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2.9 How to Add Videos to PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint has the ability to showcase a wide variety of content. One example is video. In just a few clicks, you can actually embed a video right onto a slide. This is perfect if you need a visual aide or really want to explore something in more depth. Videos in PowerPoint can be edited and changed, just like images. You also have a nice assortment of editing tools to make simple changes to a video right inside of PowerPoint. I'm working on a slide here, and you can see some text over here on the left side. Let's say I want to fill this space here with a video to add a bit more visual appeal. The first step is to find a video to add to my slide. Of course, you may have videos of your own that you want to use, but let's say that isn't the case and I need to find a video online. As with all other types of online content, you have to be careful about copyrights and whether it's okay to use a web video in your PowerPoint. That's where Envato Elements comes in. Elements has recently added a library of stock video that you can use through your monthly membership. Let's jump over to Elements and check out their stock video options. For my PowerPoint, let's say that I want to show a video of a waterfall. I'll type that into the search box and then press Enter on my keyboard. As you can see, Elements has hundreds of options for me here. I'll scroll down and then click on the thumbnail of a video that I like. I can watch this larger preview here, and if I'm ready to see it, I'll just click Download here on the right side. Now, Elements will ask me for a license usage, basically a description of how and where I intend to use the video. I'll select one and click Download, as you're seeing me do here. Now, remember that even if you stop subscribing to Elements, you'll still be licensed to use the video for its original purpose. Okay, my video is downloaded, and it's time to add it to my slide. Jumping back over to PowerPoint, let's come up to the Insert tab on the ribbon. Over here on the far right side, in the Media section, you'll see a button called Video. I'll go ahead and click on it. You'll see this dropdown with two options. Online Video is useful if you want to use a video stored online. But for our purposes, let's go ahead and choose Video on My PC. This browse window will open up, and I can go ahead and locate the video file we just downloaded, select it, and press Insert. PowerPoint will drop the video onto my slide. The first thing you may notice is that the video may cover up your entire slide, but that's no problem. Just like an image, I can click and drag a corner to make the video smaller, and then drag it over the slide to place it just where I want. I also have many options for editing and styling the video. These can be found up here on the ribbon, under the Video Tools heading. The Format tab lets may apply effects and styling to customize the video. The Playback tab is the true editor. One thing that's worth noting is some video templates are quite lengthy. That means it might be best to show just a section of the video. To trim a video on the Playback tab, I'll click on Trim Video. PowerPoint will pop up this Trim Video window. To trim, I can click and drag these green and red handles, and select the exact interval I want to show. When I'm satisfied, I'll press OK, and PowerPoint will cut the video to show only the part that I had selected. Back on the slide, let's press this play arrow here and watch as PowerPoint plays the video. That's it, in just a few clicks, we've dressed up a bland slide with an amazing video. Next up, we'll learn how to add a GIF to a PowerPoint slide. Thanks for watching.

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