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2.1 How to Choose a PowerPoint Template

As you can see, PowerPoint is an incredible tool for sharing your message with an audience. But it's important to remember that PowerPoint is really just a visual aid that complements whatever you're saying. That's why it's so important to choose a PowerPoint template that fits your message. For example, if you're giving an in-depth business presentation, cartoons and whimsical colors might not be the best fit. You really have to think about who you're talking to and what you're saying, then find a template that fits the equation. Templates are useful because they take the hard work out of slide design. A PowerPoint template is a collection of pre-built slide design, complete with color pallets, text place holders and more. Once you choose a template all you have to do is drop your own content into the placeholders and share it with your audience. No need to spend time building slides from scratch. Powerpoint includes a collection of templates built in. These are okay for some purposes, but I strongly prefer the incredible templates available on Envato Elements. Elements is an all you can download service for creators, and it includes thousands of amazing PowerPoint templates. As you can see here, Elements has a template to suit almost any need. What's more. Unlike built-in designs, many of these templates come with a ton of customization options to make your slide deck truly unique. And you can dial in your search terms based on your specific needs. Try business presentation or photo PowerPoint, for example. Elements will display results geared around certain themes and give you templates to choose from. Presentations have a mood and a feel to them and it's key to choose a template to match. Again, it's critical to focus in on your message and your audience. Thinking through this on the front end makes for better and more effective presentations when you're done. Spend some time looking through Element's vast collection to find the template that's right for you. By choosing one of these, you can instantly give your presentation a professional look simply not possible with anything built into PowerPoint. To look at one in more depth, just click on the thumbnail. I'll select a template as you're seeing me do here. You'll see a screen with more image previews along with a description of the templates features. If you're happy with it just click download here in the upper right corner. You'll see a screen pop up that asks you to associate the download with a project. This is a simple licensing step so just input what you're using the template for And then click Add and Download. Even if you eventually quit subscribing to Elements, you'll still be licensed to use the template once this is complete your download will begin. Open up the zip file that you downloaded from Elements, then find the .pttx file and double click to open it up. That's it, in just a few steps we've chosen a template that's perfect for our presentation. In our next lesson we'll start off by editing slide layouts. Thanks for watching.

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