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2.13 How to Add Music to PowerPoint Presentations

You don't have to use only your voice to deliver great PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes it helps to use music to add drama and interest to your slides. This is a prebuilt PowerPoint template I downloaded through my Envado Elements membership. And Elements has recently added royalty free music that you can use in presentations and other projects. The files are included in your Elements membership, and by providing a license usage, you're covered in terms of copyrights and fair use. I'm working on a pitch tech presentation, and I think it could really benefit from some music added to it. Jumping over to the Elements home page, I'll come up here to the Browse tab, and hover over it. On the drop-down I will go ahead and choose Music. This will narrow my search to include only music files. Now it is time to think about the type of music I want to use. My presentation is meant for my business, so high volume rock music probably is not the best choice. Instead, I'd like some soft piano music just to play in the background. Let's go ahead and try a broad search term, piano. I'll type it in and hit Enter and Elements will return all music results matching that keyword. As you can see, I get thousands of results. I'll scroll down until I find a title that looks right for me. Then I can play a preview of the music just by clicking this play arrow here on the left side. This one sounds great, so I want to go ahead and download it. I'll click on this download arrow here on the right side. Now, I'll get this pop up window that asks me the input a license used for the file. I'll give it a name, and then click add and Download here at the bottom. Once the download is finished, I'll go ahead and extract the zip archive to easily access the sound file. Inside, I can see the music files along with supporting documentation. Jumping back to PowerPoint it's now time to add music to my presentation. I want it to play from the very start of my presentation. So let be sure working on the first slide. Then I will come up here in to Insert tab on PowerPoint ribbon. Over on the far right side in the Media group I'll click on the Audio button. From the drop-down I'll click on Audio on my PC. I'll browse to where the music file we just downloaded is stored on my computer and press Insert to add it. You'll see a sound symbol with playback controls appear in the center of my slide. Now by default these controls will be visible on the slide and you'll also have to click to start the music playing. For my purposes I want the controls to be invisible and the music to start all by itself, and keep playing for the duration of the presentation. To make those changes, I'll come up to the Audio Tools Playback menu. First up, let's make sure the controls stay hidden, by checking this box labeled hide during show. Then to start the music automatically click in this drop-down next to the start box and choose Automatically. Let's also make sure the music keeps playing across multiple slides. By default it only plays on the slide you add it to, that's done by checking this play across slides option here. And last up, to keep the music file playing over and over throughout your presentation check loop until stopped. That's it, we've added a calm background track to the presentation. Be sure to turn your sound on and preview your presentation as you're seeing me do here. Click through a few slides to make sure the music keeps playing just the way you want it. As you can see, it's easy to make your presentations stand out through the use of music, and with your Elements membership you have a ton of great options. Next, we'll learn how to customize device mockups in PowerPoint, thanks for watching.

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