple placeholders and minimal clutter. All it takes to build your slide deck is your content added in.

19. Researcher Medical Google Slides-PowerPoint Presentation

Research Google Slides PowerPoint

Choose from different style and design themes in this Google Slides medical science deck, including:

  • world maps for geographic conversations
  • infographics to highlight data
  • tables and medical charts

20. Zane Free PowerPoint Template

Rounding out our list of science Slides templates free, Zane has a collection of slides that can be adapted to most projects. Lean on Google’s editing tools, including color options, layouts, and more. 

5 Tips to Better Science & Tech Google Slides Presentations

Science presentations run the gamut in terms of content and topic. But no matter what you're covering, these tips are guaranteed to help you give your best presentation. Read on to see the best tips for scientific presentations.

For even more tips, make sure to check out our comprehensive resource, How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) It's got everything you need to master this browser-based presentation app. 

1. Cite Your Sources

Science is a fact-based topic area. Your audience relies on reliable sources, so don't forget to include citations.

You can cover citations either on the slide or as a speaking point. The critical part is backing your presentation with the facts that matter.

Learn more tips for truly professional Google Slides presentations in our guide below:

2. Use an Explanatory Infographic

Science isn't everyone's favorite topic. But when you explain it, ideas are more intuitive. It helps you reach more audience members. Complex concepts are more comfortable to follow in an infographic.

With the help of an infographic, you can explain ideas easily. An infographic combines information and graphics, as the name implies.

Infographics for Science Google Slides Theme
Use premium infographics slides like this simple process from Feel the Science to explain scientific ideas.

3. Spend the Majority of Time on Preparation

Too often, our first step while writing a presentation is to open the app. This leads to a circular cycle of writing, re-writing, and rearranging objects on a slide. To avoid this, write most of your presentation before you open Google Slides.

The success of a scientific presentation is based on content, even more than with other topics. You should spend most of your time brainstorming and writing your presentation.

Make sure to check out our article below for tips on preparing for your presentation:

4. Show Data With Visuals

Want to excite your audience about science? Use data and statistics that show progress or a promising future.

Make sure you don't overwhelm the audience with too much data. Convert simple statistics into charts and graphs to make it easier to understand.

TechYou Google Slides Science template
Use data and statistics in the form of charts, like this premium chart from TechYou template.

5. Show Progression With a Timeline

The exciting part of science is watching how things change. Breakthroughs, advances in research, and progress inspire audiences.

The best way to show this is with the help of a timeline. Timelines are used to link events and chart a course to the future. They're perfect for displaying a scientific concept in your presentation.

Use our tutorial below to create an excellent timeline for Google Slides:

Design a Science Presentation With a Google Slides Template Today

In this article, you've seen the best free and premium options for a scientific Google Slides presentation. With the help of a great template, your presentation is sure to be a scientific success!

Remember: free science Google Slides themes are a good start. But for the best designs, support, and more, premium Google Slides templates are worth the investment. 

Download unlimited science Google Slides templates on Envato Elements. Or, pay-as-you-go with Google Slides themes for science on GraphicRiver. Either way, these advanced templates can help you build a presentation today! Why not get started now?

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